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Adventure!! -gives sir hiss ice cream and spoon- Well after you finish eating xD -Snake

Ice cream!!! *devours every bit of ice cream*

Nice! But is sir hiss ready to set sail again? I have ice cream! :D -Snake

Ice cream! I can’t say no to ice cream!!!

Yeah. I’m trying my best! Have you done anything fun lately? -Snake

Well I’ve started a group that I play RPG’s with, like D&D. That’s been fun

I got a fidget cube. I like to use it when my stomach starts hurting while watching a funny video. Really helps me a lot. I’ve been trying my best to look on the positive side of things and not to think too much. -Snake

I like those cubes, I use one myself at times. You’re doing what you can which is good to hear :3

There’s no cure for IBS. I only got medicine for when I have discomfort in my stomach -Snake

Oh I know that, I meant the constant stressing ( I got family with IBS )

I’m trying. I have IBS due to stress. I have a problem where I stress about every little thing. I just don’t know how to control it -Snake

That’s not good, have you asked your doctor about it?

I tried, but not much I can do about mental illness. Especially when your parents don’t understand what a mental illness is :/ -Snake

That is true, but it means you gotta spoil yourself and do what you need to, to look after yourself the best you can *gives you a big big hug*

I feel like I’ve gotten more sick since we last talked -Snake

Oh no, that’s not good, not good at all. Have you been looking after yourself?

How have you been? It’s been awhile since we last talked. -snake

Hey snake, it has been a little while. I’ve been okay, I hope you’ve been good :3

That’s alright. I’m almost done healing so I can eat candy again soon! -Snake

Well I will save this candy then we can binge eat it all!


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