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Updated as of the 25th of June, 2018.

You breathe heavily as you look up at the men …

You breathe heavily as you look up at the men that surround you, all of them getting naked as they talk to one another. You wiggle slightly and feel your pussy throb as the rope pulls tighter on your bound body, letting you know that you’re helpless and at their mercy. You turn your head and look over at your boyfriend who is sitting on a chair and watching with a huge smile on his face. “Remember guys, this is meant to be a funishment, so no penetrating her wet little cunt until she is begging, and when I say begging, I mean it.” His eyes move along the men as they look at him and listen as they nod, his eyes then fall back on yours and that smile reappears on his face. Your whole body burns with passion and desire as your juices drip from your wet lips and stain the bed.

The men circle around the bed then climb onto it and move towards you. “I know the pussy is off limits for the moment, but we can fuck her mouth, right?” One if the guys ask as another pushes on your legs, forcing them to spread as far as the rope will let them. You look up at the one who is talking then to your boyfriend as you unconsciously lick your lips. “I’ll let you gents decide if she deserves the honor of sucking your cocks.” Your boyfriend chuckles as he shifts in the chair before his eyes find yours again. You let out a soft moan as you feel a set of hands running up along your inner thighs and over your pussy lightly, teasing your wet slit with their light touch. You whimper softly as your own hips try to push up against the hand but the rope keeps you still. “Look at me.” One speaks down to you as they move their cock to just inches away from your mouth. You quickly look up at them then down at their hard cock. “That’s a good girl, do you think you deserve my cock?” He teases as you watch him slowly stroke his hand along his shaft. You nod quickly as you moan, other hands starting to roam your body, touching and playing with your sensitive spots. Your nipples lightly squeezed as your breasts are fondled, a hand continues to run up and down along your pussy, fingers sliding along your lips. “Come on, you gotta use your words.” You can hear the grin on his lips as he holds his cock just inches away from your lips.

You can feel heat rush over your body and face, leaving you feeling flushed and slightly embarrassed at the idea of begging, but your body is screaming for it as pleasure laps at your core, your mind slowly becoming more and more clouded by the second. “Please, I deserve you.” You whimper softly, each word making your whole body shiver as your essence leaks faster from you. Your body wiggles against the rope as you try to get their hands to be rougher with your body. Your left nipple is being pinched, making you pant then you gasp as you feel lips wrap around your right nipple and a tongue run circles around your hard nipple. “Come now, do you really call that begging?” He laughs as you watch his hold tighten around his cock and slowly strokes up, forcing a small drop of pre-cum to leak out from the tip. You whimper loudly as you feel ecstasy wash over your body and watch as his pre-cum slowly drips down along his throbbing shaft. The hand between your legs slides up over your clit and you cry out softly as you feel a thumb pushing against your sensitive little clit, rubbing around it slowly. “Please, fuck my mouth with your big, hard cock!” You plead as you feel your mind and body scream for more. “That’s much better, now open up.” He moves closer to you as you do as your told and open your mouth wide, you moan around his cock as he slides between your lips and into your mouth. You quickly wrap your lips around his throbbing shaft and suck, desperate to swallow his hot cum.

His moans are music to your ears as you move your head slightly, taking as much of him into your mouth as you can, your body burning with red hot lust. Your eyes widen and you moan loudly, your screams muffled by the cock in your mouth. You feel the buzzing of a toy against your pussy, vibrating and grinding against your soaking wet lips as your clit and breasts are teased and played with. The guy inside your mouth starts to move his hips, slowly beginning to fuck your mouth as his groans and grunts get louder and louder. “Fuck! Yes! Swallow every drop!” He growls as you feel his cock twitch and throb. Your pussy clenches at nothing, desperately begging for something to be inside you as you suck harder, you let out a soft squeak as you feel his hot cum erupt onto your tongue and run down your throat. His hips buck and jerk as you drink load after load of his essence before he slowly pulls out, leaving you panting loudly. “Please, no more, I need your cocks, I need to be fucked!” You cry out as your own hips begin to shake, your core throbbing as an orgasm slowly builds to the edge. You see them all look over at your boyfriend who laughs. “If you think she deserves it, go for it. Just make sure you put a condom on first.” The men cheer as they pull the toy away from your throbbing pussy and you feel yourself being tugged down to the edge of the bed, your wet, naked little pussy now completely exposed to them as your legs hang off the bed.

It takes only moments before you feel a cock push up against the opening of your pussy, you hold your breath as you wait for it, that first thrust, that first moment of pure ecstasy as a cock pushes deep into you and you’re not kept waiting for long. You cry out as you feel it enter you, hard and fast, causing your body to jerk as the cock reaches deep into you. Seconds later your head is turned to the side and a cock is pushed against your lips, you open your mouth and take him in as you moan and grunt while your body jerks with each thrust. Your orgasmic moans are muffled by the cock in your mouth as an orgasm washes through your body, exploding out from your core, leaving your whole body shaking and twitching as electricity sparks here and there on your body. It doesn’t take long until his movements become quicker and rougher as his cock is pulled in deeper by your throbbing pussy. You can feel the cock cum but you’re left empty as it pulls out, but it’s quickly replaced by another one as the cock that was in your mouth pulls away and is replaced by a wet, cum covered cock. You moan as your tongue runs over the shaft, licking his cum clean off him. The men take turns fucking your pussy and mouth as they toy with your body, hands touching and caressing as you’re filled over and over, your own orgasms washing over your body multiple times until you feel a cock push against your pussy, this one without a condom.

You look down and see your boyfriend standing between your legs, a smile on his face as he slowly grinds his cock along your sensitive little pussy. “It looks like you’ve drain them, my love.” He laughs. You finally realize the hands have disappeared and the last cock you were sucking is gone, you look around the room and see the others resting and feel your face become even redder, embarrassed by being swept away from the pleasure and ecstasy. “But don’t worry, I’ll make sure we end this the right way.” You look back at your boyfriend as you hear his words then groan softly as you watch him pull back then slide his cock into you. You feel yourself full once again and it feels perfect. “Fuck, you’re soaking wet baby.” His words mixing with his moans, the sounds he makes only causing you to moan along with him as you wiggle your hips the best you can against him, your pussy clenching around his hard cock, trying to pull him deeper. It doesn’t take long for his movements to become faster and rougher. “It was so fucking hot watching you being fucked by them all, the way they used your pussy and mouth!” Your boyfriend growls as he leans over you, his face inches away from yours as he stares into your eyes. You let out a whine as you nod, your juices almost squirting out with each thrust. “But your pussy is mine, and I’m going to owe it!” He growls once again, his cock throbbing deep inside you. “Yes! Owe it! Make it yours! Please!” You plead loudly as you continue to nod, your eyes fixed on his. “Fuck! I’m going to cum!” Your boyfriend groans as his hips begin to shake. “Yes! Me too! Fill me! Fill me!” You cry out loudly as your feel your body melt into his, your core quaking violently. “Fuck!” He cries out as his orgasm rocks his body, with yours following as you feel the warmth of his cum.

“Yessss!” You cry out in ecstasy as your own body jerks against his, your essence squirting out over your boyfriend’s cock as the both of you are engulfed with euphoria, almost feeling as if you’re both one, riding your orgasms together until you both come down from your highs.


Request: A girl being tied up by her boyfriend and letting others tease her.
From: Anon.
Tags: gangbang, gang bang, bondage, teasing, sex toys, Oral.
POV: Hers.

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You pant loudly as your body sinks back agains…

You pant loudly as your body sinks back against hers, your girlfriend’s hot breath gently caressing your neck as her hands roam your body, lightly running her wet fingertips across your skin. Your whole body tingles and burns, your pussy throbbing, screaming for her touch. “Does my baby girl want to cum?” She asks with a giggle, softly speaking into your ear. You nod your head quickly. “Y-Yes, I would love to cum.” You answer back with a shaky voice. You whimper as she laughs softly, one of her hands slowly runs down your body as the other slides up to your breasts. “I don’t think you sound desperate enough yet.” She whispers into your ear before she kisses your neck, letting her lips linger on your skin.

You gasp then moan as her hand grasps your breast and begins to gently massage your sensitive body, her fingers softly digging into your skin. Her other hand runs down pass your eager pussy and her nails scratch along your wet thigh, causing your hips to buck as you whine loudly. “Shhhh, be patient my baby girl, after all. We have all night.” Your girlfriend chuckles, her words making you groan as your pussy throbs and drips with want. Your heart beating in time with hers as you feel her breasts pushed against your back. She gently nibbles on your neck as her nails run back up along your thigh and she lightly touches your wet lips, making you moan loudly as you push against her hand. “Not yet.” She whispers into your neck as she pulls her hand away from your pussy and runs her nails down along your other thigh. Her other hand squeezes your breast tighter as her index finger and thumb find your hard nipple, she softly squeezes and tugs. “Ah!” You cry out with ecstasy as your body follows her hand, pulling away from hers for a moment before you fall back against her.

You widen your legs as her hand runs back up along your thigh and stops at your pussy, her fingers slide along your slit and circle around your hard little clit. “Oh god!” You moan loudly as your hips begin to rock gassing her hand, her fingers continuing to circle around your clit. “Doesn’t that feel good baby girl? To finally have my finger touching you again?” She whispers into you ear and you answer back with a moan and a nod, unable to form words at the moment as your whole body shakes and rocks. Your juices flowing as her fingers continue to rub and circle, harder as the seconds go by, making you squeal and squeak between your heavenly moans. You feel your core quake as your orgasm once again builds, reaching higher and higher. “G-G-Going! T-To C-C-Cum!” You cry out with a shaky voice as you feel it reach right to the edge. “Oh? I don’t remember saying you could.” You can feel the smirk on her lips as she pulls her hand away from your body, making you whimper loudly as you thrust your hips towards her hand without any chance of reaching them. You whole body aches as you wiggle, your pussy throbbing like crazy, screaming for your orgasm. “Shhh, it’s okay baby, I’ll start again very soon.” You feel her lips caress your neck as your orgasm slowly starts to die until her fingers lightly run along your lips, making you jerk again. “Let’s try to keep it right there.” She grins as her fingers trail slowly up and down along your slit, her touch almost painful as she gently toys with you, leaving your orgasm swelling just beneath the surface. Ecstasy, euphoria, pain, desire. All of it washing over your body in waves as she keeps you on the edge. “Please…” You whimper.

“What was that?” She places her lips against your ear and whispers. “Please, I can’t handle it anymore.” You whimper louder as your whole body burns. “Can’t handle what?” She teases, her fingers continuing to lightly run along your completely soaked lips. “I-I need to c-cum, i c-can’t handle anymore.” You plead between moans and whimpers. “If you want to cum that badly, then you have to beg for it.” You can feel the evil smirk on her lips once again as you whimper louder, your face becoming flushed. “Please, m-make me c-cum, let m-me cum, I-I need it so badly, I’ll do anything, I need it, please, please, please!” You beg and plead as your orgasm continues to build and pulse inside your core. “You do sound needy, so I’ll be nice. Cum for me, cum for me baby girl.” She whispers into your ear as she pushes her finger into your throbbing pussy and grinds her palm against your sensitive clit. You cry out as your hips rock against her hand by themselves, your orgasm quickly builds then explodes as she fingers your little pussy roughly, sending you right over the edge. You scream as your cum squirts out, your whole body shakes as wave after wave of intense pleasure washes over you, again and again. Your legs kick and shake as your hips buck. You groan deeply and loudly as your whole body melts against hers and your mind stops until your orgasm is finished.

You slowly come back down from your high with a soft whimper as her fingers gently caress your now sore lips, you reach down with your hand and weakly push hers away. “Nooo.” You whimper, making her laugh softly as she moves her hand for you then wraps it around your waist and hugs you. “That’s my good girl, let yourself come down, I’ve got you.” She whispers softly as you snuggle into her hold, panting loudly.


Request: Girlfriend denying her girlfriend an orgasm until she can’t stand it anymore.
From: Anon.
Tags: Edging, denial, lesbian, lesbians, orgasm control.
POV: The one being edged.

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“Oh? A blindfold, how very kinky.” You grin as…

“Oh? A blindfold, how very kinky.” You grin as your girlfriend places it around your head then waved her hand in front of your eyes to make sure you can’t see. “Trust me, things are going to get a whole lot more kinky.” She giggles before she leans down and kisses you on your cheek, your girlfriend then calls out. “We’re ready!” You tilt your head as you lay there in confusion, yourself dressed in clothes that hardly cover your body, more exposed than not and your arms bound above your head. Your face becomes flushed as you hear the sound of footsteps enter the room. “Wha? Who’s there!?” You ask quickly as you cross your legs to hide your pussy. “Don’t panic sweetheart, I’ve just got some friends over to help me with a game.” She laughs softly before she leans down and whispers into your ear. “Four young, beautiful ladies, each one more hotter than you could possibly dream off, and each one here to play with us.” Her words cause your body to heat up and your pussy begins to get wet, your juices covering your thighs and forming strings as you slowly uncross your legs. “That’s my good girl.”

You feel your girlfriend get off the bed and hear her walk over to the others. “We’re going to play a game, one I call, guess the tongue.” As she says that you hear the others giggle, squeal and moan with excitement and you can’t help but feel yourself becoming more and more aroused by the second. “The game is simple, we’ll each take a turn. Licking, sucking, stroking your sweet little pussy, and if you can guess which tongue is mine after all five of us has had a go. We’ll let you cum. Get it wrong.” The room goes silent for a moment then is filled with the sound of the girls whispering to each other. “Then, we’ll all take turns edging you until it’s too much, then make each other cum while you listen.” You feel your heart drop with dread and your pussy suddenly burn with desire, unsure which outcome sounds better.

You jump slightly and pull on the bondage as you feel someone climb between your legs and push them open, within seconds you feel the warmth of a tongue run over your lips then slip inside you of, making you moan softly. The sudden realization that anyone could be between your legs, licking and sucking on your most sensitive parts hits you and you cry out in ecstasy. Their tongue moves around inside you, curling and licking at your lips as her hands stay on your thighs, keeping them pushed apart. As quickly as they appeared they disappear again, leaving your throbbing pussy begging for more. “Noooo!” You whimper as you wiggle your hips, needing them to come back. You squeal with delight as you feel someone climb between your legs then groan deeply as they put their mouth over your clit and begin to suck. “Fuuuuckkkkk!” Your body jerks as your legs wrap around her head and pull her closer to your body, she continues to suck on your clit as her tongue runs over it, your juices flowing down onto the bed. You feel her hand tap at your legs, telling you to let go. It’s takes you a moment but you let out a loud sigh as you slowly unwrap your legs, letting her pull away from you. You feel the bed move and shake as another person takes their place, their fingers gently scratch along your thighs as they lean down to your throbbing, soaking little pussy. You gasp and groan as you feel their tongue slowly lap along your lips, drawing numbers on your sensitive body with the tip of their tongue, making sure to tease your clit with each number.

You tug on your bondage as your hips push up, desperate to feel more of their tongue, wanting it inside you, wanting their mouth on you, wanting to grind against their face. You feel yourself getting closer to your orgasm and you bite down on your bottom lip to quiet yourself as they pull away. “I think she needs a moment.” Your girlfriend’s voice pierces the giggles and whispers they have filled the air as the game begun. You groan loudly as you shake your head. “Noooo, it’s so good!” You whimper as you move your hips. “Oh I know, I can see your juices on the girls faces, but we can’t let you have your orgasm yet, not until all the girls have had a little fun and you make your guess.” You huff at your girlfriends words which only makes them all laugh and talk to one another for a moment before the room goes back to whispers and giggles as you feel the bed shift from someone climbing onto it.

You whimper with need as you push your hips up, begging whoever it is to go down on you. You let out a gasp, followed by a moan as you feel a tongue push against your pussy and slide into you, a tongue bigger than all the others so far. Their face grinds against your body as their tongue moves around inside you, licking up your sweet juices. Your body quickly starts to grind back against them as you feel their tongue push deep inside you before it pulls out and runs along your lips, covering your whole pussy. “Fucking hell!” You groan loudly as their tongue continues to run up and down along your lips then slide back into you, until their time is up. “Oh god, it’s almost over.” You whimper to yourself as you feel the girls switch places. You feel their hand rub along your lips then slide down as their tongue starts to run along your swollen little clit. You moan as you feel a finger slide into you as they toy with your clit. “Yesssss!” You cry out in ecstasy as you move against their hand and face, feeling them stroking their finger over your G-spot as their tongue swells around your clit, quickly bringing your orgasm back, it building up deep inside your core. You almost scream as you feel them pull away, leaving you once again on the edge of your orgasm.

“So, can you guess which was mine?” Your girlfriend asks before the room becomes completely silent, you can feel the eyes of all the girls on you, waiting for you to decide your own fate. “N-Number…3?” You speak softly, finally cutting through the thick cloud of silence, only to be met with the sounds of the girls oohing at your answer. You feel your body burn and your pussy throb as your juices run down over your ass. “I guess you know me after all.” Your girlfriend laughs. You feel relief wash over your body and let out a small giggle as you feel the someone climb onto the bed. “What do you say girls? How about we give her, her reward.” You can heat your girlfriend’s voice call out from behind your legs as she moves herself closer, you then feel other climb onto the bed and move towards you. You suddenly feel lips kissing your skin and biting softly at your breasts and nipples. One mouth on each of your breasts, another kissing along your shoulder and up to your neck. A set of warm lips push against yours and kiss you roughly as the last set move between your legs and kiss your aching pussy.

Your tongue caresses the one inside your mouth and your moans escape into her mouth as a tongue slides into your pussy, your hips start to rock and grind against your girlfriend’s face as the others play with your body. Teeth scrap and bite your nipple as your neck is sucked on, your whole body starting to tingle and burn with desire, your orgasm quickly building deep within your core. Electricity sparks from each place that is touched, your breathing becoming faster and faster as you feel yourself being pushed to the edge, then you cum. You moan loudly as euphoria washes over your body, making you shake and buck as your cum flows onto your girlfriend’s tongue and over her face. The girls continue to tease and play with your body as you shiver and shake, almost driving you crazy until you cry out. You feel them all pull away as your girlfriend climbs up your body and removes the blindfold. “Are you okay?” She asks with a concerned look on her face. You nod as you let out a deep sigh, relaxation completely taking over your body. She smiles down at you as you nod then leans down and kiss you softly on your lips. “How about you untie my hands, and we continue with the fun and games?” You ask as your girlfriend pulls away from your lips. “Of course, the night is still very young.” You girlfriend answers back as she reaches up and begins to undo your bondage, the others cheering with joy as the night gets to continue.


Request: A story based on a video called “guess the tongue”.
From: Anon.
Tags: Oral, cunnilingus, orgy, lesbian, lesbians, bondage, blindfold.
POV: The guesser.

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-WARNING- this story contains Somnophilia ( se…

-WARNING- this story contains Somnophilia ( sex with a sleeping person ), consent is given beforehand.

You stir and toss in your sleep as a nightmare runs through your mind, unable to do anything but watch the images of your dom cheating on you as you scream and yell that he is yours, that you’re his sub and the two of you belong together. Suddenly you sit up in bed as you’re jerked from the nightmare and left panting in the cold night air, your emotions a mess. Jealously and rage racing though you as you look around for the one who wanted to steal your master away, but only see the two of you in the dark room. You look down at your master and notice that the blanket has been pulled away from him, your tossing and turning leaving him almost completely naked, if it wasn’t for the shirt he was wearing.

Your eyes run down his body and a grin grows on your lips as you stare at his cock, an idea swelling in your mind, an idea to remind him that he is yours. You climb between his legs and take his cock gently into your hand and slowly slide your hand up then down along his soft cock, grinning to yourself as you watch him react to your touch and slowly become erect in your hold. Your other hand slides down along your body and caresses over your lips, lightly stroking along your pussy and over your clit as you slowly jerk your master off, wanting him to get harder and bigger so you can enact your plan.

Your fingers continue to tease the entrance of your little pussy, your juices starting to flow and drip down your thighs. You pull your hand away from your pussy once you’ve decided your masters cock is hard enough, you then straddle his waist as carefully as you can and hold his cock up. You bite down on your bottom lip as you slowly sit down on him, suppressing a moan that you feel trying to creep out from your mouth as you feel him enter you, sliding him deep into your hungry body. Once you’ve pushed him completely into you and you’re resting on his body, you slide your hand back down to your aching pussy and start to rub your hard little clit. You bite your bottom lip again to keep your whimpers and moans quiet, your fingers circling around your clit, rubbing yourself furiously.

Your hips begin to rock and you grind against your master, causing his cock to move around inside you, rubbing along your most sensitive spots as your fingers continue to toy with your clit. Your eyes flutter shut as you try to focus on your breathing, moans and whimpers continuously trying to escape from your lips as you feel your masters cock twitch and throb inside you. Your essence run down over your masters body as it flows from you, your own body constricting around his, pleasure and ecstasy starting to overwhelm your body and cloud your mind. You can feel your orgasm creeping closer and closer and soon you’re moaning out loud as your movements become quicker and rougher, desperate for your sweet release, desperate to cum on your masters cock, desperate to mark his body as yours. Suddenly your orgasm bursts out and you feel your body become flush as you shake and quake on top of your masters body, your cum leaking from you as you grind back and forth, your hand falling away from your clit as it becomes over sensitive.

You sit on your master, panting softly as you come down from your high until you hear the sound of him clearing his throat. Your whole body freezes as you slowly look down and see him staring up at you with a raised eyebrow. “What do you think you are doing?” His voice breaks the silence and you feel all your emotions rush back to you, sadness and fear, Jealousy and anger. “I..I…” You try to speak then tears start to flow. “I dreamt you didn’t want me and you hated me and you cheated on me and you weren’t mine and I wasn’t yours and and and!” You cry. Your words a mess and almost jumbled together. “Shhh, it’s okay.” You hear his voice gently call out to you as you feel his arms wrap around you and hug you to his body. “It was a nightmare, everything is okay.” He speaks softly as your bury your head into his neck and sniff, trying to stop your tears. “I-It was, a n-nightmare?” You ask softly. “Yes, just a nightmare, it wasn’t real.” He continues to talk gently as his hand moves to the back of your head and starts to stroke your hair. “Y-You still love me?” You whisper against his neck. “Of course I do.” You can hear the smile in his voice and can feel the warmth of his love as you nuzzle into his body. “Forever?” You squeak softly. “Forever and ever.” He answers you back as he tightens his hug on your body and holds you until everything feels better.


Request: sub having a nightmare her master is cheating on her, so she reassures he is hers.
From: N/A.
Tags: Somnophilia, cowgirl, riding.
POV: Hers.

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You sit, hunched over your desk and furiously …

You sit, hunched over your desk and furiously working on the last part of a big assignment when the air around you suddenly becomes chilly. The person you rent this apartment from never told you it was haunted but you knew something was off after the first night, things would move, sounds would echo, ghostly hands would touch you but you always ignored it due to the place being cheap and whoever or whatever was sharing the apartment with you never caused any harm, until one night. You woke up on the edge of an orgasm and quickly found yourself overwhelmed with ecstasy, it would happen night after night, waking you up with a powerful orgasm that would leave your whole body tingling until you got up for the day. You quickly became used to the cold spots and found yourself becoming aroused by it until one day you told whatever was haunting you to stop hiding and to fuck you like they meant it.

Rough, impossible sex became a daily habit, sometimes even happening multiple times a day, each time you would be left feeling cold and heavy, with some type of liquid that flowing from your body. You shutter as you feel the cold descend onto you, the warmth of your body feeling as if it’s being sucked from you, leaving you tingling all over and causing your core to clench. “Nooo.” You whine as you feel the coldness become thick, giving off the sensation of hands starting to caress your body. “I gotta finish my work, then after that we can have fun.” You try to push away the feeling of your pussy twitching and try to focus on your work but huff as you watch your work gets thrown across the room. “Yes, I get it. I’m stressed and you just want to relax me but that can wait until after I’m done.” You try to stand your ground but feel your voice waver as you stand and lean forward to grab some of your assignment.

You jump slightly as you moan softly when you feel a hand slide between your legs and begin to rub your pussy through your underwear. “T-That’s cheating! You can’t play dirty like that!” You whimper then whine as you lean forwards more, sticking your ass out as the ghostly hand continues to rub your wet little pussy. You moan softly to yourself as other hands move over your body, pushing your shirt around as they grasp and grope your breasts, while others roam along your skin. “God damn it!” You groan then squeak as you feel a firm hold wrap around your throat, you smirk as you feel your body becoming light as you lift off the ground. “Still scared of the g word?” You tease the spirit then gasp as you feel something thick push against your pussy along with a growl that echoes through the air. “If you’re going to do something, then do it alrea-Ah!!” You tease the spirit once more then cry out in ecstasy as you feel something thrust into you as your body is jerked around in the air. The spirit keeps its firm hold on your throat as it thrusts over and over into you, ghostly hands grabbing and squeezing your body. You grunt and groan as your slam against the wall, the roof and the floor, unable and not needing to move as you feel your whole body become engulfed, ecstasy and pleasure overwhelm you as it’s huge cock pushes deeper into you, the size of it constantly rubbing against every sensitive part of your pussy. The hands toy and tease your breasts, pulling and pinching your nipples as they massage your breasts at the same time.

The whole room becomes your bed as you’re tossed and turned, howls of ecstasy fill the air, coming from you and the spirit. It doesn’t take long until you feel your body become heavier as a cold sensation floods your body and you scream as it pushes you over the edge. Your orgasm washes over you and the heat from your core mixes with the cold chill of the ghost and turns the pleasure into a tornado, that rages inside your body, leaving you in a state of euphoria as it lowers you back down onto your chair. You sit there panting heavily as you feel your panties becoming stained with yours and its essence. You watch as your paper work floats off the ground and is neatly placed back onto your desk, quickly followed by a hot cup of coffee that floats in from the kitchen.

“Apology accepted but only if I’m woken up tomorrow by an orgasm. I’ve got tests all day and I wanna start it with a smile.” You speak out loud to the air, hoping the spirit is still around. You smile when you hear the familiar sound of a knock on the wall, answering you with a simple, yes.


Request: Girl moving into a haunted apartment and having sex with the ghost.
From: Bumbleberry
Tags: Ghost, monster, rough sex.
POV: Hers.

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“Ah! If you move it will only be harder on you…

“Ah! If you move it will only be harder on you. There we go, that’s much better, you’re such a good boy.” You gasp and whimper as you scratch at the floor, your daddy on his knee behind you, slowly putting a large vibrator into your ass, using a combination of spit and lube to squeeze it in. Your cock twitches with ecstasy as you feel your body being stretch. “Almost there, whose’s daddy’s good pup?” Your daddy asks with a teasing tone, making you whimper as your hips shake slightly by themselves, unable to help yourself as a wave of happiness floods over you from his praise.

“There we go.” Your daddy grabs the chain that’s attached to your collar then stands up. You stay on all fours with your head hanging down, trying to hide the look of pleasure on your face as you feel the toy deep inside your ass. “Don’t let that fall out.” Your daddy grind down at you as he tugs in your collar, forcing you to look up at him. You whimper once more as you see the controller for the toy in his hand, you watch as he carefully caresses the buttons on it. “Now, tell daddy. Does his little pet want to cum today?” He asks you with a raised eyebrow. You whimper as you nod your head. “Come now, I know you can speak.” Your daddy chuckles to himself. You nod again, this time you open your mouth and bark like a dog for him. “That’s my good boy.” Your daddy pushes down on one of the buttons which causes the toy to come to life and start to softly buzz inside your ass.

You moan then pant softly as the toy moves and buzzes, rubbing against your g-spot. “Let daddy give his good little pup a nice treat.” You look up in time to watch as your daddy pulls his hard cock out from his pants, your eyes focus on his shaft as you lick your lips between pants. You quickly lean up and lick along his shaft as you grab the base of his cock with one hand, and use the other to keep your balance. “Someone likes their treat.” Your daddy teases as he pulls on the collar, pulling your head closer to his cock. You moan softly as you kiss up his shaft then wrap your lips around the tip of his cock and hungrily suck on your daddy’s treat, your cock twitches and throbs as the toy vibrates, the speed changing as your daddy plays with the remote and he brings you closer to your orgasm before he slows the toy down, teasing and toying with you.

You move your head and take him into your throat, gagging slightly as you get used to him, you then start to move your head back and forth as you look up at him, staring into his eyes. Your moans become muffled by his throbbing cock, you slide your hand along the base of his shaft as your tongue laps at the sides. Your cock rock hard and dripping with precum as your body is kept on the edge. “That’s a good pup, you suck daddy dry and you’ll be rewarded.” Your daddy groan as he reaches down and grabs your hair and starts to move his hips. You yelp then moan around his cock as you start to suck harder, letting him control his movements and fuck your mouth. Your eyes stay on his as he fucks your mouth with his throbbing cock, grunting and groaning as the tip of his cock pushes into your throat. You swallow and moan, feeling the taste of his precum on your tongue as he twitches and only gets bigger inside your mouth. “Fuck! Swallow like a good boy!” Your daddy groans deeply as he pushes your head down and thrusts his hips until he is in your throat. You gag for a second then swallow as you feel his hot load shoot down your throat, load after load exploding into your mouth until he slowly pulls out, letting you gasp for air as your body trembles and begs for your own release.

Your daddy catches his breath before he gets on his knee and leans in to whisper into your ear. “Since you were a good boy, I’ll reward you.” He reaches out with his hand and grabs your sensitive cock, making you whimper loudly as you push your hips towards his hand. “Cum for me.” And with those words he starts to stroke his hand along your cock as the toy buzzes inside you. You gasp and moan as your hips buck against his hand, thrusting your cock between his fingers. His words dance in your ear as he moves his hand along your throbbing cock and it only takes seconds as you feel your testicles pull against your body, you cry out as you feel the rush of your cum explode through your shaft and erupt out over your daddy’s hand and the floor. Your whole body bucks and twitches as a powerful wave of euphoria washes over you. “There we go, that’s my good pup, let it take you over.” Your daddy whispers as he holds you with his free hand after he turns the toy off and lightly strokes your over sensitive cock with his other hand. You come down from your high and carefully pull away from your daddy and present your ass. “Of course, I’ll take it out then we can snuggle.”


Request: Yaoi story about a daddy and his pet.
From: N/A.
Tags: Yaoi, man on man, daddy/pet, anal, oral, sex toys, pet play, daddy.
POV: Pet.

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“That’s it, keep moving your hips or I’ll turn…

“That’s it, keep moving your hips or I’ll turn the other cheek red.” Your master groans as you whimper and pant, your ass stinging and the collar around your throat hugging your neck, your fingers toy with your clit as you push your hips back and up, sliding along your masters cock, desperately hoping that if you make him cum he’ll let you cum.

“What’s wrong, don’t think you can take it, pr…

“What’s wrong, don’t think you can take it, princess?” Your daddy teases with a grin as you straddle his waist, your pussy pushed firmly against his shaft. Your face completely red and your eyes focused on his huge cock, unsure how all of it will fit inside you. “S-Shut up! I can do anything I want, I’m a princess!” You answer back with your usual bratty attitude, only causing your daddy to laugh as he reaches down and runs his strong hands over your legs. “Maybe, but normally it’s me putting it into you.” Your daddy continues to teases as he runs his hands along your legs, letting you feel his fingertips on your skin. You pout as you move your hips and slowly grind your wet lips along his cock, coating him with your essence. “I’m a big girl now, I don’t need you to do everything for me!” You mutter under your breath as I reach down and place your hand on the other side of his cock and push it against you, your pussy wraps around the edge of his hot shaft and it caresses your hard little clit.

You look up at your daddy who is watching you with a playful smile on his lips. “I’m going to do this, and you’ll be begging me to be your little princess again once I show you how grown up I am!” You tell him as you place your other hand on his stomach then push your hips up, you firmly wrap your fingers around his cock and hold it still as you hover over his hot cock, your juices dripping down over the head of his dick. You slowly lower yourself down and let out a loud gasp, followed by a soft whimper. You feel the head of his cock slip between your lips and slide into you as you let yourself slowly slide down, stopping every inch, allowing your body to adjust to his size. It doesn’t take long until you’re sitting completely on his hip, your daddy’s cock fully inside you. “See! I told you!” You gloat with a bright red face and a panting voice, your pussy stretched around his huge cock, throbbing and squeezing him tightly.

“That’s my good princess.” Your daddy smiles up at you. “Huh?” You answer him back as you tilt your head, unsure why he is praising you. “Of course you could do it yourself, princess.” Your daddy uses one arm to help push himself up and reaches up to gently grip your chin with the other hand. “I know you’re a safe, brave, beautiful, smart princess, and no matter if you’re a big girl or a little girl, you’ll always be daddy’s princess.” He whispers to you as he gently pulls you towards him then softly kisses you on your lips. You feel your heart melt and yourself falling into little space as your body heats up. As he pulls his lips away from yours you quickly bury your face into his chest to hide your embarrassment, which knocks him back down onto his back. “Is my little princess okay?” He asks as he wraps one arm around your body and holds you to himself. You nod as you mutter something he can’t make out. “Well, would my princess like to continue what she started?” You nod once more at his question, which causes him to chuckle softly. “Does my little princess want daddy’s help?” He asks then strokes his hand along your hair as you nod again. “Okay, you grind against daddy like a good girl and I’ll help with the movements.” His hand slowly slides down your back until his hand reaches your rear, your daddy then firmly grabs your bottom, making you giggle and squeal as you start to move your hips with him inside you.

You moan softly into your daddy’s chest as he moves his hips, pushing you up and down along his shaft as you rock back and forth, moaning and letting out yelps of ecstasy as the tip of his cock strokes your most sensitive places between the moments he is completely inside you. As your bodies collide you grind your clit against his waist, blots of electricity shoot up your body. You can feel your daddy’s cock twitching inside you, throbbing like crazy, warning you that he is getting closer to his orgasm. “Fuck.” Your daddy groans almost into your ear. “I’m getting close, where does daddy’s little princess want it?” He pants as his movements quicken in pace. “I want daddy’s cum inside me, please, cum inside me daddy, cum inside your little girl!” You whimper into his ear as you lift your head up, your own movements more like bucking and jerking against him. “Fuck, I’m cumming princess, daddy’s cumming!” Your daddy groans loudly as his hips jerk up with each load of cum he shoots into you. You let out a loud gasp, followed by a deep groan as the feeling of his hot cum erupting into you pushes you over the edge.

Your body bucks and shakes as you squeal with pleasure, your orgasm washes over you, making your whole body warm and light, leaving you feeling as if you’re floating until you slowly come back down to earth and you feel weak. “Daddy..” You mutter softly as you look up at him, his hand gently stroking your hair. “Yes, princess?” He looks down at you. “I did good?” You ask softly then smile as he nods. “You did amazing princess, I am very proud of you.” He answers you back gently as he hugs you to his body. You smile and nuzzle into him, feeling safe in your daddy’s embrace.


Request: A little taking her daddy’s big cock.
From: N/A.
Tags: Daddy, DD/lg, cream pie, big dick, daddy dom.
POV: Her.

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“This place is quiet enough. Sit down, lift up…

“This place is quiet enough. Sit down, lift up your skirt and show your master how wet you are.” Your master smirks as he points to the nearby bench. “H-Here!?” You ask quickly as you look around, the dirt path quiet enough but the sounds of people on other paths can be heard through the trees, your body shaking with excitement and fear. Your skirt only just covering your pantieless crotch, your pussy completely soaked. You’ve been led around the park for hours without panties, your master enjoying the way you squirm, knowing that all it would take is a gust of wind to knock your skirt up, or to misplace your foot and trip, reviewing your naked pussy to the world. “Yes, here, or maybe you would prefer somewhere not so quiet?” He asks with a evil smirk on his lips, making you shiver as you shake your head quickly, the idea of a random person catching you in such a compromising position only makes your pussy wetter and your heart race. “Here is good! Here is great, actually!” You answer him quickly as you let out a nervous chuckle.

“Good, then be a good girl, and show me how excited you are.” He tells you one last time as he points at the bench yet again. You look down at the bench then take a deep breath as you walk towards it, feeling your essence on your thighs, dripping down your legs and staining your skin. You turn to face your master then sit down on the bench. “Legs up, I want to see all of you.” Your master orders as his eyes run over your body. You nod your head as you wiggle back against the bench then slowly pull your legs up and place them on the edge of the seat, you slide your legs apart as you pull on your skirt, exposing your throbbing pussy to the world and your master. Your juices continue to leak from your lips and run down your ass until it lands on the wooden bench. “See, that isn’t so bad, is it?” He chuckles as he watches you, his eyes moving from yours, down to your aching pussy then back up. “N-No… it’s not so bad..” you answer quietly as you feel your body heat up from embarrassment and excitement of being completely vulnerable. “Good, now. Rub your little pussy for your master.”

You let out a squeak and your eyes widen for a split second as you hear his words, you look down then back up at him, the words ringing in your ears. You bite down on your bottom lip as you nod, your hand already starting to run down your thigh, your body screaming to be touched. You close your eyes then gasp softly as you feel your fingers slide over your lips, the feeling of your hand causing blots of electricity to shoot through your body. “I never told you that you could shut your eyes, so open them.” Your masters voice calls out to you and you feel your body stiffen for a moment, you slowly open your eyes then let out a soft moan as you see your masters cock out, his hand gently sliding along it. Your hips thrust forward as your fingers move along your pussy and push two into yourself, your eyes focused on your masters hard cock. “See, it’s so much better when you leave your eyes open, isn’t it?” He chuckles as he firmly squeezes the base of his cock. “Y-Yes, it’s so much better.” You answer back, almost forgetting about your surroundings for a moment. “That’s my good girl, now. Wouldn’t it feel better to have this inside you, instead of your little fingers?” Your masters asks as he slowly slides his hand along his cock, letting you watch as his hand engulfs it. “God yes!” You answer quickly as you nod, your own fingers pumping back and forth inside you.

“Then stand up, turn around and bend over.” You quickly follow your masters orders and stand, turn then bend, grabbing the top of the bench to hold yourself steady. “Looks like someone is needy.” Your master teases as he steps behind you and slides his cock between your legs. You whimper loudly as you push back against him, grinding your wet lips along his length. “Yesss, I’m so needy master, please, fuck my pussy, use me, fill me!” You plead as you let your head hang and your hips rock. “You know I can’t resist you when you beg.” He chuckles as he pulls his hips back and grabs your waist to hold you still for a single moment, he then thrusts into your body. A scream of ecstasy almost escapes your mouth but you bite down in time to catch yourself, remembering that you’re on a dirt path in a park. Your body jerks forward with each thrust, feeling his cock slamming deep into your body, your juices drip and pool on the ground as your fingers dig into the wooden bench, you feel your body edging towards a powerful orgasm, your legs shaking and your breathing becoming more jagged. “Fuck!” Your master hisses then you feel it, his hot cum shooting into your body, load after load, filling you until it leaks out. You let out a loud scream as your orgasm erupts moments after his, wave after wave of intense ecstasy flow over you as your body jerks back and forth, slamming against your masters body as he tries to hold you still. You feel light as a cloud as he pulls out from you then tugs down your skirt before putting himself away. “Come on, we have to move before someone comes looking for where that sound came from.” Your master takes your hand and helps you walk, you floating along with him, enjoying the after glow of your orgasm and the feeling of his hot cum dripping slowly down your thighs.


Request: Sex in a park.
From: N/A.
Tags: public sex, exhibitionist, exhibitionism, masturbation, master, sub.
POV: Hers.

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