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Thank you for the advice sir! Your always the best -shy girl

You’re welcome, I hope it’s helpful

Hi sir it’s been awhile but I have a tiny problem. I have a crush on my friends roommate and I’m starting to feel sexual feelings toward him but I don’t wanna ruin the friendship between me and him and me and my friend but I don’t wanna friend zone him either …. do you have any words of advice – shy girl

If you’re worried about your friend then maybe you should talk to your friend about it, they mightn’t have any issues with you trying to become more than friends with their roommate, but if they don’t want you to then you gotta decide what’s more important to you, your friend or your feelings for their roommate

I will be careful sir I promise – shy girl

Good! :3

Siiiiirrrrrr!! I’ve posted the first picture of myself on tumblr…. like … Dirty picture …. It’s nothing much though …. Also I’ve missed talking with you – shy girl

Congrats but make sure you practice safe posting! Which means no face photos or ones that can make you easily recognized, because there are a lot of weird and wrong people on the internet, so be safe!

(To shy girl) Awww you’re very welcome! If you have any more questions regarding that you’re always free to ask! Whether it be through Sir or whatever 😊

To shy girl

Siri I’m on my period and your storys don’t help when I’m horny and can’t touch myself! – shy girl

Might I suggest not visiting my blog for a couple of days? It might make it less frustrating

Siiiiiirrrrrrr – shy girl


Your stories and short stories make me so wet *blushes* -shyy girl

Good! That means they are doing their job ;3

Thank you sir -shy girl

You’re welcome, I hope your little bottom feels better soon :3

I will sir … What should I do to make it better? – shy girl

A nice warm bath or you can use some aloe Vera and gently rub that on your bottom, and make sure you sit on something soft


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