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The first time that I show my penis to a a pai…

This situation happened when I was studying in high school. In that time, I was close to two girls, that I will call here Trinity and Diane. I wasn’t real friend of them, but we got along very well. One time, when we’re working in a Project at school, Diane said:

“Hey, Will, how long is your dick?”

That question took me by surprise, and I blushed. In that time, I wasn’t so open-minded about sex and sexual stuff like dick size, so that question embarrased me. Trinity giggled about the question, and seeing that I get embarrassed by the question, she asked me:

“It’s small? How small it is?”

You can imagine that if the dick size question embarrassed me, these new ones make me get real red and embarrassed. The fact that they were just assuming that my dick was small was really embarrassing. I didn’t know what or how to answer to that embarrassing question, and was looking at the floor, but when I look back at them, I also see, to my horror, that a classmate, a girl, was looking at me and the girls. My mind filled with thoughts, “Did she heard about the question? What was she thinking about it?”. I was cornered. That’s when Trinity talked again:

“See, Diane, I told you, it has to be small, if not, he just told us that his cock average or big…”

And that’s when something came out of me:

“It’s normal…”

But Diane, looking at my crotch, replied:

“I don’t see any bulge down there…you’re lying…”

And again something strange came out of my mouth:

“I can show it to you”

I didn’t know why I said that, but Diane and Trinity were surprised about my response as me. They told me:

“Well, how about now? We can go to the bathroom, we’ve finished the Project, and we can tell Mr. Sanders a lie.”

So, before I can say anything, they asked Mr. Sanders to let us go to search some things to the project, and he let us all go to search it. So, we go to the girl’s bathroom, that fortunately was empty, since it class time. Once there, Trinity, seeing me nervous, told me:

“Just show it to us. If you have a tiny one, we will not tell anyone about it…”

Both of them swear it, but I wasn’t so sure about that, because Trinity was quite talkative, so she maybe could tell other girls about my dick size. But in the other hand, if I didn’t show my penis to them, it will be implicit that I’d a small penis, and I also didn’t want that they think that. So, I was cornered and without much option, so I decide to show them. First, I unbutton my pants, and then I pulled them down, showing my briefs to the girls, who laugh a little seeing them. At that momento, I was totally nervous, I was one cloth away from letting a pair of girls. But I want to get this over with, so I grabbed the waistband of the brief and I pulled it down, exposing my manhood to both of them. Both Trinity and Diane followed the fall of my brief to the ground, and when it hit the ground, their gaze come fastly to my crotch.

Now I was bottomless in front of Trinity and Diane, and both of them were just looking at my penis. They smiled and my mind filled with thought about why they smiled. In the first scenario, they were laughing about my penis size, and telling me how small it was, while in the other, they were amazed about how big it was. But a comment of Trinity broke my thoughts:

“It’s nice…it’s not big but neither small…it’s average” she said, smiling

But also, Diane talk about it. I was really nervous about her opinion, since she had a boyfriend at the moment. But her comment wasn’t I expected:

“It’s smaller than my boyfriend’s dick, but yes, it’s average”

I was really relieved by Diane’s comment, but also horny, just by the fact of two girls looking at my dick. So, I get an erection, which make the two girls laugh at me, and tease about getting hard by them seeing my cock. They helped me with that, giving me a handjob, and I didn’t last long until I cum. Finally, I get my underwear and pants up, and we returned to our classroom. They thanfully didn’t tell anyone about that, and fortunately, that shenanigan was the first of many sexy shenanigans with them, but that it another story…


Small Cock Cuckold Part Two

This is an update on an earlier story. It is based on a true marriage experience. Obviously names and places have been changed. I have also taken the liberty of adding some fantasy fiction to this nonfiction account.

It was financial year end at the grain store and she told me that she had put together a team of local high school kids to assist with the tedious stock take in the grain warehouse. Due to the bulky weight of the stock items she only employed strong well built high school boys (or that’s what she told me). The grain warehouse owned and managed by Ryan Peters who at the age of 30 had inherited from his late father. It contained bags of hog feed, chicken corn, alfalfa pellets, cattle feed all stacked and stored in gigantic orderly peaks in the vast multi storey warehouse. She was to oversee the annual stock counting with Ryan on Saturday and she said it would probably run into late Saturday night.

Saturday morning she wore a sheer see thro halter neck top tying it at midriff that left a lot of tit on show and very little of her breasts to imagination, a cheeky pair of denim hot pants and long dangly earrings. She looked very hot. Too hot to be taking stock in a grain store I thought. But whoa she was my wife and her sexy dressing turned me on. Maybe I would get a chance to wank my little cock in the fields today I thought.

She returned home about 8:30 that evening looking very dishevelled, with her top all done up wrong her tits blatantly hanging out, nipples swollen and showing and a broad satisfied grin on her face. I could tell she had been drinking wine as she smelt of wine.

“How was your day?” I asked “You look as if you have been working hard”

“I have been working hard but most enjoyable especially this evening” she said “Do you want to hear all about it?” She was standing legs apart and looking very randy as she asked.

“Please tell me all”

She stood in the centre of the living room, her long legs slightly ajar facing me. As she began telling me her day’s events she removed her see through halter top and gave her large tits a good shake.

“Well the stock take went faster than we thought and those high school kids were a great help. We checked and double checked and everything was accounted for. It was about 5:30 when Ryan told me to go and pay the high school kids and let them out. As I walked back to my desk to pay the boys I noticed that my halter top had come loose during the stock take, fully exposing my right breast. I was going to retie it when I thought what the hell those high school boys have being working hard why not give them a visual bonus. There were six boys all strapping and muscular. Four of the six were black boys. After the exertion and hard work in the summer heat some had removed their tee shirts exposing their chiselled young chests which gave me some eye candy to admire.  They all ogled my exposed tit and I pretended not to notice other than my nipples hardening to bursting point. I enjoyed being checked out by six young school boys who were half my age. Likewise, I enjoyed checking out their half naked bodies. I noticed that some of them had pronounced hard ons as they lent over my desk to sign for their pay. Not only my nipples were at bursting point but I was sopping wet between my legs and feeling randy as ever. What amused me further was one of the boys made a complimentary wanking sign in my honour as he walked out. A bit of evening titillation for both the boys and myself.”

At this point, still standing topless in our lounge, she pushed both hands down into her very mini denim hot pants and as I watched wiggled her long fingers. The hot pants slowly and seductively slid down over her hips. My wife was giving her husband a private strip tease and my little cock was responding accordingly. In its four inch erect state it felt cramped and trapped in its confined place and urgently need liberating and attention. But despite my desires and lust I was not going to interrupt my wife’s tale. The hot pants fell to the floor. She had no panties on and stood tall and totally naked in all her seductive glory moisture glistening between her thighs.

Continuing she said “At this point Ryan and I were the only ones left in the grain store. Ryan had asked me to meet him in the basement warehouse where he wanted us to cross check and consolidating stock take sheets. I heard him locking up and the bright overhead lights were switched off leaving only the low lighting. With the lights dimmed, this created quite a rather romantic setting with the stacked grain bags looking like fantasy castles. Ryan returned with a bottle of chilled white wine and two wine glasses. I was hot and thirsty when he poured me my first glass of wine.”

“Here’s to a successful stock take and all your hard work” he said. We drunk a toast and he poured me my second glass. I was already feeling horny being locked in the warehouse with low lighting with my good looking boss who was 8 years younger than me. He then lent over to give me a big thank you kiss. As his lips touched mine we just melted into each other’s arms and the deep throating kiss seemed to last forever. I have never been kissed like that ever before.”

“Your breasts look amazing through that translucent material. I’m sure a lot of those high school stock take boys will be wanking themselves tonight remembering the sight of your amazing white tits especially the black boys. You have been tantalising me for weeks with your no-bra see through blouses. I’ve been getting a hard on every time I walk past your desk.”

“Could I see them?” he asked. I was now fully turned on and without hesitation I undid the knot to my see-through halter top to let loose my nipple hard tits.”

“You showed him your tits? “ I asked.

“Yes, how can you refuse a request from your boss? And that’s not all” She went on like a runaway train as her fingers dipped between her legs.

“He cupped my creamy white tits with his large hands and the feel was a huge turn on. His hands were bigger than yours and he was rougher, manlier in the way he played with my tits.”

“I’ve seen them, and felt them, but wonder what they taste like?” Ryan asked.

“With that I laid back on a low stack of grain bags, he poured chilled white wine on my left nipple letting it run over my ample breast then proceeded to lick the wine off having a good gnaw at my engorged nipple. He repeated this on my right nipple. By now I was ready and randy to fuck the whole high school stock take team cum boy or girl! He had removed his shirt to expose his muscled chest. I ran my wine wet tits over his skin creating a polished erotic sheen.”

“He dug his thumbs into my denim hot pants and in one sweep he had removed my hot pants and my thong exposing my very moist, dripping-with-lust cunt. I fought at his belt buckle, undid his zip. My adrenalin was pumping to see what he had in stall for me. I dragged out his cock. It was still half flaccid, thick as a car’s radiator hose and very enticing. Very much longer and thicker than your as you can imagine.” She stated.

By now standing naked in front of her husband and confessing her adulterous behaviour had not only aroused me but she was getting very re-aroused by the retelling in her wine induced condition. Her fully exposed cunt was flared open, labia swollen and was oozing cunt fluid down both her inner thighs.

“You played with his cock? I asked in mock horror.

“Yes there was at least something to play with and even half soft his ebony cock was twice as long and at least three times as thick as your pathetic white 4 inch erect weeny! My intention was just to see what it would be like to suck such a massive cock; to experience the thrill and girl power to bring it to full erection; to be able to wrap both my hands around a cock shaft; to devour and wank and watch creamy cum squirt from such a monster penis. My lust and wanton sex starved cunt got the better of me and in no time he was pushing that thick long cock into me. It was huge compared to your thin short cock. It went deeper, where no cock had ever been in my cunt. It stretched all sides of my love hole in that I wanted to orgasm with every stroke of his massive manhood hammering away inside my willing cunt. And boy did he have staying power. He just went on and on fucking me on those sacks, occasionally giving us each a sip of wine from the bottle then pouring some over our connected genitals.”

“So you let him fuck you?” As her husband I was really cross now and she realised she had overstepped the mark. Pouting she justified as only she could.

“He is everything that you are not:

  • He is young and beautiful, you are …..;
  • He is tall dark and handsome, you are…..
  • He has a six pack and you have a beer paunch;
  • He is captain of the golf team;
  • A successful business man;
  • Serves as chairman on a charity;
  • He has a 9 inch thick cock that can get erect;
  • You have a measly 4 inch thumb-thick cock that gets erect occasionally.
  • Shall I go on?” she asked.

She thought I would get cross, throw her out or divorce her for what she had just done and told me. To my surprise I was not angry or jealous but realised that this is what she really wanted. She enjoyed it and if anything I was highly turned on seeing my sexy wife recently ravaged and satisfied by her well endowed and handsome young boss, standing in front of me.

To her surprise I pulled her naked waist towards me. Her white thighs were still crusted with his cum. She dipped her finger into her cum soaked cunt and presented it to my lips as a sort of peace offering. I licked it clean and then fucked her cum soaked hole with my miniature white cock.

“Can you taste Ryan’s cum?” She asked “There should be plenty of it and it’s still very fresh.”

It was then that we had a relationship understanding in place. I, her husband, with my small inadequate 4 inch white cock had become a cuckold for my beautiful young wife to be fucked at will by her young successful macho boss with his super sized cock to satisfy her.


Small Cock Cuckold Part One

This is a rework of an earlier story It is based on a true marriage experience. Obviously names and places have been changed. I have also taken the liberty of adding some fantasy fiction to this nonfiction account.

The stream of pre cum, translucent and shiny glistened in the sunshine as it hung from the tip of my very erect cock.

Every now and then my over stimulated penis would jerk and a strand of pre cum would fling off falling to the ground. I was standing naked outside in the early morning sunshine in our farm garden. I gently touched my cock again fearful of ejaculating and spoiling the moment. Another blob of pre cum gushed from my cock tip adding to the string of pearls already dangling there.

Taking my finger I wrapped it around the precum as one would use a fork to gather up spaghetti. I put the coated finger into my mouth to taste my body fluid. Sucking it clean my palate registered: slimy, not much taste, not as salty with that distinctive chlorine taste of cum but still kind of erotic to consume your own freshly harvested pre cum. My short, white uncut cock jerked in anticipation of cumming again.

What had caused this early morning arousal? Being young and newly married I was used to waking with a morning glory (a stiff cock). I usually woke alone as my wife left the martial bed very early every morning to attend her swimming training. Normally I took my erection in hand giving it a leisurely wank at my own pace knowing how to satisfy myself from years of practice. This would end in me cumming on the sheets a practice my wife took exception to.

“I’d rather that your small, erect cock came inside my cunt than you masturbating and messing on the sheets.” She would say. Being summer I had now taken to taking my morning pleasure outside and standing in the sun would take my time to wank my cock in the a la naturel enjoying the arc of cum shooting off into the garden. But before you think I’m a solo wanker let me tell you about my wife and how our marriage has developed over the last five years. It’s these memories that have me so aroused this morning.

So here’s the background to this morning’s raging hard on:

My wife knew what she was letting herself in for when she married me. Yes, I am tall (six foot three inches), dark and some say handsome. Maybe the attraction was that I was well endowed. There is a perception among women that all tall, large statured men are well endowed. Well yes I had inherited a bundle so was financially, but not physically well endowed. For you see I have a small cock.

I have a small cock!” Saying that must be as liberating as an alcoholic declaring “I am an alcoholic.” My uncut cock is 4 inches long when fully erect and 4 inches around.

I supposed one could call it a 4X4 cock. A “4X4” cock has a volume of 75 cubic centimetres (cm3) which is 43% smaller by volume than the average Caucasian cock. This means that my wife gets 56cmless cock for her money than she would from an average sized cock. Less filling. Likewise, my 4X4 is 25% shorter than the average Caucasian cock. Less length. So what is considered the average dimensions of a Caucasian cock. Its 5.5 inches erect length with a girth of 5.5 inches. This gives a volume of 131cm3, which is 75% bigger by volume than mine and 33% longer. So you can see what my wife is missing out on. Sorry about all the numbers but being an accountant I’m a numbers man.

When my pathetic phallus is erect it easily fits inside a toilet roll tube. Bear in mind that only 0.2% (that’s 1 in 1000) of Caucasian men have small cocks, defined as between three and half to four and half inches long when fully erect. So I have given you a few of my vital statistics, let me tell you about my wife.

She is 5 foot 9 inches tall, has a blonde bob haircut, a full athletic figure and her crowning glory are her firm 38 B cup breasts. An absolute looker ! I’m sure without my bank balance I would not even been considered by her. She has long legs and is a competitive swimmer which keeps her figure in trim and gives her the excuse to train at the local country club pool every day. With her natural blonde hair she has a natural Mediterranean olive coloured skin that gives her a year round all over tan to compliment her blonde hair. Yes, she is a natural blonde and although she shaves down below she always keeps a blonde “landing strip” of pubic hair. She is out going and extremely flirtatious with other men.

Although she came from a very conservative part of the country with her competitive swimming (or should this read swinging?) she had had many premarital sex encounters both with male and female swim team members and the ever lecherous life guards.

Our married sex life was very vanilla. I thought unadventurously tame. For as a young married couple we only had sex once a week and this was dictated by whether she had a swim meet or not the next day. We had regular sex, her allowing me to play with and oil her tits and dip my four inch cock into her cunt. With my excitement, I normally came very quickly often apologising to her for not getting her to orgasm.

In our post sex state, me satisfied, her frustrated, she would continue to play with my cum sticky wilting cock and tell me about all the cocks that had fucked her before we got married and elaborate on how they all were much bigger than mine. She mentioned that she had five lovers prior to our marriage but I’m sure she was being most conservative. Based on the above phallic statistics the law of averages will tell you that probably all the other cocks that she has had were all longer and thicker  than mine. Being in her thirties she was now in her prime and sexual prowness peak.

There was no chance of early morning sex as she was up at 4:30am every morning to go to swim training. So many a morning as a newlywed I had to entertain myself by using both my imagination and right hand to wank my 4 inch endowment to ejaculation.

Now anyone who has been married knows from experience that all marriages go through rough periods, all marriages have ups and downs and hopefully ins and outs. Our marriage was no exception.

With our extravagant lifestyle we soon went through the financial endowment. I lost my job as I was drinking too much. Our marriage was in a desperate situation both at the bank and in bed. At about this time I inherited a small farm left in a family estate. It was a chance of a new start. We moved to the small remote farming town isolated in the rural country side.

I managed to get a low paying job in sales which meant being on the road a lot, hotel night’s away, achieving budgets and reaching targets leaving my fit young randy wife alone on the farm. My wife, she, got a job as a bookkeeper at the local grain merchant. It was the biggest business in town. I normally got home late and too tired to satisfy her bedroom demands or was away on business hotel nights.

As summer approached she stopped wearing a bra and started wearing very see through blouses. I couldn’t help notice that her firm 38B cup tits had transformed from a young girl’s size to a more robust 38C cup woman’s sized firm tits. I noticed but never commented. Perhaps she was looking for attention from her husband or elsewhere? The outfits became more daring with short skirts and cut off denim hot pants that exposed as much of her butt cheeks as her brief bikini pants did. My wife was purposefully revealing/flaunting more and more of her female assets and she was wearing these skimpy outfits to work every day. Should I have been a bit circumspect?

Starting at sunrise working on the farm then onto my daytime sales job and then back to the farm until sunset, this coupled with my drinking did not help the bedroom situation. Despite the skimpy clothes that she wore to work she always stripped naked while around the house and by fondling her breasts and fingering her cunt while wandering around the house or out in the garden she was telling me aloud that she desperately needed sexual servicing. I would normally get into bed and before anything could be initiated I would be fast asleep. Often I would awake in the night, with my wife’s naked body next to me and feel her fondling my limp flaccid small cock in vain. And then hearing her moans of orgasm as she had to pleasure herself using her trusty large dildo.


The Taming of the Shrew Ch. 01 (6 favorites) –…


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Captured (5 favorites) – new Top 250 story – L…

Her feminine ankles matched her wrists, bound in coarse rope, harsh against her skin. As the soldier carried her delicate body, the tight ropes twisted; rubbing her flesh and creating sores with every movement. It might have been painful, had she been conscious to feel it.

Sunk into the soldiers broad arms like a child being carried, her braid of smooth russet hair nearly scraped at the cold stone floor beneath them, her feminine helmet of armor still in tact on her head, where a thin line of dried blood seeped from her hairline onto her soft face. Her peach plump lips parted slightly, taking in small breaths below the thin curve of her nose. Her olive eyes were closed ever so lightly, in her sound and forced sleep. Her long boots had already been stripped from her small bare feet, and the sleeve of her dark leather top had been cut at the shoulder, leaving her neckline slightly visible under the thin metal weaves of chain that vested around her top, and in another layer wrapped around the waist of her dark pants like a skirt.

Another soldier waited alongside opened doors down the corridor of this dark, cold, stone castle. He stared at the unconscious girl with a small smile before they proceeded in, where a third man looked over opened scrolls, placed over the cold table surrounded by dancing torchlight. He did not look like a soldier, wearing soft silk robes over his long body, clinging to his undulated torso, hugging the tone of his muscle. His hair was dark to his shoulders, curving around his strong handsome face, where he hid part of himself under a small mask that only covered the left potion of his face, curving to leave his nose and chin visible, and under the thin but tight fitting mask there was a dark cloth patch over his left eye, completely aligned with the dark right eye on the other side of his face.

“Lord Talos.” One of the guards addressed him, causing him to silently look up.

Talos’s cold stare rested on the girl, and his eyes grew with anxiety and excitement, in a way that made it seem he was surprised by her sudden appearance as he rose to his feet. He had been waiting for her, this girl.

Talos pushed some of his scrolls aside and motioned for the soldiers to place her on the stone table, and he looked over her cautiously as the soldiers stepped aside, but then Talos too, suddenly stepped back away from her, as if he felt even unconscious, she was unapproachable.

“Remove her armor.” Talos ordered.

The soldiers quickly complied, unhooking the chain that surrounded her body and the helmet protecting her already injured delicate head.

“How did you manage this?” Talos asked excitedly as he went back to her, running his hand over the tight lumps within her shirt that were her breasts.

“We ambushed her party while they were on their way to Isinflo castle.” One of the soldiers explained proudly, “When we discovered she was among them, we knew you would want her.” “You’ve done well.” Talos replied, “collect your reward from Lady Mara.”

“Thank you Lord Talos.” One of the soldiers said happily.

Talos stared down at the girl as he listened to the sounds of the guards exiting. Excitement filled him as he looked over his quarry with cold eyes, she looked so helpless now, without her armor, but he knew better, she was not helpless, he would have to be careful with her, he would have to ensure she stay helpless.

He leaned over her face and felt her soft breathing against his chin, taking in her aroma, even through the faint scent of blood she smelled sweet and alluring, and as he came up he tapped her face with firm strikes of his palm, wanting to wake her now, wanting her to know where she was, but much to his chagrin, she lay still, without flinching once.

But Talos was not deterred by her lack of movement, he had been waiting for this, for a long time, and he swore he would enjoy every moment he had to torment his newest prisoner. He withdrew a sharp blade, hanging off the wall near many others, and he ran the sharp end over the lines of her clothing, wondering where he wanted to start. Noticing the tear in her shirt he found it just as good as any place, and with ease and care he cut her shirt from her body, watching in amusement as he revealed her round breasts and pointed nipples that had been hiding, tucked tightly away in the tight leather, so tightly it almost appeared she didn’t possess such wonderful breasts, and now he wondered just how she was able to breath as he took one firmly into his head and felt the gentle weight of it, rolling her perky nipple in his fingers, delighted at how it became a hard ball against his touch. She would like his touch, and if she didn’t, she would tolerate it, this he was certain of.

He moved on to remove the scraps of her top completely, and raised her already bound hands over her head, wanting to see the slant of her ribs against her thin waist and stretch of her breasts. He ran his hands over her chest again, and touched her neck, looking for a response in her, but other than the stiffened peaks of her peach nipples there was little sign that she was coherent, even in her unconscious mind.

Talos carefully cut her pants away, beginning with her leggings, revealing the slender length of her feminine form, and then the narrow curve of her hips, and when he found the soft place between her thighs and found it smooth, with the small patch of hair stripped from it, a slight laughter escaped him and he felt a throbbing in his groin, aroused by the discovery. He had heard of women who wore the breasts of their cunt so smooth but he had never actually encountered one.

“You vixen.” He remarked, deciding to cut the ropes from her ankles, the sensations moving through his own body daring him to spread her legs, and he did, just enough to see the lips of her smooth pussy, still closed before him, but a simple touch of his thumb parted the pink swells, and from there he wanted more.

His hands began to wander her smooth flesh hungrily, other than the abrasion within her hairline she seemed so entirely perfect and unscarred, could this really be the dangerous woman he had been waiting for? It didn’t seem to matter now, not while he was moving his strong tongue over the crevice of her rounded, inward belly button, working his way over her breasts, making her nipples even tighter as he tasted and took in the sweet ways of her skin. He ran his tongue over her neck and rested his mouth over hers, forcing her lips apart and pushing his tongue deep within her waiting mouth.

Talos felt her take in a deep breath through her nose and felt her chest heave against his hand. Was she waking up? He certainly hoped so. He pulled his face from hers and watched intently, but she still showed no sign of waking even with the troubled crease developing in her perfect brow. He began to touch her hair, running his hand through it, loosening the long braid and removing the tie that held it, and as he did this, his free hand instinctively stretched the length of her body, his fingers tickling her inner thighs, her legs still open for him. He traced his fingers over the soft openings of her center, opening her more, moving his hand down the center of her swelling lips, waiting for that pleasant moisture he desired to bathe his wandering fingers in.

He felt her hips move ever so slightly on his hand, her body knowing his touch even as she did not. He moved the hand from her hair and then over her breasts, wanting them to swell with passion, her nipples to tighten until they ached, and while he waited he pressed his mouth over hers again, forcing in his deep kiss, massaging her tongue that lightly reacted under the pressure.

Her body jolted somewhat when he forced one finger into her moistening pussy, exploring the chamber within her, he studied her face again, and she was more expressive now, as if lost in a deep dream. Soon he would make her dream of him, and he hoped they might be terrible dreams.

A second finger slipped through the tight gap, oh how very deliciously tight she was, and the ever growing liquid cream surrounded his finger, urging him to force a second finger through, and he did, exploring her more widely, opening her to his touch until… yet another discovery, a barrier, just hidden within her chamber, a barrier not yet broken. His dangerous little vixen was a virgin! The excitement overwhelmed him and he forced himself to ease away from her boundary, refusing to break it with his hand, and he fought the urge to remove his throbbing erection from the soft silk it moved against for the sole purpose of shoving it through her barrier and riding her like a rabid stallion.

His excitement was overwhelming, he thought of calling upon one of the many willing women within his fortress to relieve him, save the prize before him for later, savoring her, but he quickly found his desire was unmanageable, and as he continued to touch the moistening place between her thighs, controlling himself from pushing forward. A small moan escaped her. The sound brought him to reach under his wide, loosely fitting pants, exposing his own throbbing organ.

He excitedly moved onto the table, looming over her as he continued to touch her growing dampness, she was wet now, he wanted her body to feel the pleasure he could bring. He pressed his aching erection carefully between the lips of her center, letting her juices coat the hot muscle he so terribly wished to relieve. He ran the head between the open fold of her pussy, continuously using his fingers, wanting to open her. His body shook in fits as he controlled himself, and for a moment he feared his own body would turn itself against him, defying his wishes, just the same as he imagined his young captive’s body was responding now. Talos kissed her again, attempting to relive some of the mounding tension as the weight of his strong erection pressed further against her opening hole.

He used both hands now to hold her breasts, squeezing them tightly as her body began to shift beneath him, he watched her face intently as he slid his organ against her, more and more, waiting for any sign that she would awaken, how wonderful it would be if she were to regain consciousness now, he imagined the look on her delicate face, if she were to open her eyes just in time to feel him push inside of her, filling her, to a place no one has ever reached. The excitement of his thoughts ran over him as he squeezed her breasts even tighter, becoming lost in the feeling in the peaks of her nipples hard between his fingers, and he was lost in his own pleasures, exploring this creature.

When her body arched again, the liquid cream flowing from her, over his erection in a magnificent way, he was entirely taken off guard over the excitement and without hesitation the sensitive head of his noble organ slipped inside her, luckily he thought, not to far, but the new sensation of her chasm tightly holding him there, was tantalizing. He refused to remove from his newfound comfort, edging the head in and out so smoothly, feeling the gracefully tight space. She moaned beneath him as he suddenly ejaculated, barely within her walls, her own body responding, reaching another soft climax.

He found it so desirable the way her body had welcomed him, so perfect he thought, and he watched her, holding her tightly as he felt the shift in her hips against him, following the soft moan. He watched her bright eyes pierce him as they snapped open under the sensations of her body and the weight of his, and he watched as her pupils dilated momentarily before her eyes rolled back and she had consciously left him again.

It didn’t matter. She had looked upon him, he decided she knew where she was, and he hoped her dark dreams would torment her as she thought of all the things he was capable of doing to her. Her naked body his to use how he wanted, when he wanted. He wondered if she would understand, why he wanted to torment her so, of course she would; it would be unacceptable if she didn’t remember him. The way he had thought of her, for long years now, she must remember him.

It was not difficult for Talos to know this was his prize; this girl was his prize for waiting so long. He had burned the image of her face into his memory, her beautiful face, and now that she was older and her fine features had matured it gave him so many filthy ideas. A year before he might have taken her life quickly, but now he fully appreciated himself for deciding to keep her for a while. Even in her forced sleep from the blow to her head he could still smell her scent, her sweet scent that told him she was already his, in any form he pleased, and he lusted after the idea of training her, making her know she had no choice, her body would never allow her defiance and neither would he.

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Much Needed Relief Ch. 3 (5 favorites) – new T…

Please read the previous chapters too, and by all means send me feedback. Don’t jerk off and split. Tell me you jerked off or jilled off to my story. I wrote it for you, after all, and I put a lot of thought into it. Please, please send me feedback! Julie, if you’re reading this, I lost your e-mail!

* * * * *

So there I sat, Stephanie on my lap, my dick still buried deep inside of her, and my mom walking over to us. I was too nervous to say anything. Mom nonchalantly approached us, Stephanie not saying anything either. But she didn’t seem too bothered by the fact that mom was seeing her naked and in mid-fuck. My cock twitched in Stephanie’s belly when mom came right up to us.

“You must be the nurse,” mom said to Stephanie. “I wanted to thank you for coming over to take care of my son.”

“My pleasure,” Stephanie said, squeezing her vagina around me tightly before standing up. “I, uh…hope you don’t mind that I added some extra therapy.”

Mom smiled, glancing down at me. I remembered to breath finally, still not quite sure what mom’s reaction would be.

“Actually, I’m glad. I was so worried that he might have another attack of pain while I was gone. That’s why I came home early.”

“Mom, I…” I tried to say something. “You’re not mad, are you?”

“Of course not. I already knew she was giving you handjobs, didn’t I?”

Stephanie held out her hand. “I’m Stephanie, by the way.”

There was something strange about watching mom shake Stephanie’s hand, since she was completely naked and had just fucked me. It was as if this was a casual meeting. Stephanie glanced down at me.

“I should clean you up.”

Stephanie took some wipes from the supplies she brought and wiped my dick clean. She also cleaned her inner thighs where my cum had leaked out of her cunt.

“Well, since you’re here,” mom said, “would you like to stay for dinner? I thought we’d order a pizza.”

Stephanie hesitated. “Are you sure? I don’t want to intrude, especially under these odd circumstances.”

“Nonsense, I think I should get to know the woman who’s having sex with my son.”

They both kind of laughed, but I was still stunned by everything that was happening. I had fucked my mom and a hot nurse and now we were all going to have dinner together. Stephanie helped me to the dining room table, since I was still in my casts, and then started to dress.

“Your shirt is all wet,” mom said, seeing her smock with my cum stains. She smiled a bit devilishly. “Why don’t we have some fun?”

Even after everything, those words still turned me on.

Mom ordered the pizza, and we all decided that Stephanie should answer the door naked when the pizza delivery guy came. So we sat around the table, me and Stephanie naked. Mom got us some drinks and unbuttoned her blouse to get more comfortable.

“You know, it’s not fair that I have to answer the door naked,” Stephanie said. “I think we should all be naked if I’m going to do that.”

Mom nodded. “Okay, that’s fair.”

Mom stripped and sat naked with us at the table. Being at the table naked with two naked women was starting to get me hard again. Of course, when they saw this they first thought maybe I was going to have a pain attack. Honestly, I didn’t think that would happen again, but I did enjoy the constant sex.

Just as Stephanie moved to my crotch, the doorbell rang. She stood and took a deep breath, and then excitedly hurried to the door with the money for the pizza. She glanced back at us, and then opened the door.

She gave a quick scream of embarrassment, and then hid behind the door. It wasn’t the pizza guy, it was the paperboy collecting money. We all had a good laugh, and the paperboy, who couldn’t be more than thirteen, froze at seeing a naked woman. Mom hurried to find her checkbook, and quickly wrote the paperboy a check, still in the nude. When she handed the check to him, she paused to give him a quick glance at her and then shut the door. She came back to the table laughing, Stephanie too, and they had to hold onto each other to keep from falling over. I thought I saw a hint of “friendly” touching between them, but I could have imagined it.

Just when we all calmed down, the doorbell rang again, and this time Stephanie looked through the peephole. She opened the door and bared herself fully to the pizza guy. He was dumbfounded, but had gone through the routine of delivering a pizza so many times that he took the pizza out of that big heating pouch they keep them in, handed it to Stephanie, and took the money all in one motion, still not saying anything. Stephanie winked at him and closed the door.

As we ate, we laughed about the expressions of the paperboy and the pizza guy. I myself was only eighteen, and we talked about how different I was now that I had fucked two women.

“You’ve gotten more pussy in these last few days than you know what to do with,” mom joked.

She knew she had slipped up when she mentioned these last few days. Who else could I have fucked since my accident other than her or Stephanie? There was an odd silence for a while.

“I guess you know now,” mom said finally to Stephanie.

“Actually,” Stephanie said, “I already knew. He told me.”

Mom glanced at me, and then realized that if Stephanie knew then she was obviously okay with it.

“So you don’t think I’m…?”

“Of course not. Besides, you did it for the good of your son. He was in pain.”

“I can’t justify the other times though. That was purely for the sex.”

Stephanie shrugged. “Who says you have to justify it? I mean, for fuck’s sake, a cock that big desperately needs attention.”

Mom smiled. “Yeah, it is pretty great.”

I blushed. As we were finishing the pizza, mom and Stephanie kept hinting at sex, and I figured that somehow I was going to get some tonight with both of them involved. Finally, Stephanie spoke up.

“You know, since you got to see me fuck your son,” she said, “I think I should get to see you two.”

Mom paused for a brief moment, but she was getting turned on by the thought, and she couldn’t help smiling.

“I suppose that’s fair,” she said. “You really want to watch us?”

“Yeah!” Stephanie said excitedly. “Fuck, I might join in.”

All of this talk was really getting me off, and the next thing I knew mom and Stephanie were helping me to mom’s bedroom. They laid me down on the bed after mom stripped the blankets off. I guess she didn’t want them soiled, and I had a feeling we were going to be doing a lot of soiling.

Mom immediately went for my cock with her hands. Her energy took me by surprise, especially when she started playing with my balls. She knew she was a little rough, but she never made it hurt. She stroked me while licking her lips, and I knew I was going to get her warm, wet mouth. She bent down and stuck her ass in the air while she went down on me. Stephanie got a great show of mom’s ass and pussy.

Stephanie herself was playing with herself, jilling off to the sight of mother and son playing. I couldn’t decide who to watch while mom sucked me. The sight of two hot women got me off quickly, and I grunted loudly, so Stephanie knew I was cumming.

Mom firmly gripped my shaft, and aimed my cock at Stephanie, who was sitting at the edge of the bed. My heavy spurts shot through the air and landed on her breasts and face. I released quite a bit of sperm, and Stephanie loved it. She rubbed it into her breasts, and then took my cock from my mom’s hand and licked me clean. Sucking my cock right after my mom seemed a bit intimate, which turned me on immensely. Mom reached out and touched Stephanie’s sperm-coated breast. Stephanie moaned and smiled.

Just when I couldn’t be any more aroused, my mom and my nurse were going to lez out right in front of me. At least I hoped.

“Hey, Stephanie,” I said. “Maybe you should show mom how you love snatch.”

Stephanie grinned wickedly, but mom was a bit embarrassed. But the situation eased her nerves, and after all she was already naked with Stephanie and they had both sucked me off.

“Do you want to do that?” mom asked her.

Stephanie answered by hungrily flipping mom over on her back and diving into her crotch. Seeing Stephanie’s tongue slide out of her mouth and slowly lick up mom’s pussy lips made my cock twitch. I started stroking my length while watching Stephanie eat mom out. I had already cum quite a bit today, but I was confident in my virility and I wanted to surprise them with another cumshot. I really began jerking my meat, hoping that I could cum right as mom did.

But Stephanie was too good, and mom came in about two minutes. And Stephanie didn’t give up there, she kept going. I touched mom’s tits and gently fondled them, which sent her off again. Mom’s orgasms were helping my own orgasm along, and finally I felt the orgasmic tingling in my dick. I aimed for Stephanie’s hair, where I fired two strong shots. I watched my cum run down her head while I shot the rest of my cum over the two of them.

Stephanie stopped eating mom and gave her a long french kiss.

“Now I want to see you two fuck,” she said.

Mom obliged by having my lay on my back, which I was glad to do after cumming twice. She hovered over me and aimed my cock for her pussy. She rubbed the head on her pussy lips, and slowly sunk down on me. I savored the feeling of her warm body enveloping me. I could actually go all the way in her, which I didn’t think was possible. Stephanie was frigging her pussy while she watched. She gently stroked my balls while I fucked mom, then she would rub mom’s clit. Mom had an orgasm not long after she started humping me. I wasn’t going to cum for a long time, so Stephanie and mom alternated fucking me, each having an orgasm and then switching. They each must have cum about five times before I felt even close to cumming.

Eventually they were getting tired, but I had to cum just one last time. Mom was riding me when it hit. I help her hips tightly, pressing her against me as hard as I could. I felt the tip of my cock touch her womb, and realized I had filled her up completely. Stephanie could tell by my face I was going to cum, and the gently held my balls while she passionately kissed mom.

I cried out and came. I came hard, especially considering how many orgasms I just had. And the volume of my sperm did not decrease with each orgasm. I fired the first spurt like a rocket inside of her. I felt it bounce off her walls and trail down my cock. As I kept filling mom with cum, it started to leak out of her pussy. The more I came, the more it squirted out of her. Stephanie gently touched my chest while I finished. Cum was everywhere, all over us and the bed. Stephanie took my dick in her hand as I withdrew from mom and sucked it clean once again.

The three of us lay there in bed and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up mom and Stephanie were talking and touching each other in a very “friendly” way. Apparently this was not the end of our fucking.

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Black Girls Can’t Be Cheerleaders (5 favorites…

Please, if you are under the age of 18, don’t read this material. Just wait a few years and you’ll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff. Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow


Miss Simons new this day would come. After so many years of trying to keep things the same, she finally had to give in and put black girls into her all white cheerleader squad. It pained her to have to taint the beauty of 9 white taut female bodies with black ones, but the school board and school itself had demanded more fair equalization in all activities.

Not that Miss Simons disliked black girls, she was not a racist in any capacity. She just preferred to work with white girls who are so much more docile and peppy, compared to the usually authoritative and demanding black girls.

So with great reluctance, she openly advertised cheerleading positions to the black girls of the high school. She even sent out her white cheerleaders to try to bring in some black girls.

Despite the strong recruiting campaign however, no black girls were signing up. Miss Simons figured that they must have been so used to the all white squad, they just weren’t interested in becoming cheerleaders.

Except one.

Trish was a very athletic and beautiful senior with light brown skin. She approached the coach one day while the squad practiced in the gym. Simons took one look at her and offered her a position right on the spot. She finally had her black girl, bringing the squad total to 10.

Even though Miss Simons was worried about putting a black girl on the squad, she new there was no choice. Yet despite her reservations she was becoming quite impressed with Trish. She was showing up early to every practice and was really contributing. The squad was even working better as a unit since she’d been with them.

After two weeks Simons was beginning to feel at ease with Trish. Even the respect the white cheerleaders were having for her was becoming obvious. Trish was always the center of attention and they followed her wherever she went.

There was even talk of her taking over as squad captain. This was bad new for Amber. You see Amber was already the senior captain of the squad. For four years she had worked very hard to become the captain and didn’t want to loose it to a black girl who’d only been on the team a few weeks.

Soon Miss Simons became worried about Amber’s obvious attempts to sabotage Trish. She would make rude comments behind her back and would never give her any help.

But after several weeks, it was of no use. All of the other white girls were obviously on Trish’s side. It did become a little strange to see how they acted around her. The girls would hardly ever look Trish in the eyes and almost never did the coach see anyone ever walk in front of her. Usually they were at her side or behind her, but never in front. Very strange.

Unfortunately, Miss Simons had other things to worry about. Several of her best girls were leaving the squad. This was bad news if she wanted to maintain her squad’s high level of competition.

She almost begged them to stay. And when she asked why they were leaving, she could hardly believe the answer. Some how they had gotten into their heads that they weren’t good enough to be cheerleaders and didn’t deserve to be on the squad.

In the end Miss Simons couldn’t stop them from hanging up their uniforms and quitting the team. She also couldn’t help but notice they were perhaps the least attractive of the white girls.

Fortunately, seeing Trish’s success, a few more black girls ask to join the squad. Having no choice Simons accepted them into the group and now had 6 white girls and 4 black.

With the mixing of colors, Simons now returned her focus back to good hard training. Within a few weeks the squad was doing better than she had seen in a long time, and was far surpassing the competition from other schools.

Over the next month two more black girls had joined the group bringing the cheerleader total to 12, 6 white and 6 black. Simons was applauded by the school for managing to integrate so well. Even better, the coach was very pleased to see that the hostility between Amber and Trish had gone. Apparently, in a wonderful gesture of goodwill, Amber gave Trish the captaincy. Miss Simons was a little bit surprised by this. Amber had so dearly wanted to be captain since she was a young freshmen. Yet now Trish held the title and all the other girls were quite happy with it.

Even more unusual was how Amber seemed to go out of her way to make Trish feel comfortable. Take for instance the foot rubbings. After every practice Miss Simons would enter the locker room and see her white former captain gently rubbing Trish’s tired sweaty feet. Simons was a little bit disappointed that Trish would never return the favor, or even give a thank you when they finished, but maybe she’d come around.

Another very nice gesture by Amber was to site on the floor instead of the bench when they were changing. Despite the obvious difficulties of changing into a cheerleader uniform while on the floor, Amber didn’t seem to mind allowing the black girl a lot more room to stretch out on the bench.

But the best development however was how all the other white girls seemed to follow Amber’s lead. Each white girl had become closer to a particular black girl of the same age. The white girls would almost always stay close to her new black friend and Simons even noticed one of the white girls carrying her books for her in the hallways.

About a month later things were even better. Several colleges were coming to see the routines and Miss Simons was just so proud of all her girls. Bringing the black girls into the squad was turning out to be a very good idea indeed.

However, things weren’t as perfect as they seemed. Despite all the wonderful gestures the white girls were doing, the black girls had as of yet still not done anything of good will in return, and the coach could swear that the black girls didn’t even appreciate the gestures.

Like when the girls would shower. Usually each one is given only one towel to dry themselves with. Yet lately when they all come out, the black girls have two towels wrapped around their bodies. One covering their chests and one around the hips.

The white girls come out not far behind naked and wet. As the black girls dry themselves up by the lockers, the white girls sit on the floor waiting for them to finish. Finally after almost ten minutes the black girls toss their used towel at them to dry up.

At first Simons was thinking if she should say something to Trish, who was now the most influential girl on the squad. But seeing how good everything was going, she really didn’t want to rock the boat. And besides, the white girls didn’t seem to really mind doing all these favors for their fellow black cheerleaders.

But things still got more strange.

Usually during cheers at football games, fans wouldn’t be very enthusiastic. Yet for some reason, today they were going nuts. Every time one of the white girls would do a jump or a split, the guys in the stands would whistle and cheer like never before.

The coach was hopeful it was because they had improved considerably. But when she noticed that none of the black girls where getting as much support during their exercises, and that the white girls looked flushed every time they finished, Simons became a little suspicious. Curious, she walked in front of the girls and waited for them to do a cheer.

First Trish performed a really well done stand, with one foot balanced on the hand of a girl beneath her and her other leg held up high. It’s a common cheer, and all there was to see was her uniform panties and lots of black leg, no big deal.

Then one of the white girls, Sara, prepared to do the same. She noticed her coach watching and began to panic, but the black girl behind her grabbed her by the waist and held her firm. As she whispered something into Sara’s ear, Sara lowered her head and nodded. Within moments Sara was up in the air. As Sara raised her leg up, Miss Simons’ mouth dropped. Sara’s entire vagina was exposed to all the fans. As the fans erupted behind her, Simons watched Sara’s deeply blushing face as she was lowered to the ground and patted on the ass.

Miss Simons was in complete shock. Did Sara intentionally not put on any panties or did she simply forget? As she watched the rest of the girls do their jumps and splits, she got her answer. While all 6 black girls had their panties on, none of the white girls had anything underneath their mini skirts.

Not wanting to make a scene, Simons allowed the girls to remain out on the field. But by the end of the game, she was fuming. As they all made their way to the locker room, Trish surprised her coach form behind.

“Hey Miss Simons, is there anything wrong?”

“I should most certainly say yes. Half of your fellow cheerleaders were cheering without any panties today!”

“Oh that. It’s really no big deal. We told them to do that.”


“Yes Miss Simons, we told the white girls not to wear panties to the game today.”

“But why would you do that?”

“To improve the excitement of our cheering. We new that seeing pussies would get the fans riled up during the game, and even bring in more.”

“That’s a horrible idea. And why only the white girls? I saw all the black girls wearing panties!”

“Because quite frankly Miss Simons were not sluts. We have too much respect for our bodies to show it off like that.”

“What are you talking about? I know these girls, they come from respected families. I would never believe they would want to do something like that.”

“They didn’t want to Miss Simons, they did it because we told them to.”

“Excuse me? I don’t understand? Why would do what you tell them?”

“Well its really quite simple, its called natural dominance.”

“I don’t follow.”

“Miss Simons, when a pampered white female finds herself in the presence of a black female, she tends to become submissive towards her. There’s nothing really wrong with it, its only natural. Us black girls are simply fulfilling natures role when we dominate them.”

“I can’t believe what I’m hearing.”

“Its true, even you must be feeling it yourself from time to time huh Miss Simons.”

The coach was speechless. How dare her prized cheerleader say such thing?

“Come on coach, being around all us athletic black girls….”

“Trish I don’t know what your talking about, how dare you say such a thing to me. Now get back inside that locker room and shower off.”

Trish simply smiled at her coach and went into the building. Miss Simons just stood out there for a moment, trying to contemplate what her head cheerleader just told her. The idea of white women being naturally submissive to black women is absurd, and how rude of Trish to suggest that her coach was susceptible to the same reactions.

As she entered the locker room and peered into the showers, she saw all 6 white girls either kneeling or standing naked gently washing the bodies of their black ‘friend’.”

Suddenly it finally hit her. Finally she truly realized what was going on between both groups of girls. Her prim and proper white cheerleaders were turning into submissive playthings to their black counterparts. White freshman submitting to black freshmen, white seniors to black seniors. It was really happening.

Then she looked in the corner of the shower room and saw Trish standing in front of one of the hot showers. Down at her feet was Amber, kneeling with her pale ass high in the air as she scrubbed Trish’s black feet.

After a moment of taking in the scene, Miss Simons started to notice her heart was racing. In a panic she rushed out of the locker room as fast as she could and immediately drove home. Slightly shaking from the experience, she slipped into her bathroom and took a long hot shower of her own.

She just couldn’t believe it. These girls were so sweet and innocent when it was just them. Most of these girls came from wealthy families in good neighborhoods, yet the image of Monica, a white sophomore, kneeling before a black girl delicately washing her dark legs and thighs was unreal.

Unknowingly Miss Simons lowered her hand between her thighs as the images flashed through her mind. Then the image turned to Amber and Trish. Oh how she remembered Amber’s proud face when she was awarded head cheerleader. And how hard she initially fought Trish to maintain it. Yet now she was on her knees cleaning the new head cheerleader’s feet.

Miss Simons was freely stroking her sex now. The hot water beating down on her face and chest. Soon her legs weakened and she lowered to her knees.

Suddenly the image had changed again. Instead of seeing Trish from outside the shower, Trish now stood before her. Her long black athletic legs towering over the coach. She had replaced Amber. It was she who was kneeling before the black female. At that moment Miss Simons’s pussy spasmed around her fingers.


During the next week the mood brightened for the coach by the fact that her squad was rated as the #1 group in the entire county. All competing coaches were so jealous of the success of her girls, and Simons beamed with pride.

She even forgot to notice how each white girl continued to cater to the whims of her fellow black cheerleader.

Leading up to the next football game, the coach was convinced that they would put on their best performance yet. She even made sure that ALL the girls had panties on this time.

The game went on with out a hitch, as all the routines went flawless and were spectacular. Miss Simons was becoming ever so proud as they worked their routine. By the end if the 2nd quarter, the fans were really riled up with excitement.

Of course not everything could go so perfectly. As halftime came, Miss Simons allowed her girls to take a short break. As the coach took a seat to rest, she noticed out of the corner of her eye two cheerleaders walking towards a small group of fans who were particularly rowdy.

Immediately they were recognized as Michelle and Wonda. Wonda was gently pushing a visibly nervous Michelle towards the men who were now leaning over the bars urging them closer.

Observing, Simons saw Wonda begin to talk to the men, almost jokingly as Michelle stood beside her. Wonda then walked behind Michelle, whispered something into her ear, reached around and took hold of the bottom of Michelle’s cheerleader top.

Then to the utter disbelief of the coach, Wonda lifted Michelle’s top, revealing her milky white breasts to the men. As Wonda continued to hold Michelle’s top up one of the men reached out his hands and began to fondle the teen.

A few moment’s later more black cheerleaders were coming over, with their white cheerleaders in tow. In no time more tops were being lifted as more white breasts were being roughly squeezed and pulled. One of the black girls even lifted the front of her girl’s skirt revealing her panties to a man, who quickly slip a hand inside.

Miss Simons just froze with shock at the scene that so quickly formed before her. Half her squad was getting felt up. Even more amazing was that the white girls would allow the black girls to display them like this.

Simons snapped out of her shock and quickly looked to see if anyone else had noticed, but the main crowd appeared to not have. Realizing that she couldn’t allow this kind of nonsense to continue she immediately went over and began yelling at her exhibitionist cheerleaders.

Scared, all the girls rushed back onto the field and prepared to begin their next routine.

Thankfully, nothing else went out of the ordinary for the rest of the game. But Miss Simons was still visibly very upset, and the girls tried to avoid eye contact with her as they filed into the locker room at the end of the game.

But the coach had had enough. All this crap had to end. Natural dominance or no natural dominance, these black girls were going to have to leave the white girls alone. Miss Simons was an adult woman and these were black teenage girls, if they aren’t going to listen, than they’d be off the squad.

Once inside the locker room, Simons sent all the white girls home and ordered all the black girls into her office. With rolled eyes they entered and gathered around her desk as she shut the door.

“Ok, now I’ve had absolutely enough of all this nonsense. I still don’t know exactly what it is that you girls are doing to your fellow white cheerleaders, but it’s going to stop right now. You’re supposed to be a team, a tight, supportive unit. Your not supposed to turn them into your personal servants!”

“But Miss Simons, its what they really want. Its in their blood.”

“Trish that’s absurd….”

“Its true! White girls are much more comfortable being at a black girls feet then they are being equals. As I said its only natural. Even during slave times, slave owner’s wives would hardly ever visit their slaves personally. Its a little known fact that white women couldn’t resist the commanding presence of their black female slaves and would often find themselves submitting to them, much to their humiliation.”

“I’m sorry Trish but this is all very ridiculous. Now I want you to stop treating your fellow cheerleaders so poorly. Do you understand?”

“Oh I understand Miss Simons, but I don’t think you do.”

“Excuse me?”

“Miss Simons you can’t tell me you haven’t felt the need, the desire.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You may be an adult, but your still a white woman. You can’t tell me you haven’t imagined yourself kneeling before me.”

“I…I…Trish this discussion is over….”

“Miss Simons, I do believe your blushing. So you have imagined it. Its all right coach. As I said its only natural. You can kneel before me now if you want, I won’t mind.”

“YOU won’t mind? Trish how dare you! I am your coach and an adult. You should be treating me with respect.”

“Miss Simons, why are you holding back? Give in to your instincts. Why don’t you look at my legs, aren’t they nice?”

Despite herself, she look down and took in the long legs. Yes she did have very nice legs. Long, athletic, firm, and… As the coach tried to look away, she found that she couldn’t. Simons had become mesmerized by the strong dark legs. Something in her wouldn’t let her turn away.

“Miss Simons, wouldn’t you rather look at them from…..the floor?”

While she was talking, two other black cheerleaders walked behind their coach and were gently pushing down on her shoulders.

As she continued to stare at the wonderful legs, her began to give way as she found herself lowering to the floor. Soon she was actually kneeling before Trish and gazing up her gorgeous black legs….. just like she fantasized. Her eyes then continued upward until they disappeared beneath the cheerleader’s skirt. Then past her smooth, muscular stomach, up to her pert breasts, and finally up to the wicked smile upon Trish’s face. Miss Simons shuddered.

“Now Miss Simons, doesn’t that feel better? Aren’t you more relaxed and at peace with yourself?”

She was right. The coach was more relaxed. She did feel more at ease in this position. Like this is how it was meant to be. Yet her heart was racing.

“You know Miss Simons, my feet really hurt from all the hard work you made us do today. And since you sent all the white girls home, there’s no one here to rub them.”

Her breathing became heavier as she lowered my eyes to the cheerleader’s sneakers.

“Coach, since your the only white woman left, why don’t you take off my sneakers and give my black feet a nice rub.”

As Trish sat herself on the desk, Miss Simons watch as she slowly began removing her sneakers, followed by her sweaty, smelly socks. Finally Trish’s black bare feet were dangling in front of the coach’s face.

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Valerie Ch. 02 (5 favorites) – new Top 250 sto…

That night, we simply lay in bed together, just kissing and holding each other. Our naked bodies tangled together felt comfortable, as if we had just found something that we didn’t even know was missing until we’d found it. We let our hands explore each other, aquatinting ourselves with each other’s body and touch. The sight of our bodies together began to seem as if they belonged. It became difficult to tell who was who, and it almost didn’t matter. I was comfortable. I felt no shame or guilt or embarrassment. I came to realize my true feelings, and embrace them. I was in love with my sister. It became obvious that this was meant to be, and I didn’t know it, or chose not to believe it until now. Valerie however, knew it all along, and never denied it to herself, just to me, out of fear that I wouldn’t accept it, and we would be forced apart forever.

As we connected, I could feel her. I felt what she had been feeling for years, and it hurt. It hurt to know that I could have unknowingly caused her so much pain. I imagined that I was healing her with my touch, mending her broken soul with each loving touch of my skin to hers.

There was nothing I couldn’t have shared with her at that moment, but there was no need. She already knew everything that she needed to. I knew that, because I felt it too. There was no need to speak, and no awkward urges to feel as if we should, as if years of isolation from each other had vanished, and we knew each other all along. We realized that it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if we haven’t talked for almost eighteen years, or we spent most of our lives trying to get as far from each other as we could. We would never be able to escape this feeling. It was always there, and always would be, and all we had to do was acknowledge it, embrace it. We were a part of each other. We would have had to eventually. Sooner or later, this had to happen, because what we felt was bigger than both of us. We could have denied it forever, but sooner or later, this was bound to happen. There was no way we could have avoided it forever. I had never experienced such a feeling of freedom in my life.

I fell asleep in my sister’s arms. I never felt safer, stronger or more sure of anything than this. I dreamt vivid dreams about her. Dreams I had not experienced before, or at least before I could remember. They were familiar, as if I had been there before, but couldn’t remember. It was a strange place surrounding us with no clear distinction of where we were, but we were comfortable there. We felt safe. Maybe it was the place, or because we were together, but I never wanted to leave. As I slept, I was aware of her naked body against mine.

When we woke in the morning, we both knew that we had been to the same place, as if we were there together, in the same dream at the same time. It is something that has never happened before or since, but it was real. We stayed close to each other, and felt as if we never wanted to get up. We looked at each other lovingly, and shared a knowing smile.

I kissed her lips softly.

“Say something.” I whispered.

“What do you want me to say?”

“It doesn’t matter, I just want to hear your voice.”

“I woke up, and you’re here, next to me, with me. Promise me you will be her everyday when I wake up.”

“I will be. Everyday when you wake up, and every night when you go to sleep, I will be here.”

She kissed me softly and closed her eyes, resting her head against my shoulder. Her hands slowly slid across my skin, sending chills throughout my body. Down my arm, over my stomach to my breasts. I felt her fingers lightly gliding over my nipple, causing me to inhale sharply at her touch. Her eyes opened, and we kissed.

I slowly rolled her onto her back, and kissed her entire body. My tongue and lips explored every inch of her delicate skin. Her lips, her ears and neck, over her shoulders to her pink nipples. I took my time basking in the feel of her skin against mine. I worked my way down to her belly, down her legs to her ankles, feet and toes, and back up to her sweet center. She was already wet and open to me, and I let my tongue explore every part of her, spending extra time in the places she responded to best. She was the sweetest fruit I’d ever tasted ,and I could have stayed there forever. I licked her from top to bottom, from the soft skin above her womanhood, down to her little anus. Every bit of it as exhilarating as the last, until I finally settled on her clit. In seconds she was pressing herself against me, and I could feel her muscles contracting, and her juices flowed out of her. I tasted every bit of her, and it was heaven.

I had never imagined myself doing the things I was doing, but now that I had done them, I never wanted to stop. I never imagined anything could be so good, or that I would take so much pleasure from pleasing someone else. Hearing my sister’s cries of ecstasy urged me further, until she made me stop. I returned my lips to hers, kissing her passionately.

Finally, she did the same to me. I never felt anything so comforting and erotic as she bathed me in her loving kisses. Each time her lips touched me I quivered with excitement. I began to feel this odd sensation that I had never felt before. My stomach felt as though I was constantly falling, and I felt as if I were going to pee. It almost felt as if there was something ready to burst out of me. As Valerie’s tongue massaged the arch of my foot, I tried to tell her to stop, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly, as if she sensed what I was feeling, she dove herself between my legs. The pleasure was excruciating, and without warning, my body felt as though it exploded. The pleasure I felt was indescribable, and it was as if I had no control. I felt as though I was falling away, and Valerie’s touch was the only thing keeping me connected to where I was. It seemed as if it would never end, until I felt myself slowly beginning to return. I was again aware of my sister’s body against mine, her gentle hands brushing my hair from my face and her soft kisses on my neck.

We spent the rest of the day together. We had showered, and except for an occasional meal, we never left each other’s side, giving each other love and pleasure until we were too exhausted to continue.

Again, we slept together, as if we were one. When I woke in the morning, Val was still asleep. I watched her sleep peacefully for what seemed like hours. I was content just watching her, and, for the first time, began to notice how different she looked from me. Her beauty was intoxicating.

Finally, her eyes fluttered open, and she smiled.

“What are you looking at?”


She sat up on her elbows. “How long have you been awake?”

“I don’t know, about an hour.”

“Mom and dad are coming back today.”

“I know. I guess we should clean up a little.”

“Probably, but I don’t see any point in rushing.”

“What are we gonna do when they come back?”

“I don’t know, I guess we’ll have to figure something out. In the meantime, we should take advantage of the fact that we’re alone.”

“Oh yea? Well what did you have in mind?”

She leaned over and kissed me, making me shudder as her tongue wiggled around mine.

“Val, I don’t know if I can do it anymore. I’ve never had so many orgasms in my life then in the past two days.”

She put her hand between my legs. Her finger gently sinking between my lips, stroking my opening. I could feel myself getting wetter, and it was obvious she felt it too.

“It looks like you’ve got a little left in you.”

She continues rubbing me until I was thoroughly wet. Her finger gently pressed against my clit, causing my body to stiffen.

“Mmm, looks like I hit the spot. What do you want me to do? I’ll do anything you want.”

“Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

“Do you want to cum?”

She squeezed my clit gently. I threw my arms over my head, grabbing on to the bedpost as my hips jumped off the bed to meet her probing fingers. Her tongue teased my nipple, and she smiled wickedly as she let her fingers move away from the magic spot.

“Don’t stop Val, please.”

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want to cum.”

I could feel my juices flowing freely out of me, and my clit felt it was going to burst. Val pulled the covers off of us.

“Stay right here.”

I took a deep breath, and my hand immediately went between my legs. Val grabbed my rest and put it back behind my head.

“No cheating.”

I rolled my eyes, and let out a sigh of impatience as she quickly left the room. I could feel myself opening up, and I tried hard to calm myself down. Val came back a few second later, hiding something behind her back. She quickly straddled my chest and grabbed my hands. I could feel her tying my hands to the bedpost.

“Val! What are you doing?”

She giggled as I felt her pull the material tightly around my wrists.

“Now you’re going to have to trust me. I’m going to do whatever I want to you, and you’re gonna have to do everything I tell you.”

I never had any experience with anything like this before, but I trusted Val, and I would have done anything to get off at that point. After she was sure I couldn’t move, she sat herself up on her knees, her pussy just inches from my mouth. She pushed her hips forward, leaning back to reach between my legs. Her fingers again began to stroke my clit, and again I responded by thrusting my hips towards her.

“I’m gonna make you cum, but you have to do whatever I say.”

I closed my eyes and nodded, hating the anticipation. She moved her hand from my pussy, and sat back up. She spread herself open with one hand, while the other gently massaged her breasts.

“Lick me.”

I eagerly dove my tongue into her open hole, fucking her with my tongue while she rubbed her clit. I could feel her wetness on my tongue. She swirled her hips over me, and moaned softly as I plunged my tongue deep inside her. I could feel myself getting more excited and wanted nothing more than for her to touch me. As if she read my mind, she pulled herself away from me.

“You want me to touch you? You want to cum right?”


“Tell me what you want me to do.”

“I want you to make me cum, please.”

She smiled, and moved herself off me. She bent down and picked something off the floor.

“Close your eyes.”

I did as I was told. Suddenly I heard a faint humming sound, and knew immediately what it was.

“Keep them closed.”

I felt a light tickle on my nipples. The sensations burned through me, right down to the tips of my toes. Slowly, the buzzing sound moved it’s way down my body, to my inner thigh. I shook as I imagined that sensation on my clit, but val had other plans. She teased me slowly.

“Where do you want me to touch you with it?”

“You know where, please Val.”

“Mmm…I think I do.”

Just as she said those words, I could feel the edge of the toothbrush pressing at the edge of my ass. I quickly opened my eyes.

“Val No!”

She smiled, and slowly pressed it into me. The sensation was unlike anything I’d ever felt. It was almost uncomfortable at first, but she immediately started licking my clit, turning the sensation into complete pleasure. Just as I was about to cum, she stopped.

“No Val, please don’t stop!”

She pulled herself up and lay next to me. Her fingers tickled my nipples, and she kissed me hard. My hips were pumping the air, and I devoured her lips and tongue. She pulled away from me and cupped her hand around my aching pussy, pushing me back down. I felt her tongue in my ear, and she started to whisper.

“Are you ready to cum now?”

“Yes Val, please do it, make me cum.”

Her grip tightened around my pussy.

“Okay, but you have to make me cum first.”

“Val please just do it, make me cum.”

I struggled hard to free my hands, but to no avail.

Finally, She turned herself around and threw her leg over my head, lowering her pussy to my lips. I licked and sucked her as hard as I could as she ground herself into me, fucking my face. She was moaning loudly, and occasionally she’d give my clit a quick lick, ensuring that I remained on the edge. I could feel her muscles start to contract, and I knew she was going to cum. Finally I heard the buzz of the toothbrush as she placed it directly on to my clit. I screamed loudly into her pussy, and we both came. I saw sparks of color shooting across my eyes as my body completely gave in to my orgasm. Before I could fully recover, I felt her lips press against my pussy, launching me into yet another mind blowing orgasm.

As I fought to catch my breath, Val cuddled herself next to me, and began to untie my hands. As soon as I was free, I smacked her bare arm as hard as I could, then pulled her into me and hugged her tightly.

“So I take it you liked that.”

My whole body was pins and needles, and I was completely numb between my legs. I loosened my grip on her, and she gently stroked my hair as I regained my breath. I noticed her hand casually moving between her legs.

“You are unbelievable. Don’t you ever get tired?”

“Not when I’m with you.”

I smiled. “Well I guess we’ll have to see about that.”

I rolled towards her and put my hand between her legs. I pushed two of my fingers inside her as far as they could go. She rolled on her back and spread her legs wide as I pumped my fingers into her as fast as I could. She reached down and rubbed her clit while I fingered her to two more orgasms. I loved watching her cum. Finally she was begging me to stop.

We had actually managed to clean ourselves up and straighten the house before our parents arrived. That night, I sneaked into her room after my parents had gone to bed, and for the third night, kept my promise to be there when she fell asleep, and when she woke up.

The next day, we were still too tired to do much of anything, so we told our mom that we didn’t feel well, and spent the day under a blanket on the couch watching movies. Occasionally, we would kiss and touch each other while our parents weren’t around. We almost got caught making out a few times, but it just added to the excitement. My parents were oblivious, and just very happy that we were actually getting along so well. If they only knew! One time, Val had her hand down the front of my shorts and was playing with me when my mom came in the room and started talking to us. I tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn’t. My mom sat down next to us while Val fingered me to orgasm, right in front of my mom! I had to admit, it was very hot.

Val and I had both fallen asleep shortly after that, when my mom woke us up to see what we wanted for dinner. We all agreed on pizza, and Val even volunteered to pick it up, saying that she could use the fresh air. I told her I would go with her, but she knew I was tired, and told me to stay, and that she would be right back. She put on her shoes, and started out the door.

“Wait Val!”

She stopped and looked at me, and I smiled. She smiled back.


I motioned for her to come to me. She walked towards me, and leaned down.

“I love you.”

I don’t know why I said it, but I just felt that I had to.

She smiled widely and hugged me tight.

“I know you do. I love you too.” She sniffled as though she was crying, and then pulled away from me, hiding her face.

“I’ll be right back.” And she turned and walked out the door.

It was the last thing I ever remembered feeling. It burned my whole body, almost paralyzing me, and then it was cold. Ice cold, until I was numb. I don’t remember it, but I screamed her name and ran. I couldn’t hear anything, not even my own voice. I just remember her. The way she looked at me, and the last thing she said as she held my hand.

“It’s okay as long as you’re here when I go to sleep.”

“I’ll be here when you wake up. I’ll always be here, I promise.”

As I sleep, I can feel her. Her body next to mine, her skin against mine. I know she’s with me, in that same place that we dreamt about together. I never want to leave her. I can’t wake up. I know if I do I won’t be there for her when she does. It’s the only time I am not empty. The only time when I can feel anything.

“Say something Valerie. Anything, I just want to hear your voice.”

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Sara’s Car Trip Ch. 03 (6 favorites) – new Top…

This story is a continuation, and best read after first reading Sara’s Car Trip and Sara’s Car Trip Ch. 2. Enjoy.


“What a great tan!”

My sister Sara was checking her tan, approving of herself, cupping her breasts with her hands, and looking up at me, “What do you think?”

She was standing naked at the foot of ‘our’ bed, her arms held out, turning front to back. I was reading a magazine, but stealing glances of her at the same time. She had such perfect little boobs, looking like white little triangles with nipples set like jewels; lower down this dark tangle of pussy hair standing out against another white triangle of flesh set below her navel, the real box of treasure; and these little lines running around her hips, over her shoulders, across her back.

I looked up from my magazine, gulping. Drinking her in. I could smell sun tan lotion. Remaining calm. “I think I like the parts of you that haven’t been tanned.”

She put her hands on her hips, stuck her tongue out and began to dance around the room, peeking at herself in the mirror.

I could see the circle of a little butt plug poking out from her ass cheeks I had pressed into her several days ago when her back was to me… Did I mention that I was also naked on the bed?

I was back to reading my magazine, when she hopped up on the bed, flipped her leg across me and sat down, hovering her puss over my cock.

“Say you like my TAN.”

“It’s, ok.” I was reaching up with my cock, feeling it stiffen almost immediately as I tried to touch her, brush her hairs as she lifted herself away. I let myself drop back on the bed.

“Uh, uh. No No No. Say it. Say I have the greatest tan EVER!”

I looked at her.

She was biting her lip, up on her knees, leaning slightly forward, a little pout. “It’ll be worth it.”

“How worth it?”

And she set her puss down ever so lightly, briefly tickling along my cock. I could feel her soft hairs just brush the underside of my dick, touch my balls. The weight of her, the parting of her pussy, her warmth, and then she lifted herself back up.

“Oh my God that felt good.” I closed my eyes.

“Pretty worth it…And… I’m Pretty horneeeee!”

I lay my hands on her thighs, looking up at her, she lay her hands on mine. Sara’s dark hair was fallen down around her shoulders, I could see her white teeth as she held herself above me.

“Damn, girl, you have the best tan I’ve ever seen!”

And the next moment she fell down on me, her body spread along my whole length as she ground her pussy down onto my cock, rocking back and forth, sort of wrestling with me, pinning me to the bed. I gave no resistence.

“Lay still,” she breathed in my ear.

And she sat back up, took my cock in her hand and pressed it up between her legs, positioning herself, nuzzling my cockhead along her slit and then set back down, exquisite. I could feel myself slide into her in slow motion, watching myself disappear into her heat and warmth.

She was sitting on me again, her nails digging into my chest, my cock pressed straight up inside her. She paused like that, only the smallest movements of her hip that was involuntarily sliding around on me, and my own breathing. Our hairs tangling together between our legs.

She was looking at me, smiling, “Was I right? Hmmmm?”

“Oh, You feel SO good.”

I reached around her waist and down along the crack of her ass, pulling her toward me a little and reaching, reaching pressed the flat of the little butt plug that was sqeezed up inside her. It was the ‘medium,’ the one inch diameter plug that was in her now.

She growled her low growl and dropped her head to my chest, then looking back up at me.

“I told you not to move.”

But then, she didn’t move either and I kept pressing it into her, moving it around, turning it. Her pussy sliding on my cock now. I could feel the wide flare of the plug slide along my penis from inside, from along the outside of her vagina. It felt so incredible. I could not believe how we were laying here, me fucking my sister, day after day after day. For nearly two weeks now.

I held her to me, undulating my hips, “I’m not moving.”

“Your such a liar!” She hit at me. “Such a fucking liar.”

“Well I am fucking.” And I started to bounce her on me, lifting my hips up quick and then dropping down, letting my hand press into her ass each time she dropped pushing the plug into her.

“Oh, Oh, Oh!” With each bounce, growling, her whimpers and moans.

“Oh god that feels…so good. I wanted to fuck…YOU. Stop it…Ah, ah, Stop it.” She Squealed, “I’ll scream!”

“You already are.”

She dropped back down, melting together skin to skin. “Oh god.” She was just licking her lips holding her mouth open.

I kept bouncing her against me, until I felt her body stiffening, as she began whimpering again and crying out. “You fucker, oh…fuck! I’m cumming. Oh god keep doing that! Oh god. J….”

And she was writhing on me, holding me tight. I was pumping myself into her, my whole length into her. I knew her body so well, and began to squeeze her breasts. They were so sensitive when se was mid-orgasm.

Her eyes went wide. “Oh my God, yeah. That’s it.” She lay her hands on mine and I squeezed her hard, “Oh.”

I could feel her trembling above me, arching her back away from me, tipping her hair back. And then her breathing slowed as she dropped back down and she just lay there looking at me, her breasts pressed against my chest, hooking her legs around mine. She whispered, “You fucker,” as she began to kiss me. I opened my mouth and let her play in my mouth, we touched tongues.

I brought my hands above my head as we kissed, held my palms open, “See. I didn’t move a muscle.”

She bit my tongue, “Fucker,” was all she said.

She lay against me, her hair tickling my cheek, I could feel her still sliding lightly along my cock, slowly at first, then rising and falling on me, I could feel myself sink into her. My cockhead just touching at her vagina and then sinking deep inside as she would lower herself and sit herself down, then rising back up again. Torturously slow.

I was still hard. I hadn’t cum yet.

She lifted her head and looked at me close. “Now you promise. Lay there. Don’t you move. Let me do you. Pleeeease.”

I closed my eyes, and turned my head.

I felt her kiss my neck, little feather kisses in a line down onto my nipples. She softly so softly licked around my nipples and suckled them. She knew how I loved that. I could feel her hands brushing my body, reaching down and drawing a line along my hips, as I kept my eyes closed. So luxurious.

The whole time my cock is moving inside, her strokes along my cock so soft and slow, the full length of me.

She took my hands in hers rising and falling on me, a rising and falling warm wave, letting her breasts brush along my chest as she moved upon me.

When I looked at her she was this wave of flesh rising and falling on my body. I lay with my arms above my head just watching her. She was looking down at herself, at her body as it moved on me, you could see my cock rise up into her between her legs, disappearing into her dark patch of cunny. That little hole hidden between her legs. Steadying herself at times with her hands and holding onto me, just laying her hands on my chest.

She leaned down, held her mouth at my ear. “Like that?”

“Mmmm you have no idea.”

“Like your little sister fucking you?”

I closed my eyes, nodded.

“Like your little sisters cunt.”

I lay impassive.

“So wet. So open for you. What you wanted? You want it?” I nodded, eyes closed.

I felt her slide down harder, quickening her pace, breathing harder, opening her mouth, we were panting. I began to meet each thrust of her body. I wanted to bring my hands up and hold her, I wanted her to kiss me again. But I did not move. She wanted this. I gave it to her.

And as if she were reading my mind she lay along the length of me and began kissing me again, a deep loving long kiss. I could feel her teeth, and I pressed my tongue into her as I fucked her, as we rubbed and washed against each other. Feeling her warmth, listening to her cunny opening and closing around me, the soft slap of her body, of our body, rising and falling into one another.

I could feel her getting aroused again, could feel her clit hardening and lengthening, this little finger sliding along my cock. She was pressing herself hard against me, grinding into me as we kissed. I didn’t move, and lifting my cock bumping her with each thrust, she was grinding hard against me, the rythem and deep long thrusts fed my orgasm and the cum was rising, I could feel it.

I began to turn my head, press into the mattress and moving around on the bed, lifting my hips, kissing her saying, “Oh fuck Sara, I’m cumming I’m cumming.”

She held me tight, as I moved beneath her, and breathed in my ear, “Cum in me…Oh yes.” She could feel it, “Cum in me. Let me feel you fill me up.”

And I began to fill her. I could feel my cock pulsing into her, and as I pressed my cock into her as deep as I could, I could feel her vagina contracting around me, and the movement of her body tightening and clinging to mine. This time, deeper. Our bodies simply wound around the other, as we came together, our skin wet and sliding together, as we became one. The light, the room, everything around us vanishing into nothing.


our eyes opening again….

“Oh my, what you do to me!” I next heard her whisper.


How long had it been? I must have fallen asleep.

I could feel my cock was still inside her her, could feel cum trickling out and running down my balls, cooling between our legs, forming a little puddle beneath us.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, smiled. I felt her squeezing me, squeezing my soft cock out of her puss.

“Strong little pussy,” I said softly as she turned herself, setting right next to me and I never tired of watching her body as she lifted herself off me and set herself up beside me, naked, brushing the hair from her eyes, pulling the strands from her mouth, as she kept one hand on my hip. Then turning to me, all smiles. The glow in her eyes, that just-fucked look.

“It’s been getting lots of exercise.”

I wrapped my arms around her, curled myself around her knees.

She kissed my shoulder. She cooed, “That’s what you get for appreciating my tan.”

“It’s the best in the history of homo-sapiens on this planet.”

She scratched me.


“I Love you,” She kissed me.

“I Love you too.”

“That’s a problem,” she said as our lips touched.

“What?” She hugged herself to me, held me just then. I could feel the warmth of her cheek.

“I never want to let you go.”

Then she let go, and sat near me, positioning herself, crossing her legs, “We can’t you know.”

“Can’t what?”


“We just did.”

She turned herself to me, her puss was this gaping little wound. I couldn’t stop looking at it, began to nuzzle my nose between her legs.

“Stop it.”

I said again, “We just did.”

“You know what I mean…We have three days – today, tomorrow and then we go home. We can’t….After that.” She was combing out her hair with her fingers. “I can’t believe we haven’t gotten caught yet.”

I was blinking at her, she had alluded to this before. It had a kind of over the cliff sort of feeling for me. It didn’t seem quite as steep a week ago, this vacation still seemed like forever as we walked that sunset on the beach. But three days. That seemed – SHORT.

I sat up, “You mean like NEVER.”

She didn’t say anything.

“I don’t know. But yeah, what if it was NEVER.”

She looked at me. “What would you do?”

“Sneak into your bed and…” I touched her pussy. Stroked her soft hairs, caressed her tummy. She let me. “Could you say ‘no’ to this,” and I snuggled a finger deep into her vagina. She let it linger there, pushing herself down, impaling herself on my extended finger, the hint of a smile.

“Your impossible.”


That afternoon we were getting ready to go out on the beach.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that little conversation of Sara’s. Three days.

It all felt like it was closing in. She was right. And we are in different colleges. This was impossible, rediculous. My head was swimming, these are not feeling I should be feeling.

Sara was still naked and sitting in the chair that was her favorite spot by the window, brushing her little muffin. Stroking it, staring down and pressing the hairs one way then another. She looked like a little monkey.

I lay there watching her. I could feel myself stiffen. Unbelievable, how could I. She noticed as well, looking up and laughed. “Down cowboy.”

“It’s not my fault. You make me so fucking horny.”

“Tell me about it. Look how swollen….” She looked over at my penis, “Down boy, down.”

She jumped off the bed and ran over to me and took my cock in her hand and began to push it down between my legs. Turning it, twisting, pushing, hard!

“Ow ow ow. What the hell are you doing?!” I sat bolt upright. “You can’t do that to a penis.”

“It’s aversion training.” She hit the head of my cock, “Bad penis bad penis.” She was speaking down into my crotch still pressing it down, tugging at my balls, but now it was just laying flat on the bed.

She sat before me, and there we were. Naked and just looking at one another. We looked alike in some ways. We were the same size, same color hair. Our hands looked alike. She took my hand in hers and let her fingers twine into mine, then set my hand down on her knee. She reached again and took my penis in her hand, soft this time. Turning her fingers, gently stroking its length, it was rising from the bed, like a punished little puppy looking up at you, making sure everything is ok.

“Good little penis,” she said. Then meeting my eyes, “Too good.”

“Never too good.” I rejoined.

She began to rise from the bed, turn herself and I lay my hand on her back and as she rose let my fingers tickle down her back, just leaving the touch of her ass as she stepped away.

I said, “Get ready. Lets go.”

“Ummm,” She held her hand to her tummy, held her leg out and looked at herself, “I have to shave first.”

She stepped into the bathroom.


She laughed, cause I was like thinking about her face.

“My legs Dumbo.” And then she turned to me, pointing, “My pubes.”

“Ahhh.” Was all I said.

I turned to leave but then stopped.

“Let me.”

She looked at me.

“I’ll do it.”

She was holding the little shaver.

“Look if its only going to be another three days, then I think we should…” She was ignoring me. “Go for it. Please.”

She lay the little blade in my hand.

“Be careful.” She sat on the toilet.

“Lets do it out there. There’s not enough room in here.”

She rolled her eyes. “Such a big production.”

I took her hand. She followed me out.

“I use this cream.” She lay that in my hand, “and then slowly, CAREFULLY…”

“I know how to shave.”

“Oh yeah?”

And I set her into the chair she loved so much. “Sit the way you normally do. Legs open.”

She laughed, “Am I that bad.”

“Pretty much.”

“Cause I’m always airing it out.”

She set herself down and hooked her legs around the cushions opening herself up nicely to me.

“Here, now scootch to the edge of the cushion.”

She complied, letting her hand hang loose as she watched me with a bemused smile.

“You are enjoying this way too much.”

“You have the most beautiful pussy EVER.” I was just inches from her sitting down between her legs.

She smiled, I began to rub the shaving cream onto her legs and then took another squirt into my hand and began to rub it over her mons and up onto her abdomen.

She jumped.

“Hey! My thighs…” I watched her eyes get wide, as she realized what I was about to do.

I just said. “I said I know how to shave.”

“You done this before have you?”


And she settled back into the chair, eyes wide, and opened her legs wider, tipped her hips up and set her pussy right before me. I was looking at white cream and pink slit. I took the shaver and began to draw it down her abdomen, could feel the dark hairs catching in the blade. I had a little cup and would swirl it around in there each time.

I did not want to hurt her or catch the hairs, I wanted painless, this was too glorious. I was so careful. I was about to shave her pussy, and the least nick could stop the whole thing. I knew her.

I drew the blade down her thighs, then back up to her abdomen, the hairs catching more as it approached her mons. The blade sliding along the soft flesh. I could see the swell of her puss, this mound of flesh, no hair.

She did not have so much in any event, but the bare white skin, the dark hairs bunching along the line of the blade. The line of her pussy lips, running down between her legs. This little hairless line. I drew the blade along the edge of her pussy lips, slowly slowly. She was watching intently the whole time. Swirling the blade in my little cup.

“Have YOU ever done this before?” I asked as I intently watched this emerging bare little cunt.

“No.” She was covering her eyes. I loved when she did that. Her cheeks were glowing red.

I could hear a catch in her throat.

In silence I swirled the blade and shaved, until there was just bare skin and little lines of white cream.

“There. Lets check.”

“Lets CHECK. O Gawd!” My sister said as she laughed.

I looked for any little trace of hair, and finding a few here or there, removed them carefully with the blade.

She was bald. It was so beautiful. My cock ached.

I took a wash rag and wiped between her legs.

“Oh, that’s cold.”


And she rose from the chair, tipping her cunt out so she could sort of see it. She stepped into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

She touched it.

“God it feels so…cool. The wind, when I move.”

“Hairless,” I said.

I was so hard now. God I wanted to fuck her. Again. I came up behind her. This is the true test, and turned her around to me.

“Ah, ah ah. We are going out.”

“No, just let me…test.”

And I let the tip of my cock touch her over the mons, sliding it down her abdomen, leaving this little wet trail of pre cum on her skin.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” I tippled the head of my cock over her bare skin. I pulled away and lay my hand over her, pulling her open, she was so wet it was unbelievable.

“God you do like this.”

“Oh, Jason. You have to….What are you…”

I let my finger slide down into her, pressed into her vagina and she held herself open for me, I could feel her lifting up on tippie toe.

“It feels so cool.”

She was arching her back and rubbing herself against me.

“Jason! We already fucked once.” I touched her clit. “Oh my god. Stop….”

“Let me lick you.” I slowly slipped a second finger inside and held her with my hand, still touching her clit with my thumb.

She held there, before whispering, “Ok,” and she was literally melting onto the bed. I began to run my hands all over her, softly stroking her, up between her legs.

She was whimpering, “Oh Jason, I want to go outside. Mom and dad….”

And I pulled her legs open and began licking her hairless little cunt. She lay her hand on my head and pushed me into her, sucking in her breath. I could hear these ragged gasps.

I looked up at her, this pink little hairless slit touching my lips, “You’re my little girl now.”

I continued licking, my wet tongue running between her thighs and cunny lips. Lapping at her bare skin and then pressed my tongue along that line, the wetness squeezed out of her.

“So sweet. My sweet little girl.”

“Ohh….Jas…I” She was moaning and pushing her cunt into my mouth. I pushed on the plug, and she tipped her head back.

“You might be ready for the next one.”

She looked at me, her eyes were glassy. And…I could tell she was mad at me at the same time.

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Chapter One

I found myself standing in the driveway of my new home staring at the small U-Haul trailer that contained my entire life. At twenty-three, I had been married, and was now divorced. Thankfully there had not been any children. We’d married young, both of us full of dreams for the future. Six month’s after that, we both knew it had been a mistake, yet we’d stuck it out for another two years.

We’d parted as friends, though certainly not close ones. And I had no intention of ever seeing her again anyway, which is one of the reasons I’d moved halfway across the country. The other, I had a good job waiting for me that would help pay the bills I’d collected during those two and a half years. Today was the day my new life would start, in a new state, with a new job, but with an old house. I’d purchased a small little home that was nearly seventy-five years old and in need of some minor repairs. But I was pretty good with my hands, and a fresh coat of paint would go along way to making it presentable again.

As I began to move my belongings into the house, I spotted the neighbor who lived next door to me as she came outside to work in her garden. I thought about introducing myself, but she went about her business without even looking towards me, so I decided to save that for another day. I did notice over the course of the next few days that I never saw anyone else in the home, so had to surmise from that, she lived alone, and was either divorced, or a widower.

I had an entire week before I was to start my new job, so I had ample time to get settled in, and also do a few things around the house. The first thing was getting the picket fence mended and painted.

I had been at it nearly the entire day when I finally worked myself around to the side of the yard that separated my house from my neighbors. This time she was stooped over pulling weeds from her garden when I began painting the fence near the area she was working in.

“Good afternoon,” I said casually.

The woman glanced up at me smiling.

“Good afternoon to you too. I see you’ve gotten settled in ok,” she replied.

Smiling back, I nodded my head.

“Yes thanks. But I’m afraid I’ve still got a few things to do to get this old place looking decent again.”

She laughed at that and stood up offering me her hand, which surprised me, as I hadn’t expected it.

“By the way, you can call me Maggie.”

I accepted her hand, and was surprised to find myself a little embarrassed that I hadn’t offered to introduce myself to her first.

“Richard,” I offered.

“Nice to meet you Richard. You married?”

Once again she caught me a little off guard, but I’m sure she was curious why a young man would be moving into a home all by himself, unless I was here ahead of my family and trying to get the place ready for them before they arrived.

“No…used to be. Recently divorced.”

Maggie gave me a sad faced frown in understanding.

‘Too bad. Sorry to hear that.”

I simply shrugged my shoulders indicating, “What can I say” in response.

As we stood talking, each of us on our own side of the short dirty white picket fence, I couldn’t help but wonder about Maggie. Obviously living alone, I was curious, but didn’t dare ask her why she was alone, especially after just meeting her anyway. And it wasn’t like she wasn’t attractive either. I wasn’t exactly sure about her age. Something about her told me she was older than she looked, probably in her late fifty’s to very early sixty’s perhaps, but there was no way of knowing without just asking her. And I wasn’t about to do that.

Maggie had a few slight streaks of silver running through her blondish colored hair, almost imperceptible, but it hinted that she was indeed a lot older than what she looked. But even more remarkable was the ample amount of bosom she was displaying. She had undone one more button more than what I would dare say most women would allow, even while working in the yard, and so displayed a fair amount of cleavage. Although only the gentle upper slopes of her breasts were revealed, they were both tan, and very smooth looking. Maggie obviously stayed active and was in fairly good shape, probably even better than I was at less than half her age!

“How long have you lived here?” I asked. Hoping the question would lead to Maggie revealing a little more about herself.

“Oh, about twenty years now,” she said. “My husband and I moved here to begin our new life together, after my divorce.” Her gentle smile told me she was remembering their time together. “He died suddenly about five years ago.”

“I’m sorry.”

Once again she smiled good-naturedly though a look of profound sadness crossed her face.

“Don’t be, we had a good life together. And though I miss him, he left plenty for me to survive on, and I enjoy living here. And now that someone’s finally moved in next door to fix up this house, I’ll feel even better about my place. Though I admit, my fence could use a little fresh paint too!”

“Listen, I’ll have plenty of spare time on my hands. If you’d like, I’d be more than happy to paint your fence once I’m done here. And besides, with both fences painted, it will make both of our homes look nicer don’t you think?”

“I’ll be happy to pay you for your time,” she stated.

“That’s not necessary,” I told her. “Just consider it my being neighborly!”

“I’d be careful what you offer up. I just might try and take advantage of you.”

For a moment, I was a little unsure as to what she had meant by that, but then decided that my long ignored libido was working overtime, and that she probably hadn’t meant anything beyond the simple truth of her words.

“I should be finished here today,” I said eyeing the work I’d already accomplished and the still unfinished section of fence I still had to paint.

“I could start on it Saturday if you’d like.”

“Oh, that would be wonderful!” Maggie exclaimed. “But, just so you know, I won’t be here in the morning if you do start. There’s a group of us that gets together every Saturday for coffee and the latest gossip. We take turns at each other’s houses, though most of the time we do meet here since I live alone and don’t have a husband to get underfoot all the time.”

Maggie gave me a really big smile, and even winked. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at that one.

“Saturday it is then,” I told her. “I’m sure I’ll have plenty of paint anyway, as long as white’s ok.”

“White will be just fine.”

Maggie removed the bandana that had been holding her hair up in order to wipe the sweat from her forehead. As she did, her hair fell down to her shoulders, which took another couple of years off her age.

“Well, it’s going to be another hot one today, so I’d better let you get back to your fence, and I’d best get back to weeding this garden!”

Once again we shook hands over the fence. I watched her turn, walking away admiring her shapely legs, and the luscious ass outlined by a pair of short beige shorts as she turned her back towards me.

“Get a grip,” I told myself. “She’s easily twice your age to begin with. And secondly, going without sex this long is starting to play tricks on my mind. Forget her!”

But as I continued to paint the fence, I realized that this was easier said than done. And I was also subconsciously wondering if she had any kind of a social life outside of her Saturday coffee gathering with the girls.

When I showered late that afternoon, I found myself aroused and excited. I hadn’t felt that way in quite sometime, and especially as I’d just moved here. I certainly hadn’t had time to meet anyone, especially anyone I could become intimate with. Just Maggie. And so there I was, standing in the shower, soaping a very erect penis, actually fantasizing about her. A thought that both surprised, and bothered me a little bit. After all, she was considerably older than I was; yet, I was aroused as hell by her and still curious as to why she hadn’t remarried.

I continued to masturbate, images of those luscious looking tits of hers still fresh in my mind, and almost blushed with the thought of what she would think if she knew I was thinking about her.

Late that evening as I prepared for bed, I went to the window to open it wider than it had been to take advantaged of the cool breeze blowing in. As I looked out across the yard, I realized for the first time that my upstairs bedroom window looked directly across and into the side-window of her front room. I could just barely see Maggie watching TV through the partially opened blinds. She was lying on the far end of her couch, legs stretched out with the TV angled just slightly towards the window. I had a perfect view of them both. I nearly turned away to shut off the lights and go to bed when I noticed that she was watching what appeared to be a fairly racy movie. I was sure it was just one of those late night R-rated shows with the occasional love scene that just happened to be on when I noticed it. And then I realized just as quickly that it wasn’t! What I was seeing, and what Maggie was actually watching, was far more than that. This was hard-core stuff, triple X-rated material. And she was watching it!

Suddenly I had a whole new respect for the neighbor I’d begun to think of as rather shy and quiet. Maggie obviously had another very private side to herself that I was actually quite delighted to see. Though she certainly wasn’t living with anyone, nor had I seen her go out with any men, it was nice to know that she still had very sexual desires and thoughts, and was willing to do something that others might consider inappropriate to satisfy herself.

It was then that I realized I was still standing in my bedroom window looking down at her. And though she couldn’t have possibly seen me unless she’d gone to her window and looked up in my direction, I nevertheless stepped back hurriedly, turning off the light before approaching the window again.

The term “peeping tom” came to mind, and I actually felt a little guilty spying on her. After all, I was invading her privacy, and she had a right to whatever pleasures she desired in her own home, no matter what form they took. Hell, I’d spent my early evening masturbating, thinking of her. And now there was no doubt I’d be doing so again, with the image of her lying on the couch watching a porno movie adding fuel to that new fire. Although I still felt guilty, and ashamed that I was still watching her, I honestly couldn’t help myself. I would certainly never tell her, or even hint that I had seen her, and had no intention of making this a nightly ritual either, but for the moment anyway, I simply couldn’t tear myself away from that damn window!

I noticed for the first time that she was dressed for bed. Maggie was wearing some sort of loose fitting nightgown that obviously wasn’t meant to be sexy. Especially since it didn’t expose a lot of skin, but still added to the over all indecent, almost decadent and naughty feeling I was enjoying. Once I’d begun to grow erect, I grew harder and stiffer until my cock began to ache, demanding release. And short of some natural disaster, I knew I’d soon be jerking off again.

I was still struggling to turn away from the window, but unable to take my eyes off her or the movie she was watching, when I saw her pull up the hem of her nightgown, raise her knees, letting them fall apart, and begin playing with herself. Watching Maggie giving herself pleasure openly, deliberately, without shame. Seeing her stroke the folds of her pussy, sliding her fingers in between them to find and caress her clit, I knew I was a goner, and I reached down to begin stroking my cock. I stepped back from the window slightly as though she might somehow sense my presence and look up to see me. The fact I was watching her masturbate was so unexpected and so totally unbelievable, that I found myself aroused beyond my wildest imagination!

As I stood in the relative safety of my own darkened bedroom, I continued to stroke my cock, using the over abundance of leaking pre-cum as lubrication to increase the pleasure I was giving myself.

I stared at Maggie, concentrating on her as she was obviously gave her pussy pleasure, slowly yet methodically fingering herself. Though the blinds kept me from seeing her as clearly as I would have preferred, I knew exactly what she was doing from the motions of her hand. And then, just as if she could hear me thinking that I wanted to see more, she dropped her head back against the arm of the oversized couch. Maggie lifted up one of her legs so that it draped across the back, pulling her gown up to her breasts, exposing her pussy and her attentions to it even more completely.

I still couldn’t see her as well as I wanted to, but I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying herself. Her eyes were closed, no longer watching the video, and her expression of intense pleasure, plus the way she suddenly lifted her hips from the couch, rubbing herself faster and harder, told me that she was either having an orgasm, or was very close to it.

At that point, I stepped away from the window. Maybe she was indeed reaching a climax, but I felt I owed her at least a little bit of privacy to enjoy it without actually having someone spying on her while she did. I quickly climbed into my bed and proceeded to bring myself pleasure in a very slow and deliberate way. Images of Maggie sitting on her couch masturbating were now very much a part of my newest fantasy, and very much a part of the secret I would never ever reveal to anyone.

When I finally did climax, I was surprised at the force and volume of my orgasm. In the near total darkness, I felt the warm sticky splashes of my semen hitting my chin, neck, and even landing on my pillow long before my initial ejaculations diminished in intensity. Only when the remainder of my fluids began to run down between my fingers did I finally slow my stroking, beginning to catch my breath after such an intense and very enjoyable climax.

I got out of bed and padded quietly into the bathroom almost as though Maggie might somehow hear me. And silly as it was, I also closed the bathroom door before turning on the light in order to wash and clean myself off, still fearful that she would somehow know what I’d been doing.

Turning off the light, I opened the door and returned to the window. Total darkness greeted me below, and I knew that Maggie had also gone to bed. But as her bedroom faced in a totally different direction, there was nothing more to see, and tomorrow was Saturday. I knew I’d have a very busy day painting her fence. I set the alarm for six o’clock, since I wanted to get up, fix a light breakfast and then begin painting before it got too hot. I crawled into bed, but tossed and turned before finally slipping off to sleep. Though wonderfully satisfied from my orgasm, I was still wrestling with mixed emotions about what I had witnessed and participated in. Seeing Maggie as I had, I could no longer think of her as just that nice older woman who lived next door. Now I also knew her as the sensual, exciting, and even tempting woman that she really was.

The sound of the alarm ringing in my ear was the next thing I heard, waking to discover that I had a hard-on, and not the normal one I usually woke to. This one was at least equal to the boner I’d been sporting the night before, watching Maggie. And not surprisingly, those were the scenes I replayed in my head as I gave myself another intense and satisfying orgasm. Sometimes showers are for more than just getting clean!

I’d been working on her fence for over and hour when she emerged from the house. She seemed a little surprised to see how much I’d accomplished. It was just barely 8:00, and I guess she’d thought I’d sleep in before starting to work.

“Good morning!” she called out to me, waving as she walked down the front of her steps.

“Good morning!” I replied, pausing to admire her appearance. She was wearing another pair of shorts, white in color, and very, very short. But she was also wearing a very tight fitting bright pink tank top that even at this distance I could see she was wearing without a bra on. Her fairly large breasts were completely unencumbered, and surprisingly firm against her chest, though I was also a little relieved to see weren’t so perfectly molded as to hint that she had had implants or anything, making them appear less than real or natural to me.

Resting her hand on the handle of her car door, she turned and spoke to me again. “I’m off for coffee with the girls for a couple of hours, but would you like me to pick up anything for you on my way back? I have to stop at the store anyway…”

“No thank you. I’m fine.” I was surprised at the slight nervousness in my voice, and hoped that at this distance she wouldn’t notice it, or the flush on my face as the blood rushed into it. Normally I’m not in the habit of picturing women naked whenever I look at them, but seeing Maggie in that incredibly sexy and revealing outfit, made it hard to picture her any other way. Especially since I’d had glimpses of her the night before to inspire me.

Maggie gave me a final wave and slipped into her car backing out of the driveway. I stood watching her; aware of my rapidly hardening prick, suddenly grateful that she was leaving. Otherwise, I would have been forced to go back into the house and take care of myself one again, a practice that I was suddenly becoming very good at.

Maggie arrived home shortly before noon, but by then I had already finished the fence and had gone inside to wash up in the kitchen. I’d taken off my sweaty tee shirt, having thrown it over the back of one of the kitchen chairs. Standing at the sink, I heard the sound of someone knocking at my kitchen door, and then the sound of Maggie’s voicing calling to me through the screen.

“Knock, knock!” she said, in time with her actual knocking.

Turning, I saw that she was standing there with what appeared to be a large pitcher of pink lemonade and two plastic colored glasses. The door wasn’t latched, so I immediately called out, inviting her in.

Grabbing a wad of paper towels, I quickly wiped off my hands, turning in search of my sweat-stinky tee shirt. Maggie walked into my kitchen setting down the pitcher and glasses on the small table.

“Oh don’t bother putting your shirt back on,” she told me. “It’s not like I haven’t seen a man nearly naked before!”

Just the tone of her voice assured me that she wasn’t offended by my standing there in nothing more than a pair of shorts. And the easy off-handed way she presented herself also assured me that she was already more comfortable with our being neighbors that I was. Even so, I was beginning to feel the almost shy blush spread to my cheeks as I gave up trying to untangle the tee shirt dropping it back onto the chair.

“It’s too bad that society is so concerned with women showing off their breasts in public. Why men can do it and women can’t is beyond me. Especially here in the United States! You know, almost every other place in the world, on most beaches anyway, women can run around topless as much as they want to without anyone saying or doing a thing about it! Yet here, if I just wore my bra outside, not to mention going topless, it would be considered obscene, even though I’ve seen women wearing bathing suits that covered less, and were still considered to be legal!” Maggie paused to chuckle. “Just look at the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue! How legal can those women be, wearing no more than three triangles just about two inches across and a few feet of string?”

Maggie managed all this while pouring our lemonade, and without spilling a drop. Looking up at me, she handed me one of the glasses and smiled. “You seem surprised?”

“What?” I said, trying not to sound as stupid as I’m sure I did.

“That someone my age would give a rat’s ass about running around topless. Hell, if I could get away with it, I would. What’s wrong with working out in one’s own yard wearing – – or not wearing–whatever you want to?”

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