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Do you have any good tips for how to give your…

Do you have any good tips for how to give yourself a ruined orgasm? I tried to ruin an orgasm recently and I ended up teasing myself for a bit by just stopping too soon. ~Kitten

Hi there! Sorry about the late answer, things have been super busy around here but anyway!

Ruined orgasms. So to do a ruined orgasm you need to push yourself over the edge and as the first waves of ecstasy start to wash over you, you have to stop. So your body becomes needy and starts to buck or squirm as you feel that little bit of pleasure slowly fade, leaving you desperate.

The best way to do this is to combine it with denial and edging, if you masturbate for five minutes then ruin your orgasm it’s can be fun but most times it’s not that greatest, but if you combine that with thirty minutes of edging yourself, keeping your orgasm close to the surface, knowing that any moment you could push yourself over and finally getting some relief but never getting it. You want to make your body scream and beg for it, you want to whimper and whine, you want to be get so desperate you would do anything for that orgasm. Then you push yourself over that edge and as soon as that first sign of pleasure starts to pulse you stop. You should end up wiggling, squirming and screaming at yourself, wishing you could touch but knowing you can’t.

Hopefully this was some help, if not or if it is, let me know. Good luck!

Sir, I lost my virginity weeks ago. And it was…

Sir, I lost my virginity weeks ago. And it was fine but not mind-blowing. Idk, I guess I will like it more if he was rudder. But he is not my boyfriend, and I don't know how to tell him how I feel, if we decide to do it again.

Sex can grow on a person the more they do it and the more experience they get and working out your kinks then playing with them. It can also just not be something that’s amazing for a person, which is okay as well.

As for telling him how you feel, it’s best to be open about it if you do plan on doing it again in the future. If you like him and continue to have fun, it could become painful to hold those feelings back and devastating if you tell him later and he doesn’t have those feelings. If you don’t like him that way then it’s best to make sure that both sides know it’s about having fun, not about being involved with each other.

Sir, it's the anal anon again (Lol ain&#0…

Sir, it's the anal anon again (Lol ain't that a title xD) I just wanted to say that I really do love it while it's happening it's just the aftermath that's less than great 😛 I was wondering… is waiting a couple days between "practice sessions" okay? Or do you think that sets back whatever progress? Is that even how something like this works? O.o ((Also I hope the renovations are going well! I'm in the same boat at my place. That shit gets HECTIC :/)) — curioskitty (pronounced like curiosity)

That is definitely a name xD

Having days between is perfectly fine, you don’t need to worry about that, and if your rear is sore then you should have a couple days break. Do take note that your nerves are only just around the entrance of your ass, so there’s no real reason you should be putting toys/fingers/penis deep into your rear, as it won’t feel better if you get deeper, it will only increase the chance of mess and pain.

Also thank you, things have been pushed back a couple of days so it’s crazy, going to have no kitchen for weeks…

Sir I'm a little shy to ask this but do y…

Sir I'm a little shy to ask this but do you have any suggestions for self aftercare specifically for experimenting with anal play? Cuz I'm trying it out because I think my guy is into it and I wanna get used to it but y'know… The aftermath is kinda ouch :/ /)////(\

Anal play is something that can take a while to get used to, and should be started small and slow. As for aftercare, anal play can leave you sore so a good start is to have a soft, comfy pillow around for you to use afterwards, another good idea is to have a nice warm bath, not only can you clean yourself up afterwards but it can help your muscles relax.

Though do take note that anal isn’t for everyone, so if you aren’t enjoying it then you shouldn’t force yourself because your partner might like it, there are plenty of other things I’m sure the both of you could enjoy together.

(2/2) I want things to work out because I real…

(2/2) I want things to work out because I really like him. But I don't know if he feels the same because he's gone back to reading and not replying to my messages and it makes me feel like I'm being annoying when I am the first to send a message (although I asked him if he found me annoying and he said no) it lingers in my head because I don't want feel like I'm being a pain in the ass.

I can’t say for everyone but when a person reads and doesn’t answer, once or twice I would call that an accident where they got busy and/or forgot ( I do that sometimes ) but if it happens all the time, that sounds like he isn’t interested in you the way you are I’m him, and he could be in it for the sex more than anything.

You should ask him what he believes your relationship is, and find out if your feelings won’t be returned or if there’s a chance, it’s better to find out sooner than later.

Dear Sir, I just got out of a relationship tha…

Dear Sir, I just got out of a relationship that needed to have ended. I want to try to be a little for someone but i dont want to date? Is it possible for someone to be a little but not be in a relationship? I know that i am not ready to be in another relationship yet. Thank you in advance.

I do believe it is possible, but you do have to be careful. Being in little space can come with a lot of emotions and you could find yourself becoming attached to someone, or they could become attached to you, so it really depends on communication before anything starts to happen, that the two of you are both looking for the same thing.

Sometimes I get worried if my partner doesn&#0…

Sometimes I get worried if my partner doesn't really like me for me. Earlier on in the "relationship" he would suggest to me to try some mascara and eyeliner( i would go bare-faced) and to do my hair. I talked to my father and asked questions in the context of what if they recommend you to try this or that and he told me when im dating a person they shouldn't try and tell you what i should do with my appearance etc. And im at a crossroads, i really like this person and he does seem like he care

I do agree with your father, if you’re dating someone you take them for who they are, but! Suggesting to try new things is okay. If you wanna try those things he suggested then cool, if you don’t that’s cool as well, just make sure he knows if you don’t want to do something like that. Even if it’s a new hairstyle or makeup, or anything.

If he tells you, demands you, gets upset when you don’t like his suggestions, tries to force you, comes up with ultimatums, or in anyway doesn’t accept your no. Then that’s a bad relationship and you don’t want to be in it.

So I need some advice. For the first time, I t…

So I need some advice. For the first time, I thought of someone when I masturbated. Normally I get off just fine without thinking about a real person, but this time I just couldn't help it, and it was one of the best orgasms that I've ever had, but now… I feel kinda dirty. It feels like I didn't give this guy (who's like 8 years older than me) a choice in becoming my sexual fantasy, like I committed some sort of mind rape… and I hate it. I feel like a bad person. What do I do? -Lady H

A fantasy is anything you want it to be, in your fantasy you didn’t force him, or make him do things he didn’t want, so I wouldn’t call it mind rape. In fact, i wouldn’t say you did anything wrong at all, we can’t help the way our minds or bodies react to images or scenarios, but as long as you aren’t going to try and force him in real life to reenact those things without consent, I would say don’t be so hard on yourself. If you aren’t hurting anyone or encouraging others to hurt anyone then you should enjoy whatever helps you get off

Do you have any tips on being less clingy… -…

Do you have any tips on being less clingy… -Kitty's Tiger

I don’t have any tips, because if you’re a clingy person then you’re a clingy person, which isn’t a bad thing. You can’t help who you are but I can promise you that there are lots of people out there who are clingy and lots of people who like and want clingy people in their life

Sir… my partner and I are going to meet up t…

Sir… my partner and I are going to meet up this weekend after not seeing each other for a good little bit. I know that a big part us meeting up is that we both really want to sleep together again, and I just want it to be special… any advice?

I’m sorry for the late answer and I hope I’m not too late, but if you’re meeting up after a long time then no matter what you do it will be special and a thing that you’ll both remember, but if that doesn’t help. Put aside some money and grab yourself a little toy or something that you and your partner can play with, new toys and things normally become long time memories.


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