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Hey sir, I've been feeling kind of bad ab…

Hey sir, I've been feeling kind of bad about my body. I know some people like chubby guys but it seems like a very small percentage. It makes me feel worse that with girls it seems like a lot of guys honestly enjoy them chubby but the media makes them feel even more like shit than I feel, so I feel like I can't even feel that bad for myself, and even if I tried to I end up feeling angry thinking of the girls that feel bad for themselves. kinda mixed up about it all. – Purple

I understand what you mean Purple, I’m also a big guy, and I’ve never been “happy” with my body. Body positivity has came a long way in the past couple of years, even though there is so much negativity in the media about everything, but we can’t give those who are trying to bring us down the power to do that. As for girls who like big guys, I’m sure there’s plenty of women out there that don’t care about size, or even fancy guys on the larger size, there’s always someone for everyone, you might just have to look for a while is all.

You’ll have your down days and you’ll need to feel sad, or angry about things and when you do you can always send a message to this blog, to me, and vent your feelings, you can even put down not to answer it if you feel like just letting out all your feelings and never having to see them again. This goes for you and everyone else.

I just want to say to everyone here, Happy New…

I just want to say to everyone here, Happy New Year! I hope you all take care of yourself and have a good year. It's good we have a sir like this to listen to our problems and give advice, or just generally be a good friend. – Purple

Thank you for the kind words purple, I hope the end of last year treated you right and that the new year is a good one for you. The same goes for all my followers, I hope you are all well!

Just an update incase you see this one before …

Just an update incase you see this one before the last one, she finally got back in touch with me again and things are going fine. I"m going to see if we can establish some backups in case of emergencies like this. Thanks for listening. – Purple

I’m glad to hear that and that sounds like a good idea, I’m just sorry I didn’t see the messages sooner

Sir, I've been in an LDR for a very long …

Sir, I've been in an LDR for a very long time, and my significant other has been kind of missing a while. I'm getting concerned for her. I'm not sure if I"m looking for advice or just comfort but I'm more or less freaking out. – Purple

There’s probably a good reason, do you have any of her friends contact info?


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Sir, I live in America and it’s been kind of terrifying. Like it’s been getting steadily worse since sometime 2016 but lately things have just gotten way more stressful and I’m kind of afraid how much farther the drop’s gonna be. – Purple

From what I’ve read I can see that, and I don’t think it will be getting better anytime soon. All you can do is look after yourself and stay as safe as you can

Life Update: Trying to make a company is hard. Trying to make art that’s not crap is hard. Making a company based on the art you’re trying to make presentable is hard. I’m surviving. – Purple

It does sound like you’re having a rough time, but don’t give up! I believe in you! Just do your best and things will keep on moving!

There must be a lot of birthdays around now since today was my friend’s birthday too – Purple

Hey! This must be a good month for birthdays, my sister has hers this month as well. Happy birthday to your friend!

Sir, in that last post about consent going both ways I didn’t like the last person in that long chain of reblog quotes. It felt like a complete deflection, like any non-consent directed at men from women is not the fault of the woman. That blame for anything bad to do with sex falls squarely on men. I won’t say men haven’t done bad things, and society sorely needs less doublestandards and more broad gender norms, but blaming it all on one gender feels like blame dodging and broad sexism – Purple

I feel the same way purple, both genders need to learn consent and both genders have to take responsibility for their own actions, not just one

Seeing that post on ‘brats’ got me thinking sir, in a relationship where the two switch who’s dominate, would one still be considered a brat if they’re testing the current dom, but then cause a switch and become the new dom (consensually of course) or would that be something entirely different? – Purple

I’m not 100% sure, I would believe a switch has two different personalities for when they are in each zone, but they would have a more dominant ( by dominant I mean which of the personalities is the more common one ) personality. Which means one could definitely be a “brat” and it could cause their Dom to switch if their sub side enjoyed that type of thing.

Are there any switches or switches who are brats when they are in sub zone that follow me and could help out with the question?


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