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You breathe heavily as you look up at the men …

You breathe heavily as you look up at the men that surround you, all of them getting naked as they talk to one another. You wiggle slightly and feel your pussy throb as the rope pulls tighter on your bound body, letting you know that you’re helpless and at their mercy. You turn your head and look over at your boyfriend who is sitting on a chair and watching with a huge smile on his face. “Remember guys, this is meant to be a funishment, so no penetrating her wet little cunt until she is begging, and when I say begging, I mean it.” His eyes move along the men as they look at him and listen as they nod, his eyes then fall back on yours and that smile reappears on his face. Your whole body burns with passion and desire as your juices drip from your wet lips and stain the bed.

The men circle around the bed then climb onto it and move towards you. “I know the pussy is off limits for the moment, but we can fuck her mouth, right?” One if the guys ask as another pushes on your legs, forcing them to spread as far as the rope will let them. You look up at the one who is talking then to your boyfriend as you unconsciously lick your lips. “I’ll let you gents decide if she deserves the honor of sucking your cocks.” Your boyfriend chuckles as he shifts in the chair before his eyes find yours again. You let out a soft moan as you feel a set of hands running up along your inner thighs and over your pussy lightly, teasing your wet slit with their light touch. You whimper softly as your own hips try to push up against the hand but the rope keeps you still. “Look at me.” One speaks down to you as they move their cock to just inches away from your mouth. You quickly look up at them then down at their hard cock. “That’s a good girl, do you think you deserve my cock?” He teases as you watch him slowly stroke his hand along his shaft. You nod quickly as you moan, other hands starting to roam your body, touching and playing with your sensitive spots. Your nipples lightly squeezed as your breasts are fondled, a hand continues to run up and down along your pussy, fingers sliding along your lips. “Come on, you gotta use your words.” You can hear the grin on his lips as he holds his cock just inches away from your lips.

You can feel heat rush over your body and face, leaving you feeling flushed and slightly embarrassed at the idea of begging, but your body is screaming for it as pleasure laps at your core, your mind slowly becoming more and more clouded by the second. “Please, I deserve you.” You whimper softly, each word making your whole body shiver as your essence leaks faster from you. Your body wiggles against the rope as you try to get their hands to be rougher with your body. Your left nipple is being pinched, making you pant then you gasp as you feel lips wrap around your right nipple and a tongue run circles around your hard nipple. “Come now, do you really call that begging?” He laughs as you watch his hold tighten around his cock and slowly strokes up, forcing a small drop of pre-cum to leak out from the tip. You whimper loudly as you feel ecstasy wash over your body and watch as his pre-cum slowly drips down along his throbbing shaft. The hand between your legs slides up over your clit and you cry out softly as you feel a thumb pushing against your sensitive little clit, rubbing around it slowly. “Please, fuck my mouth with your big, hard cock!” You plead as you feel your mind and body scream for more. “That’s much better, now open up.” He moves closer to you as you do as your told and open your mouth wide, you moan around his cock as he slides between your lips and into your mouth. You quickly wrap your lips around his throbbing shaft and suck, desperate to swallow his hot cum.

His moans are music to your ears as you move your head slightly, taking as much of him into your mouth as you can, your body burning with red hot lust. Your eyes widen and you moan loudly, your screams muffled by the cock in your mouth. You feel the buzzing of a toy against your pussy, vibrating and grinding against your soaking wet lips as your clit and breasts are teased and played with. The guy inside your mouth starts to move his hips, slowly beginning to fuck your mouth as his groans and grunts get louder and louder. “Fuck! Yes! Swallow every drop!” He growls as you feel his cock twitch and throb. Your pussy clenches at nothing, desperately begging for something to be inside you as you suck harder, you let out a soft squeak as you feel his hot cum erupt onto your tongue and run down your throat. His hips buck and jerk as you drink load after load of his essence before he slowly pulls out, leaving you panting loudly. “Please, no more, I need your cocks, I need to be fucked!” You cry out as your own hips begin to shake, your core throbbing as an orgasm slowly builds to the edge. You see them all look over at your boyfriend who laughs. “If you think she deserves it, go for it. Just make sure you put a condom on first.” The men cheer as they pull the toy away from your throbbing pussy and you feel yourself being tugged down to the edge of the bed, your wet, naked little pussy now completely exposed to them as your legs hang off the bed.

It takes only moments before you feel a cock push up against the opening of your pussy, you hold your breath as you wait for it, that first thrust, that first moment of pure ecstasy as a cock pushes deep into you and you’re not kept waiting for long. You cry out as you feel it enter you, hard and fast, causing your body to jerk as the cock reaches deep into you. Seconds later your head is turned to the side and a cock is pushed against your lips, you open your mouth and take him in as you moan and grunt while your body jerks with each thrust. Your orgasmic moans are muffled by the cock in your mouth as an orgasm washes through your body, exploding out from your core, leaving your whole body shaking and twitching as electricity sparks here and there on your body. It doesn’t take long until his movements become quicker and rougher as his cock is pulled in deeper by your throbbing pussy. You can feel the cock cum but you’re left empty as it pulls out, but it’s quickly replaced by another one as the cock that was in your mouth pulls away and is replaced by a wet, cum covered cock. You moan as your tongue runs over the shaft, licking his cum clean off him. The men take turns fucking your pussy and mouth as they toy with your body, hands touching and caressing as you’re filled over and over, your own orgasms washing over your body multiple times until you feel a cock push against your pussy, this one without a condom.

You look down and see your boyfriend standing between your legs, a smile on his face as he slowly grinds his cock along your sensitive little pussy. “It looks like you’ve drain them, my love.” He laughs. You finally realize the hands have disappeared and the last cock you were sucking is gone, you look around the room and see the others resting and feel your face become even redder, embarrassed by being swept away from the pleasure and ecstasy. “But don’t worry, I’ll make sure we end this the right way.” You look back at your boyfriend as you hear his words then groan softly as you watch him pull back then slide his cock into you. You feel yourself full once again and it feels perfect. “Fuck, you’re soaking wet baby.” His words mixing with his moans, the sounds he makes only causing you to moan along with him as you wiggle your hips the best you can against him, your pussy clenching around his hard cock, trying to pull him deeper. It doesn’t take long for his movements to become faster and rougher. “It was so fucking hot watching you being fucked by them all, the way they used your pussy and mouth!” Your boyfriend growls as he leans over you, his face inches away from yours as he stares into your eyes. You let out a whine as you nod, your juices almost squirting out with each thrust. “But your pussy is mine, and I’m going to owe it!” He growls once again, his cock throbbing deep inside you. “Yes! Owe it! Make it yours! Please!” You plead loudly as you continue to nod, your eyes fixed on his. “Fuck! I’m going to cum!” Your boyfriend groans as his hips begin to shake. “Yes! Me too! Fill me! Fill me!” You cry out loudly as your feel your body melt into his, your core quaking violently. “Fuck!” He cries out as his orgasm rocks his body, with yours following as you feel the warmth of his cum.

“Yessss!” You cry out in ecstasy as your own body jerks against his, your essence squirting out over your boyfriend’s cock as the both of you are engulfed with euphoria, almost feeling as if you’re both one, riding your orgasms together until you both come down from your highs.


Request: A girl being tied up by her boyfriend and letting others tease her.
From: Anon.
Tags: gangbang, gang bang, bondage, teasing, sex toys, Oral.
POV: Hers.

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“Oh? A blindfold, how very kinky.” You grin as…

“Oh? A blindfold, how very kinky.” You grin as your girlfriend places it around your head then waved her hand in front of your eyes to make sure you can’t see. “Trust me, things are going to get a whole lot more kinky.” She giggles before she leans down and kisses you on your cheek, your girlfriend then calls out. “We’re ready!” You tilt your head as you lay there in confusion, yourself dressed in clothes that hardly cover your body, more exposed than not and your arms bound above your head. Your face becomes flushed as you hear the sound of footsteps enter the room. “Wha? Who’s there!?” You ask quickly as you cross your legs to hide your pussy. “Don’t panic sweetheart, I’ve just got some friends over to help me with a game.” She laughs softly before she leans down and whispers into your ear. “Four young, beautiful ladies, each one more hotter than you could possibly dream off, and each one here to play with us.” Her words cause your body to heat up and your pussy begins to get wet, your juices covering your thighs and forming strings as you slowly uncross your legs. “That’s my good girl.”

You feel your girlfriend get off the bed and hear her walk over to the others. “We’re going to play a game, one I call, guess the tongue.” As she says that you hear the others giggle, squeal and moan with excitement and you can’t help but feel yourself becoming more and more aroused by the second. “The game is simple, we’ll each take a turn. Licking, sucking, stroking your sweet little pussy, and if you can guess which tongue is mine after all five of us has had a go. We’ll let you cum. Get it wrong.” The room goes silent for a moment then is filled with the sound of the girls whispering to each other. “Then, we’ll all take turns edging you until it’s too much, then make each other cum while you listen.” You feel your heart drop with dread and your pussy suddenly burn with desire, unsure which outcome sounds better.

You jump slightly and pull on the bondage as you feel someone climb between your legs and push them open, within seconds you feel the warmth of a tongue run over your lips then slip inside you of, making you moan softly. The sudden realization that anyone could be between your legs, licking and sucking on your most sensitive parts hits you and you cry out in ecstasy. Their tongue moves around inside you, curling and licking at your lips as her hands stay on your thighs, keeping them pushed apart. As quickly as they appeared they disappear again, leaving your throbbing pussy begging for more. “Noooo!” You whimper as you wiggle your hips, needing them to come back. You squeal with delight as you feel someone climb between your legs then groan deeply as they put their mouth over your clit and begin to suck. “Fuuuuckkkkk!” Your body jerks as your legs wrap around her head and pull her closer to your body, she continues to suck on your clit as her tongue runs over it, your juices flowing down onto the bed. You feel her hand tap at your legs, telling you to let go. It’s takes you a moment but you let out a loud sigh as you slowly unwrap your legs, letting her pull away from you. You feel the bed move and shake as another person takes their place, their fingers gently scratch along your thighs as they lean down to your throbbing, soaking little pussy. You gasp and groan as you feel their tongue slowly lap along your lips, drawing numbers on your sensitive body with the tip of their tongue, making sure to tease your clit with each number.

You tug on your bondage as your hips push up, desperate to feel more of their tongue, wanting it inside you, wanting their mouth on you, wanting to grind against their face. You feel yourself getting closer to your orgasm and you bite down on your bottom lip to quiet yourself as they pull away. “I think she needs a moment.” Your girlfriend’s voice pierces the giggles and whispers they have filled the air as the game begun. You groan loudly as you shake your head. “Noooo, it’s so good!” You whimper as you move your hips. “Oh I know, I can see your juices on the girls faces, but we can’t let you have your orgasm yet, not until all the girls have had a little fun and you make your guess.” You huff at your girlfriends words which only makes them all laugh and talk to one another for a moment before the room goes back to whispers and giggles as you feel the bed shift from someone climbing onto it.

You whimper with need as you push your hips up, begging whoever it is to go down on you. You let out a gasp, followed by a moan as you feel a tongue push against your pussy and slide into you, a tongue bigger than all the others so far. Their face grinds against your body as their tongue moves around inside you, licking up your sweet juices. Your body quickly starts to grind back against them as you feel their tongue push deep inside you before it pulls out and runs along your lips, covering your whole pussy. “Fucking hell!” You groan loudly as their tongue continues to run up and down along your lips then slide back into you, until their time is up. “Oh god, it’s almost over.” You whimper to yourself as you feel the girls switch places. You feel their hand rub along your lips then slide down as their tongue starts to run along your swollen little clit. You moan as you feel a finger slide into you as they toy with your clit. “Yesssss!” You cry out in ecstasy as you move against their hand and face, feeling them stroking their finger over your G-spot as their tongue swells around your clit, quickly bringing your orgasm back, it building up deep inside your core. You almost scream as you feel them pull away, leaving you once again on the edge of your orgasm.

“So, can you guess which was mine?” Your girlfriend asks before the room becomes completely silent, you can feel the eyes of all the girls on you, waiting for you to decide your own fate. “N-Number…3?” You speak softly, finally cutting through the thick cloud of silence, only to be met with the sounds of the girls oohing at your answer. You feel your body burn and your pussy throb as your juices run down over your ass. “I guess you know me after all.” Your girlfriend laughs. You feel relief wash over your body and let out a small giggle as you feel the someone climb onto the bed. “What do you say girls? How about we give her, her reward.” You can heat your girlfriend’s voice call out from behind your legs as she moves herself closer, you then feel other climb onto the bed and move towards you. You suddenly feel lips kissing your skin and biting softly at your breasts and nipples. One mouth on each of your breasts, another kissing along your shoulder and up to your neck. A set of warm lips push against yours and kiss you roughly as the last set move between your legs and kiss your aching pussy.

Your tongue caresses the one inside your mouth and your moans escape into her mouth as a tongue slides into your pussy, your hips start to rock and grind against your girlfriend’s face as the others play with your body. Teeth scrap and bite your nipple as your neck is sucked on, your whole body starting to tingle and burn with desire, your orgasm quickly building deep within your core. Electricity sparks from each place that is touched, your breathing becoming faster and faster as you feel yourself being pushed to the edge, then you cum. You moan loudly as euphoria washes over your body, making you shake and buck as your cum flows onto your girlfriend’s tongue and over her face. The girls continue to tease and play with your body as you shiver and shake, almost driving you crazy until you cry out. You feel them all pull away as your girlfriend climbs up your body and removes the blindfold. “Are you okay?” She asks with a concerned look on her face. You nod as you let out a deep sigh, relaxation completely taking over your body. She smiles down at you as you nod then leans down and kiss you softly on your lips. “How about you untie my hands, and we continue with the fun and games?” You ask as your girlfriend pulls away from your lips. “Of course, the night is still very young.” You girlfriend answers back as she reaches up and begins to undo your bondage, the others cheering with joy as the night gets to continue.


Request: A story based on a video called “guess the tongue”.
From: Anon.
Tags: Oral, cunnilingus, orgy, lesbian, lesbians, bondage, blindfold.
POV: The guesser.

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Nurse Lexi Gives In

Let’s start with the basics.  My name is Lexi and I’m 26 years old.  I
have medium brown hair with its own natural wave, my eyes are bright
green with eyelashes so long and thick I never need makeup, and I’m 5’8”
tall.  I’m may not be the skinniest, prettiest girl in the whole world,
but I get by and I like the way I look.  My breasts are a 36 D, and my
ass is a perfect heart shape.  Guys seem to like my looks pretty well
too.  But most of the time, they just stare at my tits.

I’ve been working in the hospital as a nurse for five years now.  It’s
what I’ve wanted my whole life.  I love my job, but it can get tough;
especially when I have young male patients.  See, I have a problem.  I’m
addicted to sex, and the sight of a hott man with a huge cock gets my
pussy dripping wet in an instant.  And those gowns the hospital provides
don’t leave a lot to the imagination, if you know what I mean.  It’s
against hospital policy to have any sexual contact with patients, so my
little problem can become a huge problem at times.

Here’s my story…

It was a hott Indian summer.  I had to work the midnight shift, 11p-7a.
The air conditioner on the floor I work broke down, and maintenance was
trying to hurry and fix it.  I could feel a light trickle of sweat
working itself up on my neck, so I tossed my hair up into a messy bun in
hopes of cooling off a little before I got started for the night.  The
intense humidity in the air was making all my loose hair curl.

Unfortunately, all the patients were hot, sweaty, and cranky.  Call
lights were going off constantly with patients asking for ice, fans, or
cool washcloths for sponge baths.  There was a mistake made in
scheduling and we had more nurses than we really needed for a usual
night.  But tonight it was a blessing because everyone had 2 patients
instead of 5.  That made it easier to give our individual, hot, cranky
patients more attention.

Amy, the charge nurse, passed out the room assignments.  I had rooms 19
and 20 at the end of the hall.  Mr. Johnson, in room 19, was pretty much
out of it.  He was in for chest pain, and the pain killers he was
prescribed just knocked him right out.  I quickly did my patient
assessment on him and documented everything in the chart.  I didn’t need
to go back for a few hours to check on him again.

The man in room 20 was a problem.  Mr. Green.  In the hospital for a
bullet wound to the left forearm.  He was 6’2”, 30 years old, had dark
brown hair cut short and spiky, and he had the most beautiful blue eyes I
had seen in my entire life.  When I looked into his eyes I could see
into his soul.  And, he was a street cop.  Therefore, he was in pretty
good shape.  He had broad, muscular shoulders, and biceps that made the
sleeves of his gown bulge.  But, the second I looked at his hands, my
pussy started dripping and I couldn’t control myself.  His fingers
looked long, thick, and strong.  I could just imagine them ramming in
and out of my wet cunt, making me scream in pleasure as wave after wave
of orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks.

Shut up Lexi, you’re just going to make things worse.  He’s your patient and you can’t touch!

This was going to be a looooong night.

“Hi Mr. Green.  I’m Lexi and I’ll be your nurse for tonight.  Is there anything I can get for you before I do your assessment?”

“You can call me Anthony.  Mr. Green is my father.” He said with a chuckle.  “And, no, I don’t need anything right now.”

My pussy was soaking my panties right through.

I knew I should’ve brought extra panties to keep in my locker for times like this.  Damnit!

So, I got started on Anthony’s assessment.  I took his temperature
first.  Staring as his lips as he wrapped them around the thermometer
made me imagine the way they would feel on my skin.  His moist, plump
lips wrapping themselves around my nipples, his tongue flicking and
licking my nipples and clit into a wild oblivion, all while those strong
hands caress every inch of my body.  

Oh god…I can’t stand it!

My knees were locked together so I wouldn’t jump on the bed and straddle Anthony for the ride of his life.

I cleared my throat and asked, “Are you having any pain right now Mr.
Green…I mean, Anthony?”  Then I wrapped the blood pressure cuff around
his bulging arm and tried not to run my hands all over him.

“No, the last nurse came in and gave me some pain killers.”  He said as
he looked at his wound dressing.  Then he turned and looked me dead on
in the eyes.

Those eyes!  They were staring into mine with a heat I’ve never seen
before.  I could feel it all the way down to my toes.  The heat inside
my pussy soared through my body and I felt like I was going to cum just
from that one look!

I finished taking his blood pressure; 120/80, perfect patient.

I bet he’s perfect in the sack too.

Where are these thoughts coming from!?!  He’s my patient!  I have to be professional!

Now, I was getting into some problems.  I had to touch his bare skin to
finish my assessment.  I located his pulses on his wrists.  92 beats per
minute.  Still in normal range, but a little high.

Maybe he’s getting as hot as you are from all the skin to skin contact.

Then I checked his arms and legs for temperature and color to make sure
his blood flow was normal.  I noticed a slight quivering from under the
blankets.  I believe his cock was starting to get hard.

I’d love to help him get it fully erect.  And then help him release that sexual tension.

His temperature was warm and dry (normal) and his skin was dry and
intact, except for the dressing on his forearm.  It was starting to
become saturated with blood.  That would need changed soon.

I finally listened to his heart and lungs.  These were saved for last
because it would involve sticking my hand and stethoscope down the top
of his gown.  As my hand slid into the gown, I could feel the mass and
strength of his pecs.

Just rip his gown off and stare at his beautiful, muscular body.  No one has to know!

A chill ran up my spine.  My heartbeat quickened and my breath escaped my mouth in a loud “woosh”.

“Are you ok?  It’s a million degrees in here and you just got goosebumps.” He asked with a smirk.

SHIT!  He caught me.  He knows that he’s turning me on without even doing anything!

“Yes, I’m fine.  I was just thinking of something that I have to do with
my other patient that I’m not looking forward to.”  I lied.

“What’s that?”

“Trust me; you really don’t want to know.”

“Try me.”

“I have to give him an enema later.”  No I don’t.

“Wow, that’s absolutely disgusting,” he laughed.

I had finished listening to his heart and lungs, but I didn’t want to
take my hand out of his gown.  I wanted to run my fingers all over his
body.  I wanted to lick his skin, taste him from head to toe.

“How many patients do you have tonight?” he asked.

“Just two.  And you’re the only one that’s conscious.”

He laughed again.  “That’s good.  You can spend all your time with me
tonight and keep me company.  I usually work nights, so I’m not going to
sleep any time soon.”

Oh god!  Kill me now!  My pussy is already soaking
my panties, and soon it will be soaking my scrub pants!  Being in here
with him all night is going to be pure and adulterated torture!

“I could probably arrange that.  Is there anything I can get for you before I go do some paperwork really quick?”

“A glass of ice water and some cool cloths would be wonderful, actually.”

So, I got him some ice water and cool cloths.

He’s going to rub those cool cloths all over his
body…you should help him.  Maybe give him another reason to get all hot
and sweaty other than the heat tonight.  Put some heat in his pants…or
*gown* since he’s not wearing any pants.

“Do you need any help with this?” I asked as I handed him the cool, wet
cloths.  Again, I needed to clench my knees together so I wouldn’t jump
his bones and rub my hott, wet, cunt all over his rock hard manhood.

“If you don’t mind, that would be great. My wound is starting to shoot pain straight up to my neck,” he said.

He’s sooo lying just to get me to help him!!!

I rung out a cloth and handed it to him so he could wipe his face.  I
swear I saw a hint of a twinkle in his eyes right as he covered them
with the cool cloth.

He’s testing me!

Taking another cool, damp cloth, I ran it up his arm and down the other, staying clear of his wound.

He moaned.  “Oh, that feels so good.  Nice and refreshing.  Is it ok if I take off this gown and get a new one?”


“Um…sure.”  I walked to the cabinet to get a fresh gown for Anthony.  My
nipples were rock hard and probably sticking out so far they were ready
to poke his eyes out.

When I turned back around, I stopped dead in my tracks and stared.

OH MY FUCKIN’ GOD!  This is the sexiest man I have seen in my entire life!

Sitting up in his bed, Anthony tossed his gown on the floor and the
blankets were shoved off to the side.  From head to toe, I looked him
over.  Beautiful, wide, muscular chest.  Chiseled, washboard abs.  
RAGING HARD ON!!!  Long, muscular legs.  This man really works out quite
hard!  My eyes immediately went back to his cock.  My pussy ached as I
stared longingly at all 9 inches of his rock, hard penis.  The mushroom
head was turning purple with strain.  The veins in the shaft were
pulsing with a need to release all the built up sexual tension.  This
didn’t look like anything recent…he’s had to have this erection for some
time now.  

Oh god…I’d love to grab that beautiful cock and stroke it until he cums!

“Lexi?  About that gown.”

“Oh, um, yes.  I got it right here.”  Stupid Stupid Stupid!  Stop staring at that gorgeous cock!

I walked to the bed and handed him the gown.  He tossed it to the side
and asked for another cool cloth.  My hands trembled as I reached for
one.  My heart was pounding out of my chest.  My pussy juice was oozing
down my inner thighs. My nipples were throbbing to be licked by his
gorgeous mouth.

FUCK!  I’m gonna cum!

He ran the cool cloth over his chest and stomach.  Everything was moving
in slow motion.  Time completely stood still.  I couldn’t help but just
stare at this beautiful man before me.  Hoping that my pussy would stop
being uncooperative.

You’re going to have to go to the bathroom to release yourself, Lexi.

I shook my head in hopes that I could snap out of my lust induced stupor.

“Could you get my legs for me please?” he asked.

“S-sure,” was all I could mutter.

I grabbed another cloth and ran it from his toes to his knees, then down the back of his calves.

“Could you get my thighs too?”

Oh god!  That means I have to get close to his
cock!  Please lord; don’t let me do anything stupid or embarrassing!  
Don’t let me give into this wild rage building up inside me!

I got yet another cool cloth and started at the knees, working my way
up.  When I got to the crease between the thigh and groin, his cock
started twitching, pulsating, begging me to touch it, to lick it, to
suck on it until it exploded down the back of my throat.


I took a deep breath and ran the cloth down the back of his thighs.  I
could see and feel every ripple and bulge of muscle straining against
his skin.  His legs were covered in thick dark hair.  I looked at his
massive cock, surrounded by neatly trimmed pubic hair.  There was a
treasure trail running from his belly button to his pubic region.  
Treasure trails are my weakness.  Getting an up close view of his was
enough to make me wanna lose all inhibitions and go crazy on this man!  I
want to run my fingers through that sexy line of hair.  Follow the path
to the main treasure with my tongue.  I want to feel his huge cock
shoving into the back of my throat…

“I, umm, I have to go do some paperwork for a little bit.  Let me help you with your gown and I’ll let you rest a little while.”

I helped Anthony put his gown on and tied it in the back.  What a shame
to cover such beauty, such art.  He’s like a chiseled Greek God statue
come to life.  The spitting image of my ideal man.

I gotta go to the bathroom and do something about this dripping pussy.

“I’ll be back in a little bit to see if you need anything else.”

I left the room and headed straight to the bathroom.  I locked the door,
ripped my pants and panties off, leaned against the wall, and finger
fucked myself into oblivion.  One finger wasn’t enough…neither was
two…or three.  I practically had my whole fuckin fist in my pussy,
slamming it in and out, banging my clit with my other hand until it was
on fire.  I could feel the heat building even more.  I went harder,
faster, slamming my pussy with everything in me.  I could feel the edge
coming nearer.  Finally, with one final slam of my pussy and tweak of my
clit, I was flying high as a kite.  Wave after wave of pleasure rippled
through my body.  My pussy juice poured out of me and all over my hand
and dripped down my legs, pooling on the floor around my feet.  I
collapsed to the floor, spent.  But, still, I was not satisfied.  I
needed more.  I needed the touch of a man to satisfy the primal lust
deep inside.

I cannot go back to Anthony’s room. I’ll end up raping the poor man!

I finally collected myself, cleaned up my mess, washed my hands, and put
my clothes back on.  At least my pussy stopped leaking everywhere…for a
little while anyways.

I splashed my face with cool water and blotted myself off with paper
towels.  Looking in the mirror, no one should be able to tell what I had
just done.  But, if anyone asks why I’m flushed and sweaty, I’ll blame
it on the heat.

I went to the nurse’s station and Amy, the charge nurse, asked, “I have
some free time, do you need some help with any of your patients?”

“Well, if you want to change Mr. Green’s dressing on his arm in room 20
that would be great.  I have to catch up on some paperwork here.  All
the supplies are in his room already on the window ledge.  Thanks Amy, I
owe you one.”

Little does SHE know.  I need a break from
Anthony’s sexy body.  Being that close to him again will really make me
go over the edge.

After I completed my paperwork I decided to check on Mr. Johnson in room
19.  I needed to delay going back to Anthony’s room as long as
possible.  My pussy needed a break from all the heat.

Mr. Johnson was still sawing logs.  Those meds really knocked him out
cold.  I checked him really quick from head to toe to make sure he was
ok and propped him up on some pillows to relieve pressure on his

There.  That ought to hold him over for a few more hours.

It’s off to Anthony’s room I go.


“Hey Lexi, haven’t seen you for a while” he commented as I walked in the room.  Again, I see a hint of a twinkle in his eyes.

“Hello Anthony.  How’s it going in here?  Can I get you anything?  More ice water?  Cool cloths?”


There goes my pussy again getting all hot and wet.  I can feel the
tingle of an orgasm working itself up.  I shove my knees together in
hopes that my pussy will stop coming alive in the presence of this Greek
God, Anthony.

“Nah.  I’m pretty good.  I am getting a little hot, but if I just take off this gown I should be ok.”

Oh shit! Not the gown again!!! Here comes the wave of pussy juice.

I feel my pussy burning as pussy juice pours out of me, soaking my
panties yet again.  Anthony takes off his gown and I see a hint of a
hard on poking out from around the covers.  My nipples come to life
again and I can feel the raw rubbing of my bra against the sensitive
tips of my breasts.  My nipples are aching to be freed and exposed to
the warm, humid air…and Anthony’s luscious lips.  I can feel a trickle
of sweat running down between my breasts now as I get turned on even
more than I’ve ever been.

“Can you do me a really big favor, Lexi?  This is really embarrassing, but I wouldn’t ask if I could do it myself.”

“Well, I guess that depends on what it is.  But I’ll try.  What can I do for you Anthony?”

“Um.  Well…you see…I kinda got a problem here,” he says as he throws his blankets and gown on the floor.

I gasp in surprise at this sudden revealing of the largest cock I have
ever seen.  I swear this thing is at least 10 inches long now, if not

My pussy starts to quiver, my heart beats in double time, my nipples are
screaming to be released.  I want to rip my clothes off and ravage this
sexy beast of a man with every ounce of woman I have in me!


“Wow, uh, what seems to be the problem with that, Anthony?  It looks ok to me.”

Stop drooling you idiot! It’s not like you’ve never seen a cock before…well, not one this big though!

“Ya, I know it looks ok.  It probably looks damn good to you right now.
But my problem is, it won’t go down ever since I first saw you tonight.
 And I can tell you’ve been thinking about it all night.  It’s not cold
in here and your nipples come to life every time you walk in my room.”

Holy shit!

“What do you want me to do about your problem though?  I’m your nurse; I
can’t really do anything to help you unless I want to lose my job.”

“Well, isn’t your job to make your patient feel comfortable and help alleviate any pain they’re having?”

“Yes, but this is kind of different.”

“How so?  If you help me, I’ll be more comfortable, and I’ll be pain
free.  It’s really starting to hurt here.  And if you help me, I swear
on my life that I won’t tell a single soul.  You wouldn’t get in trouble
at all.  Plus, I’m left handed, and I can’t use that arm very well
because of the bullet wound.”

Oh shit…he’s good. He’s really good.  I shouldn’t
do this, but FUCK!  That cock is so massive I just have to get my hands
on it.  And my mouth. And my pussy!

“Ok, fine.  I’ll do it.  What do you want me to do first?”

“That’s a good girl.  Just shut the door, pull the curtain, and come
over here.”  That twinkle in his eyes was shining like the bright sun
now.  He was enjoying this as much as I was!

I shut the door, my hands trembling.  I could feel the ache between my legs growing stronger.

How is helping him with his problem going to fix my problem?!?!

On my way back to his bedside, I pulled the curtain closed and tried to
hold back from ripping my clothes off and being as naked as he was.

“Sit down here” he said patting the edge of his bed.

I sat down and asked, “Do you want me to get some lube or anything?  There’s little packets in the stock room.”

“No, use your spit.”


A man after my own heart!

He grabbed my hand, cupped it, and held it up to my mouth.  I spit in my hand.  Then he lowered my hand to his cock.

“Are you sure?” I asked before I actually touched his pulsating manhood.

“Definitely.”  Those clear blue eyes cut right through any inhibitions I had left.

I wrapped my hand around his shaft and slowly slid it up and down, lubricating the entire shaft in just a few strokes.


“Oooohhh, Gooood!  Lexi, that feels amazing! Go faster!  PLEASE!!”

I’m totally masturbating my patient. OH MY GOD!

Feeling his rock hard shaft in my warm, soft hand got my pussy juice
flowing so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if my scrub pants were getting
soaked all the way through.  With my free hand I grabbed his right hand
and placed it on my engorged breast.

“If I’m gonna help you, you gotta help me too.”

I spit in my hand again to keep things well lubricated while I worked on
his erection.  There was a drop of precum forming at the tip of his
mushroom head and I couldn’t help myself.  I bent down and licked the
tip.  It was the best tasting cock I’d ever had!

Anthony’s body went rigid when I licked the head of his penis.

“What the hell!?  I wasn’t expecting that!  Oh my God that was AMAZING!
I felt the shock ripple through my body all the way to my toes.”

I felt that he was giving me an open invitation, so I dove right in.  
Straddling his legs at the knees, facing towards him, I licked the head
of his penis, making sure I didn’t miss even the tiniest of spots.  Long
strokes with my hand helped keep him steady while I flicked the
underneath of his penis where the head meets the shaft.  He started
pulsating even more.  I could feel the veins in his shaft throbbing
against my lips.  Finally, I took as much of him into my mouth as
possible.  His head hitting the back of my throat made me gag, but I
kept going.  I licked and sucked his penis like my heart depended on it.
 I felt his whole body start to quiver and I knew his load was going to
come hard and fast.  The grasp he had on my breast tightened and sent a
ripple of pleasure throughout my body.

“Oh, god! I’m gonna cum Lexi!”

I sucked harder and faster.  What little bit of his penis I couldn’t fit
into my mouth, I worked with my hand.  I moved my hand faster and
faster while I licked and sucked harder.  Feeling his huge wad shoot
down the back of my throat was the only thing on my mind right now.

Anthony started panting, “Oh fuck! Oh shit!  FASTER! AAaahhhhhh!!”

All of a sudden, his body started convulsing as squirt after squirt of
hot, sticky cum shot down my throat.  His back arched as I swallowed as
much cum as I could, being careful not to let a drop of his delicious
male seed escape the clutches of my lips.  After about 6 or 7 shots of
his love juice, he finally relaxed.  We lay there for a few moments, him
catching his breath, me licking his freshly drained cock clean.

His hand was no longer on my breast.  My body ached without the touch of
a man.  I looked up and he motioned for me to get up a second.

“What?  Are you in pain?  Am I doing something wrong?”

“Hell yes you’re doing something wrong!  You aren’t naked!”

With that, I ripped my top and pants off as fast as lightening.  I could
see the drool forming in his mouth as he stared at my massive tits.

“Keep going.  Please?  You’re killing me here Lexi!”

I stood up and took my pussy juice soaked panties off and flung them at
him.  He balled them up and raised them to his nose.  The pleasure on
his face was obvious as he breathed in the scent of me.

Reaching behind me, I unhooked the clasp of my bra.  Slowly, I shimmied
the straps down my shoulders to make the process long and agonizing for
this man that so desperately wanted to see my naked tits.  The shimmy
process gave him a good show because my tits were bouncing all over the
place.  Finally, my bra was completely off and my nipples stood more
erect than I’d ever seen them before.

He reached out with his good hand and pinched a nipple.  I felt a
shudder ripple through my body that made me physically shake.  Pussy
juice oozed out of my cunt, running down my legs.  Anthony sat up on the
side of his bed, his feet on the floor, and pulled me to him.  As his
hand ravaged my left breast and nipple, his mouth found my right nipple.
 He sucked and gently tugged on my tit with his teeth.  The gentle
manipulation caused me to cum, squirting all over his thighs.

“You’re a squirter, huh?”

“Yeah, we’re gonna make a big mess before I’m done with you tonight.”

“Is that a promise?” he asked as he clamped his lips around my left
nipple now, his hand working it’s way down my stomach to my cunt.  I
thrust my hips closer to Anthony, letting him know I’m game for anything
he decides to do.  His thumb found my clit, and I moaned into the top
of his head, digging my nails into the back of his neck.  The sudden
sharpness of my nails made him bite down on my nipple, sending further
waves of pleasure throughout my body.  I arched my back, threw my head
back, and begged for him to shove his long, muscular fingers into my

Quick as a rabbit, he whirled me around so I was flat on my back on his
bed.  He got between my knees and said, “I can do better than that.”

As his thumb worked my clit in little circles, his fingers spread apart
my pussy lips.  Slowly, I felt his middle finger slide in my love hole,
inch my agonizing inch.  As soon as he was knuckle deep, he inserted
another finger…then another…all equally slow as the first.  I could feel
the convulsing orgasm already starting to take hold of me.  I closed my
eyes, thrust my hips down onto his fingers, and growled like a cat in

Oh, yes! I want to feel more. Need to feel more of this sexy man inside me!

The next thing I knew, his tongue was replacing his thumb.  I could feel
it flicker against my sensitive, swollen clit.  Pussy juice was running
down his hand, all the way to his elbow.  Without a moment’s notice, he
started sucking my clit without abandon and his fingers jack hammered
in and out of me with a skill you wouldn’t believe.

It’s almost like this guy watches you finger yourself.  He knows exactly what you want, Lexi!

I was in heaven.  My hands flew to my breasts, playing with my nipples,
moaning and screaming in pleasure as this Greek God gave my pussy the
best finger bashing and tongue lashing I’ve ever experienced.

Feeling the heat rising from deep within, I started panting.  I could
feel the pleasure, the bliss, working its way to the surface.  The
animal within me was begging to get out.  Like a wild beast trying to
escape from a cage.  The waves of pleasure started soaring.  My toes
curled.  My hands flew from my breasts to the back of Anthony’s head and
pushed his face into my pussy juice squirting cunt.  I had orgasm after
orgasm until my mind became mush.

Spent, my body went limp.  Anthony looked up at me with the biggest
smile on his face I had ever seen.  Pussy juice dripped from his chin,
from his nose.  He licked his lips as I handed him whatever blanket my
hand found first.  He wiped his face clean and collapsed on top of me.

Breathing heavier than I was, Anthony asked, “Are you ready for round two?”

“Only if I get to call the shots,” was all that I replied.

“How do you want me?”  That sexy twinkle was back in his eyes.

“Lie down, on your back, and don’t move a muscle. Let me do all the
work.” I flashed him the most evil yet seductive grin I could manage.

Smiling like a kid in a candy store, he lay down where I had just been
laying and I straddled his hips.  Rubbing my pussy up and down his
hardening shaft was helping the process go a little quicker.   His cock
was getting rock hard and my pussy was dripping all over him.

His hands found my hips and held on while I inserted him into my love
tunnel.  As I slid down, inch by inch, both of our faces contorted into
looks of pure bliss.  A sigh of pleasure escaped my lips as I slowly
rocked my body back and forth against his.  I dug my nails into his
wide, muscular chest as I picked up speed.  He roamed to my tits and
felt the full weight of them in his hands, rubbing his thumbs over my
sensitive nipples.  Leaning up, he licked and sucked on them as I
continued picking up speed on his massive manhood.

The bed was squeeking loudly and banging against the wall by the time we
got to our perfect speed.  Moans of pleasure and ecstasy flowed from
our mouths from somewhere deep within.  His rock hard cock sliding in
and out of my wet cunt was driving me wild with lust.  Feeling his hands
work down to my thighs, I leaned my body back toward his feet and
arched my back.  My hands were on either side of his knees and his hands
inched back up to my hips.  I could feel his thumbs moving toward each
other, on either side of my engorged clit.  His fingers fanned over my
hips.  Finally, his thumbs met on top of my love button and moved in
tiny circles, driving me into oblivion.

As my orgasm built up harder and faster, I thrust myself equally as hard
and fast so Anthony’s cock flew in and out of my pussy with ease.  My
juices started flowing like a waterfall, drenching Anthony and the bed
beneath him.

“I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed.

I screamed.

Together, we released ourselves into each other.  I felt his seed
squirting deep into my womb as my cunt juice exploded all over him.

I collapsed on top of Anthony, feeling his heart pounding against my
cheek.  We lay just holding each other, panting to catch our breath.  
After what felt like hours, I looked up at him and kissed him with all
the passion I had left in me.  This was the first time our lips met
tonight.  I could taste myself on his lips, as I’m sure he could taste
himself on me.  Our tongues entwined as we indulged ourselves in the
most passionate kiss I have ever experienced in my whole life.

Looking into his eyes I said, “When you’re ready, doggie style is actually my favorite.”

We’ve only just begun.

Pussy eating 101



Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re probably getting ready to go down on your girl and know the joy of eating pussy. Here are a few tips to help you make your girl orgasm over and over again.

It’s not the Fast and the Furious

Don’t rush it. Take it slow at first and get a feel for what she likes. It’s not the Fast and the Furious btw. One of the most important things to do is for you and your girl to relax. Seriously, it’ll be fine, you got this!  Kiss your way down her body and tease her thighs and butt. This will turn her on before you start the real action. Get close so that she thinks you’re going to go down any second, but don’t give in immediately.

Driving her crazy

Make sure you spend time getting her aroused before you head south. When she’s ready, kiss her on the outside of her panties. Breathe hot air through her panties against her vag area. Breathe softly but warmly for short bursts at a time. You can alternate between doing this and kissing her thighs and stomach. Teasing her will drive her crazy and make her wet and ready.

Slow and steady

Start out gentle, start licking slowly then gradually speed it up. Take time to explore the whole region, teasing her with your tongue. When you begin to kiss and lick her vulva, work your way in slowly from the outside. Start by licking the outer edges of the outer lips (labia), then very slowly spread them, and lick and kiss the inner lips, and around the vagina. Do this gently, as though you were still teasing her. 

Avoid the clit, at first

Try to avoid coming in contact with her clit for as long as you can, even as you kiss her labia and vagina. When you reach her clit, lick softly and focus on the clitoral hood (just above the clitoris), since most women prefer indirect clitoral contact before they’re fully aroused.  If she grinds faster as you lick her, press your tongue harder on her clit and go faster. If she grinds slowly, then slow it down and try flicking your tongue softer because her clit may be becoming sensitive.

Know your alphabet

If you’re not sure which strokes are best to approach the clit, try licking the alphabet by licking the shape of every letter in the alphabet.  As silly as that sounds, it does work. While doing this, make your licks wide from time to time to cover the whole genital area, and make them small at other times, centering on the clit itself.

Suck it 

As she becomes more aroused, you can gently suck her clit into your mouth and flick your tongue over it. This combination of suction with a much faster rhythm will drive her crazy.

Listen and learn

Listen carefully to what she says and the sounds she makes. If she sounds excited, keep doing what you’re doing for as long as you can. When she seems to respond less, it’s time to try a new stroke.

Learn to hum

Closing your mouth and humming against her clit, adding vibrations as you lick, will stimulate her clit and vagina. 

Get into it

Use your entire face when you’re going down on her — your nose, cheeks and chin and move them around. Even if you’re just using your mouth, shaking your face from side to side and up and down will enhance friction in a great way.

Finger licking good

It’s important to have clean, well-groomed hands when you’re touching a woman’s genitals. Keep your fingernails trimmed and filed, to avoid scratching her sensitive skin. Don’t cut your nails right before hooking up; they’ll still be too rough and sharp to touch her. Every woman’s body responds differently, so you’ll want to play around with a few different ways of touching her to figure out what she likes best. Circle around her clit with one finger, gliding diagonally across the surface, rubbing up and down, or going side to side. Next, try using your fingers inside of her, starting with one, then moving up to two and three. Then try using one hand inside of her and the other on her clitoris. Ask her, “do you like it better when I do this or this?” Or see which approach makes her moan louder or breathe heavier. Once you’ve got her going, make sure you pay attention to her clit. Most women need repetitive, consistent clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Find your rhythm and don’t make any changes as she starts to near her climax. Also, penetrating your girl with one finger and making a “come here” motion is a great way to locate her G-spot, which will increase her orgasm. Alternate using your fingers and licking her.

Lube is your friend

When fingering her remember: the skin on a woman’s genitals is delicate. You don’t want your fingers pulling and tugging at her skin when you’re touching her, so using lube when you’re fingering her is a plus. You can use her natural fluids as lubricant (just dip your fingers into her vaginal opening), but doesn’t last as long as lube and she may feel embarrassed if she gets dry. Lube will not only decrease her discomfort (and any potential pain), but it will also increase her sensitivity and help your fingers move better. FYI: silicone lubricant lasts longest and feels best against the skin.

Don’t stop, she’s so close

When she is nearing an orgasm, make sure you do everything she wants you to. No matter if you have a kink in your neck or your arm’s falling asleep, keep doing exactly what you’re doing until you’re sure she’s orgasmed.

Know when enough is enough

The clit is extremely sensitive after climax, so when her orgasm is over, you don’t want to keep licking it as intensely as you were before she reached orgasm. As she climaxes, continue licking, but gently taper off as her reaction begins to mellow.

Be creative

When going down, feel free to be creative — mix and match what works best for you and what drives your girl crazy. :))

– This isn’t THE pussy eating post we were looking for, but it’ll do for now. Thank you @cockcalledexcalibur for this.

“Ah! If you move it will only be harder on you…

“Ah! If you move it will only be harder on you. There we go, that’s much better, you’re such a good boy.” You gasp and whimper as you scratch at the floor, your daddy on his knee behind you, slowly putting a large vibrator into your ass, using a combination of spit and lube to squeeze it in. Your cock twitches with ecstasy as you feel your body being stretch. “Almost there, whose’s daddy’s good pup?” Your daddy asks with a teasing tone, making you whimper as your hips shake slightly by themselves, unable to help yourself as a wave of happiness floods over you from his praise.

“There we go.” Your daddy grabs the chain that’s attached to your collar then stands up. You stay on all fours with your head hanging down, trying to hide the look of pleasure on your face as you feel the toy deep inside your ass. “Don’t let that fall out.” Your daddy grind down at you as he tugs in your collar, forcing you to look up at him. You whimper once more as you see the controller for the toy in his hand, you watch as he carefully caresses the buttons on it. “Now, tell daddy. Does his little pet want to cum today?” He asks you with a raised eyebrow. You whimper as you nod your head. “Come now, I know you can speak.” Your daddy chuckles to himself. You nod again, this time you open your mouth and bark like a dog for him. “That’s my good boy.” Your daddy pushes down on one of the buttons which causes the toy to come to life and start to softly buzz inside your ass.

You moan then pant softly as the toy moves and buzzes, rubbing against your g-spot. “Let daddy give his good little pup a nice treat.” You look up in time to watch as your daddy pulls his hard cock out from his pants, your eyes focus on his shaft as you lick your lips between pants. You quickly lean up and lick along his shaft as you grab the base of his cock with one hand, and use the other to keep your balance. “Someone likes their treat.” Your daddy teases as he pulls on the collar, pulling your head closer to his cock. You moan softly as you kiss up his shaft then wrap your lips around the tip of his cock and hungrily suck on your daddy’s treat, your cock twitches and throbs as the toy vibrates, the speed changing as your daddy plays with the remote and he brings you closer to your orgasm before he slows the toy down, teasing and toying with you.

You move your head and take him into your throat, gagging slightly as you get used to him, you then start to move your head back and forth as you look up at him, staring into his eyes. Your moans become muffled by his throbbing cock, you slide your hand along the base of his shaft as your tongue laps at the sides. Your cock rock hard and dripping with precum as your body is kept on the edge. “That’s a good pup, you suck daddy dry and you’ll be rewarded.” Your daddy groan as he reaches down and grabs your hair and starts to move his hips. You yelp then moan around his cock as you start to suck harder, letting him control his movements and fuck your mouth. Your eyes stay on his as he fucks your mouth with his throbbing cock, grunting and groaning as the tip of his cock pushes into your throat. You swallow and moan, feeling the taste of his precum on your tongue as he twitches and only gets bigger inside your mouth. “Fuck! Swallow like a good boy!” Your daddy groans deeply as he pushes your head down and thrusts his hips until he is in your throat. You gag for a second then swallow as you feel his hot load shoot down your throat, load after load exploding into your mouth until he slowly pulls out, letting you gasp for air as your body trembles and begs for your own release.

Your daddy catches his breath before he gets on his knee and leans in to whisper into your ear. “Since you were a good boy, I’ll reward you.” He reaches out with his hand and grabs your sensitive cock, making you whimper loudly as you push your hips towards his hand. “Cum for me.” And with those words he starts to stroke his hand along your cock as the toy buzzes inside you. You gasp and moan as your hips buck against his hand, thrusting your cock between his fingers. His words dance in your ear as he moves his hand along your throbbing cock and it only takes seconds as you feel your testicles pull against your body, you cry out as you feel the rush of your cum explode through your shaft and erupt out over your daddy’s hand and the floor. Your whole body bucks and twitches as a powerful wave of euphoria washes over you. “There we go, that’s my good pup, let it take you over.” Your daddy whispers as he holds you with his free hand after he turns the toy off and lightly strokes your over sensitive cock with his other hand. You come down from your high and carefully pull away from your daddy and present your ass. “Of course, I’ll take it out then we can snuggle.”


Request: Yaoi story about a daddy and his pet.
From: N/A.
Tags: Yaoi, man on man, daddy/pet, anal, oral, sex toys, pet play, daddy.
POV: Pet.

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Fantasies Fulfilled

Short Story

Everyone has sexual fantasies; men and women alike. But few ever have
the chance to act on their fantasies. Oh, some may be lucky enough to
have one fulfilled, occasionally, but generally speaking, they will
remain just a fantasy.

My wife and I were married fairly young; she was eighteen and I was
twenty one, so our sexual experience was somewhat limited. We were
fortunate, however, in that neither of us was too “hung up” on taboos,
so we willingly experimented with each other and learned what each liked
and didn’t like, and over time, we settled into a comfortable sexual
routine. That, of course, can either be a good or bad thing. In our
particular situation, it never caused a problem because frankly, neither
of us ever found anyone more attractive and interesting than each
other. Still, we each had our fantasies, and from time to time, would
use them to enhance an evening’s sexual pleasures by simply talking
about them.

For example, my wife would set the bedroom up with candles and scents,
lead me blindfolded to the bed, and would begin to massage me with oils
until I was good and aroused, then as she slowly masturbated me, she
would describe, in exquisite detail, one of her sexual fantasies. The
visual image of her being pleasured by someone else was enough to bring
me to the peak and eventually explode in orgasm. Likewise, I would do
much the same with her by wining and romancing her; touching and feeling
her body; licking her secret places and finally, slowly fucking her
while describing one of my sexual fantasies. She would climax, often
more than once, as I described exactly what I would like to experience.

We had two terrific kids, a boy and a girl, who were just entering their
teens, and of course, they knew that mom and dad enjoyed sex. We made a
point of educating them about the facts of life, but did not involve
them in our sexual pleasures. From time to time, we would occasionally
get away for a romantic weekend to Las Vegas, Sedona or another location
where we could relax and fuck our brains out. Such a getaway was
planned for my 39th birthday, and my wife promised she was going to make
it memorable for me. We packed the kids off to Grandma’s and headed for
Sin City and the bright lights. We checked into our hotel, and I
started to make dinner reservations when my wife stopped me and, with a
smile, told me she had already taken care of it. Six o’clock rolled
around and we were dressed up for our night out.

We dressed casually, as everything in Vegas is now casual, and headed
down to the lobby. I was going to have our car brought around, but
again, my wife told me we had another ride, and at that moment, a
stretch limo pulled up and the driver came around and opened the door
and showed us in. My wife kissed me and said “Have a great night. Happy
Birthday, sweetheart” and with a smile, turned around and headed back
into the hotel. The driver had a grin on his face as he held the door,
and indicated I should climb in. I did so, and was greeted by two of the
cutest young Oriental females I had ever laid eyes on. I think they
were Japanese and they were twins! They couldn’t have been over twenty
years old; each was like a porcelain doll, with long black hair, perfect
skin and each was wearing one of those oriental style dresses with the
high collars and the slit up the side to the waist. I followed their
directions and settled into the seat between the two of them, and they
began to hand feed me bites of food and sips of Sake`, all while very
subtly touching me on the chest, thighs and arms in a very intimate way.

As we drove, one kneeled up on the seat beside me and leaned over and
kissed me, offering her tongue in the process, which I redily accepted.
We no more than broke that kiss than the other climbed up and repeated
the act, proving she was just as sweet and tasty as her sister. I’m not
certain how long we drove, but the car pulled up to a beautiful home
that was a ranch style from the 1950’s, but which was somewhat secluded
on a large property that was very nicely landscaped and hidden from its
neighbors by a high hedge completely around the property. I had
absolutely no idea where we were.

The door opened, and again, the chauffer stood aside as the lovely
ladies pulled me along and into the house, which was magnificently
furnished. We proceeded along a hallway and into a huge bedroom with an
ultra king-sized bed, and sitting area that also appeared to have a full
wet bar and just outside a set of sliding arcadia glass doors was a
lighted Jacuzzi with its own privacy wall. The girls began to undress
me, and before long, I was nude and standing there with a hard on,
living not one, but two of my fantasies. One, of course, had been to
make love to an Oriental woman (I don’t know why, but I just find them
to be extremely sexy), and the second was to be with two women at the
same time (probably every male’s fantasy). The ladies were out of their
dresses in a flash, and not surprisingly, were completely naked

They led me outside and into the Jacuzzi tub, which was a perfect
temperature, and for the next hour, we kissed and felt and fingered and
touched and tasted to our heart’s content. Then we got out of the hot
tub and they carefully dried me off, even licking the moisture from my
cock, then led me into the bedroom. These girls were absolutely perfect;
high taut breasts with firm, delicate nipples; pubic hair that was
trimmed short, but still fully covering the vaginal area (which seems to
be the Oriental style, and opposed to the current style of shaving or
waxing most pubic hair away, which my wife does), but it still revealed
moist pink slits and small buttons of their clits. One of them lay down
and opened her legs for me, and I proceeded to go down on her and began
licking and tongue fucking her while her sister caressed her breasts. It
wasn’t long before she began to moan softly and her hips began to buck,
and I slipped my finger in her cunt and felt her contractions and
tasted her juices as she came against my lips. One of my favorite sexual
turn-ons is a woman’s orgasm. I love to watch them, and any porn video
I’ve ever watched without a legitimate female climax is a total waste,
in my opinion.

I rolled over on my back to rest, and they proceeded to bring me more
sake and another trey of snacks, including oysters on the half shell,
one of my favorites. My cock had been hard and seeping pre-cum all
evening, and from time to time, one of the girls would lick me clean,
and I would promptly harden again. After a break of about fifteen
minutes, the second (I think it was the other one, anyway) lay down on
the bed with her legs spread, and it was clear I was to please her as I
had her sister. I proceeded to lick her thighs and work my way up to her
pussy, which was soaking wet. I put her legs over my shoulders and
really went to work on her private area, including tonguing her anal
area, and it wasn’t long before she also began to buck and moan and
released a powerful orgasm which may have been even stronger than her

I rolled over on my back and began to catch my breath, and the other
girl began to gently wipe my face and mouth with a warm cloth, then
leaned over and began to kiss me again, with her tongue playing in my
mouth and her nails stroking my chest and nipples. At the same time, I
felt lips and tongue caressing my cock and licking my balls as my cock
began to throb. I didn’t want to come by hand or with a blow job
tonight. I wanted to fuck each of these sweet pussies and I hoped they
were as tight and responsive as my fantasy led me to believe. I pulled
the girl who was kissing me to the side and rolled over on top of her
and she raised her knees as she spread her legs and gave me full and
immediate access to that young pussy. She may have been fucked many
times, but as I entered that gorgeous cunt, it was tight and throbbing,
just as in my fantasy. I began to stroke, long and steady and deep as I
could reach, and her sister knelt beside me, tonguing my ear and
caressing me balls and anus. It took very little time before I exploded
into her pussy and she squeezed every drop from my cock before I rolled
off. The other girl was there almost immediately with a warm washcloth
to clean me up while her sister went into the bathroom and douched my
cum from her insides.

In a few short minutes, we were back in the hot tub, relaxing and they
were feeding me again and I was sipping sake once more and they were
kissing me and letting me feel their bodies and touch them in any way I
wanted. We played and teased for about an hour and I was finally aroused
once more, and we moved to the bed. It was the second girl’s turn and
she lay down and spread herself for me. I smiled, leaned over and kissed
her, but then rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips and moved
behind her to take her doggy style. She understood immediately, and
opened herself for me and I entered her without difficulty. I love
fucking doggy style; it gives me access to a deep penetration and I can
watch her little sphincter twitch as I thrust in and out, and of course,
I can fondle her ass and tits as I pump her. The sister was helping by
fondling my balls and gently scratching her nails over my sack and over
my anus as I pumped. I held her hips tight and soon felt my jism rise
again, and thrust as deeply as I could to empty myself completely. I
collapsed on the bed and this time, I was really spent. Once more, I
felt gentle hands and a warm cloth cleaning my groin and I closed my
eyes and dozed off.

When I awoke, the ladies were dressed and sitting on the bed beside me.
They each kissed me, then helped me get dressed and led me out to the
limo that was parked out front. I climbed in and they got in beside me.
We kissed and laughed all the way back to my hotel, and I’m still not
certain where that house was. My wife was waiting up for me, though it
was well after midnight, and she asked me how my “present” was. I smiled
and kissed her and told her I loved her, which I did…very much.

That was three years ago, and now, it’s my wife’s 39th birthday. As you
might imagine, I have schemed and researched the possibilities ever
since she treated me, and I wanted to make certain she got as good as
she gave, if not more so. I located a service, on line, that promised to
fulfill fantasies, etc. and took a trip (alone) one weekend to check
them out. I was finally satisfied they could provide what I wanted and
made the arrangements. One of the curious things to me about my special
night out was that I never saw the bill or the cost. Somehow, my wife
had paid for it and left no trail. I had been doing the same thing for
the past three years. I had a “secret” stash that I had been funding,
sort of like a Christmas Club, and she would never see the cost. I was
shown a portfolio of male companions and picked two that I was certain
my wife would enjoy, based upon the types of men she seemed to be
attracted to (other than me, of course).

Once again we made reservations in Las Vegas, and if she suspected
anything other than a nice night out with me, she never let on. On her
birthday, we got dressed to go out, and she had dressed sexy as hell,
fully intending to seduce me and get laid for her birthday, I’m sure. We
went to the valet area, and just as before, instead of our car pulling
up, a limo pulled in and the driver came around and opened the door. My
wife looked at me with a smile, but I just grinned, kissed her and
wished her a happy birthday. She climbed in and the limo pulled away.

I proceeded to get our car and drove to a nearby building where the
fantasy firm was headquartered, and quickly went inside. They had a
private screening room set up for me; one of the “extras” they provided
was live video coverage of the evening including a DVD for later
enjoyment. They “guaranteed” that no other copies would be made and that
the original recording would be deleted, once I was satisfied with the

I got there just as the limo was arriving at its destination, and the
feed from inside the limo showed my wife kissing one man and the other
stroking her knee and thigh while kissing her shoulder. They broke and
she was giggling and laughing, obviously enjoying herself. I saw the one
who had kissed her brush his hand over her breast, very casually, and I
knew she was loving this, because her fantasy was to be seduced by two
men (just as I had wanted two women), but not to be mauled by them, but
rather to be touched and gently fondled and played with and slowly be
made love to, over and over. My wife is multi orgasmic, and as long as
she doesn’t get too sore, she can cum repeatedly all night long. The two
men were both in their twenties and were tall and athletic. I am 6’1”
and 200 pounds, but each of the boy toys I had selected for my wife was
taller and slightly leaner than I was.

After they exited the car, a few minutes passed and then the scene
shifted to a bedroom view, and four different screens showed various
views of the room and the bed, which was also greatly oversized (where
do they get these beds?). One view was from directly overhead, and I
could tell from the various views that nothing would be left to the
imagination. The three of them came into the room, and all were laughing
and seemed relaxed. One man came up behind her and put his arms around
her and began kissing and nuzzling her neck and I saw him begin to
unbutton her blouse, fondling her breasts as he did so, while the other
moved to the bar and poured her a flute of Champaign which he brought
over to her, just as her blouse was completely off, revealing a very
sexy half cup bra.

She took the Champaign and sipped it, while her skirt was undone and
dropped to the floor. She was wearing bikini panties, but it wasn’t long
before the panties and bra were gone, and each of the men undressed, as
well. Both were very well built and were hung like horses, and for a
moment, I felt a pang of jealousy and even fear that my wife might be
disappointed when she returned home. Then I laughed to myself, and
realized that they were no threat to me. I watched as one man took her
in his arms and kissed her and lifted her up so she could wrap her naked
legs around his body, his stiffened cock thrust between her legs and
showing between her buttocks as though she were riding on it. He lay her
down on the bed, and still kissing her, began to fondle her breasts and
stomach while his companion knelt between her legs and began to lick
her, starting at her ankles and slowly working his way up the insides of
her legs, alternating from one to the other as he moved higher. My wife
had her legs spread wide open and I could see her vaginal opening and
she was wet and her juices were dripping down her buttocks. The camera
zoomed in and I could see her pussy lips pulsating from the stimulation
she was receiving at both ends.

When the man between her legs reached her pussy, and his tongue snaked
out to gently stroke her clit, his partner seemed to know exactly where
he was and moved his lips down to my wife’s breasts and began to kiss
and suckle them. In less than thirty seconds, I saw her hips jump and
her stomach muscles contract, and she had her first climax of the
evening. They kept her going for about a half dozen contractions, and
then eased up slowly letting her relax. The man between her legs got up
and moved to the bar and I knew he was preparing some crackers and
caviar and another glass of Champaign, since that is what I arranged,
but then I saw the other man kneel up on the bed and lift my wife’s head
to his crotch, and watched as she took his huge cock in her mouth and
began to slide her lips up and down on it, as far as it would go down
her throat. My cock was throbbing, just watching this, and I wanted to
charge in there and take over, but I knew this was about her pleasure
and not my own.

As soon as the caviar and Champaign arrived, she disengaged herself from
the one cock and they hand fed her a bite of caviar and a sip of
Champaign, until she had finished one flute of the Champaign. Then the
second man approached her from the side and held his cock out for her
and she leaned over and took it down her throat while his companion
removed the glasses and dishes. Neither man had cum in her mouth, nor
had I really expected them to, but I knew my wife well enough to know
that she really liked sucking cock and it really turned her on. They
both laid her back on the bed, and spread her legs and one of them
mounted her and slid his cock into her waiting pussy. He lifted her legs
up and over his shoulders and thrust deeply, and I saw the slack look
of pleasure come over my wife’s face as he penetrated her depths. He
pumped in and out, slowly and steadily, and then his companion moved up
beside her face and turned her head so he could put his cock into her
mouth as his companion fucked her. This was too much for her and I saw
her body begin to quiver and her hips bucked as she began to climax once
again. The absolute pleasure that reflected on her face as she climaxed
this second time was enough to cause me cum in my pants, just from
watching. Once again, both men kept her climax going for a half minute
or more, before gently letting her come down. They obviously had
excellent self control and knew exactly what they were doing. I was
jealous, again.

They lay on each side of her and just stroked and kissed her, and all
three would laugh and she would giggle from time to time, but they kept
her turned on, up and down, over and over. After a while, one of them
got up and pulled my wife up to a sitting position, and then the other
rolled her over on her hands and knees and knelt behind her and took her
from behind, doggy style. I knew that she loved being fucked like this,
because I could get so much deeper and even touch her cervix with the
head of my cock. After seeing the size of her boy toy, there was no
doubt that he would be bruising her cervix something serious. As he
began to fuck her in this way, the other man moved to her head, and she
opened her mouth to receive his huge cock. I watched as both men began
to fuck in a rhythm at each end of my wife’s body. Even as huge as the
cocks were, she was taking almost all of one down her throat, and I
could see the other end was being slammed home completely, as well. The
one who was fucking her pussy was also fingering her anus, which I also
knew she liked, and it wasn’t long before she was in the throes of
another climax. I saw her face scrunch up and she released the cock in
her mouth and her whole body contracted as her orgasm hit and it was
powerful enough to force the cock out of her pussy, and she collapsed
onto the bed gasping for breath.

I wasn’t sure how much more she could take for one night, but I didn’t
think she was through, just yet, even though she was temporarily worn
out. All three rested for a bit, sipped more Champaign, and then began
again. This time, one of the men lay on the bed and she knelt between
his thighs and began to go down on him, and the other got behind her and
began to doggy fuck her again. I thought the men had switched positions
from the prior session, so a new cock was in each opening, though I’m
not sure she could tell the difference at this point. The one doggy
fucking her began to push his finger in her ass, and she was pushing
back against it; then, to my surprise, he pulled his cock from her pussy
and pushed it against her anus. I had never fucked my wife in the ass;
it was simply something that never appealed to me, and I wasn’t certain
how she would react. This had not been part of the “briefing” I had
given them.

Much to my surprise, she allowed him to continue to attempt penetration
of her asshole, and after a few thrusts, he succeeded, and slowly worked
his cock deeper and deeper with each thrust. My wife, meanwhile, was
going to town sucking and stroking the cock in front of her, and I could
see that this companion was beginning to react to the intense
treatment. His body stiffened and he announced he was cumming as he
reached out and held my wife’s face in place as his load shot down her
throat. A few globs of his cum leaked from the corners of her mouth, but
she managed to swallow most of his load.

Meanwhile, her butt fucker was speeding up his thrusts, and from the
look on his face was about to get his rocks off, as well. My wife was
also beginning to climax, yet again. This time from having her ass
fucked. My cock was raging hard, and I couldn’t wait to fuck my lovely
wife. She began to scream in ecstasy as her orgasm hit, and I saw the
man with his cock in her ass thrusting hard and deep and he was cumming
in her at the same time. I was exhausted just from watching this going
on. They had been at it for almost two hours and I wasn’t sure how much
longer it might last. They all collapsed on the bed, and I was wishing I
could join them. I saw them all get up and head out of the room, and
then the camera scene shifted and showed them in a huge bathroom. One
man turned on the shower and they were all laughing and talking until
the water had warmed, and then all three got in the shower and the two
men began washing my wife down from head to toe. I saw one of them lift a
douche bottle from a receptacle, and my wife began to douche herself
thoroughly. One of the men put his arms around her from behind and began
kissing her over her shoulder while his hands were playing with her
pussy and breasts. The second man knelt in front of her and began to
lick her clit and pussy, and for a moment, she tried to stop them. But
then she relaxed, and it wasn’t long before her body shuddered with
another orgasm. I heard her laugh and then say “Enough”. Apparently, she
was satiated for the evening. They dried her off, and returned to the
bedroom and helped her dress and an hour later she walked into our hotel

She threw her arms around my neck and gave me a huge wet kiss, and
whispered she loved me. I told her I loved her too, and once again,
wished her a Happy Birthday. I figured she was done for the night, but
as we crawled into bed, she rolled over on top of me and straddled my
waist and slipped my cock into a soaking wet pussy that was a bit looser
than I remembered, and she began to ride me hard while she whispered in
my ear about the incredible sex she had just experienced. I climaxed in
no time at all, and her pussy just milked me dry, as she whispered
“thank you” over and over.

A few days later, I received the DVD of my wife’s birthday celebration,
and we have watched it several times together while we fuck ourselves
silly. This was but the first of several fantasies that we fulfilled for
each other. It has kept our marriage fresh, and after all, since these
are only fantasies, there is no need for jealousy at all. I love my

“All you gotta do is go inside, get nake…

“All you gotta do is go inside, get naked and let them do what they want.” Your friend tells you with a grin on her face as they push the door to the empty mansion open. You stare at your friend with a raised eyebrow, unsure if their telling the truth or just trying to trick you. “Look, you don’t have to but I’m dying to get fucked again by a ghost, and I’m not going to wait around for you.” She tells you as she steps through the doorway then quickly remove her clothes, not caring if you see her naked body or not. Your face turns bright red as you watch her disrobe and leaves her clothes in a pile before she look back at you and wave. “Have fun!” Your friend grin at you before she turns and runs off into the mansion, disappearing from your sight.

You stand at the mansion door for a couple of minutes as the image of your naked friend flashes in your mind, your cock growing as you focus on her round ass and perfect breasts. “Fuck it, I might as well find a place to jack off.” You mutter to yourself as you look around then walk into the house, you look down at her clothes and eye off her panties. “She really got completely naked..” you look down at your own clothes then shrug before you remove them. A shiver runs along your spine as a cold wind caresses your skin and blows the door shut, leaving just the moon light to brighten the room. You carefully make your way through the hall and stumble into a empty room, you find a place to stand and lean against a wooden wardrobe to help keep you standing as you wrap your fingers around your cock and slowly start to stroke your hand along it. You lean your head backwards and close your eyes, picturing your friends naked body and trying to imagine the sounds she makes when she’s alone, trying to picture her face as she cums, crying out your name. “Fuck, that feels good.. cold, but good…” You groan to yourself, not yet realizing that your hand had been replaced by something else, an invisible cold hand.

“Wait, cold?” You suddenly realize there’s a cold sensation wrapped around your cock and your own hand is resting on the wardrobes edge. You look down and your eyes widen as you stare at a see though girl who is smiling up at you, her hand wrapped around your cock and stroking back and forth, your cock visible through her hand. “I-I-I..” You stutter as you stare at the ghost girl, unable to believe what you are seeing. She giggles silently as she moves her hand down your shaft and pushes her hand right through your body, leaving a trail of ectoplasm coated on your cock. Her hands grip your hips and keep them from moving as she opens her mouth and wraps her ghostly lips around your cock. You can’t help but moan as you feel the strange, cold, vacuum of her mouth. Her tongue caresses along your hot shaft. Your hips try to buck on instinct as you watch your cock slide into her mouth and down her throat, able to see every inch of yourself inside her.

Her eyes stare at yours as she moves her head, slowly at first then quickly moves back and forth along your throbbing cock, swallowing you deeper into her, her eyes pleading for your hot cum. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.” You mutter under your breath trying to hold back your groans of pleasure as the ghost girl sucks on your cock, your words only causing her to move faster. Her tongue wraps completely around your shaft and squeezes as she sucks violently, a groan filling the air that seems to be coming from her. “Fuck!” You hiss loudly as you grab the edges of the wardrobe and cum. You dig your fingers into the wood and your legs shake while your hips struggle to buck against her hold, you watch as your cum erupts into her mouth and mixes with her ghostly body, each load shooting deeper into her until she has sucked you dry.

“Oh god..” you pant loudly as you watch the ghost girl pull away from you, leaving a trail of ectoplasm over your waist and cock. You lean against the wardrobe as you slowly gain your strength back. “I told you this place was awesome.” You look up as a voice calls out to you and you see your friend standing at the doorway, her body covered in the same sticky stuff that’s on your skin. “She looked like a cutie, you’re really lucky to get one you can see on your first time here.” Your friend grins as she motions for you to follow her. “That was a ghost..” you say out loud, unsure if you had lost your mind or if that had really happened. “Yep, this place is full of them, but they’re really friendly.” She turns her head and smiles back at you as you follow her back to the entrance of the mansion. “I was thinking about coming back tomorrow, and if you’re up for it why don’t you come too. We can even go in together and have some fun with them at the same time. How does that sound?” Your friend spins on the spot and stares at you with anticipation, her hands clutched into fists of excitement as she awaits your answer. You think about it for a brief moment before you answer. “Sure, why not.”


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My Game At the Game

Short Story

I wasn’t all that keen on going to the game with my husband Rob.
Although he’s an ardent supporter of the local team, those sorts of
sporting events really aren’t my thing
I’d seen the television coverage of some of these games; the cameramen,
besides covering the action on the field, frequently picking out any
sexy looking tarts in the largely male dominated crowd. I think that it
was with that sort of thing in mind, that my husband wanted me to go
with him. This idea was further borne out when he suggested that I wear a
particular micro-mini skirt of mine, along with a little white, cotton
top that is very revealing.

I really don’t know why I bought that ridiculously tiny skirt in the
first place; to tease my husband with I suppose. It’s flared and made of
the softest, thinnest cloth that flounces about with every movement and
is terrible in any sort of breeze; I don’t know how many times I’ve had
it blow up around my hips and shown off my panties.
Anyway, I’ve been quite embarrassed the few times that I’ve worn it in public.

Well, the Saturday came and at least it was a lovely, warm, sunny day. I
don’t think that I’d have been too keen to go if it had been cold and
I dressed as my husband wanted, and to tell the truth, felt half naked
and protested that I couldn’t wear such an outfit. Rob was so
enthusiastic though, that in the end I went as he desired. (The things
that we do to please men.)
The top that I had on is a little, thin, hugging, cotton one, that,
because I wear no bra with it, shows off my small breasts and is almost
obscene the way that my nipples bulge out. That, along with the tiny
little flared skirt with just a pair of panties underneath, and sandals
on my feet, made up my costume. You can see why I felt a bit embarrassed
at appearing amongst the largely male crowd.

I was pleased when Rob said that we’d drive the car rather than take a
train or bus; I’d be exposed enough as it was without going on public

We drove to the ground, and parked the car nearby. As soon as we joined
the crowds of people streaming towards the ground, I could see everyone
having a good long look at me.
Men don’t know what it’s like to be always getting scrutinised the way
women are when ever we wear anything a bit sexy. And of course there’s
the difference between just looking, and openly staring the way that men
do when we dress a little bit daring. They seem to think that because a
woman is scantily clad, they have the right to blatantly stare.
Anyhow, that’s how it was as we walked towards the ground.
One rough group of men even called out, “Ooo baby, I can almost see it.”
 Rob just laughed and said that I had plenty of admirers.

I was relieved when we finally got to our seats so that I could sit down out of the general gaze.
We were on an upper level, and just a couple of rows from the front. It
was quite interesting watching all of the comings and goings and general
activity prior to the game.
We didn’t have to wait long though, before play started, and after a
short while I began to find it a bit tedious even though all of the fans
around about were so enthralled.
Eventually I decided to go and get some coffee from one of the food
stands that we’d passed on the way to our seats. I tugged at my
husband’s sleeve to gain his attention to tell him where I was off to.

Luckily, we were just a couple of seats in from the end of the row,
because it was embarrassing squeezing past the couple of men on the end.
Once past them and out to the stairs that led up through all of the
tiers of seating, I was daunted at having to make my way up all of those
stairs in my little skirt. I knew that at every step, as I raised each
knee, the hem of my skirt would lift and almost certainly show a glimpse
of my panties. Sitting in the seats I had needed to keep my legs firmly
together and to fold my hands in my lap, but I could hardly walk up the
long flight of stairs holding my hands in front of my pussy.

I hesitated momentarily, but then, grasping the side of my skirt in one hand to try to keep it down, I began my ascent.
I tried not to look directly at all of the men in the stands on either
side of me, instead keeping my gaze on the steps, but I could
nevertheless tell that all eyes were fixed on me as I made my way.
I became more and more embarrassed, and by the time that I reached the
top rows of the stand, I could feel my face glowing red with the shame
of being so perved on by the hundreds of men.

Attaining the top of the rows of seating, I heaved a sigh of relief and
made my way along the largely deserted galleries of the huge concrete
structure of the stadium.
I immediately heard a footfall behind me of someone who must also have
come from the stairway I had ascended. A guy came alongside of me and I
heard him saying, in such a straightforward, matter of fact tone of
voice, and with something of a chuckle, “that would have to be the
shortest skirt I’ve ever seen.”
I turned and looked up to him in some shock at his so blatant comment
about my dress. He was tallish, dark and swarthy, but with an open and
smiling face, though not the sort of person who would ever attract me.

I was, as I said, somewhat shocked and didn’t know what, if anything, to
say in reply. I did find myself replying though; “gosh, you don’t have
to be so ……….. ,” but then my words tailed off as I was lost how
to describe his boldness.
He simply laughed. “Aw c’mon, you can’t tell me you’re not here to show yourself off.”

I really didn’t like the look of this man, but I nevertheless felt
sexual stirrings mingled with the extreme embarrassment that I felt.
“I could see your little pink panties all the way up those stairs,” the guy snickered.
I gave an audible little gasp at his words. “Do you have to be so rude,” I said, trying to make my voice sound disdainful.
“You’re the one who’s rude,” he laughed, then added, “lewd even.”
Goodness! I could feel my face glowing with shame.

It was no distance to the food and drink stand, and we’d now reached it.
There were a small number of people standing at the counter waiting to
be served, and I took up my position there with the guy also moving in
close to my side.
I was there just a moment when I jumped in alarm and gave a shrill
little squeal. The guy had placed his hand firmly on my bottom. The
other customers looked around to see what the disturbance was.
I tried to move away from the guy but he simply took a step to come close again.
Again I felt his hand on my bottom, and I pushed him away. “Will you
stop that,” I complained in a hushed voice, not wanting to attract more
The woman behind the counter, having been attending to a man alongside,
now turned to serve me. I ordered coffee, and as I was being served I
felt the guys hand caressing my bottom. I moved slightly, but to no
effect, but not wanting to make a scene I had no option but to do
nothing further. The guy, leaning closer, had said to the woman, “make
that two coffees please.”
As soon as the woman turned her back, I pushed the guy’s hand away. “Stop it,” I whispered again, frowning slightly.

The coffees were brought, and the guy paid for both. “Come and sit over
here and we’ll drink them,” the guy said in his continuing friendly,
undeterred tone of voice.
I considered for a moment, and then said “I suppose that I might as well, you’ll only follow me where ever I go.”
The guy made a couple of frivolous comments, then asked which team I followed.
“Oh neither,” I replied, “I just came with my husband.”
“Ah, I wondered who you would have come with. You’d hardly come by
yourself dressed like that.” He then continued, “doesn’t your husband
object to you showing yourself off for everyone to perv on?”
His words made me feel a tingle of excitement. “No, he likes me wearing this skirt,” I replied.
What he next asked made me gasp. “Do you fuck around with other guys?”

“Oh God, you’re so crude,” I gasped.  
He just laughed at my words and stood up. He slightly thrust his hips forward and said, “you’d like this wouldn’t you baby.”
He’d stood close before me, and I couldn’t help but see the outline of
his large and hard cock bulging under the front of his pants as he
thrust it forward.
Again I gave a little cry of surprise, and I couldn’t help but stare at the shape of his cock in his pants.

He was leaning towards me, taking my hand. “C’mon baby, it’s deserted up the end there.”
My heart was pounding as he gently pulled me to my feet.
He kept a hold of my hand and I found myself walking with him towards a
deserted part of the understructure of the stands. My mind was in shock.
“No, I can’t,” I said in a soft and meek voice. He took no notice.
Leading me into an alcove he took me behind one of the large steel pillars.
I was mesmerised as he quickly ran his zipper down and took his
beautiful hard cock out. Taking my hand he put it on his cock and was
then leaning forward kissing me on my mouth as I grasped the warm, hard,
bare flesh of his hard, erect cock.

I felt his parted lips on mine. I felt his tongue pressing between my
lips. I let my mouth open slightly and his tongue found mine and licked.
I began to kiss back, also using my tongue. We were panting, now
kissing with passionate lust. I felt his hand grope its way under my
skirt and press against my pussy. Now his fingers were pushing under my
pants and sliding into my suddenly wet and slippery vagina. I squeezed
his gorgeous cock and slid my fingers up and down it.
My panties were pulled down around my thighs. He was pressing close to
me. I felt his cock probing around my pussy. I could hear people walking
nearby, “no, no, not here,” I gasped.

His mouth left mine, panting lustfully. “Come to the toilets, I’ll fuck you there,” he said somewhat roughly.
He’d done up his pants and was leading me by the hand before my mind
even came to grips with what he’d said. “God, what if we’re seen going
in,” the thought raced through my brain.

We were approaching the toilets. He was leading me towards the door with
the sign that said “MENS.”  I’d somehow not thought of going in there. I
pulled back. “No I can’t,” I pleaded in a weak voice.
“I’ll make sure it’s ok,” he said, and he left me standing there while
he took the few steps to the door and momentarily disappeared inside. He
was back almost immediately and grabbed my hand, “come on baby.”
I let myself be almost pulled forward, and we went through the door marked “MENS.”
I gave a little gasping yell of horror as I saw a number of men standing
at a urinal. I froze but was wrenched forward and pulled behind the guy
into one of the cubicles.
“Bend over baby, I’ll fuck you like a dog,” the guy said as he eagerly
dragged his pants down then got behind me and pulled my panties off my
He more or less shoved me down into a bending position. I felt his hands
grasp my hips and his cock locate my wet and slippery pussy, then
easily slide right in. “Fuck, you’re ready for this aren’t you,” he
sneered, no doubt referring to just how wet my pussy was.
He fucked me with deep, rapid plunges of his cock into my vagina.

I moved my feet a little further apart and lowered my shoulders a little
more so that my backside lifted more into the air for him to fuck me.
I was panting lustfully as I considered that it was almost unbelievable
to me that this thing had happened. Even though I’d not gotten over my
nervousness about those other men outside, I felt so beautifully dirty
at the thought of being fucked by a total stranger, in the men’s toilet
block, while my husband was nearby happily watching the game.
Oh my God, how lustful I felt being fucked in that way. How I panted and
gave moans of delight. How I rocked back and forth with the thrusts of
his cock. How I shoved myself back onto his gorgeous, big, hard cock in
response to his own lustful thrusts.

It was all over in a couple of minutes. It had been so crude and dirty, fucked like a whore, with no love only sexual desire.
I felt both lustful and frustrated as the guy pulled away and began
pulling his pants up. I did, in a way, feel excited satisfaction at
having done such an obscene, crude thing, but I’d really wanted more

I pulled my panties up and was adjusting my skirt when I jumped with
fright at hearing a voice just above my head, saying, “how was the slut,
a good fuck?”
I looked up staring in disbelief. A guy was looking over the adjoining
wall of the cubicle, and had apparently been watching us fucking.
The guy who had taken me there, also looked up in surprise, but then
simply broke into a grin and answered, “Yeh, she fucks like a whore.”
I felt myself blush with shame, but at the same time felt so lustful at
the crudeness of the way I was being looked upon by these two men.

The man disappeared from his position looking over the wall.
The guy that I was with slipped the bolt of the door. I moved closer to
him and took his hand for protection, ready for us to quickly get out of
the toilet and away from there.
On opening the door however, our way was blocked by, not only the man who had watched over the wall, but two others as well.
I didn’t consider it at the time, but later on knew that these other two
must have been watching through the cracks at the edge of the door.

Anyhow, on us opening the door of the cubicle, one of these men outside
said, in a tone which implied that it was the obvious thing to do, “my
turn next.”
My mind wasn’t functioning normally in this extreme situation which was
totally outside my level of experience. I moved to make a run for it out
of the toilet, but the guy who’s hand I’d taken for protection, now
hung on to me tightly. “Why not,” he laughed.

This took literally no more than a few seconds, during which fleeting
time I hardly had time to think, even if I could have thought straight.
A moment later I was being bent over and my panties were down around my thighs again.
I felt hands on my waist, and then a cock plunging into my sperm filled pussy.
“Oh my God,” I gasped, my fear being assuaged by my feelings of surging
lust as I was being fucked by this guy who’s face I’d hardly glimpsed.

They’d not even taken me back into the cubicle, and there I was being
fucked dog fashion, with the other three men all around me.
As I say, the new guy was fucking me in absolutely no time flat, and
while it was happening I’d seen one of the other men opening the front
of his pants and lifting a magnificent hard cock into view. “Let’s fuck
her mouth,” this guy said, moving in front of me.
The man who’d originally taken me there, released my hand which he’d
still been holding firmly, and I then clutched the other guy’s legs and
eagerly took his beautiful. gorgeous big cock into my mouth and began
sucking up and down its entire length, working my tongue over and around
the hard, bulbous head of it.

I became oblivious to everything but the cocks that were fucking my
mouth and pussy. I lurched about impaled on the cocks as I was thrust
around with the hard, driving thrusts of the man fucking me from behind.

“What the hell” I heard someone exclaim, and I realised that it was two men who had just entered the toilet block.
“Who’s the slut?” one of them asked as they came up. “Just some fucking
whore I picked up,” my original adulterer replied. “Her husband’s out in
the stands watching the game,” he added with a laugh.

The man fucking my pussy began moaning loudly and lustfully as he
pummelled my slurping vagina which was sending trickles of sperm and my
own lustful juices down the insides of my thighs. He clutched my back
and panted with exhaustion. I knew that his sperm had filled my pussy.
In just a moment he released his grip on my body and withdrew his
satisfied cock. Almost without pause, I felt a new man take his position
and probe my oh so sloppy pussy with his hard, rigid cock.
My mind reeled. “Oh my God,” I thought to myself. I’d read stories of
this sort of thing, but surely they weren’t true, and yet here it was
actually happening. How many men now – it was four wasn’t it, my brain
tried to determine through the tumult of thoughts that were swirling
These thoughts were brought to an abrupt halt by the guy who was fucking
my mouth, suddenly grasping my head and nearly choking me with his cock
which he pushed right to my throat as it gushed it’s tacky cum in
copious amounts.
After this satisfied guy then pulling out, I barely had time to swallow
down his sperm and to get my breath before a new cock was presented for
me to suck.

I was sure more men had arrived. There seemed to be so many milling around me.
“I’m going to fuck the slut up her ass,” I heard one crude comment. It
didn’t happen immediately, but when my pussy was again adulterated with
another supply of cum, and I knew that someone else was preparing to
mount me, I felt two hands on the cheeks of my bottom, pressing them
apart, and then, after it plunging into my sloppy pussy for lubrication,
the feeling of a cock pressing on my tight anus which, after a little
resistance, opened up to accommodate this new, hard cock right deep
within my rectal tunnel.

My mind and body wallowed in the filth and depravity of the situation as
more and more men fucked me. I’ve no idea how many, I think more than
I felt wonderful. I felt dirty. I certainly felt full of men’s sperm.
I loved the snatches of dirty talk that my brain managed to process. I
loved the way I was referred to as “the dirty slut.” Under normal
circumstances I’d have been horrified to be called such names, but under
these circumstances I revelled in it. One can after all, be called a
slut as an insult or as a compliment.

The events of that experience, afterwards seemed confused in my memory.
I’ve no definite recollection of how it came to end. All I recall is
that same guy who had taken me there, eventually taking me by the hand
and leading me out.
I spent some time in the ladies, cleaning myself up and fixing my hair.
There was no sign of the guy when I came out, so I then made my way back
to the stands, wondering what my husband would say about my long
“Where have you been?” he asked, taking his eyes from the game for a
moment. “Oh, I had a coffee and have been sitting up the back,” I
answered, trying to sound normal, but aware that I was blushing.
My husband seemed to take no notice, and simply turned back to watching the game.

Later, when the game was finished and my husband’s team had won, he asked whether I’d enjoyed the day.
“Oh yes,” I said smiling to myself, “I had a wonderful time.”

On the Monday, Rob came home from work and told me, “the guys at work
were telling me that, at the game on Saturday, there was a whore turning
it on in one of the men’s toilets. Can you believe that? They swear
that it’s true though, the brother of one of the guys was involved. What
sort of a woman would do something like that though?” then, answering
his own question, he said, “some filthy, depraved whore I guess.”      

The stew simmers as you gently stir it with a metal spoon,…

The stew simmers as you gently stir it with a metal spoon, trying to make sure that dinner is ready for your mistress for when she gets home. The front door opens then closes as she comes home and makes her way through the house until she enters the kitchen and stops at the doorway. “Well hello mister, aren’t you looking good in your little apron.” She smiles as she looks you over, taking in the sight of you only wearing the apron. Your face becomes flushed as you turn your head and look back at your mistress. “Oh, um. Welcome home. I was just making some dinner for you but it won’t be ready for a little while longer, I hope you don’t mind.” You mutter just loud enough for her to hear before you look back at your stew.

Your mistress places her purse down onto the table before she walks up behind you and wraps her arms around your waist as she nuzzles against your back, making your face become even redder for a brief moment as you feel her soft breasts resting on your back. “I have to say, that does look yummy.” Your mistress smiles as she leans her head over your shoulder and looks down at the food, a grin then slips onto her lips as she notices a bulge in the front of your apron that has swollen, your body unable to hide its excitement from the sensation of her breasts. “And I really have to say, that looks delicious.” She whispers into your ear, making you shiver and whimper as her hand moves down and slides under your apron, grasping at your hard cock.

“Did you get excited from cooking food? My little toy.” She whispers into your ear as her hand slowly strokes along your shaft. You whimper softly as you shake your head. “No, you know that you have to use your words, so speak for your mistress.” She giggles as she firmly grips the base of your shaft. “I-I.. your breasts are p-pushing against me..” you answer her softly after you let out a quiet moan. “Oh? Is this just because of my soft, luscious, perky breasts?” She asks with a giggle as her hand loosens it’s grip before she slowly moves along your shaft, teasing your twitching cock. “Y-Yes mistress, I’m sorry.” You whimper as your hips start to move by themselves, wanting to feel more of her hand. “Well then, why don’t I let you feel the real thing.” Your mistress grins as she pulls back slightly, letting her move her free hand up behind you then pushes her shirt and bra up, allowing her breasts to spring free before she pushes against your back once more. You moan softly as her nipples poke into your skin and her breasts rub against your back, her hand slowly continuing to tease your throbbing cock.

Her giggle makes you whimper, her hand tightens its hold around the base of your cock once again, enjoying the way it throbs in her hold. “Does my little toy want to feel a little pleasure?” She asks with a whisper. You nod slowly as you moan then whimper as you feel her hold loosen. “That’s not how you ask, use your words.” She orders with a grin. “P-Please, mistress. C-Can I have a little pleasure?” You whimper under your breath, just loud enough to answer your mistress. “That’s much better, so go ahead and use my soft hand to pleasure yourself.” She whispers as she tightens her hand just enough for you to feel it then waits, you whimper as your cock throbs and begs for you to move, knowing that your mistress won’t do anymore to help, making it so you must work for it. You bite down on your bottom lip as you start to move your hips, slowly using her hand as if it was your own. “There we go, see? Isn’t that nice?” She giggles making your whole face heat up with embarrassment and leaving you unable to speak. “Awe, you’re so cute when you’re shy. So let me help a little bit.”

You gasp as you feel her other hand slide behind your body and her fingers move between your cheeks and start to tease your ass, you moan as your hips continue to push and pull. Her fingers push against your hole, slowly entering your body, making your hips move quicker as her finger explores your prostate. “Doesn’t that feel better?” She whispers into your ear as she holds back her giggle. Her finger wiggles closer to your G-spot, causing your hips to move faster and faster as your cock throbs and twitches. “And here is the sweet spot.” She smirks as her finger pushes against your G-spot, making you cry out with a moan as the pressure on your sensitive area causes you to cum. Your core tightens then explodes as cum rushes along your shaft and squirts out onto the edge of the stove, your hands grip the edge of the kitchen sink to keep yourself standing as you feel your legs weaken for a moment, your hips now thrusting into her hold as she continues to massage your G-spot, letting you cum until you have no more semen to give. “There we go, wasn’t that nice?” Your mistress asks as she slowly pulls her finger out while licking the back of your ear.

“T-Thank you, that was amazing.” You pant softly as you stand up, your legs finally supporting you. Your mistress reaches over to the stove and switches it off before she pulls away and moves to the kitchen table and sits on it then opens her legs. “Now that you had some fun, it’s time to come over here and pleasure your mistress with your talented tongue.” She lifts her hand up and motions from you to come to her. You turn to face your mistress then slowly stumble over to her and get on your knees, you look up at her then quickly look down as you see her staring down at you with a smirk on her lips. “Come now, don’t keep me waiting.” Her hand reaches down and pats your head, telling you to hurry up. You reach up for her skirt and push it up, exposing her naked, completely soaked pussy. You lick your lips as you lean up and run your tongue over her puffy lips, making your mistress moan loudly. “That’s my good boy, use that tongue the way I taught you to use it.” And with those words you bury your face into her pussy, sliding your tongue as deep as it can get into her while you twist and curl it, licking every inch you can before you pull back and run your tongue along her lips, licking and drinking her essence as your tongue dances on her pussy. “Oh yes! That’s it! Don’t stop!” Your mistress moans loudly as her foot pushes against the back of your head, holding you there as you lick and suck. Her hips rock and grind against your face as she continue to moan and groan, her hand grasping her own breast, squeezing as you pleasure her.

“I’m going to cum, drink every drop!” Your mistress growls then groans loudly as her hips rock and shake. Her cum washes over your tongue and face, soaking your skin and lips as you moan softly and drink her cum, doing your best to not spill a single drop as her hips buck wildly until her orgasm passes. You feel her foot pull away from your head and be replaced with her hand that slowly pulls you up. “That’s my good boy.” Your mistress pants heavily before she kisses your passionately on your lips, teasing herself on you. “Now… why don’t you put our dinner in some bowls then bring them out to the living room, we can watch some tv together, eat the wonderful meal you made, then snuggle and make out for a little while. Then if you’re a really good boy, I’ll let you use a different part of me for some pleasure.” Your mistress giggles after she kisses the tip of your nose then lets you go, allowing you to step back. “Y-Yes mistress, that sounds wonderful.” You answer her softly as she stands up and straightens her outfit. “Good, see you in a minute.” She winks at you as she walks off towards the living room, leaving you to plate the food with a smile on your face.


Request: Shy guy with femdom girl and some butt play.
From: @admiralhentai319
Tags: Femdom, anal play, masturbation, oral, cunnilingus.
POV: His.

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“Noooo! That’s cheating!” You giggle as your…

“Noooo! That’s cheating!” You giggle as your girlfriend slowly pulls your panties down then off your legs as you try to steer your stolen car and get away from the cops in a video game. “I don’t remember there being any rules.” She smirks as she moves between your legs as she pushes them open and up, forcing you to lean back into your chair. “Besides, the game is way too easy without a little bit of distraction thrown in.” She torments before her lips softly touch your right inner thigh, making you giggle as you feel her soft, wet lips on your skin. “I never knew you were such a sore loser.” You tease back as you stick your tongue out at her.

“Oh, I’ll show you sore loser.” Your girlfriend mutters against your thigh as her lips slowly trail along your skin, kissing your sensitive thigh softly as her eyes look up at you, each kiss lingering longer on your skin as she gets closer to your center. Your legs bend and your hips push forward as you feel the warmth of her breath caressing your aroused lips, you let out a little whimper followed by a giggle as your girlfriend skips over your core and starts to kiss up along your left inner thigh. “Ooh, I see how it is. It’s not going to work! I’m not going to get caught by no stinking copper!” You put on your best gangster voice as you try to hold back your laughter. “We’ll see about that.” Your girlfriend laughs as she shakes her head.

You grin and bite on your bottom lip when her teeth push against your skin as she starts to nibble back down your inner thigh, the soft pinches so close to your core causes you to throb and moan under your breath while your juices leak from your body. “You’re such a teaser!” You whine before you bite on your bottom lip once more to hold back another moan. Your girlfriend smirks as she looks up at you and moves her mouth over your wet lips. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” She grins evilly before she lets her tongue slide out from her mouth then lightly flicks the tip along your puffy little pussy, making you whimper and moan.

The tip of her tongue gently runs up and down along the folds of your lips, lightly lapping up some of your essence before her tongue caresses your hard little clit then runs back down along your lips. You whimper and moan as your hips start to push forward by themselves and each time they do your girlfriend moves her head back ever so slightly. “Nope, we’re doing this at my pace.” She torments you as her arms slide over your hips and wraps around your legs, holding them as she leans in and finally pushes a inch of her tongue between your throbbing lips and slowly lips up along you. You sigh and moan out of relief as her tongue runs back down along your lips, you then grin as you push your foot against her head as she goes to pull back. “Not this time.” You tell her as you push on the back of her head, forcing her lips onto your pussy.

Your girlfriend squeaks then moans as her face grinds against your pussy, quickly giving in as she sucks softly as her tongue pushes completely into you, making you moan loudly before you bite your bottom lip as you try and concentrate on your game. Her nails dig into your thighs as she laps up your juices, moaning softly into your pussy as her tongue curls and dances between your lips, her nose grind against your clit and her face becomes covered in your essence the longer she is between your legs. Your hips buck and shake as ecstasy assaults your body, washing up and down along your skin, leaving your lower half tingling with an approaching orgasm.

Your girlfriend pulls her tongue from within you and licks along your lips and over your clit as she sucks, the sudden pressure on your clit causes your orgasm to erupt from you. Your foot pushes down hard on the back of her head, forcing her to suck on your clit as your hips shake violently, you let out a loud squeaking sound as you inhale then pant, your fingers grasp the controller tightly and cause the car you’re driving to spin out of control. You lose focus of everything for a while as your orgasm runs through your body until you come down from your high, your foot finally moving away from your girlfriends head, letting her know she can stop. She looks back at the tv then up at you. “Looks like you died, so it’s my turn.” She smirks up at you making you laugh as you pant softly, you hand over the controller before you answer back with. “Two can play that game.”


Request: None.
From: N/A.
Tags: lesbian, lesbians, oral, cunnilingus.
POV: The one receiving.

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