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Hey, I hope you've been doing well. I jus…

Hey, I hope you've been doing well. I just want to say I appreciate you and that I hope you have a good week! I don't really remember what my name was here. I think it was LDR?

Thank you, I appreciate that a lot. I hope you have a great week as well! I do remember an anon that went by the name LDR, but you can always rename yourself if you wish!

Don’t use the ice cream tub! It’s too tony for all of us, Captain Cinnamon Bun, what are your orders? -Vanilla

Maybes it’s big tub? Captain! What do you think?

Sir snake. As captain of this crew we need someone to encourage others. I think singing will be necessary :3c -Snake/Ldr

Maybe little sweets will sing?

Well sir snake you know what must be done… We must dismantle the tub and make it into a ship! >:D -Snake/Ldr

We must! *evil laugher as I place the tub between us*

-jumps out onto the land with the flag- you said it was sealed! We need a new ship now -Snake/Ldr

*slowly pulls out a large empty ice cream tub* !!!

We’re sinking! We should have taped the bottom with duct tape. Everyone out of the ship -Captain cinnamon bun/Snake/Ldr

Arrrr! Everyone out! *Jumps out into the less than an inch deep puddle*

Aye! Ready to serve, Captain Cinnamon Bun! -Vanilla

Yay! What is captains first order for her crew?

-puts flag up- Onward! We are pirates now -Snake/LDR

Aye aye! Captain cinnamon bun! *Pushes the box into a small pond then jumps in*

-picks up small box and gets into the bigger box with small box- got to stay true to my name -Snake/LDR

True! You can never leave the box behind! *Starts to push the big box*

I am smol precious cinnamon bun that needs to be protected xD -snake/Ldr

*Places down a big box for you to hide in* get in and we’ll protect you!


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