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Request: A DDlg relationship where the little isn’t in…

Request: A DDlg relationship where the little isn’t in little space.
From: Confused babygirl.
Tags: Non-erotic, non erotic.

This is a fun little story showing everyone that a DDlg relationship doesn’t mean you have to be little or a Dom all the time, it’s a normal relationship with just a little extra.


You place your coloured pencil onto the paper and let out a satisfied sigh before you reach up and stretch. “Okay, let’s clean up.” You mutter to yourself as you start to gather your pencils and place them back into the little box you have that holds your pencils and crayons. You grab the pieces of paper that have drawings all over them and stack them together, you use your hand to help you stand up then pick everything up. You walk around the lounge room and clean up the mess you had made. Once you have placed everything back into a chest you have in the bedroom you make your way back to the lounge room, grabbing a book as you walk back.

You get comfortable on the sofa then start to read, losing yourself in the book. Hours pass by in what seems like minutes, the only thing that brings you back from the fantasy world of the book is the sound of the front door opening and his voice. “I’m home baby girl!” Your husband calls out as he walks through the house. “Welcome home sweetie!” You call back as you place the book down, making sure the book mark is in the right place before you go and meet him, giving him a big huge. “Someone is in a big mood.” He smiles down at you as he embraces you.

You nod before you pull back. “Yeah, I was in a little mood earlier but I’m not anymore.” You answer as you take his briefcase for him and start to take it to the lounge room. “I hope you had fun.” He calls out as he makes his way to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. “I did!” You call back, not sure if he heard you or not. A couple of minutes later he walks into the room and looks down at you as you sit on the sofa. “I was thinking, I had a good day, so why don’t we go out to eat?” Your husband suggests, his idea putting a large smile on your face. “Sounds amazing to me.”

So I’m finally going to the doctor’s today. I just everything to go away now hahahaha. Wish me luck! – confused babygirl

Sending you all my luck!!!

Hey so this will mostly be me ranting but I just have to get it out…I’m getting this intense pains again. I had them because I had gallstones, but I had a surgery last year to take my gallbladder out and the pains were supposed to be gone forever. Lately I’ve been kinda getting them. But yesterday i had this really really really bad episode of pain. And then today another. Thing is I’m so upset and stressed and just tired of dealing with this. This was supposed to be over… -confused babygirl

*gently hugs you* I don’t know how that feels personally, but you are always welcome to rant here just like anyone else. Maybe you should talk to your doctor about it?


Feel free to :3

Woops I forgot the anon, but thanks for the advice sir. I guess I knew that but I was kinda dragging it along myself and needed someone one to tell me that. Thanks, I’ll talk to him today! – confused babygirl

It’s okay, and I’m glad I was some help. I hope it goes as well as it can!

To confused babygirl. I only got the first part of your ask, can you resend the second part?

To confused babygirl. I only got the first part of your ask, can you resend the second part?

Hello, sir! Just thought I’d drop by to say that hahaha. It’s been a while since I’ve written anything….BUT! I’m always here 😊 – Confused babygirl

It’s good to know you are still around, I hope everything has been good :3

What’s whisper? – confused babygirl

It’s an app that allows you to say what you are thinking, or what you are feeling and people around the world can see it, like it, message you. The big thing is you can make it so you can see people closer to you, and see what type of people are around your area

I’m sad…I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. I just…*sigh* yeah Btw, hi haha. How have you been? – confused babygirl

*Hugs you* it happens to us all. I’m doing well, today hasn’t been bad, thank you :3

Reporting on deck, ssssssir! What shall I do? – confused babygirl

Do pirate things! Arrrr! :3


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