Sometimes I get worried if my partner doesn&#0…

Sometimes I get worried if my partner doesn't really like me for me. Earlier on in the "relationship" he would suggest to me to try some mascara and eyeliner( i would go bare-faced) and to do my hair. I talked to my father and asked questions in the context of what if they recommend you to try this or that and he told me when im dating a person they shouldn't try and tell you what i should do with my appearance etc. And im at a crossroads, i really like this person and he does seem like he care

I do agree with your father, if you’re dating someone you take them for who they are, but! Suggesting to try new things is okay. If you wanna try those things he suggested then cool, if you don’t that’s cool as well, just make sure he knows if you don’t want to do something like that. Even if it’s a new hairstyle or makeup, or anything.

If he tells you, demands you, gets upset when you don’t like his suggestions, tries to force you, comes up with ultimatums, or in anyway doesn’t accept your no. Then that’s a bad relationship and you don’t want to be in it.