You sit, hunched over your desk and furiously …

You sit, hunched over your desk and furiously working on the last part of a big assignment when the air around you suddenly becomes chilly. The person you rent this apartment from never told you it was haunted but you knew something was off after the first night, things would move, sounds would echo, ghostly hands would touch you but you always ignored it due to the place being cheap and whoever or whatever was sharing the apartment with you never caused any harm, until one night. You woke up on the edge of an orgasm and quickly found yourself overwhelmed with ecstasy, it would happen night after night, waking you up with a powerful orgasm that would leave your whole body tingling until you got up for the day. You quickly became used to the cold spots and found yourself becoming aroused by it until one day you told whatever was haunting you to stop hiding and to fuck you like they meant it.

Rough, impossible sex became a daily habit, sometimes even happening multiple times a day, each time you would be left feeling cold and heavy, with some type of liquid that flowing from your body. You shutter as you feel the cold descend onto you, the warmth of your body feeling as if it’s being sucked from you, leaving you tingling all over and causing your core to clench. “Nooo.” You whine as you feel the coldness become thick, giving off the sensation of hands starting to caress your body. “I gotta finish my work, then after that we can have fun.” You try to push away the feeling of your pussy twitching and try to focus on your work but huff as you watch your work gets thrown across the room. “Yes, I get it. I’m stressed and you just want to relax me but that can wait until after I’m done.” You try to stand your ground but feel your voice waver as you stand and lean forward to grab some of your assignment.

You jump slightly as you moan softly when you feel a hand slide between your legs and begin to rub your pussy through your underwear. “T-That’s cheating! You can’t play dirty like that!” You whimper then whine as you lean forwards more, sticking your ass out as the ghostly hand continues to rub your wet little pussy. You moan softly to yourself as other hands move over your body, pushing your shirt around as they grasp and grope your breasts, while others roam along your skin. “God damn it!” You groan then squeak as you feel a firm hold wrap around your throat, you smirk as you feel your body becoming light as you lift off the ground. “Still scared of the g word?” You tease the spirit then gasp as you feel something thick push against your pussy along with a growl that echoes through the air. “If you’re going to do something, then do it alrea-Ah!!” You tease the spirit once more then cry out in ecstasy as you feel something thrust into you as your body is jerked around in the air. The spirit keeps its firm hold on your throat as it thrusts over and over into you, ghostly hands grabbing and squeezing your body. You grunt and groan as your slam against the wall, the roof and the floor, unable and not needing to move as you feel your whole body become engulfed, ecstasy and pleasure overwhelm you as it’s huge cock pushes deeper into you, the size of it constantly rubbing against every sensitive part of your pussy. The hands toy and tease your breasts, pulling and pinching your nipples as they massage your breasts at the same time.

The whole room becomes your bed as you’re tossed and turned, howls of ecstasy fill the air, coming from you and the spirit. It doesn’t take long until you feel your body become heavier as a cold sensation floods your body and you scream as it pushes you over the edge. Your orgasm washes over you and the heat from your core mixes with the cold chill of the ghost and turns the pleasure into a tornado, that rages inside your body, leaving you in a state of euphoria as it lowers you back down onto your chair. You sit there panting heavily as you feel your panties becoming stained with yours and its essence. You watch as your paper work floats off the ground and is neatly placed back onto your desk, quickly followed by a hot cup of coffee that floats in from the kitchen.

“Apology accepted but only if I’m woken up tomorrow by an orgasm. I’ve got tests all day and I wanna start it with a smile.” You speak out loud to the air, hoping the spirit is still around. You smile when you hear the familiar sound of a knock on the wall, answering you with a simple, yes.


Request: Girl moving into a haunted apartment and having sex with the ghost.
From: Bumbleberry
Tags: Ghost, monster, rough sex.
POV: Hers.

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