“Ah! If you move it will only be harder on you…

“Ah! If you move it will only be harder on you. There we go, that’s much better, you’re such a good boy.” You gasp and whimper as you scratch at the floor, your daddy on his knee behind you, slowly putting a large vibrator into your ass, using a combination of spit and lube to squeeze it in. Your cock twitches with ecstasy as you feel your body being stretch. “Almost there, whose’s daddy’s good pup?” Your daddy asks with a teasing tone, making you whimper as your hips shake slightly by themselves, unable to help yourself as a wave of happiness floods over you from his praise.

“There we go.” Your daddy grabs the chain that’s attached to your collar then stands up. You stay on all fours with your head hanging down, trying to hide the look of pleasure on your face as you feel the toy deep inside your ass. “Don’t let that fall out.” Your daddy grind down at you as he tugs in your collar, forcing you to look up at him. You whimper once more as you see the controller for the toy in his hand, you watch as he carefully caresses the buttons on it. “Now, tell daddy. Does his little pet want to cum today?” He asks you with a raised eyebrow. You whimper as you nod your head. “Come now, I know you can speak.” Your daddy chuckles to himself. You nod again, this time you open your mouth and bark like a dog for him. “That’s my good boy.” Your daddy pushes down on one of the buttons which causes the toy to come to life and start to softly buzz inside your ass.

You moan then pant softly as the toy moves and buzzes, rubbing against your g-spot. “Let daddy give his good little pup a nice treat.” You look up in time to watch as your daddy pulls his hard cock out from his pants, your eyes focus on his shaft as you lick your lips between pants. You quickly lean up and lick along his shaft as you grab the base of his cock with one hand, and use the other to keep your balance. “Someone likes their treat.” Your daddy teases as he pulls on the collar, pulling your head closer to his cock. You moan softly as you kiss up his shaft then wrap your lips around the tip of his cock and hungrily suck on your daddy’s treat, your cock twitches and throbs as the toy vibrates, the speed changing as your daddy plays with the remote and he brings you closer to your orgasm before he slows the toy down, teasing and toying with you.

You move your head and take him into your throat, gagging slightly as you get used to him, you then start to move your head back and forth as you look up at him, staring into his eyes. Your moans become muffled by his throbbing cock, you slide your hand along the base of his shaft as your tongue laps at the sides. Your cock rock hard and dripping with precum as your body is kept on the edge. “That’s a good pup, you suck daddy dry and you’ll be rewarded.” Your daddy groan as he reaches down and grabs your hair and starts to move his hips. You yelp then moan around his cock as you start to suck harder, letting him control his movements and fuck your mouth. Your eyes stay on his as he fucks your mouth with his throbbing cock, grunting and groaning as the tip of his cock pushes into your throat. You swallow and moan, feeling the taste of his precum on your tongue as he twitches and only gets bigger inside your mouth. “Fuck! Swallow like a good boy!” Your daddy groans deeply as he pushes your head down and thrusts his hips until he is in your throat. You gag for a second then swallow as you feel his hot load shoot down your throat, load after load exploding into your mouth until he slowly pulls out, letting you gasp for air as your body trembles and begs for your own release.

Your daddy catches his breath before he gets on his knee and leans in to whisper into your ear. “Since you were a good boy, I’ll reward you.” He reaches out with his hand and grabs your sensitive cock, making you whimper loudly as you push your hips towards his hand. “Cum for me.” And with those words he starts to stroke his hand along your cock as the toy buzzes inside you. You gasp and moan as your hips buck against his hand, thrusting your cock between his fingers. His words dance in your ear as he moves his hand along your throbbing cock and it only takes seconds as you feel your testicles pull against your body, you cry out as you feel the rush of your cum explode through your shaft and erupt out over your daddy’s hand and the floor. Your whole body bucks and twitches as a powerful wave of euphoria washes over you. “There we go, that’s my good pup, let it take you over.” Your daddy whispers as he holds you with his free hand after he turns the toy off and lightly strokes your over sensitive cock with his other hand. You come down from your high and carefully pull away from your daddy and present your ass. “Of course, I’ll take it out then we can snuggle.”


Request: Yaoi story about a daddy and his pet.
From: N/A.
Tags: Yaoi, man on man, daddy/pet, anal, oral, sex toys, pet play, daddy.
POV: Pet.

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