“What’s wrong, don’t think you can take it, pr…

“What’s wrong, don’t think you can take it, princess?” Your daddy teases with a grin as you straddle his waist, your pussy pushed firmly against his shaft. Your face completely red and your eyes focused on his huge cock, unsure how all of it will fit inside you. “S-Shut up! I can do anything I want, I’m a princess!” You answer back with your usual bratty attitude, only causing your daddy to laugh as he reaches down and runs his strong hands over your legs. “Maybe, but normally it’s me putting it into you.” Your daddy continues to teases as he runs his hands along your legs, letting you feel his fingertips on your skin. You pout as you move your hips and slowly grind your wet lips along his cock, coating him with your essence. “I’m a big girl now, I don’t need you to do everything for me!” You mutter under your breath as I reach down and place your hand on the other side of his cock and push it against you, your pussy wraps around the edge of his hot shaft and it caresses your hard little clit.

You look up at your daddy who is watching you with a playful smile on his lips. “I’m going to do this, and you’ll be begging me to be your little princess again once I show you how grown up I am!” You tell him as you place your other hand on his stomach then push your hips up, you firmly wrap your fingers around his cock and hold it still as you hover over his hot cock, your juices dripping down over the head of his dick. You slowly lower yourself down and let out a loud gasp, followed by a soft whimper. You feel the head of his cock slip between your lips and slide into you as you let yourself slowly slide down, stopping every inch, allowing your body to adjust to his size. It doesn’t take long until you’re sitting completely on his hip, your daddy’s cock fully inside you. “See! I told you!” You gloat with a bright red face and a panting voice, your pussy stretched around his huge cock, throbbing and squeezing him tightly.

“That’s my good princess.” Your daddy smiles up at you. “Huh?” You answer him back as you tilt your head, unsure why he is praising you. “Of course you could do it yourself, princess.” Your daddy uses one arm to help push himself up and reaches up to gently grip your chin with the other hand. “I know you’re a safe, brave, beautiful, smart princess, and no matter if you’re a big girl or a little girl, you’ll always be daddy’s princess.” He whispers to you as he gently pulls you towards him then softly kisses you on your lips. You feel your heart melt and yourself falling into little space as your body heats up. As he pulls his lips away from yours you quickly bury your face into his chest to hide your embarrassment, which knocks him back down onto his back. “Is my little princess okay?” He asks as he wraps one arm around your body and holds you to himself. You nod as you mutter something he can’t make out. “Well, would my princess like to continue what she started?” You nod once more at his question, which causes him to chuckle softly. “Does my little princess want daddy’s help?” He asks then strokes his hand along your hair as you nod again. “Okay, you grind against daddy like a good girl and I’ll help with the movements.” His hand slowly slides down your back until his hand reaches your rear, your daddy then firmly grabs your bottom, making you giggle and squeal as you start to move your hips with him inside you.

You moan softly into your daddy’s chest as he moves his hips, pushing you up and down along his shaft as you rock back and forth, moaning and letting out yelps of ecstasy as the tip of his cock strokes your most sensitive places between the moments he is completely inside you. As your bodies collide you grind your clit against his waist, blots of electricity shoot up your body. You can feel your daddy’s cock twitching inside you, throbbing like crazy, warning you that he is getting closer to his orgasm. “Fuck.” Your daddy groans almost into your ear. “I’m getting close, where does daddy’s little princess want it?” He pants as his movements quicken in pace. “I want daddy’s cum inside me, please, cum inside me daddy, cum inside your little girl!” You whimper into his ear as you lift your head up, your own movements more like bucking and jerking against him. “Fuck, I’m cumming princess, daddy’s cumming!” Your daddy groans loudly as his hips jerk up with each load of cum he shoots into you. You let out a loud gasp, followed by a deep groan as the feeling of his hot cum erupting into you pushes you over the edge.

Your body bucks and shakes as you squeal with pleasure, your orgasm washes over you, making your whole body warm and light, leaving you feeling as if you’re floating until you slowly come back down to earth and you feel weak. “Daddy..” You mutter softly as you look up at him, his hand gently stroking your hair. “Yes, princess?” He looks down at you. “I did good?” You ask softly then smile as he nods. “You did amazing princess, I am very proud of you.” He answers you back gently as he hugs you to his body. You smile and nuzzle into him, feeling safe in your daddy’s embrace.


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