“This place is quiet enough. Sit down, lift up…

“This place is quiet enough. Sit down, lift up your skirt and show your master how wet you are.” Your master smirks as he points to the nearby bench. “H-Here!?” You ask quickly as you look around, the dirt path quiet enough but the sounds of people on other paths can be heard through the trees, your body shaking with excitement and fear. Your skirt only just covering your pantieless crotch, your pussy completely soaked. You’ve been led around the park for hours without panties, your master enjoying the way you squirm, knowing that all it would take is a gust of wind to knock your skirt up, or to misplace your foot and trip, reviewing your naked pussy to the world. “Yes, here, or maybe you would prefer somewhere not so quiet?” He asks with a evil smirk on his lips, making you shiver as you shake your head quickly, the idea of a random person catching you in such a compromising position only makes your pussy wetter and your heart race. “Here is good! Here is great, actually!” You answer him quickly as you let out a nervous chuckle.

“Good, then be a good girl, and show me how excited you are.” He tells you one last time as he points at the bench yet again. You look down at the bench then take a deep breath as you walk towards it, feeling your essence on your thighs, dripping down your legs and staining your skin. You turn to face your master then sit down on the bench. “Legs up, I want to see all of you.” Your master orders as his eyes run over your body. You nod your head as you wiggle back against the bench then slowly pull your legs up and place them on the edge of the seat, you slide your legs apart as you pull on your skirt, exposing your throbbing pussy to the world and your master. Your juices continue to leak from your lips and run down your ass until it lands on the wooden bench. “See, that isn’t so bad, is it?” He chuckles as he watches you, his eyes moving from yours, down to your aching pussy then back up. “N-No… it’s not so bad..” you answer quietly as you feel your body heat up from embarrassment and excitement of being completely vulnerable. “Good, now. Rub your little pussy for your master.”

You let out a squeak and your eyes widen for a split second as you hear his words, you look down then back up at him, the words ringing in your ears. You bite down on your bottom lip as you nod, your hand already starting to run down your thigh, your body screaming to be touched. You close your eyes then gasp softly as you feel your fingers slide over your lips, the feeling of your hand causing blots of electricity to shoot through your body. “I never told you that you could shut your eyes, so open them.” Your masters voice calls out to you and you feel your body stiffen for a moment, you slowly open your eyes then let out a soft moan as you see your masters cock out, his hand gently sliding along it. Your hips thrust forward as your fingers move along your pussy and push two into yourself, your eyes focused on your masters hard cock. “See, it’s so much better when you leave your eyes open, isn’t it?” He chuckles as he firmly squeezes the base of his cock. “Y-Yes, it’s so much better.” You answer back, almost forgetting about your surroundings for a moment. “That’s my good girl, now. Wouldn’t it feel better to have this inside you, instead of your little fingers?” Your masters asks as he slowly slides his hand along his cock, letting you watch as his hand engulfs it. “God yes!” You answer quickly as you nod, your own fingers pumping back and forth inside you.

“Then stand up, turn around and bend over.” You quickly follow your masters orders and stand, turn then bend, grabbing the top of the bench to hold yourself steady. “Looks like someone is needy.” Your master teases as he steps behind you and slides his cock between your legs. You whimper loudly as you push back against him, grinding your wet lips along his length. “Yesss, I’m so needy master, please, fuck my pussy, use me, fill me!” You plead as you let your head hang and your hips rock. “You know I can’t resist you when you beg.” He chuckles as he pulls his hips back and grabs your waist to hold you still for a single moment, he then thrusts into your body. A scream of ecstasy almost escapes your mouth but you bite down in time to catch yourself, remembering that you’re on a dirt path in a park. Your body jerks forward with each thrust, feeling his cock slamming deep into your body, your juices drip and pool on the ground as your fingers dig into the wooden bench, you feel your body edging towards a powerful orgasm, your legs shaking and your breathing becoming more jagged. “Fuck!” Your master hisses then you feel it, his hot cum shooting into your body, load after load, filling you until it leaks out. You let out a loud scream as your orgasm erupts moments after his, wave after wave of intense ecstasy flow over you as your body jerks back and forth, slamming against your masters body as he tries to hold you still. You feel light as a cloud as he pulls out from you then tugs down your skirt before putting himself away. “Come on, we have to move before someone comes looking for where that sound came from.” Your master takes your hand and helps you walk, you floating along with him, enjoying the after glow of your orgasm and the feeling of his hot cum dripping slowly down your thighs.


Request: Sex in a park.
From: N/A.
Tags: public sex, exhibitionist, exhibitionism, masturbation, master, sub.
POV: Hers.

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