The living room is bathe in light from the tv …

The living room is bathe in light from the tv as you and your friends lounged about the room as you all watch a movie together, you and your best friend snuggled together under a blanket like everyone else who is sharing the limited number of blankets you have, trying to stay warm on this cold night. The movie is almost at the halfway mark when an erotic scene comes on and the room is suddenly filled with cheering and hollering, you and your best friend laugh before you join in, cheering at the display of sex on the tv. The scene lasts longer than expected and soon most of your friends are talking and laughing at it as you watch, your cheeks flush slightly as you feel your body react to the scene, unable to stop yourself from becoming wet.

The scene comes to an end and the movie continues on, but your legs squeeze together and your thighs rub, mindlessly causing yourself to squirm next to your best friend as those erotic images become stuck in your mind, replaying themselves over and over. Your breathing becomes heavy as you stare forwards, not focusing on anything but the sensation that is building between your legs, your thighs slowly becoming covered in your juices. You jump slightly as you feel a hand being placed on your leg, you quickly look down at the blanket and realize that the hand could only belong to your best friend, you look up at them and see them facing forwards, watching the movie with a smirk on their lips. You gasp softly as their hand creeps up along your leg then grips your thigh, you look back down at the blanket, unable to see the hand but feel it pulling on your leg, trying to make you spread them. You swallow hard then bite down on your bottom lip as you feel your leg follow their hand, shocked at yourself as you let them spread your legs, shocked as you lean back into the sofa and relax, shocked at how badly you want them to touch you, to play with your pussy, to feel their hand rubbing against you.

You’re not waiting long, their hand slides over your pants and cups your wet little pussy through your pants, your eyes go wide as an intense wave of euphoria runs along your body, you grab their arm and dig your nails in, trying not to moan or groan loudly. They freeze for a moment, waiting to see if you’re okay, waiting for permission and you give it to them as you wiggle your hips slightly, grinding softly against their hand. Their hand starts to move, rubbing firmly against your pussy through your pajama pants, your essence starting to soak your crotch and their hand. You slowly loosen your grip on their arm as your hips rock back and forth slowly, hoping not to draw attention to you or your friend. Your core becomes hotter as pleasure gently washes over you, your clothes stopping the feeling of their skin on your body, and you quickly become frustrated, desperately needing more.

You pull their hand away from your body and they finally look over at you as you hook your fingers into your pants and slide them down as discreetly as you can, you spread your legs as wide as you can then look up at your friend, lust burning in your eyes. They grin at you as their hand slides between your legs and moves over your soaking wet pussy. You bite down on your hand as you feel their fingers caress along your lips coating their hand in your juices before they slide a finger into you. Your hips push up as you bite down roughly on your hand to quiet yourself, their fingers move back and forth inside your pussy, they hook their fingers up and rub along the top of your pussy until they find that special little spot. Your eyes widen as you let out a muffled moan that is covered over by the action scene that is currently playing, their hand continues to move, rubbing your most sensitive areas, brining your body to the edge of a powerful orgasm. You grab the blanket and tug on it as your whole body begins to shake and buck, your pussy throbbing around their fingers as you feel your orgasm explode. You let out a yelp just as an explosion happens on the tv, your cum flows out all over your best friends hand and soaks their skin as their hand continues to move, burst after burst of ecstasy rockets through your body until it becomes too much for you to handle so you push your friends hand away and slam your thighs together as your whole body twitches.

It takes a moment for your body to stop twitching and for your orgasm to fade, you look up in time to see your friend suck the last of their fingers clean, causing your face to become red with embarrassment. You wiggle your pants back up then look around the room to see if any of your other friends had noticed and let out a sigh of relief as you see they are all watching the movie, you then snuggle into your best friends side and whisper into their ear. “I’ll repay you later.”


Request: Watching movies with friends when one fools around with you under the blankets.
From: N/A.
Tags: Fingering, friends with benefits.
POV: Hers.

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