Embarrassed by Teen

I had known the Sampsons for a long time. I’m now a couple years out of college and looking for extra cash before finding a good job, just like in high school. They lived a few houses down the block and I had babysat for them in the past. Mr. and Mrs. Sampson asked if I could watch over the kids while they went out to dinner one weekend night. They had two younger children, Ben was 6, and Marissa was 12. I agreed knowing that the Sampsons paid well, and I had nothing better to do that night.

I arrived at the house early, talked to Mr. and Mrs. Sampson for while trying to raise my tip at the end of the night. They told me Ben had already gone to sleep, and Marissa usually watched tv until she fell asleep. It was an easy job.

I walked over to the couch where Marissa was sitting. She looked older. Her skinny body suddenly had two surprisingly large breasts pushing her loose shirt out. Her dark hair accented her extremely pretty face. I could tell this girls would be getting lots of guys in no time. She asked me a few questions about college stuff until her parents left. All the sudden her tone changed.

“Hey John, can I invite my boyfriend over?” she asked wide eyed.

“You have a boyfriend Marissa?” I laughed “I don’t think your parents would approve.”

“Don’t be a dick,” she responded, noticeably annoyed that I was still treating her like I had 3 years ago.

“Alright what’s in it for me?” I decided to level with her.

“Well, you won’t have to watch me. And I’ll give you an extra $20,” she responded.

I thought about it and the money would be nice but I had an even better idea.

“Fine I’ll let you have your boy over if I get $20 and I can have my girlfriend over”

“Deal!” she said immediately, pulling a Velcro wallet from her jean shorts.

“How old is your boyfriend?” I asked.

“He’s 18 and he lives right down the block so you don’t have to pick him up or anything,” she replied.

“Uh Oh older boyfriend,” I joked.

She gave me a cold stare. She obviously didn’t care for the jokes referring to how young she was.

I went to the kitchen to call my girlfriend Beth. I figured she could at least keep me occupied and maybe we could make out a little if the younger kids went upstairs. Marissa called her boyfriend and explained that her parents weren’t home excitedly.

About two minutes later there was a ring at the doorbell and Marissa let in her boyfriend Jeff. He was tall, about 6 feet – only a little shorter than me. He had a huge smile on his face and I think I saw him grab Marissa’s ass as he hugged her.

“Aren’t you a little old to be babysitting man?” He asked me smugly.

“Hey I’m letting you over here dickhead so don’t give me any shit,” I responded.

Jeff just laughed. He took Marissa over to the couch and started watching TV. He picked up the controller and started flipping through the channels. He came to one of the movie channels where a soft core porn flick was on.

“Man that guy doesn’t know what he’s doing” Jeff commented as they watched a guy banging a chick out in the middle of the desert.

“What a cocky little prick” I thought to myself. “Give me the control, you guys are too young for this stuff” I said.

“Hell no!” Jeff responded without even looking at me. I walked over and grabbed the control from him.

“Fine, we are going upstairs anyway” he said and took Marissa hand.

I watched as he took her upstairs. I wondered how far they had gone together. What a dick Jeff was to be taking advantage of some 12 year old I thought.

I watched TV for about 10 minutes before my girlfriend arrived. Beth looked great, she was wearing sweatpants and a tight t-shirt that showed off her perfect c-cup tits. She had dark brown hair and milky white skin. I kissed her and she came and cuddled next to me as we watched TV.

I told her we had about 3 hours until the parents got back and that the kids were upstairs. We made out for a little bit, then went to the kitchen and started playing cards. Mr. Sampson and given me permission to have a few beers out of his fridge, so me and Beth were playing a few drinking games.

Jeff and Marissa came down and Jeff looked at Beth.

“Man who’s this chick she’s fucking hot” he said with a smile.

“Oh my god what an arrogant little brat.” Beth replied.

“Yeah you need to watch your mouth dude, your going to get the shit kicked out of you,” I added.

“Alright calm down man,” Jeff laughed. “Hey lets play strip poker,” he suggested seeing the cards.

“Yeah right man” I laughed, “grow up.”

“Haha ok I wouldn’t want to embarrass you in front of your girlfriend,” Jeff retorted.

Beth and I laughed.

“Who is this kid?” she said looking at him as he grinned back.

Me and Marissa played a few more rounds as Jeff and Marissa watched some TV. They came and joined us and we played a few rounds of asshole. Me and Beth were drinking beer while Jeff and Marissa had water.

After about 15 minutes Jeff announced,“ Alright if I win this hand we are playing strip poker.”

I didn’t say anything but to my annoyance Jeff ended up winning the hand.

“Looks like we’re playing,” he said with a smile.

“Fine,” Beth said to my surprise. She was obviously a little bit drunk. I decided to play along.

Jeff lost the first hand and took off his shirt. He was very tan, and had a ripped 8-pack of a stomach. Marissa rubbed it, with her hand.

Beth and I lost the next few hands.

After about 6 more hands all of us were down to our underwear accept for Beth who still had her tight shirt on.

Marissa lost the next hand. She promptly took off her bra revealing a pair of newly developed breasts. I couldn’t contain the hard-on I had, which was fairly noticeable as I was down to my boxers.

I ended up losing the next hand.

“Ok John, take em off,” Beth laughed.

“Yeah John, let’s see what you have,” Marissa smiled knowing she was giving me a hard on.

I slid off my boxer to reveal my 6 inch cock already erect. Beth and I exchanged a smile. Marissa seemed disappointed.

“Ok let’s keep playing,” she said turning to Jeff and smiling.

Jeff lost the next hand and began to remove his boxers. I wasn’t paying attention until I heard a gasp out of Beth’s mouth. I looked over to see that Jeff had his boxers halfway to his knees and the head of his dick was still not in sight. He slid them off to reveal the largest penis I had ever seen. He was well bigger than me and we wasn’t even hard. I looked around and saw that both Marissa and Beth were staring at Jeff who was proudly smiling. I just sat in stunned silence.

“Wow, you’re not even hard” Beth finally said.

“Well I’m still waiting for you.” Jeff replied calmly.

We played another hand and Beth quickly folded.

“Oh Well” she said. She looked straight at Jeff as she removed her shirt. Her bra could barely contain her large breasts. Her body and arms looked so skinny compared to her huge melons. She looked at Jeff.

As if she had lost another hand, she reached behind to her back and unclipped her bra. Her large, perfect breasts fell out and bounced up and down. Jeff’s cock began to thicken and rise.

Beth was breathing heavily now as Jeff’s cock grew. By the time it was done it was at least 11 inches long and as thick as an arm. As his cock stood up it revealed two huge balls size of a tennis balls.

“Looks like my boy’s got yours beat, Beth,” Marissa laughed. Beth was still staring as Jeff’s erect cock.

Suddenly the lights from a car pulling up awakened everyone from their daze.

“Everyone upstairs!” I yelled.

We all grabbed out clothes and ran upstairs to Beth’s room.

“You two go out the window,” I told Beth and Jeff who were scrambling to get into their clothes.

I heard the parent open the door downstairs. Once I was dressed I walked calmly downstairs. I told Mr. and Mrs. Sampson that Marissa had just gone to bed and I had been playing pool in the game room upstairs. They thanked me and paid me very well. I went out the front door and was about to leave when I saw that Beth’s car was still there.

I walked around the house and couldn’t find her. I walked a little farther down the street and heard noises coming from behind some trees. I walked closer.

There was Beth, on her knees, with her perfect tits hanging down her skinny frame. She had her mouth and both hands around Jeff’s enormous rod. He was grinning down at her as she struggled to suck on his massive prick.

Suddenly she stood up and forced her tits against Jeff’s chest, still rubbing his cock with one hand. He unzipped her jeans and slid her panties down.

“Do you want my big cock Beth?” Jeff asked.

“Oh god Jeff yes!” Beth replied. “I’ve never seen such a huge dick before!”

Jeff positioned Beth against a tree. He took his shirt off so that both of them were now completely naked. He slowly slid the head of his cock into Beth as she moaned loudly.

“Oh my god! Oh my god, Jeff” she said repeatedly.

“Did your boyfriend ever fuck you like this?” Jeff asked arrogantly

“Oh Jesus no, you’re twice the man he is!” Beth responded.

Jeff slid more and more of his long, thick dick into Beth. As he got ¾ths of it in she began to moan.

“Oh Jeff you’re hitting my cervix, holy shit I’m cumming!!”

Her body began to shake, as she went into convulsions. She began make a low pitched moan I had never heard before.

Jeff continued fucking away as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her hands around his neck.

“Jeff don’t ever stop fucking me! God I’ve never known what a real cock is!” Beth screaming, louder than she ever has for me.

After about 20 minutes Jeff’s monster cock provided Beth multiple orgasms, more than mine could ever give Beth.

Beth grabbed it with both hands and started milking it. She rubbed her tits against his manhood. All of the sudden a thick stream of cum shot out of his dick. It splashed obscenely into her breasts.

More and more thick streams came flowing out of his cock as he leaned his head back and moaned. It was almost as though he was pissing cum.

She put he mouth over his cock and cum started overflowing out of her mouth. She took it out and cum was still shooting out all over her face and into her hair. Finally he stopped shooting and more cum dribbled out and onto her soaked body.

I couldn’t believe what I had just seen. My 20 year old girl friend has just got the shit fucked out of her by a 18 year old.

I walked back to my car and drove home. There was no way I could ever compete with this teen.

I got a call from Beth the next morning, my head hurt too much to answer the phone… “hey john, I was just calling to make sure you made it home OK last night… -I… -ummm… Miss you… Bye.”

What a bitch. But who could blame her. I decided to take a ride by her house to confront her about last night. Not that she would care, she had just had the fucking of a lifetime by a 18 year old kid with dick twice the size of mine.

As I pulled up at Beth’s house I noticed a biked parked by the garage. I could hear some laughter from the back yard, so I decided to take thru the fence and see what was going on.

Jeff was lying on the deck on his side as Beth was lying face down tanning. “So how big is it…really… tell me” Beth cooed while playfully batting her eyes at Jeff.

Jeff just shook his head no, but I could easily see the outline of his massive pole snaking down the leg of his loose fitting board shorts. Beth quickly rolled over and at that point I realized that she was topless! Jeff’s mouth looked like it dropped open as he eyed her perfect breasts.

Beth asked one more time, “Please Jeff… Tell how big that cock of yours is.” Again, Jeff refused to answer. Beth caught him by surprise and pushed him in the pool. They both playfully laughed as Jeff swam over to the ladder.

He indeed was a fine specimen. I didn’t realize how toned this kid was. He slowly placed his feet on the ladder and reached up as far as he could and then every so slowly pulled himself up as he arched his back. My eyes were drawn to his perfectly formed pecs that seemed to cleft over ever so slightly and then down as water droplets began to trickle down his cobblestone abs.

That’s when I saw the beginning of his bulge. I looked like a pipe that went down, and down, and down. Finally stopping halfway to his knees. Beth crawled over, starting by sucking the massive head of Jeff’s python thru his shorts. She worked her way upward cover every inch of his cock. The thing looked like it was still getting harder.

Beth finally stood up. I could see a spot of moisture starting to form in the crotch of her swimsuit. Jeff had an evil grin on his face as he felt Beth use both hands to feel up and down his manhood. With her perfect breasts and erect nipples every so slightly brushing up against taungh body. She pulled his head down and lightly whispered in his ear “How big is it?”

Jeff pulled away from Beth and with a cute boyish grin on his face and the innocence of any teen he planted his hands on his hips thrusting his massive member forward so that it stool parallel to the ground and produly proclaimed “It is 11 and ¾ inches long and 7 inches around.”

Beth’s eyes were as big as her erect nipples now after hearing that from Jeff. Her bikini top was far too small to contain her melon sized breasts, she shouldn’t have even bother wearing it.

“Impossible!” said Beth who now could not take her eyes off of Jeff’s crotch,“John my boyfriend is pretty big, but you are twice the man he is… and he could never begin to shoot as much boyspunk as what you filled me with last night.

I was mortified. Not only had I watch my girlfriend get fucked by one of the biggest dicks know to man (which was almost an inch bigger than I had originally estimated), and not to mention saw here get filled up and then covered by so much spunk that it would make a porn star blush. But now I was sitting there staring through gate to my girlfriends pool watching her creaming in her bikini as this little 18 year old kid showed off his goods in a pair of boardshorts. I finally snapped back to reality from the events of the past 24 hours to see Beth rubbing the huge plum sized head of this kids cock which had grown to mammoth proportions.

Beth said, "I want you in my pussy so bad right now.” as she started to tug at the strings of Jeff’s shorts.

Jeff responded “Sweety, there is nothing more than I would want to do than fill your pussy up with my man meat and then cover those huge titties of yours with my spunk, but I am BI. Women love my dick and I have fucked half of the soccer mom’s in this neighborhood and even some of my teachers. Chicks just don’t do it for me anymore.”

Beth began to pout as his dick began to shrink. Even soft, his dick had to be at least 8 inches long an amazing 2 inches longer than my pathetic 6 inch wood.

Beth had an inquisitive look on her face as she ran over to grab your cell phone. Jeff asked “And just what in the hell are you doing now?” as he adjusted the huge lump in his shorts.

Beth curtly responded to Jeff, “I’m calling someone to help deal with this little problem of ours” as she held her hands out over a foot apart.

Jeff grinned again with that boyish grin on his face “It better not be your little dicked boyfriend. I don’t know how a hottie like you can even feel that tiny dick of his inside you. Last night when I fucked you into oblivion, I bet him and his little dick were the last thing on your mind. It’s a shame chicks don’t do it for me anymore because you are one hot bitch.”

I could feel by face flush over with a wave of heat. My blood began to boil. I so wanted so badly to burst through that gate and kick that little shit’s ass. I sized up the situation and realized that although he was a bit shorter than me he had a definite advantage. More than having my little 6 inch dick beat with a monster almost double in size, but Jeff was quite muscular. I failed to notice last night just how defined this kid was. As the sun beat down gliniting in the ripples of the pool, I saw beads of sweat forming on his cut chest with pecs that justted out just before curving under with a muscular plumpness.

I continued to stare as Beth typed out a text message on her phone to some unknown person. Was she sending me a message?? Who was she asking over to deal with this hot boy, his monster dick, and bull sized balls. My little winer of a dick began to grow hard as the images of his massive pole began to flash through my mind. “Am I gay?” I asked myself when I realized what was happening. It’s impossible… I love chicks… love the pussy… love the tits. But my little dick thought otherwise.

The beads of sweat that were forming on this kids chest were now starting to drip down onto his cut 8-pack abs. Each bead slowly dripping over each well defined muscle. This kid must do 300 situps a day. He raised his arms pushing his mop-like hair back behind his ears. This kids arms were massive. His guns must have been 18".

I looked down at the lump that was forming in my shorts and then at my flabby body. The freshman 15 had not been good for me. I could only imagine what this kid would be like when he got to college.

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