Ano ang standards mo sa pagpayag on asking you to have sex?

Well, tbh. I didn’t expect to have this kind of fubu relationship with anyone. It just happened, then again and then again and then again. So we end up being fubu, I guess. 

So di ko rin masagot. Kasi new to this kind of life lang ako. 

Pero maybe, it’s me being perfectly comfortable to a person. Just like every girl, I can be quite filled with my insecurities. My flabby tummy, my fatty arms, mga typical issues ng girl. So I guess if a guy can actually make me believe na it is all okay, g!

Another, person whom I can trust. Weird I know, eh fubu lang naman or sex right. Pero trust na when I said no, he would stop. May mga super aggressive kasi na mga guys right? Ayoko ng ganon. Maybe I need a guy who can be dominant when it comes to sex kasi nga, medyo inexperienced pa ako. Pero I need a guy who knows to listen. 

And last, someone who can keep up with my weirdness. Kasi kahit sa sex weird ako, makikita mo naman sa ibang posts ko right? Hindi talaga ako marunong ng seductive aggressive moment when having sex minsan matatawa ako. So I need a guy who can keep up with haha!