wantonwhisperings: He awoke In the early hours The morning…


He awoke
In the early hours
The morning sun
Barely filtering in
He felt her in the dark
Her head on his chest
Her red tresses
Draped over him
The heat of her sex
Against his skin
As her leg
Lay across him
Like a defiant claim
Of her prize
He remembered
How he’d taken her body
How she had submitted to him
Long into the dark night
He could still taste her
On his lips
Her sweet tang
Filling his senses
He touched her hair
Stirring her
Her hand roaming him
Finding him hard again
Under her grasp
She dove softly down
Her tongue finding him
Her mouth enveloping him
He gripped her hair tightly
As she hungrily fed on him
Until he exploded again and again
Into her warm mouth
And she swallowed his seed
She cleaned him tenderly
With that warm tongue
Before climbing back over him
Kissing him with passion
His scent on her breath
Before sighing
Closing her eyes
And drifting back into slumber
As his fingers stroked those fiery tresses…©wantonwhisperings