Setting the Night on Fire


My friend and I went into the city last night. Several times through the summer they have this event called Waterfire. On the river that winds through part of the city, they ignite bonfires on the water. They have music playing, each night there’s different entertainment. It’s really quite cool.
We headed into the city early, it’s always crowded. If you don’t get there early, you don’t get a good seat. Not only that but it brings tons of people into the city so the restaurants get crowded as well. My friend and I went to one of our favorites, had a nice dinner, a couple of drinks and then walked the few blocks to where the festivities take place.
It was a gorgeous night. Low 80’s, no humidity, warm breeze blowing in off the ocean. It’s was dusk, sun going down. The sky to the west bathed in warm oranges, reds and pinks. It’s getting more crowded the closer to the basin we get.
I’m wearing another one of my sun dresses. This one is a red, floral one. It has a halter top so it’s fitted across my stomach and chest. Ties behind my neck, leaving my shoulders and most of my back bare. It’s fitted enough that I don’t need to wear a bra. The top supports and holds my breasts up, forming deep cleavage, with a nice amount of curve from the top of my breasts showing above the sweetheart neckline to be sexy without looking slutty. The fabric smooth and silky against my skin. The skirt falls softly from my ass to knee length. This dress is another one that the skirt part swishes nicely back and forth as I walk. Knowing I’d be doing a bit of walking, I chose a low wedge, summer sandal pair of heels. As for my underwear, I was naughty when I got dressed. Thinking only of you, I chose a red lace thong that just screams sex. The lace rubs against my waxed pussy and the string that runs down the crack of my ass, every time I move makes me conscious of them and that makes me think of how I wore them because I thought you would like them.
My friend wants another drink before they light the bonfires. We pop into one of the bars close to where the main events happen. Surprisingly we were able to find 2 seats at the bar itself. The bartender comes over, we order our drinks and wait for them. We’re talking and laughing when the bartender brings them back. After he hands us our drink, he leans over the bar to take another order from the person standing behind my left shoulder. Without looking, I could tell he leaned in close to me, right next to my ear as he placed his order. In a sexy english accent, he says, “I’d like Sex on the Beach”. I nearly fell off my stool trying to turn around so fast  to see if it was you. I swear to god, I did. But as you know…sadly it wasn’t you. Instead I turn to see a older, much older man gentleman, gray hair..or what was left was gray. Dark, rimmed glasses, mustache….definitely not you. My friend couldn’t figure out why I nearly broke my neck to check him out. lol
After my dissappointment, we leave the bar. Luckily, we find a spot to sit right along the river, by the railing. The sky has gotten darker as we are getting closer to sunset. The classical music starts to play from the speakers and fills the air. The boats with the fire starters are moving swiftly through the water lighting each one of the basins filled with wood. The wood catches fire slowly, burning a low flame until more of the wood catches and then it ignites into a ball of flames…sitting right above the water. Now in addition to the air being filled with romantic music it is also filled with the warm, wonderful smoky smell of wood burning. Mmmmm, love that smell. 

Watching the fires burning, hearing the music playing, smelling the smoky, woodsy air gets me daydreaming…er, no, not daydreaming…gets me fantasizing about how the night would play if you and I were there instead of my friend and I.
I close my eyes and can picture you sitting next to me. Your arm brushing against my bare arm, your thigh grazing the side of mine. I can feel your body heat warming my insides. Our legs dangling over the edge.
My hand is just resting on your thigh. You reach up, put your arm across my shoulder and bring me closer to you. I turn my head toward you, lean up and we kiss. Your lips soft on mine to start with. My hand starts drawing circles on your thigh. I slide my tongue out from between my lips and run it across your top lip. Then I suck your bottom lip into my mouth start to play with it. Sucking it, licking it with my tongue, nibbling it. You grab the back of my head and deepen the kiss. Our tongues wrestling. It’s gotten very dark now as the sun has long since set. The only lights are from the bonfires on the water and slightly distant lights from the buildings. I slide my hand over your crotch area, feeling your cock hardening and straining against your jeans. I give it a brief squeeze. I hear and feel you moan against my mouth.
I lift my head, look you in the eye and say, “Let’s go.”
You stand and hold your hand out for me, to help me up. Holding hands, we weave our way through the crowd. Walking back to my car, you place your arm around my waist and I follow suit. We keep brushing up against each other. Bumping each other as we walk. It’s getting darker the further we walk along the river away from the bonfires and crowd. We’re in and out of darkness from the streetlights. We walk under a bridge and I pull you into the corner of the overpass.
Mostly dark here in this corner, but we can still see our faces lightly illuminated from the streetlight above the bridge. I lean against the cool stone wall, pull you near me and kiss you deep. All the romance from the night has worked me up into a frenzy. The music, the smoky smell, your kisses, your touch, the sight of the burning fires burning bright like my insides every time you look or touch or kiss me.
I want you….. Now…… Here…. Under the bridge. You press your body against mine, pinning me to the wall. You’re wanting it as much as I do. You rip your lips from my mouth and start to kiss my neck. Your hands reaching up behind my neck to undo the ties of my dress. My hands run down your back quickly and they grab your ass cheeks as I press the growing bulge in your pants into me. I can feel your hardened cock against my lower stomach. At that moment you have undone the ties and pulled the bodice of my dress down. I arch my back as you bend to suckle my left nipple while fondling the other. My hands reach around to the front of your pants, I move my hands fast..quickly unbuttoning your pants, unzipping your zipper, tugging your pants down to your knees…finally your cock is free for my hand to take and stroke.
Your lips are pulling on my nipple, making it harden like a pebble. The sensation of the cool night breeze blowing across it is contrasting with your warm breath and hot lips, almost too much for me to take. I’m moaning and straining towards you. You move your hands down to my knees and slide them upwards under my dress. Lifting the skirt, searching and finding my red lace thong. The one I wore just for you. My pussy has soaked what little fabric there is. With one hand you pull the scrap of fabric to the side as your other hand lifts my thigh, opening my legs and my pussy for your cock.
With the hand I was stroking you with, I guide your cock into my pussy. You enter me slowly until the head of your cock is inside me and then you thrust quickly, filling my pussy with your cock. Much too worked up and horny to go slow tonight. You thrust up and into my wet pussy over and over. My lifted leg wrapped around you. You’re gripping that thigh with one hand as your other hand is on my ass cheek….pulling me onto your cock. My skirt bunched up between us. I can already feel my orgasm building. I’m starting to pant. You’re grunting as well with each thrust of your hips. Suddenly we hear voices above us…on the bridge right above us..laughing and talking. We stop making noises but keep fucking..listening to hear if they walk away. They don’t. They are right above our heads. Looking up I can see them, leaning against the rail. They’re not going anywhere.
I look at you. Not wanting to be seen. We disengage. I pull the bodice of my dress back up and quickly tie it. I reach for your hand and take you back under the bridge into total darkness, away from their eyes. The railing along the walkway above the water are just metal bars. Waist high on me. I lean up against it and pull you close again for another deep kiss. Still wanting release from all the sexual tension we’ve build up, I turn in your arms, grab the top bar of the railing, bend slightly at the waist, look over my shoulder and say,
“Fuck me from behind.”
Your hardened cock jumps and you pull up my skirt. Up over my ass cheeks. You grab my hips and tease me with the head of your cock, rubbing it against my pussy lips. “Tell me how much you want me.”
“I want you very badly,” I say as I push my ass against your rock hard cock, grinding against you.
You slap my ass cheek and tell me to beg for it.
“Please, I’m begging you…please fuck me.” I plead. My ass writhing against your cock wanting it so bad.
“Fuck you where?” you ask while your finger circles my asshole and then slide down to my pussy.
“Fuck my pussy from behind…NOW.” I growl.
You grab my ass hard, spread my pussy lips apart and forcibly slide your cock deep into me. “OH YES!” I moan…not caring if anyone on the bridge hears us. I’m gripping the bar railing hard, so hard my hands almost hurt, while you fuck me hard. God it feels so good! Your cock sliding in and out of my slick wet pussy. In and out…in and out…over and over. I can feel your cock getting deeper into my pussy with each thrust.
My orgasm is building again, my insides are starting to quiver, I start to pant again with short breathes. Biting my lip at times, holding my breath. I squeeze my pussy lips around your cock, before I toss my head back and let my orgasm wash over me. Wave after wave as you continue fucking me. I’m just coming back down to earth when you climax and shoot your cum into my pussy. Oh yeah, baby! Mmmmmmm…
You collapse against my back when you finish coming. Your cock still inside of me. Oh god, we’re both breathing so hard. Satisified from our releases. You wrap your arms around my waist and place soft kisses on the back of my shoulders. When our breathing has returned to normal, you slide your cock out of my pussy and stand. I also stand straight up, causing my skirt to fall back down into place. I turn just as you are zipping your pants back up.
You reach and take my hand as we continue our walk back to the car. When we get under the first streetlight, I turn, look over my shoulder and wave to the two couples that were standing on top of the bridge.