The New Kid

He sat there, a new student having just transferred from the rural south. He was glad for the fresh start, or so he thought. He had family here, well sort of family, it was a friend of the family he had known since he was born, they were born at the same time, and she knew everything about him, just as he knew everything about her. The day before he started school there they had had a discussion and he expressed his worries about not “fitting in” since he had a rich southern accent, a differnt style, since the south is usually a year behind Florida. She had insured him that he would have a warm welcome, of this he thought nothing. Why should he? She knew he wasn’t comfortable with his secret.

It was during lunch that five ladies, seniors like him, all very voluptuous, with the perfect figure and hair. Though one caught his eye quickly, a tall brunette with breasts that easily filled a D cup. He had known her for some time, and as best to his knowledge she was unaware of it. They sat with him, and proceeded to make small talk. They asked him about his former town, and what kind of music he liked, and giggled every time he would say either, which he pronounced like (I-ther) and referred to mashed potatoes as mashed taters. the bell rang and he thought this was what his friend had meant. The rest of the day went on uneventful, that is till afterschool as he walked to his car to drive to his “home” the tall brunette and her friends were there, and as he reached it they started more small talk till the parking lot was next to empty. A blonde in the gorup, obvious the more curious of them all perked up and said, “We know about your… how should I say, gift… and we want it… now” His jaw dropped, and it was then he knew what his friend had ment by he would have a warm welcome

He stood there, mouth dried up, and he stuttered, “I um… you mean, wait… who…” they laughed at him, and the blonde cupped his croch, “We want you penis… are you not used to that? I can feel it’s huge…and soft too” they giggled and the others put there hands there too, “ooo it’s getting bigger” the brunette reached down into his pants, and grabbed ahold, “all these years… and you hid this from me?” Her name was Nada, a friend of his for about 6 years, her touch was soft yet firm, her hand couldn’t fit around his cock, which was swelling from all the attention, he couldn’t think of anything to say exept, “you… like it like this?” Nada pushed him into the car, and they climbed in on the other side, she sat in the front, “drive to my house” he did as told, he knew where she lived, how oculdn’t he, being old friends and all, while he was driving the one sitting behind his seat, the blonde, Danielle stroked his cock while reacing around the seat, the feeling was so exquisite that he could barely concentrate.

When they arrived the all wen’t in, no car was there, and Nada explained that her parents where away on business, as they walked through the door Danielle pushed him onto the sofa, and tore at his pants before he could do anything, as his boxers came off his now flaccid penis laid there, they gasped, “the redhead, Jennifer spoke out first, "my god… it’s bigger then she told us… I call dib’s on sloppy seconds!!” they laughed and winked to Nada, she then said, “damn straight, I call his cock first” she hopped over the sofa and moved her lips to the tip of his cock, which still flaccid was around 8" long and 6" around, at the mere touch it swelled, she put it in her mouth, Jennifer shouted to her, “you go girl!!” they started taking off the clothing as if to encourage him, they wanted it hard, and in them, and he could tell, Nada’s breasts swayed as she moved up with his cock. He reached out and grabbed them, she moaned at the touch, as he neared full erection the other blonde, Sarah brought over a flexible ruler, “ we have to see what it is…” she stretched out from tip to end, the ruler stopped at 12" though, and as she saw there was another 3 or so inches beyond that she grabbed ahold of it, “ladies, we have a keeper” her hands, while large, could not reach around his cock, and she wrapped the other around, “Nada… ready to loose your viginity to the man you’ve always wanted?”