Confessions of a Size Queen

This is a slightly exaggerated and fictionalised account of how I became a self-confessed size queen.

During my last year in high school, I got a part time/casual job working in my local chemists. It was one of those all purpose ones, where they do everything from giving out medicine to cosmetics and ear piercing to processing photographs. Mainly I worked in the cosmetics area giving advice on lipsticks and so on because that was my area of interest, and obviously I couldn’t handle the medications.

One afternoon when there wasn’t much going on, an unusually slow day we could say I noticed this guy come in with his wife. They made a peculiar sight, although not so strange that I probably wouldn’t have noticed them if the place had been a little busy and there were slightly more customers. The man wasn’t that tall, he easily could have fallen into the ‘shrimp’ category if it wasn’t for the fact that he was so broad shouldered and carried himself with a supreme confidence, almost to the extent of arrogance. Oh, and his face. He had the face of a model; he had short dark curly hair, with the deepest green eyes. He had a light 5o’clock shadow and a very serious face. He was dressed in a collarless cream shirt and loose fitting slacks all of an obviously expensive material.

What made this unusual however, was the woman who he was standing with. I wondered at first if she might be his mother except for the fact that she was taller than him, (and I had heard that sons are always meant to be taller than their mother’s) and she was touching and kissing him in a most un-motherly way. (Well, unlike any mother I had ever seen). At that young age I was shocked that such an old (and frankly unattractive) lady should be with such a fine specimen of a man. They seemed to be having one of those friendly arguments that couples have. Playfully teasing each other, she giving him light slaps and he pretending to resist her pushes towards the photography counter. Noticing that the photography counter was un-manned (probably due again to the lack of business) I approached them asking ‘Hello there, can I help you?’

The woman looked at me with dagger eyes down at me, clearly hating me for my youth and beauty (at least that is what I imagined and told myself), while her male companion looked at me with a far friendlier disposition. Standing in my regulation stubby high heel shoes we stood nearly face-to-face, and as he smiled, all the seriousness in his face fell away and he became even more handsome that ever. ‘Ah, yes I, um we would like to give some photographs in to be developed’, he replied as he handed me over a roll of film. As he passed them he grimaced slightly while the woman stood like a proud Boudicca, at a victorious battle.

‘We’re nearly closing now sir’ I replied ‘However, we could have these ready first thing tomorrow morning for you, if that’s okay?’

Taking a quick glance at the women to check if this was indeed okay, he nodded and they turned to leave. ‘Ah, wait’ I called after them ‘I’ll just give you a receipt so you can collect them.’ Here the women looked a little more concerned and the man licked his lips slowly.

‘Smith’ he finally answered ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith.’ As I passed him the receipt his hand lightly brushed mine, and I marvelled at how soft and delicate his fingers felt.

The next day I got in early to remove the photographs from the machine. This really wasn’t my job, but I had had a fascination with seeing these photographs since they had left. Besides, it all seemed a little strange with their ‘Mr and Mrs. Smith’ routine. Checking to make sure no one was looking I opened the envelope, for technically we were not meant to check the photographs ourselves due to privacy regulations. That is why we always showed them to the customer asking them if they were correct ones. The first few photos were nothing strange, just a couple of them on some beach in various playful poses. Here he looked even better, showing off a strong athletic body with nicely muscled arms and a flat washboard stomach. She on the other hand was dressed in what seemed to be the swimsuit version of a mourning dress, all dark (very slimming I know) and covering her entire body, something like that dreaded mu-mu. Then came a shock I was not prepared for, the two of them in a giant spa clinched in a romantic embrace, a bottle of champagne by their side. A sickened feeling seemed to come over me as the though dawned on me that this might be their honeymoon snaps. However, even this did not prepare me for what I saw next. It was Mr. Smith standing with a towel hung over his shoulders and a giant salami hung from between his legs.

I wasn’t a virgin or anything, and I had experienced a number of different penises. It was true that I had liked the larger ones better but it was nothing serious. I certainly didn’t have an obsession with them or anything. However, here in front of me was a penis that just wasn’t big, it was huge. On, Mr. Smiths shorter body it looked absolutely freakish. I couldn’t have guessed how long it was but it was at least half way to his knees. Even accounting for semi-rigidity it was the biggest one that I had seen. I sat down feeling faint. Suddenly I heard I familiar voice

‘Feeling flushed today?’ I looked up to see Mr. Smith, and he was alone. Today he was dressed in a charcoal pinstripe suit and was looking every inch the proper businessman. Nervously I slipped the photos back into their embossed envelope and made a show of trying to look for them.

‘Just a little hot’ I answered guessing that my shock must have made me blush somewhat ‘Ah, here they are. Would you like to check them?’ I held them out offering the envelope to him.

He shook his head. ‘No, no. I’m sure they’ll be fine.’ He paid quickly for them and slipped them into his suit pocket.

‘I don’t think I’ve seen you and your wife hear before’ I asked as I counted the money. I could barely make eye contact.

‘Oh, no, we’ve just moved here’ he answered. Before we could even start to make small talk Mr. Johnson, in charge of the photography unit came in and I had to go back to my cosmetics. ‘Better, go’ Mr. Smith said waving goodbye ‘new lady wife’s waiting in the car’. He turned and smiled directly at me, and I think I had to sit down again.

A week or so passed. The ‘Smiths’ did not come back in. At least not when I was working there. Eventually, one weekend shift when I was working the register, Mr. Smith came in by himself again and bought, (can’t you guess) a packet of condoms. Now these were the ordinary everyday average Joes variety. After he handed them to me I turned them over once or twice and looking directly into his eyes asked him ‘Are you sure these are going to be okay for you sir?’

He looked at me with an indescribable expression on his face, a mixture of incredulity and just plain shock. ‘Pardon me?’ he replied his eyes not leaving mine.

‘It’s just that I’m not sure if these will be adequate’ I continued suppressing a smile.

‘It’s the only style you have on the shelf’

‘We can easily order you some in’

‘Excuse me ma’am, I don’t think this is a very professional way to behave. Can I just take my change please?’ Having obviously deduced what had happened he threw his packet into a plastic bag. With that he rather briskly walked to the exit. I felt hollow and ashamed. What had I been thinking? At the last moment however, he turned around and gave me his knee-melting smile ‘Oh, and yes you can order me some in’.

From then on I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I personally put the order through for some extra large sized condoms all the time imagining slipping it onto his engorged manhood. I could scarcely concentrate on my schoolwork and put in extra shifts just so I could see him again. However, I didn’t. When the condoms arrived shortly after I got their telephone number from their photography record and called them. When Mrs. Smith picked up I panicked and hung up the receiver like a nervous school girl (which as a matter of fact I was), after a few times I gave up and decided to wait till he came in himself. I did catch glimpses of Mrs. Smith walking through the store, at which point I would quickly duck and hide or busy myself with something underneath the shelf. Then one day, something terrible happened. She came for a manicure. Luckily I was already doing somebody else’s nails so they couldn’t ask me. Anyway, my supervisor Julie took her and they sat right next to us, only a small partition separating us. I could feel my face go red again as I imagined the old trout jumping over it and screaming ‘I know you want him! Well, he’s mine, all mine!’ However, nothing of the sort happened (naturally), instead after a few minutes of the traditional introductory chitchat I heard a soft weeping.

‘What’s the matter dear?’ That was Julie, doing her concerned friend routine, something she was well versed in.

‘Oh its nothing…’

‘Come on dearie. You can tell me’

‘Well okay then, I’m afraid my husband is having an affair. Some woman keeps ringing us up and hanging up whenever I answer. Plus we haven’t been married that long and he was just starting to slide into that post marriage apathy, you know, not taking care of his appearance as much, but suddenly he’s gone back to being more careful than before. Almost super-narcissus. I think it might be someone here…’

‘What! At this chemists?’

‘Yes, because he makes an extra effort whenever we are planning to stop off here’

The rest of the conversation became a blur as my heart leapt for joy. I quickly finished off my customer and went to take a quick break in the back storeroom to take a breather. Then a thought came into my mind; maybe this would be the time to call him, since his wife was safely here. I picked up the employee’s phone and dialled the numbers that over the last few weeks had ingrained themselves into my brain. After what seemed an eternity of dialling tones, I started to put the receiver back, when suddenly a male voice barked out ‘Hello, is somebody there?’

I tired to put on my most authoritarian voice. ‘Ah, yes. This is your chemist calling, just to let you know that your um…package has arrived sir.’

‘Is this you…?’ he left the question hanging

‘Yes’ I whispered

‘I’ll come around right away and pick it up then’

‘You wife is here. Did you know that sir?’

‘Yes, I know. This will work out perfectly. I’m meant to pick her up when she’s done’

Suddenly the conversation was at an end. I was confused. At one moment he seemed to be flirting with me like he was organising an affair, the next he was talking about picking up his wife. For one of the first times in my life (but certainly not the last) I cursed men.

About a quarter of an hour later I saw him enter, immaculately dressed as usual, in a casual but stylish sports jacket and tight jeans that could not help but announce his endowment. I walked straight up to him and rather rudely said ‘Your rubbers are waiting sir, but perhaps you would like see your wife first’.

He shook his head, smiling gently ‘I think perhaps first you had better show me. I might need some help understanding how they work’

‘Of course sir, if you would follow me’. I led him in the direction of the storeroom taking a peek over the partition glad to see that Mrs. Smith now had her eyes firmly closed in the middle of receiving a facial.

As the door closed behind us I took the box from its shelf and showed them to him ‘I think these will be more comfortable sir’ I said with a quivering lip.

‘I don’t know’ he replied trying to reflect an air of cool casualness ‘I think I’d better take a test run, don’t you think’

‘Whatever you say sir, you know what they say, the customer is always right.’ The tension in the air between us was unbearable. As I broke open the box, the light snap seemed to break the bond separating us as well.

Like a flash of lightning he was next to me, his taut body pressed into mine. His tongue inside my willing mouth as it made gently salty surveys exploring this uncharted territory. My excitement grew as I realised that his expertise in kissing would mean he would be knowledge in other things too. Eventually, we broke away ‘I don’t think we have much time’ I gasped.

‘Then lets make it worthwhile’ he responded pulling me closer as he began to unbutton my white blouse with a furiousness that I had not seen in him before. With his hands otherwise occupied I rubbed my hands down the front of his pants. I could feel how hard he was already as I began stroking him. As he popped open the last button I put up hand to stop him and ever so slowly, teasingly pulled open the waistband and reached inside. He gasped as my hand brushed against his skin. However, I had the real shock. I could not wrap my hand around his penis. It was too large. As he began to rub his thumbs across my already tingling nipples I pushed him back again shaking my head in apology. ‘I have to see this’ I whispered at him as I pulled his pants down, his beast springing out to greet me in all its glory. Oh, and he was glorious.

Even in my erotic dreams that I had imagined of him, he had not grown so large. That ‘salami’ that I had seen hang between his legs was delicious looking, but I had imagined it would simply just rise, staying much the same size as I had heard happened with more endowed men. This was an entirely different matter. This was a massive piece of meat that stuck out from his body with such length that you could almost mistake it for a third leg if not for the matching set of giant orbs that hung behind it swaying gently. However, it wasn’t just his huge endowment that was making me moist. It was just the icing on the cake. His skin was a golden tan that accented perfectly the athletic build that I already knew about from the photographs. Oh, and his butt, it was a specimen of pure perfection.

He grinned ‘happy now’. As I nodded in still wide-eyed amazement he renewed his explorations with an increased intensity. He kissed and nibbled his way down my shaking body with a single determination for a final destination. I pressed my body hard into him rubbing my thighs against his unshaven jaw until they were grazed. God, it felt good. The never-ending kisses continued into my lightly bushy nest and I arched my back as his tongue reached its spot. I felt his tongue flicker, slowly at first then faster and he sucked and teased me until I thought I could stand no more and must scream out in joy. Seeming to read my mind he stopped and gripping my buttocks tightly pulled me down to him running his tongue back up my body as he did so. Then he plunged into me; despite his size he entered easily such was the natural lubrication of my body. My hips rose to meet his rhythm and I wrapped my legs around him, feeling a great shudder of excitement when I realized that he was completely filling me, so very deeply and fully without even having to sue all his penis. We moved together until at the moment when I was about to explode, he let out a soft cry and gave me one final giant thrust as we lay together satisfied, our bodies glowing with pleasure.

We lay together silently, just holding each other as thoughts began to emerge in my mind. ‘Why would you marry that?’ I asked waving a naked limb in Mrs. Smith’s general direction just so we were both aware of whom ‘that’ person was.

In response he stepped up behind me rubbing his stiffening member slowly against my buttocks as he began to nibble at my earlobe. While doing so he brought his hands up to cusp my heaving breasts.

‘Oh, that feels nice’ I sighed he intensified his frontal massage ‘but that’s not an answer’.

As I was spun around to face him he said ‘You probably won’t believe me, but I love her. I really do. Not so very long ago she was beautiful, so very beautiful. I was a young man still unsure of my body and embarrassed by what a saw as this freakish accessory’ (In response to this his ‘freakish accessory’ reared itself up to prove just how freakish he actually was) ‘She was married to a rich business man and unhappy. Now think how it would be to be a young unemployed man suddenly thrust into the position of a ladies companion. Not paid, but definitely provided for. A gigolo if you will. Not only that, but servicing a beautiful and experienced woman. Over time we fell in love and when her husband died early last year I felt compelled to ask for her hand in marriage. Unfortunately, now she longer finds enjoyment in sex so much so I am forced to go to further extremes to please myself and she.’

This story moved me so much that I just opened my willing legs again as a small tear ran down my face. Some minutes later as I shuddered with the power of his massive organ impaling me over and over a thought suddenly crossed my mind ‘What do you mean yourself and she?’

Through his straining face a saw a spasm of concern. ‘Oh nothing, forget about it.’ With this he increased the speed and intensity of his frenzied thrusting and I almost swooned with delightful pleasure. I realized this was his way of trying to change the subject. I pulled his beautiful face closer to mine whispering ‘Go on, you can tell me. It will be okay’.

‘Alright’ he whimpered ‘Mrs. Smith is watching us right now through the closed camera security video system. She derives her pleasure now from watching me use my penis on other women. Put simply she likes to watch’.

Our frenzied animal passion died for a moment as I pondered this. I looked up and around trying to spot the camera. You are probably thinking that I should have got up and slapped him and for a moment I planned to do just that. However, then I looked into his deep sincere eyes and down at the rock hard mass of manhood that was completely filling me and still managing to have a sizable portion left over and I stopped. Instead, I leant right over to his ear and myself whispered ‘Then let’s give her a show she’ll never forget’.

And we did. I did things I had never done before and he showed me things I had never even thought of doing. You might think that I was young and immature and they were using me, but I was an adult and knew exactly what I was doing and exactly how good his penis felty inside me. I never did meet the ‘Smiths’ again, but a few weeks later I received a letter posted to the chemists. Inside was the photograph of Mr. Smith gigantic rod that I had admired all those weeks before. With it, it brought back all the memories of the fantastic time that I had experienced. Since then I have had many more experiences with those wonderful ‘freakish accessories’ but that time will always be special because it was my first. It was from that exact moment that I realized that I was a true Size Queen and proud of it.



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