Sis and brother

I was staying over my friend Chris’ house one weekend while his parents were away. His 18 year old sister, kim was at home and I had always had a crush on her. She was blonde and , although slightly chubby, had large tits for her age. I had always fantasized about her.

When I arrived at his house and rang the doorbell, kim answered the door. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and shorts and I couldn’t help but stare at her nipples which were erect.

“hi” she said smiling as I entered the house. “hi” I stammered back blushing as I was sure she had noticed my stare. “chris is upstairs” she said. I went upstairs with a sense of excitement in my crotch due to kim’s magnificent rack. I entered chris’ room. He was at his computer and said “come on over”. I walked over and the first thing I noticed was that he was in his underwear which bulged considerably. The second thing I noticed was that he was involved in a web chat with a hot young girl who was as I was watching, playing with her large tits. “isnt she hot” chris said and then typed in my name and introduced me to cara. “i’ve just met her online. she’s 18 and as you can see very horny” As I watched cara I also noticed that chris was rubbing his crotch which was tenting considerably. Cara typed in that she wanted to see chris play with himself. I was surprised as chris removed his underwear and revealed a sizeable cock which he began to stroke. By this time I was hard myself as I had always got off on both sexes. Cara was visibly turned on as she took her panties off and started to play with her clit. chris stroke his cock and then glanced back and said “enjoying the show” He grinned as he caught me staring at his huge cock. “you like my cock” “does it turn you on?” “how big is it?” I said. He replied that he didn’t know and that why don’t I measure it for him. I grabbed the measuring tape and he swung the chair sideways for me as I knelt before him. He let his cock go and I grasped his shaft in my hands and held it as I placed the tape measurer on his cock. It measured 10 inches long and 6 inches thick. I began to stroke his cock and he moaned out load obviously liking my attention. “why dont you take your cock out” He said. I didn’t hesitate and remove my clothes and we began stroking our cocks together. cara was now watching us and using a rather large dildo on herself. Chris moved closer to me and we began to rub our cocks together. I noticed precum oozing from his tip both of our cocks were very rigid.

“Suck my cock” He commanded and I dropped to my knees in front of his huge cock. He rubbed his cock over my face and then I grabbed his cock stroking his shaft as I locked his head with my tongue tasting his precum. I stroked my own cock as I licked down his underside and sucked his balls. I returned up to his head and took in the first third f his cock in my mouth licking my tongue on the inside. Cara was no writhikng in an orgasm but we weren’t paying much attention. I continued to work his cock in my mouth and now had at least 8 inches in my mouth. He moaned and began to thrust his cock in my mouth. He fucked my face, precum flowing into my mouth. I stroked my own hard cock as he pushed his entire cock deep in my mouth.

Just at that moment, the door opened and kim walked in. She gasped at what she saw but obviously wasn’t about to leave. chris didn’t even stop his thrusting and brought his cock all the way out and slapped my face with his huge length. Kim stammered “thats a huge cock”. chris beckoned her over and said “get naked, I want to see tthose tits and I know my buddy here does to” KIm did not hesitate and I watched as she removed her tee revealing what must have been a dd chest. she took her shorts off and revealed a shaven pussy.

KIM played with her tits as chris plunged his cock deep into my mouth. I gasped for air as he brought it out and he placed his balls on my tongue which I began to lick. he stroked his cock as my tongue lashed his shaven balls. Kim was licking one of her tits and fingering her pussy as she watched our show.

Without warning, chris pulled away and motioned for kim to come forward. I watched as he grabbed her fleshy tits in his hand and squeezed her sizable tits. Kim moaned as chris began to lick her nipples and suck on them as well. I stroked my cock as I watched chris descend between her legs spreading her lips and licking within. I moved forward and began to play with kim’s jugs and I kissed her wetly. As I worked down to her tits, licking and sucking her nipples, I suddenly felt a hand grasp my cock and begin stroking it. Chris stroked my length and after a while I felt his tongue on my tip. Kim was writhing in pleasure as I orally played with her tits. My cock was engulfed wholly and chris began sucking my cock faster. I moaned loudly as chris took my cock out of his mouth and stood up his huge cock bbbing with excitement. He beckoned kim to get on her knees and I watched captivately as she grasped his cock and began jerking it off. Her tongue came out and began to lick around his head. Chris moaned loud and grasped her back of her head and thrust half his cock down her throat. My eyes were wide as I watched him thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, increasing the amount of cock in her throat. KIm gasped and chris motioned me over and kim grasped my cock as she sucked his cock. Out came chris’ cock and in went my cock to the hilt. She alternated between the two sucking like a pro. Then she began rubbing our cocks together head against head and licking our cock in her mouth. This cause both of our cocks to throb and considerably precum leaked from our tips. Kim licked this up greedily and chris began to moan. She began stroking my cock and licking my underside and I moaned and began shooting cum into her mouth and onto her face. I shot a line of cum that hit chris’ cock and caused him to start to shoot his load over her face and onto my cock. We coated her face with dripping cum and she licked our cocks clean and then stood up as we engaged in a three way kiss licking our semen clean amongst the three of us.