Lustful Teens & Size Queens

Tim had always been somewhat concerned that his penis size was inadequate, but as he entered the 12th grade, he could not yet fathom what kind of emotional roller coaster he was about to face this year before college. As a handsome, athletic young man who played several team sports, Tim knew he would be exposed to locker room pressures. It wasn’t that he was unusually small… he possessed the typical “grower” type cock that didn’t impress at first sight, but that always filled out to an adequate 6 inches that the majority of men possess. In perhaps a cruel twist of fate, Tim had unknowingly chosen and surrounded himself with a group of well endowed friends that ultimately would clash through a series of intense sexual encounters. There were a couple of his close male friends, Jeff, Brian, and Tony, as well a threesome of girls that came from the same neighborhood, Brook, Stephanie, and Heather. Jeff and Brian were brothers, separated by only a year. Tony was the stereotypical Italian jock, and had grown up with Tim since they were toddlers. The girls happened to be the upcoming beauties of their high school, just hitting their strides in development.

Tim could barely contain himself as he thought about the note in his pocket that Heather had given him today. Apparently, her parents were leaving town for the weekend, and she had invited him over to hang out. It was well known that they had an affection for one another, but Heather’s friends were quick to point out that she should save herself for the prospects of the older boys going into high school that fall. Tim’s excitement was causing a stir within his jeans… for Heather had grown in the past year. She had smooth, golden athletic legs that extended upward towards a toned button for an ass. Her waistline so taught, you could fit your hands around her stomach. She was stunningly beautiful in the face, resembling a younger Christie Brinkley, but Tim’s mind kept refocusing on the huge pair of 36DD breasts that jutted prominently from her slender frame. Tim wanted nothing more than to get his hands on Heather’s brand new fun bags, and today nothing was going to stop him.

Heather answered the door before the third knock, and upon seeing what she was wearing, Tim’s jaw dropped. Obviously expected some fun by the pool, Heather donned a tiny pair of jogging shorts over her bikini and what seemed to be an even tinier top. Perhaps a remnant from her former dimensions, this poor white top struggled to contain her big fat tits… the sides and bottoms of which were clearly visible. She bounded up and down in excitement to see him, unknowingly burning this supersexual image of her bouncing boobs into his mind… and straight to his cock. Tim gulped and accepted her hug, hoping his rock hard erection was not yet noticeable.

“I’m so glad you could come over, come in, come in”, Heather beckoned

“Well, thanks for inviting me! You sure your parents aren’t coming back anytime soon?” Tim asked

“No, they’re in Hawaii for the week.” (A whole week, Tim thought!)

“Hey, Dad’s got some beer in this ice chest he left for the yard guys, did you bring that thing we talked about?” Her face looked devious.

“Oh sweet, yeah, I’ve always got access to a little weed, not only does Brian sell it, my mom has a secret stash she keeps”

“Awesome, this will be fun… I’ll get a lighter, you grab a couple beers and meet me out back by the pool.” Heather ordered as she skipped upstairs.

Tim’s head was spinning in excitement. Heather’s happy, bubbly demeanor combined with her looks could make any boy smile… not to mention the anticipation of getting drunk and stoned out by the pool with her on a beautiful Florida Saturday afternoon.

Tim grabbed two pool chairs and placed them as close together as possible. He jumped in one, cracked open the beers, and starting packing a bowl. It was obviously a typical hot summer Florida day. The humidity felt like it was 150%, and the sweat was already rolling down his cheeks. Tim decided to pull of his shirt, and immediately upon doing so was greeted with a cat call from behind him. Heather had reappeared and was strutting towards him, this time with her shorts off, revealing a tee back bikini that left little to the imagination. Her lean, muscled legs rippled as she walked and it was obvious by her tan lines, that she was no stranger to wearing a bikini.

“Damn, handsome, you been working out since last year or what?”

Modest as always Tim stated he had to keep up with his teammates or she might go for one of them.

“Oh c’mon, give yourself credit, you’re the one I asked to come over, and I usually don’t put on a bikini this small with just anyone…”

“Really?, so what’s that supposed to mean?” Tim responded in a feeble effort to play dumb.

“You figure it out,” she replied. Tim noticed she seemed very confident in her sexuality already, for good reason, and much more so than he was.

At that point, Heather plopped down on the chair next to him with a sigh, smiled at him, and said, “This should be fun, whew it is HOT. You ready to drink some of these beers?”

“Let’s burn this thing first,” Tim replied… knowing the beers would be much more refreshing afterward.

Heather took the first hit and immediately began coughing, obviously new to experimentation with pot. Tim followed her lead and upon cashing out the bowl, they both sat back in silence, sipping their beers and letting the weed grab a hold of their senses.

Tim’s mind began to finally try to grasp the situation he was in… he glanced over next to him to see Heather lying back completely relaxed and taking deep breaths, her beautiful breasts heaving up and down, glistening with sweat. She turned her head to look at him and gave him a big smile. Tim smiled back.

“Wow, I am feeling no pain, except for this heat”, she said as she started to sit up… “Let’s take a dip before we lay out”

Tim took her hand, wondering exactly what she meant by the last comment.

The pool water was cool to the touch, perhaps on the cold side. They walked in together and as they dipped their waists in the water, Heather let out a shutter, “It’s freezing”. Tim watched in amazement as goosebumps immediately formed on here arms and chest. Her nipples became ever so more prominent as they jutted out from here perfect, half-dollar sized pink areolas. She then proceeded to dunk her whole body in the water and came back up, flipping here long blonde hair back. At this point, Tim thought he was in some kind of exaggerated beer commercial. His fixed gaze was obvious.

“Like what you see?” Heather asked rather abruptly.

“Oh, God yes. I’ve been into you ever since we met, but I never imagined I’d be in for a treat like this.” Tim replied.

“Well, I kinda have felt the same about you. I thought this would be a great opportunity to, you know, get together or something”

Tim didn’t know what to do next, but as he reached to hold her hand, Heather pulled herself up against his chest, pushing here enormous flesh cushions into him. Neither could think of the next move as they looked into each other’s eyes, but Heather solved that dilemma as she thrust their faces together and began to ravish him with her tongue.

Tim’s cock was at full attention and pushed his trunks into Heather’s already moistening crotch. Noticing its presence, she quickly put her hand over it and gave it a few squeezes while they kissed. Not wanting things to go down completely in the water, Heather pushed him away, and grabbing Tim’s hand, she led them out of the pool. Tim could already see he was not in control. He was still in shock that this was happening already.

As they got to the pool chairs, Heather grabbed a towel and dried off, all the while eyeing Tim with an incredible lustful glare, something you see only on the most whorish of porn stars. She took a swig from her beer and turned to face him. As Tim gazed in awe, she began taking a few short steps backward away from him so he could get the full picture. Heather slowly put her hands against the sides of here bikini top, paused with a devilish grin, and in one fluid movement, hoisted the top up over her head. Tim froze at the sight of the two massive globes of young tit flesh being lifted up to her chin, and then cascading violently downward. Her breasts were still bouncing and swinging as she began to walk back to him. Their size so unnaturally large for her skinny body. It was by far the most erotic scene he had ever witnessed, and Tim was proud to say his cock had never been harder.

“Holy Shit! those are the most perfect tits I’ve ever seen!”

“Thanks. Now it’s you turn, you stud. I think these tits are worthy of some cock, don’t you?”

At that, Heather dropped to her knees and began to pull off Tim’s shorts. He didn’t put up any resistance, and his cock sprung to attention in her face. She didn’t say a word and immediately engulfed his 6" cock with her mouth. Tim was instantly in ecstasy as she massaged her hot saliva around his cock and balls, mouth-fucking him at a breakneck pace. He looked down to see that she was easily taking his whole cock into her mouth and back out, and upon doing so, felt his balls tighten and the inevitable rush of cum begin to build up. Not wanting to blow his load already, Tim began to pull away, but Heather was on the offensive and not letting up. By the time he pulled his cock out of her mouth, his load began to shoot off. Heather retreated as the unexpected string of cum shot into her eyes and half landed in her mouth. “Oh, god sorry!” Tim exclaimed but the damage was done. He could see the look of contempt on here face as she wiped the sticky white fluid out of her eyes.

“Wow, is it supposed to happen that fast?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I just got too excited. I’ll be fine in a minute. It’s just been a while, baby. I’m sorry…”

Tim’s cock had quickly deflated to it’s pre-growth tiny stature upon this awkward moment, and he had not realized it until she stood up, gave it a quick glance, and turned towards the master bedroom with another look of disappointment. Tim was determined to make up for this poor showing and followed her inside after putting his pants back on. He sat on the couch and as she came in from the bathroom, now wearing a tank top and shorts, motioned for her to sit next to him.

Before Tim could utter a word in his defense, Heather stopped him.

“Tim, I really do like you, but I have to be truthful. I need a man that can really, you know, fulFill me. I was hoping that would be you. I think about fucking all the time, but I never get to do it with guys as much as I want unless things happen like my parents going away. I’m going to give you another chance, but I want you to know that I also invited Brian over later tonight. I guess you could say, as much as I like you as a person, I’m going to test drive my next boyfriend. I’m starting with you because I like you the best personality-wise. I’ve always thought Brian was pretty cool too… Don’t look so glum though. I think I know what to do…”

“Wait, what?! Brian’s my friend (well, in the last couple months we had hung out and smoked a lot of weed together), and if he knew about this, it would never fly.”

“Well, whatever, I’m just telling you the truth… He said he’d love to hang out with me… alone”

At that, Heather once again ripped off her top and let her big tits flop in Tim’s face. Pinching her nipples, she began to shake her fun bags back and forth just to show off… She slowly pulled down her shorts, revealing a perfectly trimmed diamond shaped snatch that glistened with juices.

“You’re going to fuck this hot pussy right now”

Tim’s cock once again sprang to life, and he was determined to show her a thing or two. He grabbed here by the ass cheeks, and here eyes widened as cupped her pussy, picked her off the ground, and threw her onto her back onto the couch. He then dropped to his knees and spread her legs wide by grabbing here at the ankles. In an instant, Tim had his faced buried in the wet mess that had already become of her pussy. She moaned as he pushed his tongue deep into her and began to roll it in circles along the top of her slit.

"Oh, fuck yeah, this is what I’m talking about!” she whined.

“You like that, baby, I knew you would”

“Uh huh, lick my pussy. Don’t stop sucking my pussy!”

Tim was reinvigorated and picked up the pace. Before long, Heather was bucking her hips against his chin and soon let out a slow, long moan punctuated by a flood of hot pussy juices shooting into Tim’s mouth. She pulled him on top of her, muttering something about fucking her with his hard cock, and Tim now was in position to give her something more to remember him by. He slowly positioned his cock head against her steaming pink gap and began pushing it in. He pushed more and more until he was suddenly aware that his cock was balls deep in her pussy, and she hadn’t even let out so much as a whimper. Tim pulled back and rammed into her again, but met little resistance within her fuck hole. Heather had a look of concentration on here face as Tim frantically began humping her, hoping to elicit a more normal reaction, but she did not indicate his cock was doing much service. (What is this girl, a train tunnel or something?), Tim pondered as he humped away, but now the rhythmic pendulating of her big round jugs was affecting him again, and before long, the urge to cum was too much. Despite their grappling and thrusting, Tim again blew his load across her belly before she even registered what was happening.

“Oh god, Heather, you are so damn sexy” He thought distracting her with some compliments would help.

“You’re not so bad yourself. Maybe with more practice, we can do it longer…”

“Oh, Definitely.” Tim replied, as if the fact his cock had been utterly engulfed by her pussy wasn’t a problem. “How’d you like that?

"I thought I was going to pass out when you were licking me… it felt amazing. Good god it was hot!” Heather began putting her clothes back on and Tim followed suit. They sat together and finished off another beer, chatting about how weird it was today, but how much they enjoyed each other when Heather got a phone call. She took the call outside, and Tim could make out lots of giggling as if she were talking with Brooke or Stephie about their day. When she came back inside, she sat down and explained that she had to go run a couple errands with Brooke and would call him back tonight. With that, Tim gave here another kiss and proceeded to head for the door. He was exhausted, and kind of wanted to regroup himself anyway. Besides, he had just fucked Heather and couldn’t wait to tell his conquest over those big titties to his friends.


Heather and Brooke had just returned from a trip to grab some frozen yogurt when her phone rang. It was Brian wanting to know what time to come over.

Brian was one of the freshman in his High School that would be starting Varsity as a safety. He was boyishly handsome, built for his age, rippled with muscle and trim, and already had a constant five o’clock shadow, but at the same time, was somewhat goofy as someone who smoked weed a lot can be. He sported a shaggy haircut and did not seem to be the athlete he was. In any case, Brian was also a friend of Tim’s but at this point, he was unaware of the crush Tim had on Heather. Brian wasn’t too concerned since he had just moved to town a few months earlier. He really just wanted to hang out with some of the neighborhoods hottest girls.

Heather told Brian she would meet him right away. She also devised a plan to bring Brooke along to witness their escapades. Brooke was Heather’s long time friend. The two had a very forthright relationship and occasionally even played with each other when no one was around. Brooke was taller than Heather, with more of a supermodel lankiness and build, but gorgeous nonetheless. She made up for her smaller breasts with an incredible ass and a healthy dose of sexuality. Heather wanted Brooke to “accidentally” walk in on the two if anything was going on, which Heather was 100% positive there would be she revealed her tits as she did with Tim.

Giggling as she walked up the stairs, Brooke gave Heather a thumbs up as she closed the door to the upstairs bedroom. Heather was already heading to the door to let Brian in. Heather opened the door and was immediately aware of the brawniness Brian possessed over Tim. He seemed like he was already a man while Tim just a boy. They greeted each other and he gave her a quick hug. Heather had made sure to wear her small bikini once again… she felt Brian deserved the same treatment. What she was completely unaware of was the fact that the treatment she was going to receive from Brian would be entirely different.

Just as Heather proudly and prominently displayed her endowments, Brian was the owner of an endowment that would soon reach legendary status. To be concise, his cock was absolutely enormous. Not having been there long, he had very little experience with the local girls, but over the past three years of his pubescence, his cock and balls had been experiencing a growth spurt that never seemed to quite slow down. At first, he was extremely pleased that, as a eighteen year old, he possessed a thick 9" cock. He would come home from school and amaze himself as the meat behind his zipper was slowly released and began to engorge just at its owner’s wonderment in gazing at it’s size. Like a balloon on a helium tank, Brian’s cock would stand up and eventually extend over his belly button, while his scrotum descended with two big globes, each the size of a racket balls. Then, sheer pleasure would envelope him as he pumped his steel hard cock into a frenzy, issuing forth multiple thick jets of cum upon the surfaces of his room.

Now, as he gazed upon the beauty and pure sexuality that was Heather, he was worried about what to do. She undoubtedly would freak out when she saw him, but he was willing to take that risk.

Brian sat down next to Heather by the pool and opened up a couple beers. They exchanged pleasantries, and had small talk similarly to before with Tim, but this time Heather was the one that began to get curious. Brian was wearing a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, and had purposely positioned his now 10", wrist thick limp cock down one thigh as he was wearing no underwear. The seam of his jeans rode right between his fat balls, protruding them to either side, and he slowly rolled back in his chair to tighten the cloth of the jeans and outline his massive package. He couldn’t wait to see Heather’s reaction, and it was worth it.

Heather, meanwhile, was not sure as to what she was looking at, but figured there wouldn’t be anything else in his pants besides his cock. She caught herself staring and looked up to catch Brian grinning back.

“Sorry, I was just getting uncomfortable and needed to adjust”

“Oh, uh, well I just got busted staring at your crotch, didn’t I?” Heather was ever so honest after drinking all day.

“What were you looking for?” Brian asked knowing dame well.

“Whatever it was, I think you need to show me… like right now. Is that your cock?”

“That’s what I call it… you sure nobody’s around?” Brian inquired as he stood up directly in front of Heather’s face. He put his hand around the outline at the base of his cock, giving it one little squeeze… just enough to really get some blood starting to flow. He wanted the initial shock to be big, but not too much. He knew once his big fat cock got going, it even got a little unmanageable even for him.

Brian stood about a foot away from Heather, and in a casual manner, pulled of his shirt so it wouldn’t block her view. He then started to unzip his jeans and leaned back ever so slightly onto his heals. Heather could now see a tuft of thick, black hair and as he proceeded, caught a first glimpse of the thick base of his cock. It looked as thick his wrist and a big vein protruded directly down the middle with branches extended all the around and under the giant meat tube. Seeing her eyes widen, Brian became anxious to give her a real show. He could feel the blood begin flow through his cock as it began to swell even further. He tugged on the flaps of his jeans and pushed out his pelvis, allowing the monster to unhinge itself from its confinement. More and more veiny, fat cock came into view as he did so, and Heather’s jaw was unhinged at the site of it. She had never even imagined cocks got half this size. Finally, Brian’s massive cock head came into view some three quarters of the way to his knees and slapped heavily against his thigh. Brian stepped out of his jeans completely and rested his hand on his hips, allowing Heather to take in the full sight of his monster cock as it heavily bobbed and swayed.

“Oh my fucking god! That’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen! Holy Shit!” Heather exclaimed, eyes still wide in amazement. Her pussy was on fire and began gushing forth hot sticky fluid underneath her bikini.

“What’s even crazier, is it ain’t even getting hard yet…” Brian stated matter of factly. He grabbed his cock halfway down its base and gave it a couple more squeezes. “Let’s see those big fat tits of yours, you sexy, little slut. That’s what I’m here for… that, and maybe to let you suck on this hog for a while”

Heather quickly ripped off her top and let her tits flop out. Without a word, she walked over to him, making sure her breasts bounced and jiggled nicely. She pulled here breasts up into her mouth one by one and gave them a few licks to harden her beautiful pink nipples, and with an innocent look said, “ Can I suck your big stud cock? I promise not to bite”

The sight of her incredible body had Brian’s head spinning. Now, he could feel his cock really start to get hard. Heather was already on her knees still fondling her breasts. Looking down, Brian watch in his own self-amazement as his bloated cock began bobbing to his heart beat. The monster tube got fatter and fatter until it was as thick as a beer can and hung 12” down his leg. Then, it began reaching upward and inflating even more. His sack looked like it had two tennis balls inside and hung 8” underneath his cock. Sharp black stubble peppered the skin surrounding the huge orbs. Heather bent down and began lapping the bottom of his huge nuts, covering them in hot saliva. This electrified the piston between his legs and his cock shot up to full attention, 45 degrees from his belly. Brian knew by experience that this was its full splendor, 14” long and as thick as a Pringles canister at its center. Heather had to inch back to get to the head of his cock which loomed precariously above the back of her head.

With confidence, Brian rested his hands on his hips and smiled. Heather mumbled something about how fucking huge it was as she wrapped both hands around the middle of his shaft and began slowly pumping it up and down.

“Oh, fuck yeah, baby. That’s how you manage it, nice and slow at first…”

Heather pulled his meat towards her face and plunged her mouth around his cock head. Her jaw stretched to accommodate its girth, but she could just manage his head and a couple inches of shaft into her mouth. Brian grunted in pleasure as she began to twirl her tongue and lap his engorged head while pumping his bloated cockshaft. He could see her enormous tits swaying beneath her and reveled at how hot the entire scene must be… a huge-titted, beautiful blonde teenager blowing what must be the biggest cock in their city next to her pool, in the middle of the day.

However, the scene in which Brian was participating was playing before more than just himself. Two more sets of eyes were transfixed upon them, one from the house above and the other from over the fence gate. Brooke had been waiting for her cue to come out of the bedroom when she heard Heather’s cries of astonishment from outside. She went to the window to see what the commotion was about and could not believe what she was seeing. Heather had both hands hoisting up this enormous tube of veiny cock and had already put the head into her mouth.

Tim’s cock painfully pushed against his zipper as he gazed over the wooden fence that was the back entrance to Heather’s yard. He was fully hard, but also had lump in his throat and butterflies in his stomach. Only 20 yards away, the girl of his dreams was sucking on the biggest cock he could ever have imagined, and it just happen to be connected to his pot-smoking jock buddy, Brian. The flood of emotions left Tim gazing in awe… he had decided earlier to check back with Heather to see if she really was going to have Brian over. This image answered that question in full, and now all he could do was stare and drool.

As the audience looked on, Brian stood proudly, grinning at his lustful partner, slowly thrusting his huge cock in and out of Heather’s stretched mouth. He was now fully hard, and precum was steadily flowing from the head of his dick, mixing with her saliva. At this point, Heather knew she could only do so much with her mouth… she wanted this big hot cock inside here aching pussy, and one way or another, she was going to make it happen.

“I want you inside me, right now. Fuck me with that fat cock of yours!” she commanded.

“I’m going to fuck you. Trust me. But I want something else first.”

At that, Brian pulled her towards him. He reached around, grabbing here by the ass cheeks and pulled her up to his chest… he had to negotiate around the big pole between his legs. She held him around his neck, pushing her warm chest pillows into his hard pecs as he set her parted ass and sopping wet fuckhole onto the thick base of his cock. She instinctively began to buck her hips, sliding her moist snatch back and forth against the top of his shaft. They locked lips and began to kiss furiously, and her gyrations intensified until the pleasure was too much for her… the thick, ridged veins along the top of his cock battered her clit as she bucked… enough so that this act alone sent wave after wave of orgasm. She rocked back in a loud, high-pitched squeal as her pussy gushed hot fuckjuice all over his cock.

Brian carried her a few steps to the nearest pool chair and deposited her onto her back. Heather was still recovering from her quick, intense orgasm when Brian suddenly straddled her stomach. He was a tit man, and the two beautiful mounds before him sat ready in all their splendor. A thin film of sweat now caused them to glisten in the sun, and he was mesmerized with lust as she squeezed her arms together, thrusting them into the air. She began to massage her big tits, smiling in anticipation of what he would do next. After a moment, Brian grasped the thick base of his cock with one hand and clenched it hard… his fat shaft thickened even more as blood was pumped down its length. Holding his cock, he lowered himself over her and place the engorged head against her sternum. As if on cue, Heather pushed her breasts against his dick, engaging the start of a wildly erotic tit fucking.

Heather could feel Brian’s heavy, grainy balls scratching across her belly as he thrust his cock into here tit flesh. With the base of his cock just above her bellybutton, the big shaft extended through the cleavage of her tits with his cockhead stopping at her chin. With little effort, she dropped her head and opened her mouth, giving him a hot, wet target with every thrust.

Brian was in ecstasy as he tit-fucked this horny teenager. His audience could see and almost feel the sexual energy the two created. The fluid in Brian’s balls began to boil, and he bucked harder and harder… the chair scraping the cement as he pounded his huge cock into Heather’s massive soft tits. After a couple minutes of this, he stood above her, and with both hands, began to power jerk the entire length of his pole. His fat, engorged balls began to rise in their sack, and with a loud grunting sigh, Brian’s bloated cock erupted, spewing forth finger-thick ropes of white, hot cum all over Heather. Blast after blast splashed against her face, into her eyes and hair, and across her tits. She managed to catch multiple gulps in her mouth as well. Even Brian was appalled at the amount of ejaculate he produced… it must have been close to a liter. Finally, the jets subsided and his cock began to calm. However, it maintained its pre-eruption size, only losing its hardness and having a more reddish glow.

Brain helped Heather up out of the puddle of sticky white mess they had created. “Oh my god, that was just amazing!” was all she could muster.

The two stood across from each other… Brian’s swollen, flaccid cock now swayed with the head just above his knees. The middle, thickest part of his shaft was the size of a baseball bat, and his balls had once again descended, hanging low in their bull-sized scrotum. Just as they were about to embrace again…

“Click. ZZ. Click zZ.” They both turned in shock to see Brooke standing at the doorway in her bathing suit, her camera phone pointed at them.

“No one is going to believe me without these…” Brooke stated matter-of-factly.

“Brooke, quit it! Give me that camera!” Heather shouted as she ran over. Brian just shook his head as the two scuffled. Brooke proved too tall for Heather to be able to get the camera, but Brian did enjoy watching here tits bounce as she bounded up and down after the evidence. Covered from head to toe with cum, naked, with a horse cock in her hand was not a picture she wanted to see at school this year.

“Who cares, I’m not going to show anybody else. Besides, what do you have to be embarrassed about? Oh, and by the way, Brian, you are a fucking stud.” Brooke said as she strutted forward, allowing him a full view of bikini model body. “And whatever you want from me is yours…”

“That’s fine, Brooke” Brian stated, “But the first thing you’re going to do is suck this thing. Heather’s already done some heavy lifting, and she’s gonna get fucked first.”

Brian went inside to grab another beer. Heather and Brooke exchanged wide-eyed glances and then began giggling uncontrollably… two little school girls who just discovered something amazing.

Meanwhile, Tim could not believe what he had just seen. He was standing in a hidden corner on the side of the house furiously masturbating his cock. He groaned as his load shot onto the brick wall he was facing. Panting, he could not get the image of his friend grasping that enormous prick and pumping what seemed to be gallons of spunk all over his former 15 minute fling. His hopes of going steady with Heather were seemingly crushed, and his friend’s huge cock was to blame. Never before had he felt more inadequate, and the shoddy performance he displayed earlier now was more pathetic than ever.

He decided to crash their party just to see what kind of damage may have been done. Brian and Heather hadn’t fucked yet… maybe he was so big it wasn’t possible. And there was always the beautiful Brooke who might still succumb to his advances. After all, he didn’t have a monstrous cock, but he was studly in all his other attributes.

Brian heard a splash outside as Heather dove into the pool to clean herself off. She had put her bikini back on for the time being. Brooke was sipping a beer and laying on the pool chair getting some sun. Brian took a big gulp of beer and decided to take a breather. He put slid into his jeans again, incorrectly thinking that walking around naked with his big dick slapping back and forth was silly looking. He was riding high… he knew these two hotties were infatuated with his cock, and their pussies were ripe for plucking.

“What are you doing? Come out here, Brian. We’re not through yet, are we?” Heather called out.

“Oh, no. We’re not through. Just relaxing, I worked up a sweat. Why don’t you girls come on in the air conditioning for a little while. It’s still early” Brian figured, and he was actually looking forward to ravishing these two in the comfort of some sheets.

Heather jumped out of the pool and began to dry off while Brooke collected herself as well. They pranced back into the house and plopped onto the couch on either side of Brian. As soon as he felt their warm skin touch his arms, his cock began to stir.

“I know what we can do…” Heather said devilishly as she grabbed the remote. She flipped on the flat screen across from them and punched in the numbers to the adult channel. “Which one should we watch?” she asked as she flipped through the titles.

“Oooh, that one, that one.” Brooke sparked up as the “Biggest Cocks in Porn 7” title came across the screen. In an instant, the movie’s music began and the entry screen came on. Heather punched in the first chapter and immediately the screen flipped to a scene where a young starlet was unzipping a man’s pants. Her reaction was incredulous as she fished a big 8” cock from the pants of her dark skinned partner. The black man moaned as she put into her mouth and began working him over. When he was finally hard, the cock looked to be around 10” long, but not overly thick.

“Oh my god, your twice the size of this guy, and he’s supposed to be the biggest?” Heather remarked as they watched…

Brian’s cock was once again snaking down his thigh, partly because of her commentary on his size and partly because both of their hands were now rubbing his crotch.

“Well girls, who needs porn with you two babes sitting right here”. Brian unzipped his jeans and pulled out his schlong once again. Seeing it put away and pulled back out, the two girls were still amazed once it was in sight. Brian purposefully slapped it back and forth against his thighs and began to stroke the massive flesh up and down as a surge of blood inflated the mass of meat at an astonishing pace.

Brooke and Heather pulled their hair back and simultaneously ducked down and began lapping at the sides and head of his dick. Soon, Brian was rock hard again. Sitting down, his monster cock pointed straight toward the ceiling. The bulbous head reached up to his eye level, with 14 thick inches of shaft straining at the seams underneath. He grasped his ballsack, and retrieved each of his massive orbs one at a time.

Brian chose to become arrogant in light of the 9 or 10 beers he had already sucked down, “Lick that big cock, you little sluts. I want a full spit shine on that fucker before I wreck your little cunts”

Heather fetched his sack and began to devour his nuts while Brooke pumped and sucked on his fuckpole. They were relentless, and Brian’s lust for these two became too much. He wanted to feel their hot pussies wrapped around his cock.

Without warning, Brian pushed their heads away. The two pouted as he stood up and turned around. He pulled Heather off the couch and scooped her into his arms. Brooke admired the way his muscles rippled as he so effortlessly manhandled her. He carried Heather through the doorway of the nearest bedroom and tossed her onto what happened to be her parents bed. She immediately began stripping off her bikini, once again letting here massive tits bound against her chest. Brian climbed into the bed and turned onto his back. He pulled Heather on top of him, and let her climb over his legs. He then pulled her forward onto her knees so that her ass gained as much height as possible. She had to practically straddle his chest before his cockhead could be positioned behind her moist, delicate pussy. It was impossible to see past the milk jugs of flesh that spilled onto his face in this position, so blindly, Brian grabbed his cock just under the head and pulled it down until he felt her hot moistness against his tip.

“Fuck that pussy, you big dick stud, I want you in me. You’re gonna fuck me now, right?”

“Whoa, take it easy. I don’t want to damage that sweet little thing. Take it down slow, baby.”

Heather’s pussy was actually dripping onto his stomach as she anticipated his cock. Finally, as Brooke watched from the doorway, Brian pressed his engorged cock head against her wet mound and began to part her swollen labias. The girth of his head alone was going to present the first problem, bur her juices steadily flowed onto it, and after a few quick circular motions, his tip found a suitable entrance. Brian bucked his hips slightly and soon his head caved into her pussy canal with an audible plop. Heather moaned as her senses were scrambled. Her fuckhole had just been opened wider than ever and had a long way yet to go. She had played with plenty of dildos, which was why accommodating Tim barely registered, but this was something new. Brian instinctively wanted to bury his cock further, and was reminded of his dominance as she shrieked in pain at the first hard thrust he presented. Reminding himself to slow down, Brian let Heather control the pace. She rocked ever so lightly back and forth with the 3”-4” that were already in, and soon the lust to fill her entire canal met in stride with her stretching pussy.

She began to buck her hips and Brian took this as his cue to begin helping her descent onto his fat pole. Moaning with every thrust, Heather began to gain inches and was soon wildly fucking the top half of Brian’s humongous girth. The bed squeaked and churned as they fucked harder and harder. Her pussy was stretched beyond belief, and the walls of her fuckhole shot shivers of pleasure up her spine as the thin membrane was pulled and buried and pulled again across the veiny, rough surface of his mammoth organ. Brooke now had her fingers buried deep into her own snatch as she watched and masturbated from the bedside.

Heather was cross-eyed with lust and pleasure as Brian pounded his big cock in and out of her. He then grabbed her hips and actually began pulling them against his cock on the upthrusts, using his strong arms to shove more and more cock into her already cock-saturated pussy. Heather moaned in astonishment as she gazed back between her flopping tits to see his entire pole disappearing and reappearing with every stroke. She could feel the head of his cock banging against her abdomen as they fucked… and she had already felt the walls of her cervix collapse away from the intruding, menacing pole. What was left was 14” of her insides being bludgeoned by this monster, but her senses were displaying nothing but sheer pleasure. Whatever it was, her scrambled brain chose to ignore the pain and reward her with the most intense wave of orgasms imaginable. Brian fucked her relentlessly, driving his cock all the way out and back in on every thrust. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the orgasmic shock waves rippled through her body. Her nipples hardened into steel and she lost control of her leg muscles. At this point, only Brian’s cock supported the lower half of her body as he pistoned away.

Brian was fucking Heather senseless, and he knew it. He flipped her onto her back in a swift motion and got on top of her… his cock still buried in her cunt. He grabbed her ankles and place her legs over his shoulders. Moving forward, he slammed his cock all the way home to the base. Heather’s eyes and mouth were agape, but she couldn’t even make a sound. Not until he pulled back and began dick-slamming her over and over without mercy did she manage any utterance,”

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh my god, fuck yeah, wowie, wowie, wowie, fuck that pussy stud-man, fuck it, fuck it, yes, yes, yes…,mmmmmm yeah”

Heather was being thrown about like a rag doll as Brian lost control and mindlessly slammed his pole home again and again. His huge balls slapped loudly against her asshole and her tits flew wildly about. Suddenly his thrusts shortened and he instinctively bucked his cock head as far deep into the recesses of her pussy as possible. Heather felt it inflate ever more ludicrously in size… immediately followed by searing heat deep inside her canal from the torrent of semen being unleashed within her. At the same moment, her pussy exploded in an orgasm so strong her legs locked fully extended and her abs clenched painfully tight. She cried in ecstasy as he shot jets of cum into her… he finally pulled his cock out with a “thwock” and cum gushed from her cunt as the flood gates released. Her toned thighs and pussy mound were covered in white, sticky mess. Heather lay there panting… contemplating what had just happened.

In the meantime, Brian turned and was greeted by a fully nude Brooke, who was already on her knees. She grinned, grabbed his cum covered member, and began to lick and suck off the juices while fingering her pussy.

“There you go, girl. Clean me up and we’ll consider that another ticket to ride.” Brian boasted.

Heather, now recuperated, was examining the gaping, steaming hole where her delicate little twat used to be. She could literally feel the breeze of air inside her as her fuck canals very slowly tried to regain their previous dimensions. Everything else was just a mess of pussy juice and cum.

“How’d you like that? Was it good for you?” Brian chuckled

“What gave it away?” Heather responded. She began to collect herself and head for the shower. “Hey Brooke, I recommend some stretching exercises if you really expect to take that monster dick. I know you pretty well, and I doubt that pussy of yours could take it.”

“Don’t worry about me, you sexy little big-titted slut, I can handle myself” Brooke responded.

With that said, she resumed sucking Brian off… his cock already beginning to rise ominously.“