“Puberty Is a Bitch!” 1: The Beginning

Brad dropped his pencil, and sat straight up in study hall as the slow, warm, tingling began to fill his crotch. ‘Not again!’, he thought. He looked down in dismay as he saw that the denim was already beginning to slowly fill out.

“Miss Plass, may I use the restroom?”, he said, raising his hand.

She motioned for him to go, “Be sure to take the hall pass, Bradly.”

He stood, and a wave of erotic energy flowed through him as his privates were jostled in the motion. He moved as quickly as possible to the front of the room, hoping no one noticed anything. He grabbed the hall pass and hurried discreetly out of the room, closing the door a bit too forcefully perhaps.

Outside, he walked swiftly down the corridor. He was glad no one was around. Oh why did the bathroom have to be at the other end of the hall…? He could already feel his briefs getting tighter, and a quick glance downward showed him the the front of his jeans was beginning to curve outward. For some inexplicable reason, his cock and balls were growing…again.

His rapid stride took on an odd gaite as his balls grew. ‘Halfway there’, he told himself. He could feel his cock snaking around inside his jeans; getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger as his balls swelled. It wasn’t getting hard, it was just…growing.

As he pushed the door of the restroom open, he felt the fabric of his jeans constrict around his package. Glancing frantically about, he made sure no one else was in the lavatory. Thank god for small favors. He hurried into the nearest stall, and slammed the door closed behind him. He leaned against the partition, and took stock of the situation.

“Holy shit…!!”, he exclaimed.

Looking down, he saw that the entire front of his jeans was rapidly filling with meat. His belt had kept it from coming out over the top, but that wouldn’t hold it for long. He adjusted his stance wider as his balls grew, and bulged up into the area occupied by his member. Hurriedly, he sat on the john which only made his package feel even bigger. There was only one way to stop it. He undid his belt, and fly.

The release of restraint caused his ballooning privates to bulge out, and stretch the white cotton of his briefs to the max. They grew still bigger, his cock had to be past twelve inches by now, and his balls were the size of softballs.He closed his eyes, and tantalized his nipples. He thought of all the hot guys in school he had a crush on. He imagined himself in the locker room amidst a buffet of young, masculine eye candy. He smiled with pleasure as his erection started growing. Combined with the growth spurt, it looked almost ridiculous.

The sound of fabric straining brought him back to reality as he realized he’d forgotten to remove his underwear. Too late. He grunted with the sudden pain, and braced himself against the walls of the stall as his over engorged member grew out straight as an arrow. The fabric tore violently at the seams as it freed itself, and stood proudly before him. He looked at it in awe. The growth had stopped, but it had to be nearly three feet in length and about 8" round. He knew what he had to do. With both hands, he grasped his member and began stroking. As he did, he considered what could be causing this abnormality.

The first time it had happened, he’d thought it was awesome. It had only grown moderately in length and girth. He’d just turned 18, and began working out. Not for sports, but just to keep from being skinny, and to look appealing. But something had been triggered when he started lifting weights.

During a workout at home on the weight set he’d gotten for his 18th birthday, he’d pressed a few last reps out by sheer force of will. And then it happened. He’d read on the net about guys getting boned while they worked out. So, it hadn’t come as a surprise when he’d gotten hard. At the time, he’d been average at six inches. However, when he’d finished, he realized that his dick was getting bigger than normal.

It only grew an extra three inches in length and about an inch and a half in girth. But it had looked enormous at the time. His balls had gotten bigger, too. He’d simply jerked off, and cleaned up like always. But when it got soft again, it had retained a bit of the increased size. Over the next few months, the growth had continued slowly until he reached nine inches. Secretly, he enjoyed being hung. It was one early Saturday morning when he realized something was wrong.

He’d awoke with a start as his morning wood ripped its way out of his briefs. After that, it started happening more and more often; with more spontaneity. Each time, it grew more massive until it wouldn’t stop growing until he jerked off. And each time, it retained some of the increase in mass. Despite keeping it successfully hidden from everyone, he saw that he was rapidly outgrowing all his classmates. He’d kept up on his workouts, hoping to make his legs bigger to obscure his size. That only worked for a little while, and his dick soon caught up. And now, here he was, hiding in the men’s room, trying to tame a three foot monster.

Brad grunted as he felt the familiar sensation creep from his sack up into his cock. As if the growth wasn’t bad enough, the increase in size seemed to make his cock more sensitive and easily aroused by touch. He stood quickly, awkwardly angling his dick downward toward the toilet bowl. Bracing himself with a hand on the paper dispenser, he released. He came with great force, his entire body shuddering as it flowed like water from a high pressure hose into the bowl. After about three minutes, it ebbed and he stood completely drained.

Weakly, he sat on the seat, and leaned against the partition wall. It was going slowly soft, but he knew it wouldn’t go back to it’s previous seven inch softness. He removed the tattered remains of his briefs, and stuffed them into his backpack, and flushed the commode. He looked down in dismay at the large lump his unrestrained cock made in the front of his jeans. He exhaled a frustrated sigh. ‘What am I going to do’, he thought…

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