White sheets, dark room filled with lust and a lot of firsts, part I

It was my first time to agree at this kind of thing, so I pretty don’t know what to expect.

When we finally arrive at his apartment, I can feel the tension within me building up. As he opened the door, we went straight to his bedroom. I sat on his bed, acting so natural when in fact I was really feeling awkward and nervous at the time.

He went out of the room for a moment and when he came back he already changed his office uniform unto a pair of jersey shorts and a shirt. He looked at me and offered me a shirt, and asked if I wanted to change. I stood up, and went to the bathroom to put on his shirt.

When I went back to the room, I realized that it was now dark. Just a little light illuminating from the living room, I saw him sitting at the bed with his phone probably scrolling through tumblr. I sat beside him and we started talking lightly. That is when I felt his arm slowly moving unto my back, gently wrapping it around my waist.

This is it, I thought. Still not sure on what to do I pretended like I didn’t notice it. And then he started smelling my hair and then my neck and then I felt him kissing my ear, and that is when I faced him.

His lips met mine for the first time, I closed my eyes and let my lust and instincts do the work. Our mouths felt like they have their own mind as they continue to move against each other, hungrily. Biting gently until it started getting wilder. I end up biting his lip too hard, “Aray, masakit,” I remember him saying. I said sorry and then he smiled and started kissing me again. And then slowly, he was pushing me unto the bed and positioning himself on top of me.

I can feel his hands all over me, that is when I started to really feel the anticipation through my body, the heat, the sexual tension I have been keeping, being released.

Every touch felt so anew, electrifying me with lust and longing. Slowly, he removed every piece of clothing I was wearing, leaving my panties for a moment. I felt so vulnerable as I lay there under him almost naked. And then I felt his hand slowly taking off my panties and sliding it through my legs.

“This is actually the first time that I got completely naked in front of someone,” I whispered. And there you are, your beaming smile, probably proud of himself because of what I just said.

He continued kissing me deeply, as one of his hand gently caressed my right boob, playing my already hard nipple, gently. Pinching and twisting it lightly with his fingers, as he started grinding against me so I started feeling how hard he is against his shorts.

“Ikaw di ka ba naiinitan?” I jokingly said, as I moved my hands to remove his shirt and slowly slides his short through his legs. Both naked and full of lust, he started caressing my boob again, as his other hand crawled down unto my already wet pussy.

When he realized how wet and ready I am for him, he stopped kissing me and moved to my pussy that is already flowing with so much pleasure and sexual juices. And then I felt his warm tongue flicking through and through, I felt him deeply consuming me like he was really thirsty for me. My fingers have moved it’s way to his hair, getting tangled unto it and pushing his head unto me.

His room was suddenly drowning in loud moans and lust. That is when I know that I needed and wanted more. That is when I knew that yes, it will be one long night.

to be continued.


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