Your turn…part 2


…feeling the last orgasm you had subside but your body still
shuddering at random moments, I flick your clit one more time with my tongue,
hearing you breath in a startled hiss….

You stand up and turn around, presenting your lovely ass to
me. Looking over your shoulder and down at me, again a lascivious smile that
reaches right down into me and my cock throbs, surges and twitches. I want to
be buried inside of you. You wiggle that ass from side to side, moving it up
and up and down, mimicking that you are fucking me. I growl at you and tell you
how much I need to be inside of that hot wet pussy of yours.

A laugh, and you kneel down, your pussy crushed down onto my
cock but not letting me into you. Sliding back and forth – you are so wet, so
hot and the feeling is nearly indescribable and only further punctuates just
how much I fucking want you.

Your laugh turns into something else as you feel it coming
on. Your ass moves faster and faster as you grind onto my hard cock, rubbing
your wet pussy lips and engorged cock on it. My hands are firmly on your hips
pulling you down onto me – on a sudden move forward then back, my cock slams
into you. Shuddering, you cum – hard  – and I can feel your hot wet honey on my

At first you just start pumping up and down, the bed making
a cacophony of protesting noises. Slamming down onto me, I’m amazed at just how
damned good you look and feel. You pound hard and fast down onto me and then
you shift back, allowing me to support you as you drive harder and faster onto
my hard cock buried in your wet, hot pussy. You cum and cum again, then
collapse back down onto me. My hands clasp tightly around, my cock still inside
you as I rock us both, allowing you to come back down from wherever you were.

After a few minutes you turn your head so that we can kiss
and then you say “Your turn”…. It really is your turn.


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