poems no one asked for p.1


this is a poem about sex
This is a poem about me wanting you over anyone and everyone
This is me staying wide awake through doses of melatonin because I keep thinking about your face
This is me touching the silk of my bed sheet and pretending it’s your skin
This is me with my eyes closed imagining the pillow as your chest
This is someone asking if I’m over my ex and me holding back from explaining I’m hung up on someone new who is actually worth being hung up on
And this is a notification with your name on it and me feeling like I’m thirteen years old again
This is only me drawing out hopes and fantasies I have of me and you
This is me trying to block out the high possibility of you seeing me as a friend
This is me for the first time not seeing the use in being a friend
This is me knowing the next time I’m with you I will pray you break my wrist when I reach for you


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