Learning From Joe – Part 1

It all started out innocently enough. Girls constantly surrounded me my own age. I craved companionship, male companionship. I figured I needed a best friend. In school everybody has a best friend. At the time, Joe was the best candidate. Joe and I started become more and more like best friends through out the end of the school year. Joe was my best friend, but I would soon learn that he would offer me more, much more than I could have ever expected.

Over our many hours together I found myself attracted to him. As many guys do in my situation, I just figured it was a stage and continued to enjoy being around him. I mean, he was popular, so what was not to like? He was a compact, solidly built guy, that most people would just line up to be next to. Broad shoulders, big pecs, heavy arms, bubble butt, and solid muscular trunks for legs on his hairless body. To top it off he was cute too! He has short brown hair, brown eyes, pouty lips, and a button nose.

I remember sitting next to him when he was wearing a tight t-shirt, his big pecs jutting out, the short sleeves hugging his arms and his prominent collarbone all very much in my view. Joe used to work out, lifting his weights in front of me shirtless sometimes. He would heft the heavy weights pronouncing his already big physique. He wasn’t taller than me but he was definitely the bigger of the two of us and he had no qualms about showing me in an instant that he was stronger when we wrestled or goofed around. I soon found out he was much more developed in less obvious places as well.

We would often spend the night over at each other’s homes on the weekends. Sometimes we would even get to stay during the week if our parents had to travel. It was at one of my stays at Joe’s house that I first became aware of my blossoming sexuality as Joe introduced me to masturbation.

We both got ready for bed by usually just pulling off our tops and bottoms and sleeping in our underwear. I found that Joe always wore boxers to bed early on and I usually wore briefs when staying over. There were times when Joe would jump in bed and take his pants off, so I just figured he was going buff as I usually would when I was alone in my own room. I often found myself wondering about him. In so many ways we were very close, but he seemed very secretive and shy about being nude in front of me. It wasn’t a problem, but at times seemed very strange, as he would go out of his way not to be naked in my presence.

I would often sneak a peek at him in shorts or boxers, trying to find out what the source of his misgivings were. It was hard to discern for sure, but it looked like from the way his shorts lay on him that he might be less developed in the genital department than most guys our age. I figured that must be it. He was shy about his appearance because he was kind of small. When I would look, I noticed that he seemed to have a small protrusion close to were the base of his cock should be. In relation to my own, his just seems to stick out where mine hung down a bit. I could live with that explanation. There was definitely more to Joe than just his penis. I was just glad we were friends.

Joe had bunk beds in his room. When I would stay with him, I would always ask to sleep on the top bunk, as this was a special treat for me, and Joe could sleep wherever he wanted when I wasn’t there. One of these times it seemed like Joe couldn’t get comfortable and kept moving around on the bottom bunk moving my bunk too as he tossed about. After about a half hour of his restlessness, I told him to “Relax and get some sleep.”

He told me, “ I can’t sleep like this.”

I asked him, “Like what?”

He laughed and said, “I have a wicked hard on that won’t stop.”

I asked him, “What do you need to do to relax?”

Joe told me very point blank, “I need to masturbate.”

You have to understand that Joe was a lot more into the game of life than I was. I didn’t know what he was talking about really. I figured he’d just stroke himself to calm down. I told him, “Well go ahead, I figured that’s what you were doing anyway.”

He seemed surprised and said, “Really? Cool! I didn’t know how I was going to get to sleep with you here and me like this, but I guess it is just between us guys, so who cares?”

With that, I started down the path that night to sexual discovery and maturity. I had no idea that masturbation, included ejaculation. I figured it would just be more of the same, Joe being restless. But as I found out, it was much more. I found out much later that Joe masturbates differently than most guys…and I learned my technique from my ‘master’. While most guys are just content to stroke their dick to masturbate, Joe turns over and makes love to his sheets. I found this out that night. With a sudden ‘thunk’, the top bunk was jostled and started to shake, slowly at first, back and forth. I just figured he was getting into it. But it became very physical, almost violent. After a while he started making noises, grunting with each convulsion of his muscular adolescent frame.

I was unwittingly moving with him; with each of his thrusts the top bunk moved back and forth. As his sounds and movement became more primal, and as my bed was being shaken for all he was worth, I decided to speak up and ask him, “Joe? Are you ok?”

Little did I know he was close to being great! At my question everything stopped. The shaking and the grunting all settled down and stopped. It was silent and all I could hear was Joe’s labored breathing. I asked him again, “You ok?”

He answered me by saying, “I am close, but not quite there yet.”

I asked him, “What do ya mean?”

He said, “I haven’t cum yet.”

I asked him again in my naive state, “Come where?”

He asked me, “Haven’t you ever masturbated before?”

I told him, “Yeah, at least I think I so.”

He told me; “Well you’d know it if you had, your dick feels really good and then spurts cum.”

I asked him, “You mean you pee the bed when you masturbate?”

He laughed and said, “Well kinda, but it isn’t pee, it’s cum…you know, sperm.”

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