Callie’s Present

An original story by David Flint Copyright by David Flint

Callie’s Present
Callie opens the door to a room where a naked man is bound to chains hanging from the ceiling. There are various torture implements around the man and he is joined by two beautiful women, one blonde and one auburn haired. They are wearing only leather corsets. Their tits and their pussies are exposed. Callie is wearing very casual clothes. She has a t-shirt and shorts with a mask covering her eyes. Callie is smiling a smile. The last time she was here, she experienced the joy of inflicting pain on someone who desired it. She felt the true indicator of ecstasy amidst the cries of agony clearly heard.
Callie walks more confidently to the spot where the man is bound. This is her man. A man who shares her passion . Her man enjoys erotic pain and Callie enjoys watching and participating in the dispensing of the pain. She enjoyed watching the two beautiful women, experienced mistresses. And somehow Callie’s man enjoys her presence here. Callie wears the mask because her presence here could cause irreparable harm to her socially should she be known. So the mask. The man naked desirous of feeling erotic pain. The mistresses possessing an interest in making the man hurt for the primal joy. Callie joins the group standing in front of the man. She grins at the two mistresses and takes hold of the man’s cock. Callie loves the feel of the man’s cock in her hand. The smoothness of the flesh, the rigidity of the cock. It’s indicative of his excitement here. Callie looks into her man’s eyes, he looks into hers. She opens her fingers then re-grips the cock.
Callie is brimming with joy. She takes innate pleasure for the events to come. The deliberate infliction of pain for the man. The reactions of his cock to each slap, pinch, smack with crop, whip, paddle. Each time the man is struck, Callie will feel the reaction from the cock she holds. She has only recently met the man but she has a passion burning brightly inside her that somehow gets sated as she feels and strokes this cock. She stands with her legs slightly parted, hand on hip and cock in hand, ready to witness her boyfriends supposed torture. Callie considers it supposed torture as though the man cries and screams in agony with each pinch, slap and sharp contact with the various devices, Callie will be able to feel through the cock she holds that the man is actually in ecstasy. The cock will not lie. It will jerk, twitch and grow to indicate the mans erotic pleasure.
The man as stated previously is naked, his wrists bound to chains hanging from the ceiling, he is also wearing a butt plug in his mouth. Callie notices this and asks one of the mistresses about it. The blonde, known to Callie as Mistress Monica explains that prior to her arrival, while the man was stripped and bound to the chains, she was wearing the butt plug and removed it to place it with the ass juices in the man’s mouth. One more thing the man particularly enjoyed. So there he stands, naked, his cock held by Callie so she can witness his ecstasy, one painful act a time while the three women all work to get their pussies wet from the torture. Callie standing ready looks Mistress Monica in the eye and commands-“Let’s Go.”
Mistress Monica ,the blond, smacks the mans ass with a crop. As the man yelps and thrusts his chest forward, Callie feels the cock jerk in her hand. YES, the very first sign of the man’s erotic pain being pleasurable. Callie closes her eyes and savors the feel of the flesh, warm, seemingly breathing on its own as it throbs in her grip. She strokes the cock loving its feel in her fingers. She also is intrigued by her man’s apparent bouncy attitude. She can position it to the side and once she releases her grip, it springs instantly back up and down. Callie always enjoys seeing his cock do this. Callie and her man have fucked before and enjoyed it immensely as her man is an excellent fucker, always concerned with her pleasure. These sessions are for his intense erotic pleasure but Callie takes great joy in feeling his cock indicate ecstasy while the man screams agony.
Callie loves the feel of the cock in her hand. She feels ALIVE with the cock in her hand. Callie never thought she would ever feel this way, or even be present in this type of activity. Callie had fantasized in the past dabbling in the thought of being disciplined, but now she was not only in a front row seat, she was having a say in what happened and feeling the effects of each pinch, each bite, each painful contact with the paddle through the cock she held. The member though soft to the touch, was rigid in her hand and told of every moment of delight in a time when the man’s screams said otherwise. Mistress Monica had told Callie that the cock wouldn’t lie. The man would agonize over the pain, the cock would revel in the erotic sensations.
The two mistresses started hurting the man. They paddled his ass, they pinched his nipples ,they squeezed balls. They showed no mercy to the man and laughed all the way through the action. And the entire time, Callie held the cock that jerked, throbbed and twitched its way through the ecstasy disguised as agony. Mistress Monica came close to Callie and instructed her to take the man’s balls. As Callie obeyed, Mistress Monica commanded her to SQUEEZE as she placed her mouth on Callie’s. Callie had never kissed a woman before but like the thoughts of BDSM, she had fantasized about it. And here the woman’s lips on her own, her tongue in Callie’s mouth making her lose track of what she was doing and just concentrate on enjoying the sweetness of the woman’s lips. And as Callie got lost in the kiss, her hand gripped the balls and squeezed like she wanted juice from an orange. The man screamed in agony.
After what seemed like 10 minutes to Callie, she opened her eyes and released the balls she had gripped so VERY tightly and looked at the cock. The balls appeared to be in good shape and Callie swore the cock has grown. Mistress Monica HAD to be right. The cock wouldn’t lie. It appeared larger and harder than Callie had ever seen it. And the two mistress were moving about the man laughing, paddling, pinching, biting. One picked up a lit candle and poured wax in several places on the man’s chest, tummy, back, ass and with Callie’s help, the balls. And Callie still noticed with each cry of anguish, the cock responded in the opposite way. Now she was grinning broadly, and stroking the cock in earnest. The man looked at her with tired eyes. But he still moaned from her actions. There was pre-cum on the tip. Callie removed it and placed her finger in his mouth. Just seeing the glistening drop on the tongue made Callie cum herself. She resumed stroking the cock.
As the two mistresses continued their play and Callie continued her jerking of the cock. It started giving indications that the man was about to cum. Callie turned the cock to the side and cupped her other hand by the head to catch the smooth cream as the cock released her reward. With her hand full, she released the cock she had grown to love holding and opening the man’s mouth, deposited the cream inside. She indicated for him to stick his tongue out and when obliged, Callie wiped the balance of the cum from her palm to the tongue. She then returned her hand to the cock and instructed her man to swallow. The man did with no real expression in his eyes but the act made Callie cum again. She decided when this was over, when the mistresses were gone, if her man had anything left in him, she was going to fuck it out of him.
With his orgasm completed, the mistresses expressed a bit of disappointment and prepared to leave. Mistress Monica stepped close to Callie and asked her “Isn’t this fun?” Callie beamed brightly-“YES, it is”. With that, the mistresses made their exit. Callie gave the man a bit of time to rest after being released from the chains and being allowed to rest on a table.



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