innerwritingaddiction: Heidi always knew that there would be…


Heidi always knew that there would be days like this. That
selling her body to strangers on the weekends was thrilling, fun, profitable,
but also dangerous. A hell of a way to start her weekend when a client called
for a special request, to tie her up  and eat her out until she came on
his mouth. Heidi was hesitant to accept his request but figure it’d be fun to
try something new, he sounded like a nice person over the phone not knowing she
was being setup for a brutal night of forced penetration.

Once Heidi was restrained, hands tied behind her back, legs
raised, ankles cross tied to her neck. her client began eating her as agreed,
eating both holes nice and slow, making her melt in his mouth, both holes
twitching with pleasure “this isn’t so bad” said Heidi to herself. Suddenly,
there was a loud knock on the door, the man ceased his oral pleasure and stood
up to open the door. As the door open, a flood of males rush through the door,
her eyes are wide with terror. Right at that moment she realized the massive mistake
she made and the high price she was about to pay.

Heidi was fucked beyond her breaking point. She was used
like a piece of meat. The night seemed endless. A parade of cocks taking turns
on her amazing tight cunt and exquisite guts. Heidi was choked out repeatedly
to force her holes to clench and clamp down hard on those hard cocks, futilely
squirming and writhing as each man filled her with load after load of hot
semen. She was mind fucked beyond her worst nightmare.

It was the early hours of the next day when it was finally
over for Heidi. Both holes spewing semen, pulsating. Her cunt was bruised and
swollen completely, her ass was a gaping mess, and they were completely wrecked,
putting her out of service for the rest of the week. The experience was so
brutal that even after being released from the tight grip of the rope, Heidi
remained motionless, staring at the wall in some sort of catatonic state, just lying
there as money was being thrown at her as each man left the room. Each one
paying for the toy they broke…