bichotomy: Dancing Dragon When I was still a virgin.  There…


Dancing Dragon

When I was still a virgin.  There was a certain woman I knew from high school.  At the time, she was also a virgin.  She and I were open and honest about our sexual thoughts. We were playfully teasingly sexual with each other.  

I have very prominent canines.  

The rest of my teeth are rather sharp too.  With her, I discovered what it is to bite, to feel the flesh of another in my mouth.  She loved my fangs.  They are unmistakable. At some point, we played with what it’s like to bite the other like a vampire.  We traded bites, but when I would bite her…. Hhhhhuh…  At first it was playful.  But as we did it more often, my intent was….  Less so. When I would bite her, she would fucking collapse in my arms.
In retrospect, I remember her clenching her legs. And the gasp… fuck.  The gasp… (snaps back from my reverie).  She would ask me to bite her. Early on, when we first started exploring, it was experimental.  As time went by and my confidence grew, my bravado grew.  She would ask for it.  Not with words, but with her body.
She would sidle up to me.
She would tilt her head.
It became our thing for a while.  We’d hang out.  She’s step up to me and tilt side or back.  It was easy access especially since she’s almost a foot shorter than me.  Then I step in, bend over her, and bite her.  Feel her flesh give under my teeth.  The friction of her breath in her trachea.  The pulse of her heart racing under my lips.  Then her knees give.  Like her body wants to retreat, like she’s lost, but I grab her.  Hold her to me.  Hold her head back.  Releasing the clutch of my jaw occasionally to allow her breath, but a quick release before bearing down again.  My tongue flicking back and forth.

That was then.

Were I to do it today, though…

I wouldn’t stop.

My hand would loop her long hair and pull her head back.
My other hand would slide down her side.
My fingers curled, but not scratching.  Just feeling my them press through her clothes into the curves of her body.  My hand finds to her hip,  my thumb just inside her hip bone.  My fingers curl behind her, digging into the flesh of her glute.  My grip pulling her hard into me.  All so she can feel how she makes my cock grow with each passing moment.  Feel my teeth scrape her neck.  Feel the uncomfortable tickle of my thumb digging into the flesh inside her hip.  An uncomfortable feeling to let her mind whirl – make her wonder to which sensation to pay attention…
The fright of labored breath.
The pounding of her heart.
The heat of my cock pushing into her crotch.
My thumb digging painfully into her.  
The pain of her hair being pulled down to the earth behind her.
She wants to retreat but wholly unable to convince herself to do so.  What to do? What to do?  I whip her around, face her away from me, all the while never letting go of her hair.  My other hand falls to the heat between her legs.  I pull her into me.  I press my entire body to hers.  To do so, I release my jaw from her trachea.
She pants disappointedly.
I feel her trying to tilt her head but my grip on her hair is too firm.  The heat from her sex is heavy.  
A wet heat.  
Unbidden, she begins to unbutton her blouse.

I don’t move.

She doesn’t stop at her blouse.  She unbuttons her pants.  I remove my hand and she wriggles them off her body.  I relax my grip.  She shimmies and her blouse falls too.  I don’t see her movements, but I feel them.  I feel them.  Really feel them.  Her panty clad ass dances over my hard cock.  Her hands sway with silent rhythm in the air.  She slips her hand between us and deftly flips the clasp of her bra lose.
The bra falls.
I resist the urge to turn her back to me. I resist the physical imperative to gaze upon her small,  pert breasts. I let her dance.  The next to go are her sheer bottoms.  Now she is naked before me and I haven’t even unfastened a single button of my own clothing. I can see the dark lines of the dragon tattoo which swirls over her entire back.  She turns her head and light glints off the tiny stud in her nose. – her beautiful pixy nose.
Eyes glint.
Mesmerized, I drop my hands and stumble back to watch her hips bounce.  Almost incidentally, her dragon takes flight.  She is the Khaleesi.  The mother of dragons.  Not just her own, but the the one inside of me as well.  After several moments of this dance, she does not turn, not entirely. Teasing me by moving left and then right.  Her nipples always just out of view.  My pants have become too tight.  I release my belt.  As I pull it from my pants, it jingles.  The light is in front of her so she is slightly silhouetted.  At last, she turns enough so that the outline of her breast can be seen.  Her nipples are hard, pale pink, and almost the same color as her pale flesh.  
I pull my shirt over my head.  I finish unbuttoning my pants.  I push my pants and my underwear down over my hips.  My cock bounces and sways to the same rhythm of her dancing.
She hasn’t turned yet.  Hasn’t seen me, hasn’t seen my cock hard because of her – for her.  She twists three quarters to me and I lose it.  I press forward, mouth agape, drooling.  The taste of her still lingers on my lips.  I pick her up and pull her neck back up to me.  No bending down this time.  I bite down impossibly hard.  

She squeaks.
No friction of breath this time.  No breath escapes.  No inhale.  No exhale.

Her arms fall.  I feel her twitch
and writhe.

Her nipples pressing into my chest.  Her damp pussy pressed at my belly.   My cock brushes her thighs.  Bouncing back and forth between them as I hold her and move her. When my jaw releases more to gain purchase than as consideration for her need for breath, she comes alive and wraps her legs around me.  At this, I relent.  I look in her eyes – glassy and misty.  My hips pull back.  She takes the hint.  She reaches between us and grabs hold of my cock.

for the first time
for the first time ever
after 20 long years of teasing and flirting, she puts my cock to her opening

I lower her down onto me.


I’ve never felt a heat like this.  She moans. I know she is incredibly orgasmic during penetration.  I know her clit need not be given any attention – just the feeling of a hard cock pounding at her.  She is a small person.  My wide cock must be pulling at her in unbelievable ways.  Once I’ve bottomed out, I bite her once again.  Less forcefully than even the first time. Just enough to reignite those nerves. Then I lift her to my tip.  I walk with her wrapped around me to the nearest wall and pin her.  With the friction of the wall to help, I can begin my strokes.  Short, circular strokes.  Making sure our pubic bones touch.
I can feel her wetness seep out.  I imagine it refracting the light as I slides down my balls.  I see her pussy squishing around my cock.  Each ridge and bump.  I feel her inhale and her walls retreat from me.  Her chin lifts back up and we lock eyes.  Her mouth is in a deafening silent howl.  She has wrapped her arms over my shoulders to carry her weight.  My hands find her ass.  I pull at each cheek.
Opening her.  Getting deeper.  Pressing into her.  Into her cervix.  Lightly. Gingerly.  Feeling it tickle my head as I swirl my hips.  Not pounding it.  Just tickling.  I am suddenly acutely aware of the pounding of heart in my chest.  Knowing the full limit of her now, I pull back.  My hands shift to be able to hold her, to control her, as I change my swirling hips into a pistoning machine. slow. steady.  and building steam.  Every once in a while she lets out a guttural “huh” as I pound into her.  The sticky squelch of our fucking fills the air.  My balls upon the initial thrusts swing back and forth slapping her ass. Slap.  Slap.  Slap. Still we stare into each other.  Her face flinches.
Twice.  And then sticks.
She’s close

My cock swells.  My sac cinches up.  I feel her pussy flutter.  Her howl silent no more.  The sound of it deadens the slapping of our hips.  I suddenly seize, pull her down on my cock.  I can sense the flesh of her back pulled by the wall.  My head drops into her collarbone.

“fuh fuch fuuuuuuh,” as my thrust become erratic.  She’s slightly ahead of me.  Her nails digging into my shoulders.  Is that her teeth on neck?  I can’t tell. I peak just after she has crested shooting what I know is a long clear stream of cum inside of her.  I imagine the clear wet snap of it leaving the tip of my cock.  Then the next waves of my cum unleash

(Story copyright 2016 Bichotomy)


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