The Pills

Matt and Tom arrived at the lake to find Scott McAlpine and some of his nasty friends already there. It was a hot, thirsty day. Matt knew that Scott was addicted to a drink called Valley Dew. He brought a couple bottles with the hope of enticing Scott to drink one. He had emptied the contents of six capsules from the red bottle into one of the drinks. He hoped that Scott would want to drink it.

Those assembled gathered around a couple picnic tables and discussed the coming contest while awaiting another carload of students. Matt offered the Valley Dew to Scott, and he accepted it without a word of thanks and began chugging it. When the other group came into view, Scott began disrobing and started showing off his large endowment. Of course, he attracted a lot of attention. Matt waited until almost time to begin the race, then removed his clothing, to the astoundment of all. They crowded around Matt, pointed and wondered at his huge, flaccid penis and gargantuan balls. Matt decided not to say anything and instead went to the lake edge. Scott also went to the starting point, and they waited for Hank to do the countdown.

“Ready, set, GO!”

Splash! They both entered the lake simultaneously. Matt, having been captain of the swim team, soon took a small lead and held it until almost to the opposite shore. Then he found that Scott came up even with him. Matt had the impression that his massive endowment was causing drag in the water and wondered if he had done the right thing by taking the pills from the green bottle. At the shore Matt and Scott were neck and neck. They touched the beach, then turned and started back. Scott pulled ahead, and a worried Matt had to exert all his effort to catch up. Matt knew that he could not endure the humiliation and teasing if he lost to the bully. He drew upon all his resources and managed to eke out a win by less than five feet.

Both swimmers gasped for breath and needed a few minutes before they could enter any conversations. The onlookers noticed something strange about Scott as he came ashore. The impressive cock which he had flopped around before the race, now looked smaller than the average one. Could it be the cold water of the lake? Strange – Matt’s huge appendage had not shrunk at all. They started talking about it, and Scott himself looked down and (for a change) didn’t know what to say.

“What happened to my cock,” screeched Scott as he tried to cover up. And while a few gathered to hear his cries, more congratulated Matt and marveled at his enormous cock. “How did that happen?” questioned Hank. “You weren’t nearly that big in the gym last week,” exclaimed Frank. Matt neither knew what to tell the guys nor did he want to reveal anything. So he dressed, claimed his $40 winnings, and he and Tom headed back. Meanwhile Scott was practically in tears. It seemed as if his cock was still shrinking, and it was now just about as big as when he was 10.

“Are you going to tell me about all this, Matt?” asked Tom.

“It’s complicated, but when we get to my house, I’ll try to explain. You’ll have to swear to secrecy, though,” Matt replied.

Tom had never revealed his attraction to Matt in any manner except in his desire to be with him and be his friend. He had long admired Matt’s physique and his cleverness. Now he could not take his eyes off the tremendous bulge which outlined Matt’s genitals through his trousers. When he had been hit by the shot of semen at Matt’s bedroom door, he had been too startled to know what to say. Now he had thought about the giant erection and the recent sight of the length of Matt’s soft penis, and he was enchanted. The combination of all this and his previous infatuation were making him think of Matt in a different light.

“Come in and we’ll talk about all this,” Matt said, “My dad won’t be home for a few hours.”

They relaxed in Matt’s room, and Matt explained what his father had done to help him. Tom was incredulous. After all, this seemed almost beyond belief.

“Matt, would you let me see it again – hard? I can hardly believe what I saw last night. It was such a shock,” Tom pleaded.

Matt was not accustomed to showing his private parts to guys, but Tom had been a special friend, and this situation did sort of demand further explanation. And Matt secretly liked the fact that he could show off his new cock. So Matt disrobed. The fact that someone was there to see it, seemed to stimulate his cock before he even touched it. Tom pulled his chair up close to watch the transformation. And what he saw excited him immensely. He felt his own cock swelling and put his hand down there to loose it from his briefs. The transformation was marvelous. As blood pumped into the slack penis, it turned into an enormous cock, measuring about 11 ½ inches in length and as big around as his wrist. Matt encouraged its growth a little by stroking it.

Now Tom was enthralled. He had brought his cock out and was working on it. But what he wanted most was to touch the swollen member of his friend. He had never touched another guy’s sexual organ, and he didn’t know how to ask.

“Tom, I can see that you are impressed with this. Would you like to touch it? It is quite sensitive, so go slowly,” Matt volunteered.

Tom could hardly restrain his eagerness and surprise. He gently handled the huge glans and found his hand slick with pre-cum. With the moist hand he slid the length of the monster and found that it excited him strangely. Matt seemed to enjoy the feeling, as well as the fact that he was being admired by his friend. More pre-cum kept appearing and started dripping to the floor. What happened next surprised both of them. Tom put his mouth over the head of his friend’s cock and lapped at it.

“Oh, Tom! That feels so wonderful,” Matt exclaimed.

No other person had ever played with his cock, much less put a mouth on it. Matt was in heaven. Tom found the taste of the Cowper’s Gland secretions to his liking, and there seemed to be a continual supply. Tom used one hand to stroke his own swollen cock and the other to slide down the nearly foot-long monster as he nearly choked on the first few inches.

“Slow down, Tom,” Matt pleaded. “I am so CLOSE!”

And a moment later Matt roared, “Here it COMES!”

Tom remembered the onslaught he had encountered when he entered Matt’s room unexpectedly the previous night. He kept his mouth securely on the swollen glans of his friend and braced himself. A torrent of white, sticky fluid hit his tonsils on the first shot, nearly causing him to gag, but he swallowed fast. But then came another spurt. Again he swallowed, but as more pulsed from Matt’s sperm fountain, he couldn’t quite keep up, and it drizzled down the front of him. Tom used some of the cum on his own cock and enjoyed a tremendous orgasm himself before Tom was quite through.

They both sank down on the couch, enervated but still excited. It took a few minutes before they felt like talking or doing anything. Both were entranced with the afternoon’s happenings.

“That was the most exciting moment of my life,” exclaimed Matt, as he reached to hug Tom.

Tom was overwhelmed by it all. His secret crush on Matt had suddenly developed into infatuation. He responded to the hug enthusiastically, and before a minute had passed the two were locked in an embrace and kissing passionately. After a few moments each tried to explain what what he was feeling, but words didn’t seem to convey it very well, so they again fell into each other’s arms.

As you might imagine from his previous actions, Matt’s father, Jimmy, was very openminded about sex. He put no barriers between his son and the young man who loved him. Matt and Tom enjoyed numerous playtimes over the next few weeks. Jimmy did insist that Matt apply himself to his studies so that he would be able to graduate. Jimmy also talked with Matt about Scott Alpine, and they agreed that the bully deserved punishment but not a life sentence to having a kid-size penis. Scott had become the object of derision and bullying himself, and it had a sobering effect on him. He actually apologized for many of the nasty things he had done to people. The relationship between Matt and Tom blossomed, but there was one problem which seemed a barrier to their having a full sex life. Matt was too huge!

Matt asked his father to sit down with him and Tom to help decide what to do. Altho somewhat embarrassed to discuss all the intimate details, Matt and Tom did quite well at expressing themselves. The upshot of the series of discussions they had was a decision which seemed to make some sense to all. Jimmy knew a bit more about the capsules than he had revealed at first. He asked Matt if a large but more normal-sized penis would be acceptable to him. Matt thought about his attempts to insert his mammoth weapon into Tom’s ass and how Tom could only get the head in his mouth with some difficulty. Both he and Tom agreed that it was more than almost anyone could handle. So Jimmy prescribed two red capsules for Matt.

The next day Matt’s 11 ½ incher had become a sturdy nine-incher, about seven inches around. It was now still bigger than most, but it could be accommodated more easily. Tom was overjoyed that he could now appreciate a huge cock to the fullest.

Matt had one more idea. He spoke to his father about it. They agreed that Tom deserved something more than the small cock he had inherited. Jimmy looked in his records and said that Tom should take two green capsules, but only if he was agreeable.

“Tom,” asked Matt, “would you consider using the capsules to provide you with a bit more endowment? Our use of them so far has seemed to prove their effectiveness, and there have been no bad effects.”

“Wow,” exclaimed Tom, “would that be possible?” I would LOVE to have a substantial cock rather than this small penis!“

Tom ended up with about 8 ½ inches, 6 ½ in girth, with a bulbous head the envy of any guy. He was still not quite as big as his hero, which was fine with him. He really wanted someone to look up to.

Those two talked at length about Scott. In spite of his previous nastiness, he now seemed contrite.

"Why don’t we bring Scott back to a reasonably normal size?” Tom suggested. “I don’t think we should make him as big as he used to be, but how about 6 ½ or seven inches.”

“I would agree to that,” Matt said, “but how do we accomplish that without letting the cat out of the bag?”

“Probably the same way we shrank his big one into a little pee-pee,” laughed Tom.

So the two of them prepared themselves with three green capsules and a bottle of Valley Dew. They found one of the new variants on the drink, so that they would have an excuse to ask if Scott had tried it yet. The opportunity arose at school during lunch when they sat together. Matt had emptied the three capsules into the bottle and replaced the cap tightly so it wouldn’t be noticed that it had been opened. Scott seemed to like the new version. But before lunch was over he was sort of squirming on the bench and trying to adjust his crotch. At the end of lunch Scott headed for the boy’s room. The other two followed, curious as to what Scott would say or do.

Scott’s trousers were bulging. He went to the urinal and unzipped. Out came this beauty! Scott was so overcome with happiness that he forgot any modesty, went to the mirror, and gazed upon a cock which might have been seven inches long and pretty thick – not a lot smaller than he had sported when a bully. Matt and Tom congratulated him, and secretly felt good that they had done this. Altho Scott was dumbfounded as to how all this could happen, there was no way that it could be explained without revealing too much.

Scott excused himself and went into a stall. Matt and Tom stayed a few minutes and got a good idea of what was happening in there from the sounds emanating. They then headed back to classes.

Because of the openness between Jimmy, his son, and Tom, Jimmy was able to keep a record of all this and wrote down details. If the formulas could be used in this manner, they certainly had a marvelous future. He spent considerable time going thru all the past records of the experiment to produce Tetramozazol-25. He made sure that there was a clear listing of all the ingredients and all the steps, including the slight alteration discovered later which enabled reversal of enlargement. He kept the records in the home safe, because the project had been dropped by his lab, and he was no longer supposed to be involved with it. Yet he couldn’t abandon something which had such worldwide import.

Graduation was approaching in only two weeks, and the boys were very excited. But tragedy struck before that milestone could be achieved. It disheartened them.



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