Can you do 31,34,36

31: Talk about what you think death is like. Death, I’ve had many ideas and thoughts on the subject and my belief in what happens after has changed many times. I’ve been lucky when it comes to having death as a visitor, he has only been a handful of times but yet there is only one person in my immediate family that hasn’t passed by him before and lived to talk about it. Death happens and I’m not sure why it has to happen but it’s a part of life, maybe what we are living now is purgatory and we are paying for past sins or things that haven’t sat well with our own conscience. I don’t believe in a god but I do believe there is something out there, the fact that ghosts are such a hugely talked about subject proves that to me, even if it turns out they are something not ghostly. I wanna believe that something is going to happen when I die, be it on this world or another place, I want something to happen.

34: Talk about the worst physical pain you’ve endured. Physical pain, I haven’t had much of that, mental and heart pain, yes but not really anything physical. I did bruise a testicle about a year or two ago and that was something new, which really goes to show I haven’t had much in my life.

36: Talk about your guilty pleasures. I like Cher, and musicals, I’ve seen love actually at least ten times, once each year since it became a christmas tradition. I don’t really get the whole guilty pleasure thing, yes it’s something you like but don’t want to admit, but I’m not going to lie and say I don’t like something just because others might laugh at me, hell if I give someone a good laugh and made their day a bit more funnier then good, everyone could do with a laugh each day

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