Can u talk about 2, 20 and 28 please sir?

2: Talk about your first kiss. The dreaded first kiss, you see it in movies and shows and it’s always horrible and for me, that was right on the money. Let’s go back to when I was 17. First girlfriend and I had only just got interested in girls ( I was a late bloomer) so I had no idea about anything, truly, didn’t even know how to kiss. So we skipped class and were hanging out at a set of metal tables while still in school ( I know, so smart ). I was nervous, very very nervous but I worked up the courage to ask if I could kiss her ( at least I had asking for consent right, even though I had no idea what that was ) and she said yes then closed her eyes and started leaning in. I panic and go to kiss her back, mouth open, wide open. I ate her face. No one had fun. I got embarrassed which made me look up how to kiss and things got better after that

20: Talk about something that happened in high school. So many things happened, good, bad, down right embarrassing ( look at the one above this ) but let’s go with me being a caterer. I’ve always been a fan of cooking so going into year 11/12 of course I was going to pick hospitality but little did I know that year the school decided to do its first ( and last as far as I know ) catering class and guess whose class was picked as the guinea pig, mine! Now we didn’t learn cooking skills or anything like that, we learnt how to hold plates, how to walk, how to make coffees and fun stuff like that, the upside to that was whenever there was an event we were excused for the whole day so we could become waiters for the staff and guests, which meant we missed lunch and other break periods but we were given whole days off afterwards. Overall it was fun

28: Talk about your fetishes. Where do I start? I mean that, I think beyond sticking things into my peehole ( called sounding ) and scat, I’ll try anything. Might as well go with my top ones. Pet play, there’s something about my partner naked with just a collar and a tail that makes me grin, watching them be free and act on that animalistic level, and of course fucking can be much rougher when you play on a animalistic level. Moans, fuck yes! Moan for me and I’ll keep doing whatever it is that’s making you moan. Just hearing your panther unable to stop the sounds of pleasure from leaving their mouth. Yes. Orgasms, not so much mine ( I like mine but I like yours better ) knowing that it was me that rocked your world, knowing that you’re sitting there, panting, thinking about what I just did to you, that ecstasy, that euphoria was all because of me. Again, yes

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