Hey there i’m a newbie at cooking do you have any tips for me? i just made oatmeal so i can only do simple food

That’s awesome, cooking is a fun and important skill to have, even if it’s just little bits. Never underestimate the importance of recipes, I won’t cook anything unless I got the recipe with me, but don’t feel like you can’t change bits and pieces of them, such as switching out ingredients for something else or cooking it for longer or shorter time.

I also decided what type of food I wanted to cook, I wanted to be able to share my food with friends so I learnt baking and desserts, that type of stuff then branched off into dinner foods for my family.

Don’t get upset or distraught if something doesn’t turn out right, if you burn it or it doesn’t look like the pictures you’ve seen or just tastes off, it happens. You can always try again and if it doesn’t work a second time, look at finding a different recipe for it, I went through about six scone recipes before I found one that worked for me, so don’t let cooking get you down and most importantly have fun

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