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~Domin-8 Me!~ by
Takemura Sessyu

Me everyday

“Fuck! You’ve got a tight little pussy on you!” A voice grunts into your ear as the screen on your computer flashes, the porn you’ve found almost reaching the end, the little bar creeps across the video warning you that you only have a minute. Your fingers jerk and thrust into your dripping wet pussy as you whimper and moan, your hips bucking and causing your chair to rock with you as you feel your orgasm rushing towards its explosion. You slow down as you watch the screen, begging yourself not to cum too soon, wanting to cum when you see his cum all over her body. “Fuck! I’m going to cum! Drink it all you dirty girl!” The guy growls as he pulls out from her and the women sits up and opens her mouth as he strokes his cock quickly. “Fuck!!!” The guy groans as his load spreads over her face. Your fingers push deep into you as you cry out, forcing your own orgasm over the edge as you watch the woman get covered in cum, picturing yourself where she is. Your cum squirts and leaks from your throbbing pussy, your fingers continuing to move until you’ve become too sensitive to your own touch and pull away, leaving you panting on your chair as the video ends.

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