Bras are the worst.


Bras are dumb. Literally such a fraud.

You’re supposed to wash them every two wears. Which means you need at least four of them (assuming you wear a bra every day.)

They’re crazy, CRAZY expensive – for small scraps of fabric and lace.

You’re supposed to replace them every six months. So that doubles the crazy expensive money you have to spend on them EVERY YEAR.

Nobody has yet seemed to figure out how to reinforce the damn material to keep the underwire from eventually poking through and stabbing you in the boob.

Also, you’re technically supposed to just wash them in the washing machine?!? You’re either supposed to buy some weird lingerie bag wash thingy or hand wash the fuckers. Because heaven forbid the things actually get made to HOLD UP AGAINST A DAMN WASHING MACHINE.

Not to mention that people FREAK OUT if they can see the edge of your bra or your bra strap or whatever. (As a girl who developed early and got called out almost every single day for dresscode – trust me on this.) But if you DON’T wear one the you’re sloppy. Or a slut. Or a sloppy slut. But like… also why spend that much money on something no one is ever going to see?

Oh. And did I mention how CRAZY EXPENSIVE they are?!

Nobody makes men’s underwear cost that much nor tells them they have to replace it every six months. And why not? Willing to bet junk sweat smells a LOT WORSE than boob sweat.

Bras are the worst. They’re a total farce. Lame. Lame. Lame.

I want a tax deduction for bras.

Yeah. What she said…

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