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Yep….that’s her.  That’s my @ladysparks enjoying her Hitachi Magic Wand chair.  Sorry for the heavy use of filters, but we do want to maintain some anonymity here.  Anyway,  I’ve posted pictures of our chair before, and I’ve posted directions on how to build your own, but I don’t think I’ve ever written about how we actually use the chair.  We used it to great effect this past weekend, so I thought I’d share with all you naughty (or curious) Tumblrs.

We’d had a pretty sexually active weekend, and as it was drawing to a close we were relaxing on the couch just hanging out.  I asked her, “Would you like a ride in the chair before the weekend ends?”.  

She looked at me and smiled, but didn’t answer right away….which means she wanted to say “yes”, but was trying to decide if she wanted to put her body through what the chair does to her.   “Silence means yes.”, I said.  “Wait here”.

I went into the bedroom and retrieved our leather wrist and ankle cuffs.  I came back into the living room and she noted the cuffs, commenting how she didn’t realize I meant the “full treatment”.  I smiled and instructed her to remove her clothes.  As I was putting the cuffs on her, she said how she felt it wasn’t fair.  She was going to have some earth shattering orgasms, and I wasn’t going to have any.  I assured her I would have an orgasm…more than likely all over her (which I admit…I really enjoy).

Once I had the cuffs in place I led her into the bedroom.  The chair was already out, the head of the wand poking up through its center.  I instructed her to sit down.  She spread her legs and positioned her pussy behind the wand head as she sat.  I moved around her clipping the cuffs into the rings I have installed on chair.  I knelt before her so I could look right into her eyes.  I grabbed the speed control and got the wand vibrating very slowly.  She said the wand head was too high and not hitting her “in the right spot”.  I slowly adjusted the wand until I saw her eyes roll up in her head.  I knew I was hitting the right spot now, and I know I cracked a devilish smile.

When I have the wand set at a low speed, she won’t cum, but it does feel good for her.  As the wand did it’s job of warming her up, I did mine.  I moved around her.  Touching her, kissing her, licking her, biting her.  Her neck, her lips, her nipples.  All the while I slowly brought the speed of the wand up.  At about ¾ speed, I stepped back and took the picture you see above.  At this point she was squirming slightly in her chair.  Her breathing was getting heavy and her skin was getting flush.  She started rolling her head back and side to side as she let soft moans escape her lips.  

I stood behind her and rubbed her shoulders and breasts.  At one point she snapped her head to the side and sucked my thumb into her mouth.  “Happy to give you the real thing”, I said, and stood next to her and fed her my hard cock.  She greedily took it into her mouth and began bobbing her head back and forth.  She likes to use her hands when she attends to me this way, but they were bound at her side, and I could sense the mixed frustration and pleasure at being restrained.

Such a sexy view for me…her squirming on her wand as she sucked my cock.  I knew now was the time, and slammed the speed control to full speed.  She immediately reacted by tensing her body and moaning around my cock.  She was focused on her own pleasure now and stopped bobbing her head on my cock but didn’t pull back form it.  I started to slide it in and out her on my own, gently fucking her mouth, and she eagerly took my cock as deep as I was willing to push it as her body began to tremble and lock up as the orgasmic tension continued to rise.

I heard the wand start to “rattle” on her pussy, meaning she had suddenly gotten very wet, and was nearing orgasm.  She pulled her head back from my cock and moaned out loud.  This was it.  She was cumming, and if I knew what to expect with the wand it would hit her in continuous waves until she asked for it to stop.  I knelt back down and kissed her neck.  “Yes”, I said.  “That’s it.  Cum for me”.  Her body tensed harder as her arms pulled against the restraints shuddering and quaking.  Her moaning stopped, meaning she was holding her breath. That told me that her orgasm had become very intense.  Every second or so her entire body shuddered as if she was possessed.  I whispered into her ear reminding her to breath.  She sucked in a big gulp of air and let out a loud moan that I was sure our neighbors would hear.  I stood, and began stroking my cock making sure the tip was brushing across her nipple as her body continued to lock up, shudder, and then momentarily convulse.

This continued for only a couple of minutes, but I’m sure it felt a lot longer for her.  Finally, she was able to get out the word “Enough!” between moans and gasps.  I knelt down in front of her again, and brought the wand’s speed to a little less than half.

Her body immediately went limp, and she sucked in air trying to get her breath.  She “hung” there in the chair recovering.  Had she not been restrained I think she would have fallen to the floor.  She was glistening in sweat and her breasts were heaving.  “Wow!“ She gasped.  After a few moments, I leaned in and kissed her neck, reached down to stroke my cock as my other hand started bringing the speed of the wand up again.

She looked at me, half surprised, half worried as the speed slowly started to pick up.  We’ve not done this before….this was new.  “I think you can handle some more”, I said.  She knows our safe word, and she knows that if she uttered it I would shut it all down immediately.  In not hearing that word from her, I knew she wanted to see how far we could go.  I stood in front of her giving her a perfect view of my hand stroking my cock as I kept bringing the speed up.  She watched as long as she could (she enjoys watching me stroke myself), but eventually the wand reached the speed that caused her to close her eyes, moan and let her head roll back again.

As the pace of my stroking picked up, I watched her body react to her favorite toy yet again.  The breathing, tensing and moaning, as predictable as before.  The orgasm hit her again and again, and as it rolled through her, I came…shooting streams of my cum across her breasts and nipples.  As she continued to cum, I slid her cum soaked nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and brought them to her mouth for her to taste.

After another minute or so I knew she couldn’t take too much more.  I knelt before her again, and slowly brought the speed of the wand down until it was off.  She was gasping for breath again, shimmering with sweat, my cum glistening off her breasts, dripping and running down her body.  I gently removed the restraints and got her glass of water.  “I can’t move my arms”, she said.  “I need help”.  She was serious…she had been straining so hard against her bonds that she had worn out her muscles.  I knelt once again next to her and held her hot sticky body pressing against mine.  When she was ready I helped her stand and walked her the few steps to the bed so she could relax.

As she lay there, I got a towel and cleaned her (and myself) up.  I cleaned up the chair and put it away.  She watched and we talked as I moved around the room.  We love our chair.  She for how it makes her feel and me for being able to be able to watch what it does to her (and yes…the feeling of power it gives me).  I think we’ll hang onto it.  Someday, somebody is going to go into my closet and find the chair….I wonder how we’ll explain it?

Best of 2016:  A pic of my @ladysparks, and a story of what was happening.

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