Becca’s Mom

Becca’s mom was hot for her age. She had a good body still at 40. She had been true to her husband and was raising her daughter right. Or so she thought…
Becca was 18 just finishing high school but still living at home. Becca was not as innocent as her mom thought
One night her mom caught her looking at porn. Not just any porn either it was a strapping black stud fucking the shit out of a girl Becca’s age! She made her cut it off and had a long talk with her. She was sure she got through to her hot blond daughter. Becca’s mom couldn’t get the image out of her head tho. So in a heat she hadn’t felt in years she fucked her husband silly.
All day at work she was thinking of that porn and even peeped at some herself on the work computer. So when she walked in on the scene at home it was a lot to take in. Her daughter on her knees surrounded by 4 hung muscular black boys. She was deepthroating one and jerking two while the fourth was wrapping her pony tail hair around his shaft.
Becca’s mom was so turned on she could only think of sucking on her first black cock! So she hit her knees right beside her daughter and started sucking. She noticed how hard her daughter was going at it and somehow got even more turned on! Her daughter was soon getting pounded by one stud. Becca’s mom got so turned on by her daughter getting fucked hard by this black stallion. So she went the extra mile by taking two black boy dicks deep into her mouth. But it wasn’t enough she needed to out fuck her hot 18 year old daughter.
Just when she was getting a great rhythm going riding one in walked Becca’s Dad…
He was shocked but the bulge in his pants suggested he was not mad…
So where will part 2 to this story go? Any thoughts


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