seductive Casey

Casey was not the hottest chick but she seduced more guys than any of the hot girls could. It was because she appeared innocent and could get a guy turned on quick. Casey liked to be risky. One time she had stroked off her hung cousin in a hotel room while his parents slept in the bed beside them! She had got so worked up manipulating his hot cock that she needed to fuck. So a little later her uncle went to the restroom. She slipped in behind him. She watched him pull a big donkey dick out and start pissing. She was so turned on that she walked right up and grabbed it. He was surprised but was hard almost immediately. She started to stroke the biggest cock she had seen. She hit her knees and tried to fit it all in her mouth. She got even more turned on by the piss taste still on him. She sat him down on the toilet and straddling him started to ride her uncle who couldn’t resist at all. As she started bucking the noise was getting too loud. So he picked her up and put her on his dick while standing. Casey had a good deal of experience in her 19 years but this was the first time she had been picked up and slammfucked so good. After they slipped back to bed she put her cum filled ass up against her cousin and realized he had heard for his cock was rock hard and found its way into her pussy. She had fucked her cousin before but this was the hottest he had ever laid it to her. Luckily her uncle went back to sleep quick because her cousin s 18 year old cock worked her over good!


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