Scent of a Woman…

When I pulled the shower curtain back as I got out of the shower yesterday
afternoon, I was surprised to see you in my bathroom. Fully clothed, sitting on
the lid of the closed toilet…watching me. Now I knew why you didn’t email me

I had my i-Pod playing and hadn’t heard you come into the bathroom and, of
course, wasn’t expecting you. I take my towel off the hook, wrap it around me as
I step out of the shower. The bathroom isn’t that large so the only place I can
stand is directly in front of you, within arms reach. Looking at you, I
recognize the look in your eyes…you want me. I like knowing that but today…I
feel naughty.

You reach for me and I say..“uh huh” as I shake my head no. “No

With the towel wrapped around me, I start to towel off. I run my hands down
my torso, pressing the towel against my breasts and belly, to dry them off. Then
I open the left side of the towel and drape it over my arm and start to dry
there. The missing towel has exposed part of my body, you can see ½ of my
breast, the curve of my hip, most of that leg. I return that part of the towel
back to it’s place around me and do the same on the other side so I can dry my
other arm. Again you only catch a glimpse of my body.

My shoulders still wet, droplets of water rolling down my thighs, knees and
calves. I pull the towel up and dry my shoulders while I look you in the eye. I
can see your desire for me building. Finally, I remove the towel from my
now-almost-all-dry body and I bend to run the towel down my legs and get them
dry as well. The shift in my movement makes the combination smell of Malibu Heat
body scrub and Dove soap waft around to your nose.

I stand back up and return my towel to the hook. Standing completely naked
in front of you now, all clean and fresh. You reach for my waist and again I
have to remind you, “No touching.”

The song on my i-Pod changes to another selection from my SexyTunes
playlist. This one, “Oohs and Aahs” by NEEDTOBREATHE. 

The music makes my body start to move slowly to the beat and my hips start
to circle, especially on the chorus parts of the “Oohs and Aahs” I reach up for
the towel that was on my head, wrapped around my hair. My hands up on top of my
head, drying my hair, makes my breasts jut forward towards you a bit. I pull the
towel down and it releases my still wet hair. It falls down and lands just
almost touching my shoulders. It appears darker than normal, still damp and

I reach for the shelf where I keep my lotions and gels and shampoos. I open
the cap for my hair gel, squirt a small dab out, rub my hands together and l
turn, side facing you now, to look in the mirror above the sink, as I run the
gel through my hair.

Hair done, I turn back to the shelf and grab my Triple Moisture Body Cream.
I squeeze some into my palm, close the cap and sit it on the counter top. Facing
you once again, I rub my hands together and start to apply the lotion to my
skin. I place my right hand on my left shoulder and slide it down over my arm,
rubbing the lotion into my skin. Can you smell the fresh blend of juicy
pineapple, California orange and creamy coconut milk mixed with warm vanilla and
sandalwood that infuses the air around us? I bring my left hand to my right
wrist and slide this one upward, rubbing in lotion, all the way up to my
shoulder. I’m looking at you, and see you watching me, watching my hands as it
runs across my skin. I look down between your legs and notice that the crotch
area of your pants seem to have gotten tighter. Noticing this, brings a sly,
naughty smile to my mouth.

I reach for more creamy lotion, rubbing it together in my palms once again
before I place my hands under my breasts. Palms flat, I press my hands against
my skin and slide them up to rub the lotion onto my firm rounded breasts.
Lifting and squeezing my boobs while I massage the lotion onto them. My hands
following the beat of the song. From there I move my hands downwards over my
belly, making sure to get the heavenly scented lotion every where before I
circle my hands around to my ass and massage the rest of the lotion onto my butt

Needing more lotion, I grab the tube again and squirt out some more. This
time as I rub my hands together, I look in your eyes and lift my left leg up and
place it on the edge of the toilet seat, between your open legs, toes slipping
just under your crotch. I can feel how hard your cock is and how much you want

I lean forward, bending slightly at the waist so I can reach my ankles and
start the slow ascent of my legs there. Hands and fingers gliding over my
ankle…my calf…my kneecap..the back of my knee, then to the outside of my
thigh, pressing the thigh inwards as I rub lotion onto it. The entire time I am
watching your reaction. Loving the look of pure desire in your eyes.

Once that leg is swathed in lotion, I put it back down and switch to the
other leg. When I place this foot on the edge of the seat, I wiggle my toes a
little further under your crotch, I can feel your balls through your pants,
heavy on the tops of my toes. The crotch area of your pants, pulled very tight
now, not much room left in them now.

I grab the tube of lotion one last time and replace it on the shelf. This
leg I place my hand on my upper thigh, on the inside and as I slide my hand
downward I pull the leg open for you. Giving you a nice view of my still clean,
smooth, shaven pussy. I run my hand down the inner thigh, over my knee cap,
using 2 hands now I rub my calf up and down until the rest of the lotion
disappears into my skin.

After covering myself in body lotion, I use the fragrance mist to spray a
light scent across my neck, my wrists and finish with a couple squirts on the
back of my knees.

Have I done a good job? Do I smell heavenly?

Now that I smell so delicious…what will you do with me now?

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