Shaved balls, double orgasm, big mess and sexting

It was late Saturday night and I was coming back after a few casual drinks with some friends. Before going out I had some fun time shaving my balls really smooth and it felt a bit weird, almost like baby skin. I was wearing tight skinny jeans and when I sat down my package was tightly squeezed. At some point I could feel the tip of my dick touching my smooth balls. Having applied some aftershave balm and cream on them, that gave nice tickling and cooling sensation to the tip of my dick. The smooth skin touching my tip instantly felt arousing and pleasant, it was almost like sliding your dick between soft pussy lips. And considering I haven’t had sex for a while, I desperately wanted it. I quickly put my hand in my pants and pulled my foreskin back. I decided I didn’t want to touch my cock, I wanted to play in a different way. So I just pulled my long foreskin back, put my dick head on my smooth relaxed balls (which already had some shiny pre-cum on them) and zipped my jeans back. My erection started getting firmer and firmer but it was trapped in my tight jeans and my dick was curved and strongly pressed against my balls. Curving helped all the foreskin to be tightly retracted which stretched my frenulum to its max. The frenulum was touching my smooth balls and the tingling cooling sensation from the balm increased. Moving slightly left and right was stretching my frenulum even more and it was highly arousing and even slightly painful. God I was loving the way my frenulum was rubbing against my smooth balls and it was stretching and pulling my dick head towards the balls and my head was just gliding there covered in pre-cum. I was desperate for a blowy and imagined how my super wet dick slides gently into a chick’s mouth and she passionately takes all the cum. Seeing a few gifs of deep throats and cum swallowing made me lose control. As my head was covered in pre-cum and my frenulum was over-stretched and rubbing against my smooth balls (and all that happening in my jeans), I felt that I will climax and I couldn’t hold it. I am happy to be a big cummer and before I could unzip my pants to avoid the mess, several fast big shots exploded into my jeans and I could feel hot cum squirting all over my groin, dripping down my balls.

A took a breath after a few seconds and felt that my whole dick was literally swimming in hot cum. And god I still needed a nice blowy and a lady who could lick all that sticky goodness which already made a huge spot on my jeans through my pants. I remember my ex telling me that she hates cum but mine was a completely different story. I put my hand in my tight jeans and literally there was a handful of warm cum all over my belly, penis and balls and I have to admit it had a nice sweet smell. I rubbed all the cum over my smooth balls but squeezing my penis was too sensitive- my frenulum was so sore and my head was super sensitive.

I just took my jeans off and I slowly walked to the kitchen, all covered in cum. My semi-erect penis with its retracted foreskin and sweet smell of cum coming out of it was swinging as I was walking and it was touching my legs, dripping cum on them. I picked up pineapple and a few other pieces of fruit from the kitchen and headed back to my room naked. I just laid on my back eating the fruit, feeling the sweet smell of cum and I though what a nice experience this was. I was still dying for a nice blowy. I wish I had a nice pair of tits by my side which I can lick and bite and cute ass and tight pussy which I can finger. I saw a friend online and I asked her what she was doing and funny enough she said ‘having fun with myself, what else would you expect at 3am’. I didn’t take it seriously but I said that I just had a massive cum blast. ‘Pic or didn’t happen’ was the instant answer. I normally don’t send nudes but thought ‘nah, whatever’ and sent her the above pics. There was an awkward pause and nothing happened for a while, so I just thought this chick was fooling around with me. I was just about to go to bed and she sent me a gorgeous close-up of her perfect round boobs and erect nipples.

God, I wanted to squeeze and lick these so badly. I was a bit cheeky and asked if that was the only effect my orgasm pic had on her. It wasn’t long when she sent a nice pic of a closed tight pussy, smoothly shaved with pussy juice coming out.

My dick was aching and when I looked at it, it was fully erect, rock hard and all veins were firmer than usual. The foreskin was covering my head but it was so wet that a slight touch retracted the foreskin and revealed my big wet shiny head.

Due to distance we exchanged a few pics and short videos. I realized I can’t take it anymore and I want to deep throat her while I am eating her boobs and fingering her wet small pussy. Then she sent a short video of her squirting and saying it was my turn. Acting like a fool I asked what she meant and she sent another short video saying ‘right there’ and spreading her ass cheeks where you could see her really tight closed asshole.

This is when I felt the tickling sensation once again, grad my dick with both my hands, squeezed it hard, then quickly moved one my hands on my really wet dick head, rubbed it so hard that it will normally hurt and this is when another massive cumshot came out of my firm dick 20mins after my first orgasm. My legs were shaking, my balls were drained and hurting, my head, foreskin and whole dick were super sore and it must have been less than 5 minutes when I fell asleep fully naked.

The morning after I woke up nude and the first thing was to take a shower and wash off all the pre-cum and cum from last night. My dick was still sore and my head was a bit read and swollen and still over sensitive – a good sign of satisfaction.

And yet all I could think of under the shower was a smooth wet pussy in my face and tight lips wrapping around my dick, moving gently up and down while I have my finger in her tight butt hole, having the my cum from last night. One day I hope…one day! And here am I now sharing this…
P.S: I’ll be more than happy to share the above mentioned wet, messy and erected pics / vids (with GIRLS ONLY) . Please ask if you want to see more, exchange pics or do sexting.


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