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wtfmanga: Figured I’d send this your way since I see lots of…


Figured I’d send this your way since I see lots of anons come to you for private part confidence boosting.
It doesn’t show the vulva or anything, but even the pubis area comes in a lot of shapes and sizes!

I usually keep source links in my art reference folder, but sadly this one didn’t have one. Probably means I couldn’t find a clear source back when I first saved it. 🙁

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You let out a soft sigh of happiness as you feel her lips on…

You let out a soft sigh of happiness as you feel her lips on yours, gently kissing you as her arms wrap around your waist and hold you to her, your bodies firmly pushed together as you embrace one another until the familiar ringing echoes around you both, snapping you back to reality. The bell rings for class to begin and you gently and unwillingly pull away from your girlfriend, who responses with hugging you tighter, making it impossible for you to pull away unless you really meant to. “We got to go.” You mutter softly against her lips, your forehead caressing hers as your eyes slowly open and stare into the universe that is her eyes. “Noooo, we can stay here for a while.” She pouts softly as she flutters her eyes, causing you to smile as you kiss her once more, softly and sweetly on the lips. “You know if we miss anymore classes we’ll get in big trouble.” You sigh as you pull your lips from hers then squeak as you feel her hands move over your rear, cupping your cheeks through your skirt and panties.

“I only said a while, not the whole class. Besides, it’s been sometime since we fooled around in the storage shed.” Your girlfriend whispers as she leans closer to your neck and gently kisses your soft skin, making you moan as you tilt your head, your body moving like magic on its own, wanting to feel her closer to you. “I know what you mean when you say a while, it starts off as a couple of minutes but ends up being the whole, day..” You moan softly as you stay in her hold, trying your best to convince yourself to break the embrace and go to class. Your lips curl into a smile as you feel her mouth slowly kissing up along your neck, her hands gently squeezing your rear before they slide under your skirt to get a better grip. “Maybe that’s true, but I don’t want to get you in trouble, besides. Only one of us are wearing panties, so I doubt it will last long.” She whispers into your ear, making your eyes widen as you bite your bottom lip to control your excitement.

“Is that so? Going commando again?” You ask as your hands unlock from her waist and slowly start to creep down her body. You feel her smile on your neck as she nods slightly. “What can I say? It excites me, knowing I’m ready for my baby at any moment and that makes me wetter than anything else. Why don’t you have a feel for yourself.” She continues to whisper before her kisses turn into soft nibbles as she bites down along your neck, making sure not to leave any marks. “I think I will.” You moan softly as your hands caress over her skirt then slide under, grasping at her naked flesh, squeezing and massaging her rear, causing her to moan softly into your neck. “Told you so.” Your girlfriend mutters against your neck as she grips your rear tighter and pulls you closer as you trail one hand down between her cheeks and over her sensitive spot, both of you sighing as you feel her heat and wetness while your fingers caress her.

She pulls away from you and takes a couple of steps backwards, towards the darker parts of the shed. “Come, and lose the panties.” She winks before she turns and disappears behind a corner. You whimper as you look towards the door, knowing you should be in class but unable to push the feeling of her heat from your head, your fingers coated in her essence, the memories of past moments with her fill and flood your mind, making your legs go weak for a brief second. You sigh as you slide your hands down over your hips and along your skirt then under it, hooking your fingers into the sides of your panties. You slide them down as you step out of them then take them into your hand, knowing there’s no way you could leave now.

You follow your girlfriend and walk around the corner, dropping your panties as you see her sitting on the floor, leaning back with legs spread, exposing herself to you. Your core tightens at just the sight of her, vulnerable, open, all just for you. “I thought since you wanted to get to class, I would need a way to make you, come. Quickly.” She grins up at you as she emphasizes the word come, sending a shiver down your spine. “You do know me well..” You answer back before you bite down on your bottom lip then climb onto the floor in front of her, spreading your legs and wrapping them around hers as you both wiggle your hips until you’re firmly pushed together, bodies connecting. “I know you completely.” Your girlfriend giggles and you gasp as her hips begin to rock, grinding her core slowly against yours, mixing her essence with your own. You flatten your hands to the ground to hold yourself steady as your body moves against hers, soft moans, whimpers and groans leaving both your mouths.

Your excitement pools beneath both of you as your scents fill the room, time lost to you as your mind and body is overwhelmed with pleasure and ecstasy. Your eyes locked onto hers as you both become one, moving and grinding with each other, her moans music to your ears, each second you become wetter and your grinding turns rougher, your need to be closer consuming your body. She suddenly leans forward and grabs the tie from your uniform and pulls on it as she leans backwards, moaning louder as her body moves. “Baby, it feels so good, I don’t think I can hold on much longer.” Your girlfriend whimpers as her grinds slowly turns into bucks of desperation. “Don’t hold back, cum for me baby!” You answer quickly as your body leans forward, grinding harder against her as you watch your girlfriend cum. She gasps for air as her back arches and her body trembles violently, tugging and pulling on your tie as you continue to move, forcing her orgasm to continue for longer as yours builds quickly, the sight of her body rocked with pleasure tips you over the edge and you cum moments after she does.

Your combined essence stains the floor of the shed as you let your body fall forwards onto hers, both of you panting heavily as you come down from your own orgasms, only able to embrace each other, unable to form words for what seems like forever. “If we leave now, we might make half of class..” Your girlfriend whispers as she strokes your hair, your head resting on her chest. “Next class.” You mutter against her body, your energy drained completely from you. “Next class.” Your girlfriend repeats with a smile on her face, wishing that time could stand still and stay like this forever.


Request: two for one. Sex at school and tribbing.
From: Anon and @pervertsenpaii
Tags: tribbing, Tribadism, grinding, lesbian, school sex.
POV: Hers.

Do not remove any of my text.

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I get a lot of questions and comments about people wishing they could write like me, and my answer…

I get a lot of questions and comments about people wishing they could write like me, and my answer is always the same. If i can do it, so can you! Just don’t rush yourself, I’ve been doing this for about five years so I’ve had time to practice and work at the little bits and I still don’t like my own writing so don’t worry if you don’t think your own is the best, I promise you that there are people who will enjoy it and you’ll find your style as time goes by.

I’ve got a little challenge for everyone that wants to try and write. I want you to find your favourite story on my blog and write a sequel to it, then tag me so I can see. I’ll give an honest opinion and feedback

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I like your blog but as a wlw I wish you had more girlxgirl stories. But not like the ones about pleasing men, like just girls loving girls. Thanks – a lesbian

Well then you’ll be happy to know a girlxgirl story is coming up soon, about two girls who just can’t get enough of each other :3

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“Is that all?” She licks your cum from her bottom…

“Is that all?” She licks your cum from her bottom lip as she stares at you, eyes full of lust. “You taste nice, and shot an impressive load, but I’m nowhere near done.” She slowly spreads her legs, letting some of your cum leak from her pussy. “Get back over here and satisfy me, or I’ll ride your face and make you clean the mess you made with your tongue.”

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Well that’s a couple new stories, now I think it’s time for me to get a sweet release….

Well that’s a couple new stories, now I think it’s time for me to get a sweet release. Have fun reading, everyone

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“Oh no, I never said you could cum yet.” Her tail…

“Oh no, I never said you could cum yet.” Her tail quickly wraps around your shaft and squeezes tightly, stopping the flow of cum that had started to escape from you. “See, I get to cum first, but I’m not ready to, I’m going to edge my orgasm for a good long time, until I know it will leave me satisfied and you.” She looks back at you with a evil smirk. “You’ll have to hold on until then.”

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“Go on, taste it. I can see it in your eyes that…

“Go on, taste it. I can see it in your eyes that you’re desperate for that first taste of cum.” You slowly move your finger to your mouth and suck his cum from it, moaning softly as it hits your tongue, knowing from that first taste that you’re hooked.

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